Review of SriLankan Airlines flight Colombo Sydney in Economy

Airline SriLankan Airlines
Flight UL605
Class Economy
Seat 63A
Aircraft Airbus A330-200
Flight time 10:20
Take-off 07 Apr 22, 00:05
Arrival at 07 Apr 22, 14:55
UL 62 reviews
By GOLD 3562
Published on 11th May 2022

Trip Report: Srilankan Airlines UL605 Colombo to Sydney

Flight details:
Airlines: Srilankan Airlines
Flight:UL605 CMB-SYD
Reg: 4R-ALL
Aircraft: Airbus A330-300
Departure Colombo Airport: 12:05 SLT [Actual Time: 1.35AM]
Arrival Sydney Airport: 2:55 AEST [Actual Time: 4.11PM]
Flight time: 10h 06m
Distance: 945 miles / 1520 kilometers

VIDEO: Srilankan Airlines 4R-ALL UL605 Colombo to Sydney


This return trip report from April 2022. Continuing from earlier trip report: Srilankan Airlines UL144 Mumbai to Colombo.

I had selected seat at time of booking.

photo img_45

Security Check

After reaching the terminal, took escalator to departure area for security check. Checked the departure schedule. Time was already 23.55pm. Sydney flight would be departing from gate 14. Boarding had commenced. I knew flight would be delayed as passengers and bags were still arriving.

photo img_2

Gate 14 is located at the end of the pier. I joined the security queue. Two flight boarding were boarding simultaneously. Other being to Paris.
Passengers had joined whichever was the shortest queue as some passengers had from Paris flight. Cleared security without issue. At the entrance of the waiting area. ABF officers were checking passport. I took off the mask and he checked my passport and let me go, no questions asked.  Following me was a small group of sports players. Not sure, probably from Srilanka or Pakistan. Officer checked with him and asked  purpose of travel. Passport was checked in detail.

photo img_1

Next a short queue was formed for boarding pass check. It was scanned and small tab was torn. I took a photo of passport and boarding pass to fill the immigration form.

photo img_3

As it was past departure time, boarding was called. Queue formed to board.

photo img_4

Queue on aerobridge.

photo img_5

Srilankan Airlines 4R-ALL operating UL605 CMB-SYD

photo img_6

Crew waiting to check seat number and direct passengers.

photo img_7


Settled in seat, noticed this flight was full.

photo img_11

Personal screen with flight information.

photo img_9

Window view, it was raining outside.

photo img_8

Captain announced it would be delayed departure due to weather. It was an hour and 30 mins delay. Must have spend at-least 40 mins onboard.

photo img_10

Pushback and Departure

Captain informed crew to close doors and announced pushback would commence.  Video shared to experience the flight.

photo img_12

Safety demonstration was conducted on personal screen. After a long taxi, takeoff towards the city-end of runway.

photo img_13


Cabin was darkened for departure.  The IFE on my seat was buggy.

photo img_14

Cabin light sets to night mode.

photo img_15

As screen below, Flight information would not resize and full screen mode did not work. All other section worked fine.

photo img_16

Crew distributed the Australian immigration form and COVID 19 declaration form.

photo img_17

I filled the both the form on receiving them.

photo img_18

Refreshment Service

Service information was announced by crew after takeoff. Special meals were served first. Followed by meals for others. Option was fish with noodles or chicken with rice. 

photo img_19

As I had chicken and rice on earlier flight, chose fish. Had a beer for drinks.

photo img_20

Cabin view

Trays were cleared and cabin light was set to night mode. I slept till late morning.

photo img_21

Mood lighting as most are still sleeping.

photo img_22

Flight on the way.

photo img_23

Passengers had woken and there was more activity as it was almost past noon in Sydney.

photo img_24

Window view

photo img_25

Time passed and flight was over South Australia.

photo img_26

Somewhere between Western Australia and South Australia.

photo img_27

Flight information

photo img_28

Cabin lighting was set to day mode.

photo img_29

Lunch Service

Lunch service commenced 2 hours before landing. Special service was served first.

photo img_30

Option was fish and chicken. I chose the Chicken Kiribath (SriLankan Milk Rice ) 

photo img_31

This food was really good. Chicken tasted fresh and had a good spice taste. My neighbour received special veg meal.

photo img_32

Cabin was active with queue to toilet. Some people don't know how to use aeroplane toilet. Crew did clean and stock toilet.

photo img_33

Pilot view of screen

photo img_34

Flight information in Sinhalese.

photo img_35

Cabin View

Most passengers resting after lunch.

photo img_36

Some had mask down.

photo img_37

Descend to commence shortly.

photo img_38

Srilankan part of Oneworld alliance.

photo img_39

Approaching Sydney

Captain announced descend would commence shortly. Crew made announcement and conduced safety check.

photo img_40

Aircraft flew North over Western Sydney. Landing on runway 16R.

photo img_41

It was rainy day, landed smoothly and exited runway.

photo img_42

Passing the cross runway 07-25.

photo img_47

Reached gate. Passengers queued to exit aircraft.

photo img_48

Crew waiting to see off passengers.

photo img_43

After disembarking, I reached the SmartGate kiosk. Filled the details and received ticket. 

photo img_44

Checked out the duty free store on the way to immigration.

photo img_49

Immigration and QuarANtine

I was only one to pass the SmartGate.Others had joined the queue to see immigration office. Cleared immigration and entered baggage collection. My bag had arrived. A staff asked me about quarantine declaration. I had none, was directed to head towards the checking area. Immigration declaration and passport was checked was asked to exit.

Exiting Airport

After exiting airport as I stepped outside it was cold and raining.

photo img_51

I had planned to take a taxi.

photo img_50

Joined the taxi queue. In a few minutes, got taxi and was on my way home.

photo img_52

Flight Details

Flight speed and altitude information.

photo img_56

Flight information

photo img_54

Delay of an hour.

photo img_55

Google information.

photo img_46

Delayed departure from Sydney.

photo img_53

This Srilankan Airlines report completes the trip.
Hope you enjoyed this trip report. Thanks for reading.


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Srilankan Airlines service on this flight was good. Other than delayed flight, it was a good experience. Food was good. The IFE on my seat was buggy. I didn't watch any entertainment. Colombo airport had to clear only security which was ok. Sydney airport was not busy due to off peak time.
Overall a satisfactory flight.



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  • Comment 602401 by
    KévinDC TEAM GOLD 5759 Comments

    Thanks for this very nice series on UL! The 332 cabin looks nice, modern, and spacious, too bad the IFE was buggy. Once again both meals look really tasty! Seems the Intl arrival experience into SYD was mostly smooth--a relatively pain-free return home. What a difference from just a few months ago when borders were still closed and hotel quarantines were in place and most Australians couldn't leave the country and expats were stuck overseas. I couldn't believe that Australia stayed closed for so long! So glad everything is open again and I can't wait to plan a trip back to Australia next year!

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Comment 602446 by
      koresh GOLD AUTHOR 75 Comments

      Yes, I was surprised too with how smooth the return procedure was. No one asked for the for the COVID declaration in Sydney as everyone had uploaded their vaccination status, RT-PCR test along with travel details before boarding flight, which checked at port of embarkation. Australia is now open to the world. Thanks for your comments. Cheers :)

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