Review of Qatar Airways flight Singapore Doha in Business

Airline Qatar Airways
Flight QR945
Class Business
Seat 7A
Aircraft Airbus A350-900
Flight time 06:56
Take-off 22 Nov 22, 02:46
Arrival at 22 Nov 22, 04:42
QR   #9 out of 93 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 597 reviews
Published on 19th September 2023


Welcome, everybody, to this new Flight-Report! Today, I will be taking you along with me to fly in Qatar Airways’ Super Diamond business class product on the A350-900 from Singapore to Doha.

This review will cover the airport experience in Singapore, as well as the onboard hard and soft products. I will only touch very lightly on my experience in Doha, since not much happened there during my 2-hour transit.

For each aspect of the experience, I will rate it on a scale of 1 to 10. The final score for the full experience is 78 out of 100.   


I had originally booked myself in economy for a round trip between Singapore and London Gatwick, with the first flight (QR945), this one, operated by an A350-1000. Then, two weeks before the flight, I saw an upgrade option pop up. Qatar Airways was offering me an upgrade to business class for EUR800. This was on the more expensive side, but seeing that the flight would feature the renowned Qsuites in business class (all QR A35Ks are equipped with Qsuites), since I’ve never flown in Qsuites before and wanted to experience the best, I couldn’t resist myself, said f*** it, and straight up bought the upgrade.

Fast forward to the day before the flight, 36 hours before the scheduled departure flight. I went on the Qatar Airways app to do my online check-in, and there it was, the Qsuite seat map was still there. I picked my seat, 7A, a port-side backwards facing window Qsuite, and completed the check-in. “Phew”, I thought. I have heard online about QR’s notorious aircraft swaps so many times, and I was really relieved that I did not have to suffer through it too. OR DID I?

I woke up on the day of the flight. To my utmost shock and agony, I got a text on the Qatar Airways app that my flight had an aircraft swap, and my Qsuites-equipped A350-1000 got swapped out for a non-Qsuites A350-900. With QR’s “Qsuite guarantee”, I would’ve been able to change my flight to a later one with Qsuites, free of charge. However, my schedule was quite tightly packed, so changing the flight wasn’t an option. “Oh well,” I thought after FlightRadar24 confirmed my fate, “I guess the Super Diamond experience won’t be too bad either.” 



I arrived at a busy Changi Airport Terminal 1, around 3 hours before my flight. The queues at check-in were not the longest, and it took less than 10 minutes before it was my turn. I overheard a few other business class passengers complain about the Qsuites drama, and couldn’t help but feel sorry for the poor check-in agent who couldn’t have done anything about it. The check-in agent himself was quite nice, and once it was my turn, I was given my boarding pass, as well as an apology for the Qsuites fiasco, with him stating an “operational issue” was the cause of the equipment swap (duh).

The check-in experience gets an 8/10.


When departing Changi Airport, I was eligible to use the Automated Immigration Lanes, and I did so. The procedure was a breeze, and I was airside within 30 seconds.

Immigration gets a 10/10.


Although I was in business class, being an upgraded passenger automatically put me in the lowest business fare class, which doesn’t include perks such as free seat selection and lounge access. Instead I camped outside the gate area.

Security and Gate Area

Unlike most other airports, Changi does its security at each of the gates. While this does prevent the scary queues in one big crowded hall found at most other airports, one will be entrapped in a not-very-large seating area by the gate once past security, with no access to toilets whatsoever. On the plus side though, the gate areas generally offer some quite awesome views of the aircraft.

This section gets a 7/10.   

photo whatsapp-image-2023-09-16-at-185049

^ Views of the aircraft



Flight information

Flight date: 22/11/2022

Airline: Qatar Airways (QR/QTR)

Operated by: Qatar Airways (QR/QTR)

Flight number: QR945

Route: Singapore (SIN) – Doha (DOH)

Scheduled Departure Time: 02:00 (UTC+8)

Actual Departure Time: 02:45 (UTC+8)

Scheduled Arrival Time: 05:05 (UTC+3)

Actual Arrival Time: 04:42 (UTC+3)

Scheduled Flight Time: 8h05min

Actual Flight Time: 6h56min

Aircraft information

Aircraft Registration: A7-ALO

Aircraft Type: Airbus A350-941

Engines: 2× RR Trent XWB-84

Line Number: 063

First Flight: 25/08/2017

Aircraft Age (as of flight): 5 years 3 months

Aircraft Delivered: 25/10/2017

Seating Configuration: J36Y247 



Business class passengers and OneWorld Alliance status holders were called to board first. Soon, I was walking down the jet bridge into the A350.

Welcome Onboard

Once onboard the aircraft, two flight attendants stationed at door L1 welcomed me onboard, though I could tell that they were quite tired and that they didn’t quite appreciate the 02:00 departure time. I turned right, trekked through the forward business cabin, and found my spotlessly clean seat in the rear business cabin. During boarding, I noticed that instead of QR’s usual boarding music, they were playing the World Cup songs, as this flight happened just two days into the spectacular FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022.   

photo whatsapp-image-2023-09-16-at-185913photo whatsapp-image-2023-09-16-at-184926-46245

Immediately, another flight attendant, a young (presumably) African lady, flew over to my seat to introduce herself and tell me that she would be taking care of me on this flight. She then recommended me to go for a glass of Lime&Mint (QR’s signature drink) for my choice of a welcome drink.

Soon, she came back with my drink, alongside a Diptyque refreshing towel and the menus.    

photo whatsapp-image-2023-09-16-at-185049-14

^Lime&Mint + refreshing towel 

photo whatsapp-image-2023-09-16-at-195712




We pushed back soon, and the safety video was shown. QR’s safety video at that time was football themed, in preparation for the World Cup. It featured actor Seth Rogen, as well as football stars Robert Lewandowski and Cafu. Neymar wasn’t featured on this flight since his part (about Qsuite doors) didn’t apply to our flight.    

During the taxi to the runway, my flight attendant came around taking meal orders. I chose the beef burger, and she attempted to make it feel more personalised by replying with “I knew you would pick that one”, though neither of us knew how to continue that conversation, so the next couple seconds of her jotting down my orders was just awkward silence.

photo whatsapp-image-2023-09-16-at-185726

^Taxiing to 02L (Sorry about the image quality, my phone really struggles at night)

We soon lined up on Changi’s runway 02L for our take-off towards the south. The rotation was at 02:46, 46 minutes behind schedule.  

photo whatsapp-image-2023-09-16-at-185651

^Climbing out of SIN


Now is a good time to take a look at our flight path. Our route out of Singapore was a very straightforward one, which took us over Southwestern Malaysia, North Sumatra (Indonesia), the Bay of Bengal, Southern India, the Arabian Sea, Oman, the UAE, and finally, the Arabian Gulf before we started our descent into Doha. We cruised at 40000ft. 

photo whatsapp-image-2023-09-17-at-135249


As we make our way towards our cruising altitude of 40000ft, this is a good time to take a good look at my seat.

Seat Details:

Seat: 7A (port-side window seat)

Seat Type: Reverse herringbone

Seat Model: Super Diamond

Seat Manufacturer: B/E Aerospace

Class: Business (J)

Cabin: Rear business cabin (behind doors 2) 

photo whatsapp-image-2023-09-16-at-185049-1

^Seat 7A (apologies about the litter)

photo whatsapp-image-2023-09-16-at-213941

^Side counter; Amenity kit, Literature shelf, Reading lamp 

photo whatsapp-image-2023-09-16-at-185049-15

^ Legroom; Footwell 

Some thoughts about the seat:

Seat Comfort: The seat was very spacious, and the seat, along with the large headrest, was soft and very well padded, making it really comfortable. The seat also came with a massage function, which didn’t seem to work very well on my flight. There were also many set positions available via the seat controls, and I had some fun playing with them. Note that despite being a bulkhead seat, it did not have any additional perks over a regular seat. 10/10

Seat Privacy: There were no doors or even privacy wings of any kind, but the way the seat angles away from the aisle still provides some levels of privacy. 6/10

Legroom: Is that even a question? My legs could stretch out in whatever way I liked throughout the flight! 10/10

Seat Storage:
There were many places where one could store their things, there was an ottoman-like raise-able armrest beside the seat that opened up to reveal some storage space. This came with a pair of headphones and a bottle of water before every flight. There was also some storage below the counter by the window, though this came broken at my seat, as confirmed with a sly face by my flight attendant. The footwell could also be used to hide the bedding if one wishes to. 9/10   



Qatar Airways offers Dine-on-demand in Business Class, meaning passengers could have their meals whenever they wanted to. I opted to have my meal as early as possible after take-off since I had skipped dinner.

Punch and the nuts

Meal service started off when our lovely flight attendant came over to my seat to serve me some warm nuts and a beverage of my choice. I went with a glass of Pineapple Punch mocktail. Aside from the fact that the Pineapple Punch was on the more tasteless and watery side, this was still quite a nice way to start a meal service and scores 7/10 from me. 

photo whatsapp-image-2023-09-16-at-185049-9

^ Toasted nuts and Pineapple Punch 

Table set-up

As it wasn’t a full-on multi-course meal, the table set-up was a simplifies version of the usual. This consisted of a large tablecloth covering the entire tray table, the dish itself, QR branded salt and pepper shakers, the famous electric candle, and a simple glass of water. However simple it might be when compared to their typical set-up, this was still really elegant. 9/10

Main meal item: Beef burger with fried potato wedges  

photo whatsapp-image-2023-09-16-at-185049-7

The spectacular (and huge) burger was made up of a large beef patty, cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickles, and some sautéed onions. The burger was too large to directly bite into, so I slowly used the fork and knife to dissect the burger into smaller pieces. It tasted wonderful, and the wedges that accompanied it were crispy and well-seasoned. 10/10 



Amenity Kit

A handsome black World Cup 2022 branded leather waist bag was waiting at every seat during boarding. This consisted of multiple Diptyque creams, lotions, and perfumes. There was also a pair of loose socks, an eye mask, and a pair of cheap plastic earplugs.

The amenity kit receives a 10/10 from me. 

photo whatsapp-image-2023-09-16-at-185049-12

^Amenity kit


On this flight, a full-size pillow, a blanket, and an accessory pillow that said “cel_________ebrate” (a font design inspired by Arabic literature) was provided. These all worked well and were very comfortable. World Cup branded pyjamas and slippers were also available as it was an overnight flight.   

photo whatsapp-image-2023-09-16-at-185229

^Pyjamas and Slippers

The bedding gets 10/10.


The lavatories were pretty standard; they had everything one would need from a business class toilet. More Diptyque products can be found here.

One particularly horrifying incident, however, was when I visited the starboard-side lavatory near door R2, when I noticed a pool of blood inside the toilet bowl. Yuck. My verdict: Either someone got brutally m*rdered, or someone just forgot to flush away the leftovers of their menstrual cycle. Even though this wasn't anyone (apart from the culprit)'s fault, the lavatories get a 3/10 from me.



IFE System

Each business class seat comes equipped with an 18-inch IFE Touchscreen and is of High Definition quality. It features Qatar Airways’ “Oryx One” system, which is advertised to have over 4000 entertainment options, including movies, TV shows, music, and games, though I did not make use of them on this flight. Everyone gets loaned a pair of high-quality noise-canceling headphones for the duration of the flight. Each business class seat on the A350 also comes equipped with a touchscreen Panasonic remote control. Moreover, Qatar’s A350s come with not one, not two, but THREE outboard cameras!

IFE System gets a solid 10/10.

Onboard Wi-Fi

Qatar’s A350 aircraft are equipped with what they call “Super Wi-Fi”. The connection speeds of this are relatively fast and have absolutely no problems with text messaging, though it doesn’t work over restricted areas such as India. Privilege Club members get one hour of free Wi-Fi, and a full flight pass only costs US$ 10.

Wi-Fi gets 9/10.

Onboard charging

There was a power socket and a USB-A charging port under the side console. 10/10 



After the meal, I decided to take a nap. I simply pushed the bed button on the seat controls to convert the seat into a bed and threw on the provided bedding. 

photo whatsapp-image-2023-09-16-at-185049-10

^Qatar business class bed 

photo whatsapp-image-2023-09-16-at-185049-11

^Ample amount of space 

Some thoughts about the sleeping surface:

Bed comfort: As I said before, the surface of the seat is very well padded. This made for a very comfortable time laying down. In fact, I would say this was the best bed I’ve had in business class so far. 10/10

Bed length and width: The bed measures 200cm long and 55cm wide, enough for the average traveler. 9/10

Foot space: The footwell was of a decent size; my feet had plenty of space to move around. 9/10

Sleep quality: I slept really well, being on a very comfortable bed, in a spacious cabin (Qatar’s A350 doesn’t have central overhead stowage in Business class, which makes the cabin very spacious), on a very quiet aircraft. I couldn’t ask for more. 10/10  



I woke up with less than two hours left in the flight. I went to the lavatory (this time it’s clean, phew) to change back into my normal clothes, and the moment I returned to my seat (which was still in bed mode), my eagle-eyed flight attendant immediately came over to hand me a rose scented hot towel, and to initiate the start of my breakfast service, which I whole-heartedly agreed to.    

photo whatsapp-image-2023-09-16-at-185049-5

^Rose scented hot towel

Within seconds, she reappeared with a tray full of food. Not wanting to cause her too much inconvenience, I hurriedly tried to convert my seat back to an upright position. In my frantic hurry, I failed to notice my unbuckled seatbelt partially wedged in the side of the seat. As the seat purred while it slid slowly backwards into its original position, there was a loud gut-wrenching grinding noise as the seatbelt buckle disappeared from my sight, getting stuck within the recline mechanism. It was a horrifying moment of realisation that I had just vandalised the seat, as I tried in vain to get the poor seatbelt buckle out.

The kind soul of the flight attendant repeatedly tried to reassure me that all was good.    


With that said, I was still going to remain in the crippled seat 7A until I get moved for landing. The breakfast service would go on as normal, as my flight attendant set up my table for me.

Table Set-up

This time, it was the full table set-up, which included a massive white tablecloth, some delicious butter, a tiny little jar of strawberry jam, QR-branded salt and pepper shakers, a breadbasket featuring some delicious baked goods, an electric candle, and a glass of water. This is simply a brilliant presentation. 10/10 

photo whatsapp-image-2023-09-16-at-185049-13

Main breakfast item: Baked egg with cheddar cheese and roasted fingerling potatoes

This was served with a chicken sausage, some cannellini beans, and a vine tomato (which exploded when I poked it with the fork; gave my white trousers and everlasting stain).

The elements of this dish were thought up well, though I find the cheese in the egg to be slightly overpowering. Also didn’t quite enjoy the beans, which were soggy.  7/10



A couple minutes before we started our descent into Qatar, our flight attendant brought around the basket of fruits that were previously left in the centre bar in the middle of the two business cabins (no one had touched them). It was an awkward moment when I was just gazing out of my window, observing the strobe lights in action outside, then a couple bananas and some oranges suddenly get shoved almost right into my face. I stared at the flight attendant. She stared back at me, with a broad grin on her face, and said, “want?”. I did a double take and sort of stuttered a “no I’m not hungry I just had breakfast”, and she walked off. 

photo whatsapp-image-2023-09-16-at-185049-2

^Centre bar - business class cabin

As we commenced our descent towards Doha, the flight attendant came back over to my seat and beckoned me up. She led me through the centre bar in between doors L2 and R2, all the way into the forward business cabin. We eventually stopped at seat 2E, a centre aisle seat. GREAT, no more engine views.   

photo whatsapp-image-2023-09-16-at-185408

^Seat 2E

Usually, as the aircraft starts its descent into the destination, a flight attendant would come by every business class seat to make sure their customers are happy and thank everyone for choosing Qatar Airways. This is a very thoughtful gesture thought out by the company and usually executed well by the Qatar Airways cabin crew, and I would greatly appreciate it, UNLESS it doesn’t quite get carried out well.

You see, after the seatbelt accident (which I admit is 100% my fault), I was switched to a different cabin. This aisle I got placed in was handled by another flight attendant, who didn’t quite seem to view me as “one of her own”. When this particular flight attendant was carrying out the usual, she deliberately skipped me and moved straight on to a passenger behind, making me look and feel like a complete idiot. I won't put all the blame on her since we didn’t know of each other at all throughout the flight, but she could’ve still at least acknowledged my existence there. I guess that really justifies Qatar business class’ EXCLUSIVity.



While we descend into Doha, this is a great time for me to share some of my thoughts on the cabin crew of this flight:

My Flight Attendant

This flight attendant was a bright young lady who was very friendly, though some moments of awkwardness took away some points for professionalism. It was also noted that not once did she address me by name. She did everything she could to help with the seatbelt situation, though. 8/10

Service speed (general)

Both meals arrived at my table in lightning speed, though I’m not that surprised since everyone went to sleep, and I was the only one to eat anything after takeoff. 10/10

Service attitude (general)

The flight attendants didn’t seem to be very fond of the 2am departure time. They still were professional enough for me, but that incident with the pre-landing goodbyes really pulled the score down here. 3/10 



We were soon on final approach into Doha’s Hamad International Airport’s runway 34L, and we touched down at 04:42 local time, 23 minutes ahead of schedule. As Hamad Intl. is always very busy during this period of time, there were no gates left to accommodate our aircraft, so we parked at a remote bus stand instead. 

photo whatsapp-image-2023-09-16-at-185049-8

^Taxiing to the remote stand 

photo whatsapp-image-2023-09-18-at-170030

^RR Trent XWB-84 is massive!

Business class passengers got their own bus with luxury seating. We soon pulled away from our aircraft.  

photo whatsapp-image-2023-09-19-at-171937

^ Last look at our aircraft 


We soon pulled up to the bus stop at the foot of the terminal, where we went up some escalators to transit security. Transit security didn’t take very long, and I was through into the main departure hall, in the presence of that humongous yellow lamp-impaled teddy bear.    

photo whatsapp-image-2023-09-16-at-185049-4

Just to mention: the Wi-Fi here was so slow during the World Cup period, since everyone was using it. I couldn’t even send pictures on WhatsApp.




Airports Experience: 7/10

Hard Product

Seat Comfort: 9/10

Bed Comfort: 10/10

In-flight Entertainment: 10/10

Aircraft Comfort: 10/10

Aircraft Cleanliness: 7/10

Soft Product

Meal Services: 8/10

Amenities: 8/10

Other Service: 4/10

Cabin Crew: 5/10   



So, that was a dive into my business class experience on Qatar Airways’ A350-900 from Singapore to Doha!

The hard product, despite not being the latest or the flashiest, is still quite fantastic, and I certainly don’t have much to complain about it. What let this flight down, was the crew on board. They, as well as the services they are advertised to provide, definitely were not as great as they could’ve, and should’ve been.

It’s a happy ending, though. Everything that went wrong with this flight, went right in my other QR flight in business class on the same route, so I would still recommend you fly with Qatar Airways in Business Class.

If you made it so far down, thank you so much! I really hope this review, as well as all my past and future reviews, can help you decide how you want to travel in the future.

Travel safe, and goodbye for now! 

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Qatar Airways

Cabin crew5.0

Singapore - SIN


Doha - DOH



The hard product, despite not being the latest or the flashiest, is still quite fantastic, and I certainly don’t have much to complain about it. What let this flight down, was the crew on board. They, as well as the services they are advertised to provide, definitely were not as great as they could’ve, and should’ve been. It’s a happy ending, though. Everything that went wrong with this flight, went right in my other QR flight in business class on the same route, so I would still recommend you fly with Qatar Airways in Business Class.

Do you prefer me to reveal the final score of the flight at the start of the review or at the end? Putting it at the start partially spoils the suspense of the review, but gives readers a better idea of what to expect. Putting it at the end may cause readers to lose interest, but at the same time allows more patient readers a more fun time not knowing what direction the review goes. Please let me know in the comments!

Do feel free to drop a comment if you also have any questions or, well, comments, and leave a like as well if possible. That would be appreciated.

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Travel safe, and goodbye for now!


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  • Comment 636353 by
    wmx.the.flyer BRONZE AUTHOR 15 Comments
    Would you readers prefer me to reveal the final score of the flight at the start of the review or at the end?
    -Putting it at the start partially spoils the suspense of the review, but gives readers a better idea of what to expect.
    -Putting it at the end may cause readers to lose interest halfway through reading, or jump to their own conclusions based on possible stereotypes regarding the airline, but at the same time this allows more patient readers a more fun read not knowing what direction the review goes.
    • Comment 636458 by
      KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6359 Comments
      Considering that the final scoring is already built in at the end, there's not necessarily a need for it within the report itself--whether at the beginning or the end. But since you do break it down much further, and it is definitely interesting to see that breakdown--for those who do that--I think it makes the most sense to have the ratings within each section of the review to which the score pertains..Lounge rating in the lounge section, seat rating in the seat section, meal rating in the meal section, etc. That final/overall flight rating is already built-in so that part doesn't really need to be repeated IMO. But it's all personal preference. To each his/her own
      • Comment 636487 by
        wmx.the.flyer BRONZE AUTHOR 15 Comments
        Hi Kévin, thank you so much for the feedback!
        Indeed, I do break down the ratings quite a bit further than the default verdict section at the bottom, and summing them up does create a bit of extra repetitiveness. However, I feel that sometimes, after taking some of my ratings for elements not included at the verdict section, I do end up with a slightly different overall rating to the default one. Hence my initial decision to write my own ratings.
        What I will take into account, is to minimize the number of times my final score is displayed, so from now on it will only appear at the bottom after summing up the individual ratings for each section (though it is a bit too close to the default one).
        Additionally, is it possible for me to suggest making the default verdict section at the bottom more detailed to include more elements of the flight? I feel that could improve the accuracy of the ratings everyone comes up with too.
  • Comment 636457 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6359 Comments
    I got a text on the Qatar Airways app that my flight had an aircraft swap, and my Qsuites-equipped A350-1000 got swapped out for a non-Qsuites A350-900

    Noooo! I would have been sooo disappointed, especially after shelling out 800 EUR to upgrade a 6.5h flight, yikes. It's nice that they have that QSuite guarantee to allow free changes, but like in your case, that's not always realistic or too inconvenient.

    Nevertheless, Super Diamond seats are still a very good product. Up until just a few years ago, they were among the best seats out there. And even many Business class suites that we see today with doors are really just super diamonds (and other similar models) with doors. So it remains a very competitive product...but it's no Qsuites of course.

    there was a loud gut-wrenching grinding noise as the seatbelt buckle disappeared from my sight, getting stuck within the recline mechanism. It was a horrifying moment of realisation that I had just vandalised the seat, as I tried in vain to get the poor seatbelt buckle out.

    Not your fault in the least--that's just poor design. This should just not happen; it's too easy for something to fall into the gaps sometimes. Cabin crew tend to make announcements about taking care not to drop electronic devices in the gaps and to ask for help in the event that it happens, but I've never heard an announcement about the seatbelt, haha.

    Thanks for sharing!
    • Comment 636488 by
      wmx.the.flyer BRONZE AUTHOR 15 Comments
      Thanks so much again for your insightful comments!
      I sure was disappointed with the swapping out of the Qsuites, but as you did mention as well, the Super Diamond product is still a very good product, with the seat being even more comfortable than the Qsuite ones in my opinion, so had the price been lower, I would not have quite minded as much.
      And about the seatbelt issue, thanks so much for the reassurance! Of course, the seat needs a gap in between for the recline to function well, but it was quite extraordinary to see an entire seatbelt buckle disappear through it! I suspect the seat itself was too soft (well-padded seat issues😅), which created room for the seatbelt buckle to squeeze through the gap.
      I'm glad the possibility of this issue will not exist anymore on Finnair (and possibly other airlines too) in the near future with them retrofitting their wide-bodies with the non-reclining AirLounge seat.
      Once again, thanks for the comments. Really appreciate them.
  • Comment 636571 by
    CX146 1 Comments
    Very unlucky to get swapped out of the Q-Suites, this product definitely looks a bit behind the times, thanks for the report!!
    • Comment 636573 by
      wmx.the.flyer BRONZE AUTHOR 15 Comments
      Thanks for the comment!
      Indeed, this product offers a less desirable experience than the Qsuite does, especially with a lot less privacy.
      At that time, due to QR’s A350 groundings, getting Qsuites swapped out was not exactly uncommon, and I had almost sort of anticipated it. I was still very disappointed though, especially after the equipment swap just a few hours before the outbound departure, which I think even for QR, is rare. This prevented me from possibly benefitting from the Qsuite guarantee by changing to an earlier Qsuite operated flight. Glad to see that equipment swaps with QR are so much rarer nowadays with all Qsuite A350s back in service.

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