Review of Asiana Airlines flight Taipei Seoul in Economy

Airline Asiana Airlines
Flight OZ712
Class Economy
Seat 17K
Aircraft Boeing 777-200ER
Flight time 02:50
Take-off 28 Aug 23, 13:15
Arrival at 28 Aug 23, 17:05
OZ   #60 out of 94 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 109 reviews
Published on 13th May 2024


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Hello readers, welcome back to part 3 of my 2023 travel series. This reports starts with me returning home from Taiwan. But first, theres a 2 hour ride to the airport.

photo img_20230828_081500photo img_20230828_082301

Railway Viaduct

photo img_20230828_082309_1photo img_20230828_081455photo img_20230828_081505

tpe airport

Welcome to Taiwan Taoyuan international airport! This airport with the IATA code TPE is the largest airport serving the country of Taiwan, and is where most international flights take place. The check-in for OZ is near the eastern side of Terminal 2, along with other *A carriers such as NZ and BR. Also it's interesting how there are signs for AC and NH besides neither of them currently flying out of TPE. NH uses TSA for flights to HND and AC used to fly to TPE from YVR, which i flew on back in 2017 and 2018.

photo img_20230828_094702

Here's the check-in area of terminal 2. While TPE is not as flashy or big as other airports such as ICN and SIN, its very convenient and wasy to get anywhere.

photo img_20230828_100551

Some nice plant sculptures near the check-in area.

photo img_20230828_095604

Some cargo planes including a CI 747

photo img_20230828_094914

Road heading towards the airport.

photo img_20230828_095433photo img_20230828_095233photo img_20230828_104804

There's also an area above the check-in area which is not too crowded and is a good place to relax if the check-in is not open yet.

photo img_20230828_104720photo img_20230828_105012

After checking all our bags, my family got lunch in the food court in floor B2. I got some ramen which was quite good and not too overpriced for airport food.

photo img_20230828_112220_1

Security went pretty quickly, here's the area right after.

photo img_20230828_122541

Map of terminal 2. However i found the walk times to be higher estimate, For example it took me only about 5 minutes to walk to gate C9 where my flight departs.

photo img_20230828_122227

Unlike most other airports I've been to, passengers waiting for their plane at TPE wait at a different floor that the rest of the departures area. This waiting room has some vending machines, power ports, and a bathroom. It's also located next to the arrivals area so you can see passengers who have just landed.

photo img_20230828_123420

Hainan Airlines A330

photo img_20230828_123227

Here's my ride for today, HL7755, a Boeing 777-200ER that had its first flight on 14 Jun 2007.

photo img_20230828_123225photo img_20230828_123220

Here's the plane, but from a different angle.

photo img_20230828_123515

flight oz712

Boarding soon started, and i soon found my way to my seat. My seat for this flight was 17K, a window seat Compared to all the other flights i took on my trip, this was the only one without AVOD. There was a screen, but it cycled through movies on loop. Not like there was time to watch a movie considering the flight was only 2 hours long. The only problem was that this plane sometimes also flies to European destinations, like Istanbul and Rome. I wouldn't want to be stuck with this IFE on a 12 hour flight.

photo img_20230828_130807photo img_20230828_134828

Here's the legroom, its generous like always but the IFE box beneath my seat reduces space quite a bit. I ended up just using it as a sort of makeshift footrest.

photo img_20230828_130810

Non-bifold tray table

photo img_20230828_130817

The view from my gate

photo img_20230828_130820

Starlux airlines plane. Would like to fly on JX someday.

photo img_20230828_132541

Waiting in like for takeoff

photo img_20230828_133502

Takeoff went smoothly and soon we were at cruising altitude heading towards ICN.


Soon after takeoff, the flight attendants served lunch. There was only one choice, which was this amazing beef and chicken dish. The meal was also served with plastic cutlery and gochujang sauce.
Main: Black pepper beef with soy sauce chicken and rice. 10/10 Super delicious. I liked how there was two kinds of meal instead of the usual 1.
Side: Bread and butter 6/10 The same bread and butter I'm used to on airplanes.
Dessert: Peach jelly 7/10 A bit too sweet for my tastes, but the texture was nice
Drink: Apple juice 8/10 this was probably the first time I've seen a drink served inside a meal box/tray that's not water. On top of that the flight attendants came around with the regular selection of juices and sodas.

photo img_20230828_135920

I ended up alternating between Star Wars: A New Hope and the map for the duration of the flight. 

photo img_20230828_135732

The screen's not very bright, its super hard to see anything when the windows are open.

photo img_20230828_135036

Yoshi plush i got a few months back at Universal Studios Japan.

photo img_20230828_130922


photo img_20230828_145722

Another plane below us

photo img_20230828_153456

On final approach into ICN

photo img_20230828_154808

Deboarding was smooth, like my last few flights.

photo img_20230828_155802

Thank you for reading my flight report. There's one last flight i need to take before i arrive back in SEA.

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Asiana Airlines

Cabin crew7.0

Taipei - TPE


Seoul - ICN



Despite the old cabin, this was an enjoyable flight, with friendly crews and delicious food. I would definitely recommend flying OZ.

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