Review of Asiana Airlines flight Seoul Seattle in Economy

Airline Asiana Airlines
Flight OZ272
Class Economy
Seat 31C
Aircraft Boeing 777-200ER
Flight time 10:30
Take-off 28 Aug 23, 18:15
Arrival at 29 Aug 23, 12:45
OZ   #60 out of 94 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 109 reviews
Published on 14th May 2024

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Hello everyone and a good afternoon from Seoul-Incheon airport! I'm done with my vacation but there's still one flight i need to take before i arrive home. Anyways here's the 777-200ER i just got off, HL7755. Transiting at ICN is very easy and only took me a few minutes to complete.

photo img_20230828_171723photo img_20230828_171725_1photo img_20230828_171638_1

And here's our plane, HL7732, a Boeing 777-200ER painted in a *A livery.

photo img_20230828_175614photo img_20230828_172313

We were parked next to an Ethiopian 787 heading to ADD.

photo img_20230828_175558photo img_20230828_175608photo img_20230828_175604

seat features

This 777 is in a 3-3-3 layout, which is better than the 3-4-3 most airlines are switching to. Even BR, a 5 star Skytrax airline, is switching.
The seats came with a bifold tray table and a screen plus a remote.

photo img_20230828_180454

On my seat already was an amenity kit with toothbrush, toothpaste, and a pair of slippers.

photo img_20230828_180608

Blanket was provided for this overnight flight

photo img_20230828_180559

IFE screen with AVOD. While its not as modern as the A350, it still has the same selection of movies and TV shows.

photo img_20230828_181513photo img_20230828_180456

A USB port.

photo img_20230828_180709


After takeoff, dinner was served with a choice between Chicken or Ssambap, i went for the Ssambap. It was served as beef and rice with lettuce leaves, alongside some bean sauce, egg roll, soybean soup, kimchi, and a bean pastry for dessert.

photo img_20230828_194350

Main: Beef ssambap rolls 7/10 It was really nice making your own wraps. However, the portion was a bit small for me.

photo img_20230828_1945292photo img_20230828_194701

Side: egg patty 10/10 Probably the best part of this meal, it was a bit salty and very sadysfying to eat.

photo img_20230828_194950photo img_20230828_195347

Now, that was the only thing I ate. While the quality of all the other options looked fine, i just wasn't very intreated in them. But, if you like kimchi and soybean soup, you'll be very happy with this meal.

photo img_20230828_200728photo img_20230828_194942_1photo img_20230828_194903

Here's the cabin after the meal service ended

photo img_20230828_205509-74665

Like i mentioned earlier, the IFE on this place is a bit older than the A350s but still feature the same entertainment selection.

photo img_20230828_205501

However, while i was watching coco the screen glitched and froze. It stayed that way for about a minute then went back to normal

photo img_20230828_213501

Here's the lavatories. Its clean and simple

photo img_20230828_225602photo img_20230828_204200

A mirror

photo img_20230828_204202photo img_20230828_204205

Given that this flight was an overnight flight, no snacks were handed out between meals. But the crew did come through a couple times with water.


I slept for a few hours and woke up right before breakfast started. There was a choice between Korean congee or scrambled eggs. I went for the eggs

photo img_20230829_031715photo img_20230829_031836

Main: Scrambled eggs with sausages and potatoes 6/10. It was fine for airplane eggs, but breakfasts on airplanes don't generally impress me.

photo img_20230829_032309

Side: Blueberry yoghurt 7/10 Can't go wrong with a classic yoghurt for breakfast.

photo img_20230829_032048

Side: Bread soft roll with butter 6/10 The last bread soft roll I had on this trip.

photo img_20230829_032735photo img_20230829_032709photo img_20230829_032803

Side: Fruits 6/10 Decent selection of fruits.

photo img_20230829_032619

Picture of my Yoshi plush before landing

photo img_20230829_033958

Seatac Airport International Arrivals Facilty

photo img_20230828_132608

Glad to be back home

photo img_20230828_135459
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Asiana Airlines

Cabin crew8.5

Seoul - ICN


Seattle - SEA



While Asiana airlines is a good airline, flying with them 4 times this year i just don't think they deserve to be a 5 star airline. While getting meals on short-haul flights are nice, other airlines that are not 5 star like CI and PR also provide meals on short haul flights. Probably the worst thing about Asiana was their IFE. Its limited, and a lot of the hardware is outdated. However, their crews are nice and the legroom is very generous. I would say that Asiana is a solid 4 star Arline.



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