Review of Avianca Brazil flight Porto Alegre Sao Paulo in Economy

Airline Avianca Brazil
Flight O6 6123
Class Economy
Seat 4A
Aircraft Fokker 100
Flight time 01:40
Take-off 10 Jan 15, 14:40
Arrival at 10 Jan 15, 16:20
O6 16 reviews
Published on 11th February 2015
Hi guys, I`m here to continue the FR (after a long time), the previous one was this:
And before we go, some photos of Porto Alegre,Balneario Gaivota(SC) and Gramado:

photo SAM_1186

Cathedral of Porto Alegre

photo SAM_1203

Governor`s palace:

photo SAM_1205

City hall:

photo SAM_1224

Usina do Gasômetro:

photo SAM_1230

Beira Rio Stadium

photo SAM_1238

Dunes at Balneario Gaivota:

photo SAM_1254

Natal Luz (Christmas of lights) at Gramado:

photo SAM_1353

Santa Claus turning the lights of the city on:

photo SAM_1382

Maria Fumaça - Bento Gonçalves (Bento Gonçalves is the major produccer of wine in Brazil, the train is also known as the Wine train - Trem do Vinho):

photo SAM_1411photo SAM_1431

Some vineyard at Bento Gonçalves (at Vale dos Vinhedos - Vineyard Valley)

photo 52a1e358b708d

Mini mundo (miniatures park):

photo SAM_1512photo IMG_20150109_143455644_HDR

Snowland - Snow park:
photo SAM_1527photo SAM_1529

And now the FR!


photo SAM_1570

Avianca check-in:
photo SAM_1575photo SAM_1576

My ticket:

photo SAM_1577

Now some spotting:

POA boarding room:

photo SAM_1597

Our bird reaching:

photo SAM_1601photo SAM_1602photo SAM_1603


photo SAM_1604

Excellent legroom:

photo SAM_1605

A Gol B738 in other finger:

photo SAM_1606

Safety card:

photo SAM_1607photo SAM_1608

Old plane…

photo SAM_1610

Another Gol:

photo SAM_1611


photo SAM_1612

Take off:

Lagoa Guaiba:

photo SAM_1614

Usina do Gasômetro:

photo SAM_1615

Beira Rio:

photo SAM_1616

Porto Alegre:

photo SAM_1617

Salgado Filho International Airport:

photo SAM_1618

F100 wing:

photo SAM_1619

Cheese sandwich:

photo SAM_1621

And an orange juice:

photo SAM_1623

A coastal view:

photo SAM_1626photo SAM_1628

Avianca magazine, with an actress in the cover:

photo SAM_1629

Clouds over SP:

photo SAM_1633

A dam:

photo SAM_1636

Now, let me tell you the problem that hapenned. First the commander said that Congonhas Airport was closed beacus of the bad weather and that it`s flights were goint to GRU, so we would have to wait a little. After that Guarulhos Airport closed too, because of the weather, so, we again we entered in wait procedures. After some 3 turns over Santos the commander said we were goig to Rio Galeão, and there Avianca would see what would happen to us…

Landing at Rio de Janeiro GIG:

After some time waiting we unboarded and instructed to wait at gate 3 on Terminal:

photo SAM_1638photo SAM_1639photo SAM_1640

Delta 767-400ER:

photo SAM_1641

After that they (Avianca staff) didn`t know nothing about us, and after some time said that they were waiting for a tripulation to take us to SP. And so the airport energy went over:

photo SAM_1642

So Avianca system went down and nobody knows nothing now. After a time, the lights come back and Avianca, after very discussions with us, gave a voucher for us, a dish of food at a restaurant in the airport, here`s the food:

photo IMG_20150112_221140947

It was delicious…
After something like half hour after we finish our dinner they iniciated the boarding. So after something like 6 hours at the Rio (we reached about 5 P.M. and reacher the plane by 11:00 p.m) we were going back to SP.

photo SAM_1643photo SAM_1644

Now boarded, we waited more half hour until some documents to fly were brought to the pilot. After they reach we taxied and take off:

The meal was composed of drinks and some peanuts (just peanuts because of the hour, and beacause we already ate, I think):

photo SAM_1646

After 40 minutes we were landing Guarulhos:

After landed I got this picture of an A320 with the ney Avianca's livery:

photo SAM_1648

So, it's that, I hope you enjoyed. Thank you for seeing!
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Avianca Brazil

Cabin crew8.0

Porto Alegre - POA


Sao Paulo - GRU



Well, Avianca is a very good airline, that representes 8,5% of the domestic passengers in Brazil. She is small, but has very quality. Despite the meteriological problems it was a goos flight and I hope fly Avianca again.
OBS: Rio Galeão isn't good!

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