Avis du vol SWISS Zurich Stockholm en classe Economique

Compagnie SWISS
Vol LX1254
Classe Economique
Siege 29F
Avion Airbus A321
Temps de vol 02:20
Décollage 01 Aoû 16, 16:35
Arrivée à 01 Aoû 16, 18:55
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Publié le 11 août 2016
Hello and welcome to my second flight report on this website!
This series will cover my recent trip to Sweden in August 2016! It was my first trip alone as I'm under 18. The first part will cover the flight from Zurich to Stockholm Arlanda.

A good friend of mine (Rl 777, he has many amazing flight reports) lives in Stockholm and we got to know each other on the Internet. I always wanted to visit him one day and I finally got the allowance from my parents last winter. There were many possibilities to get to Stockholm, for example KLM via AMS or AF via CDG. My mom preferred a direct flight from Zurich, so I had to decide for either Swiss or SAS. First, I wanted to choose SAS due to the Youth fares. They were quite cheap in comparison to the Swiss fares. The flight times weren't so decent, though.
One day, I found out that the Swiss fares got cheaper and they operate three to four flights daily, so I had a better choice relating to the times. I had never tried LX and the A321 before, so I really wanted to try them as well. At all I decided to try Swiss, even though the SAS Youth fare was 30€ cheaper.

Part 1: ZRH-ARN LX1254 - Swiss, Airbus A321-111, HB-IOL - You are here
Part 2: ARN-GOT DY4071 - Norwegian Boeing 737-8JP(WL), LN-DYD - Here!
Part 3: ARN-ZRH LX1251 - Swiss, Airbus A320-214, HB-JLR - Coming soon

One day before departure, Swiss had a operational aircraft change from A321 to A321 with Sharklets. I was very happy but then I had bad luck. Swiss changed the plane back to the normal A321, so I got very disappointed. At least I could still try an

I had a luggage and as well as a backpack for the trip. Due to the fact that I booked the "Economy Classic" fare, a checked baggage was included. The final checks were made at approx. 1:05 PM.
photo 20160801_130335

My step-dad and mom took me to Zurich and we left the house at 1:20 AM. As I live in Germany, it takes about 1h 10min to get to the airport. We had to avoid driving on a Swiss motorway and take another route because we didn't want to pay for a vignette.
photo 20160801_133400_hdr

The scenery didn't look bad on the way to Switzerland. I was quite excited and nervous on the way and I couldn't realize I would fly alone to Sweden.
photo 20160801_135516

Welcome to Switzerland! This photo was taken shortly after crossing the border.
photo 20160801_140826_hdrphoto 20160801_143139_hdr

Grüezi Zurich Airport!
photo 20160801_143302_hdr

We parked our car at P1 which is the closest multi-storey car park to Check-In 1.
photo 20160801_143337_hdr

We arrived at 1:35 PM.
photo 20160801_143656

Escalator towards Check-in 1.
photo rsz_20160801_144333 2

Check-in 1 at ZRH. Airlines like Swiss and a few other Star Alliance members (some of them use Check-in 2) use it. The Business and First class check-in desks were located on the other side of the building.
photo rsz_20160801_144348 1

I already printed my boarding pass at home, so I went to the baggage drop-off immediately. Eurowings' check-in desks were next to Swiss. The queue wasn't that long and I had to wait about 5 minutes.
photo 20160801_144542

The check-in kiosks are in the background of the picture. I actually wanted to print out another BP there, but I forgot it unfortunately.
photo 20160801_144546

Baggage drop-off.
photo 20160801_144947photo 20160801_145758

We decided to walk around the airport to waste some time. We went to Check-in 2 and the Airport Center. A shopping area and Check-in 3 are located in the Airport Center.

Check-in 2. I really like it! My check-in was located there when I flew to Antalya with SunExpress last year.
photo 20160801_151644

My step-dad wanted to go out to see some planes. We only saw an Air Berlin. Or Belair? Whatever….
photo 20160801_151742

Drop-off zone. Parking is free for 5 min.
photo 20160801_151941

Another area of Check-in 2.
photo 20160801_152700

I went towards security after spending time with my family.
photo 20160801_145925

photo 20160801_150003

I said goodbye to my family and went to security. I didn't have to wait in a queue and security was organized and efficient.
photo 20160801_150007

After security I did some planespotting, walked around to explore Gates A and B and the Airside Center.

Gates A. Vueling and Swiss.
photo 20160801_153834

Some shots of the nice looking Airside Center.
photo 20160801_154123

I'm not a fan of Duty Free Stores, so I haven't been there. I didn't buy anything there.
photo 20160801_154129_hdrphoto 20160801_154147

"Flughafen Zürich"
photo 20160801_154152_hdr

After exploring the Airside Center, I went to my Gate which was A65.
photo 20160801_154650

My plane hadn't arrived yet.
photo 20160801_154709

Some planespotting.
photo 20160801_154604

Germania and Germanwings.
photo 20160801_154809

Swiss Airbus A320.
photo 20160801_154850

Here's my ride to Stockholm which arrived from Malaga! No A321 with Sharklets unfortunately
photo 20160801_154955

I decided to go to Gates B because I had never been there before.
photo 20160801_155956

Bathroom at ZRH.
photo 20160801_155821

Flight imformation:

Swiss International Air Lines

LX1254 / ZRH-ARN

Airbus A321-111 / HB-IOL (16.7 years old)

Scheduled time of departure (actual): 16:35 (16:59) / 4:35 PM (4:59 PM) UTC +2

Scheduled time of arrival (actual) : 18:55 (19:02), 6:55 PM (7:02 PM) UTC +2

Scheduled flight time (actual): 2h 20 min (2h 07 min)

My ride and Gategourmet.
photo 20160801_160440

I was so happy when I saw this 77W while I was waiting for boarding. The agent offered to check-in some passengers' bags at no additional cost because everyone's hand luggage wouldn't fit in the plane's overhead bins.
photo 20160801_160945_hdr

Boarding was announced at 16:10/4:10 PM. There was a queue for the automated boarding gates and the normal one. I decided to try the automated boarding gates. Some people needed help of an agent because it didn't work perfectly.
photo 20160801_161740

Jetbridge to our plane
photo 20160801_162047photo 20160801_162049

A friendly flight attendant greeted me with a "Grüezi" when I entered the plane. I asked her about the load factor and she said it was completely full. There were no free seats available and there were many babies aboard.

I like the design of the seats and it doesn't look bad. The cabin seems clean and fresh.
photo 20160801_162442

My seat was 29F. Seat reservation was included in the "Economy Classic" fare. It chose 14F first, but then I wanted to sit in the back of the plane. The seat pitch was pretty okay for me.
photo 20160801_162711

photo 20160801_162744_hdr

Safety instructions.
photo 20160801_162825

The captain made an announcement in English and German at 16:37/4:37 PM. He told us were were going to taxi in 5 to 10 minutes.
photo 20160801_162836

Gategourmet again.
photo 20160801_162845

Unfortunately, my phone battery isn't the best. I'm glad I had a powerbank on this flight. I listened to music the whole flight.
photo 20160801_163026

"Welcome" in different languages. The announcement by the flight attendant was in English and German. There was also a pre-recorded announcement in Swedish.
photo 20160801_164142

The safety video was played on the LCD overhead tv monitors.
photo 20160801_164408photo 20160801_164437

77W again.
photo 20160801_164455

Taxiing to RWY 16.
photo 20160801_164558

Rl 777 tracked my flight on Flightradar 24. All FR24 screenshots on this series were provided by Rl 777. Thank you a lot! :)
photo img-20160801-wa0145

Many Jumbolinos! Love them!
photo 20160801_164934

Another Jumbolino has just landed on RWY 14!
photo 20160801_165352photo 20160801_165508

Ready for takeoff! We took off at 16:59 with a delay of 24 min.
photo 20160801_165705photo 20160801_165920

photo rsz_20160801_165953

Dübendorf Air Base
photo rsz_20160801_170025photo rsz_20160801_170101photo 20160801_170244

Flying over the Lake Constance.
photo 20160801_170744

Thanks again!
photo img-20160801-wa0131photo img-20160801-wa0132

Somewhere over Baden-Württemberg.
photo 20160801_171533

LX1254 and LX1251
photo img-20160801-wa0119photo 20160801_170458

Tray table.
photo 20160801_173314

Hot snacks were served 30 min after departure.
photo 20160801_173430

The hot snack was a Ratatouille quiche. It was vegetarian and filled with vegetables and chesse. The quiche was fine and very tasty. I could eat many of them. I was still hungry after the snack, though.
photo 20160801_173521

I had orange juice and still water as well.
photo 20160801_173606

Flying over Germany's largest island "Rügen".
photo 20160801_180743photo 20160801_180741

Leaving Germany.
photo 20160801_181218

The Swiss chocolate was served one hour after the snack. I asked if I can have two of them and the friendly flight attendant said "of course". The second one was a little gift for Rl 777. It was very tasty! All flight attendants were very friendly.
photo 20160801_181911

SWISS Magazine about Copenhagen. Unfortunately, the Airbus A321 with Sharklets flew to Copenhagen instead.
photo 20160801_183222

The new CS100. I hope I can try it one day!
photo 20160801_183311

Unfortunately, I couldn't take pics of the lavatory. I didn't want to bother the men who sat next to me. A lavatory was located in the middle of the plane as well.

Hej Sweden!
photo img-20160801-wa0107

Descending into Stockholm. The Stockholm archipelago consists of 30,000 islands. Announcements were made in English, German and Swedish. The Swedish announcement was pre-recorded.
photo rsz_20160801_184639

Islands, Islands, Islands, Islands….
photo 20160801_185327

photo rsz_20160801_185625photo 20160801_185927photo rsz_20160801_190016

Hej Sverige!! My first time in Scandinavia.
photo 20160801_190217

We landed at 19:02/7:02 AM.
photo 20160801_190319photo 20160801_190443

Rl 777 managed to take a photo of my plane! Thank you so much!! Awesome pic!
photo img-20160801-wa0162

Fire trucks.
photo rsz_20160801_190549photo rsz_20160801_190603

SAS! I hope I will fly with SK one day, too!
photo rsz_20160801_190634

Last shot on the LX A321!
photo 20160801_191506photo 20160801_191545

Terminal 5 at Stockholm Arlanda.
photo 20160801_191617

Walking to the baggage claim. Samsung ad.
photo 20160801_191716

I met Rl 777 after taking my luggage and I was so excited to meet him!

Terminal 5.
photo 20160801_193330

It started to rain when I left the Terminal and it was sunny at the same time, too.
photo 20160801_193631

There was a huge surprise for me. He didn't tell me that he recently got his "license". It was a great surprise and he did a good job.
photo 20160801_194255_hdr

E4 towards Stockholm!
photo 20160801_195404_hdrphoto 20160801_200112photo 20160801_200429_hdr

Thank you for taking time for taking your time to read this flight-report! I hope you liked it. See you!


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Stockholm - ARN



It was my first flight with Swiss and I had a great experience. It was a nice flight which got me from point A to point B safely. I departed with a delay of 24 min and landed 7 min late. There is nothing to complain about, to be honest. The snack was very good and the flight attendants were very friendly and efficient.

Cabin - The plane was comfortable and I like their seats. Seat pitch was pretty okay.

Cabin Crew - Very friendly and efficient crew. They did their job professionally.

Entertainment - Window and overhead TV. Nothing special.

Meal/Catering - The ratatouille quiche was tasty, I expected a little bit more than a small quiche. I had an orange juice and still water as well.

Overall, I was quite satisfied with Swiss. I would like to fly with SWISS again!

See you!

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  • Comment 362567 by
    MrMax 144 Commentaires

    Thanks for a great flight report!I flew ZRH-CPH-ZRH on LX a few years ago. The catering back then was a sandwich to CPH and an ice cream for the return flight. I think that the quich looks better than the sandwich, and definitley better than what you'd get in the USA.

  • Comment 362570 by
    martin1405 AUTEUR 41 Commentaires

    Thank you for your comment!
    I hope you had a great experience with LX, Yeah, the snack was not bad. I wish I had an ice cream as well.

    Have a good one! See you!

  • Comment 362573 by
    Rl 777 806 Commentaires

    Thank you for sharing this FR with us! I've been waiting for this one, thanks for mentioning me so many times!

    Nice shots on the way to the airport.

    ZRH looks incredible, absolutely stunning (especially compared to ARN).

    Nice spotting shots at ZRH and great shots of your bird! It's sad they changed it back to a regular A321.

    Cabin looks similar to the LH short-haul cabin and seat pitch seems to be fine.

    Great aerial shots and np with the screenshots :).

    The snack offering looks good, better than a cold sandwich IMO and better than a small cake. It's nice you found it tasty!

    Thank you for the Swiss chocolate!

    Nice shots upon arrival!

    The lighting was a little bit off at the time of your arrival but I'm glad I could catch it, it was a pleasure :).

    "It started to rain when I left the Terminal and it was sunny at the same time, too."
    Swedish weather at its best.

    "There was a huge surprise for me. He didn't tell me that he recently got his license. It was a great surprise and he did a good job."
    - Hahaha, it was definitely nice to drive you home! I haven't exactly got a license as I'm just 16 but I'm currently practicing with my dad :). Thank you so much, appreciated!

    Thank you for this great FR. I hope you enjoyed your stay in Sweden! Great bonus of Stockholm.

    Have a good one and see you later!

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      Thanks you for your comment!

      "Thank you for the Swiss chocolate!"
      - No problem, haha. I hope you liked the little gift!

      " I hope you enjoyed your stay in Sweden!"
      - I miss Sweden so much! I will come next year again!!

      "It's sad they changed it back to a regular A321."
      - Yep.... Unfortunately....

      "I'm glad I could catch it, it was a pleasure"
      - Thanks you again! Your pic is absolutely stunning! Love it!

      "Thanks for mentioning me so many times!"
      - Np!!!

      See you later!! :)

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    757Fan 608 Commentaires

    Great report of your flight with Swiss. Looks like you had a great flight! I'm impressed with the hot snack that Swiss served on the flight; it's definitely something you would not get on a flight in the US on a domestic flight in Economy ...

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