Avis du vol Austrian Airlines Sofia Vienna en classe Affaires

Compagnie Austrian Airlines
Vol OS796
Classe Affaires
Siege 2A
Avion Airbus A320
Temps de vol 01:25
Décollage 17 Jul 17, 13:40
Arrivée à 17 Jul 17, 14:05
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Publié le 11 août 2017
Routing :

CDG – MUC / Airbus A320-214 CEO SL D-AIUT Lufthansa LH2239 Economy K / 6 AM Beer City Flug [THERE]

MUC – SOF / Airbus A320-214 CEO SL Lufthansa LH1702 Economy K / Eastern Orient Express [THERE]

> SOF – VIE / Airbus A320-200 CEO OE-LBP Austrian OS796 Business C / Vienna coffee [YOU ARE HERE]

VIE – FRA / Airbus A319-100 CEO OE-LDG Austrian OS125 Business C / Symphony No. 9 in D minor, Op. 125 [THERE]

FRA – JNB / Boeing 747-8i D-ABYO Lufthansa LH572 Business C Upper Deck / I’m leaving on a jet plane, (I know) when I’ll be back again [THERE]

JNB – SZK / Embraer 135 ZS-SWN South African Airlink SA8865 Economy Q / A different kind of animal [THERE]

SZK – MQP / Cessna Caravan C208-B ZS-MLT South African Airlink SA8930 Economy Y / Dreaming of Cessna [THERE]

MQP – JNB / Embraer 140 ZS-ALR South African Airlink SA8828 Economy Q / Outclassing the road [THERE]

JNB – DUR / Airbus A330-200 ZS-SXV South African Airways SA559 Business C / Comfy old cabin [THERE]

DUR – CPT / Boeing 738WL ZS-ZWU British Airways by Comair BA6310 Business U / On the ‘Business’ again [THERE]

CPT – GRJ / Embraer 135 ZS-SWN South African Airlink SA8631 Economy Q / Lost Garden route flightpath [THERE]

PLZ – JNB / Boeing 737-800 Split Scimitar winglets ZS-ZWH British Airways by Comair BA6242 Economy O / From PE with chill [THERE]

JNB – FRA / Boeing 747-8i D-ABYR Lufthansa LH573 First C Nose / "Luck" [THERE]

FRA – VIE / Airbus A320 CEO OE-LBL Austrian OS128 Business C / Good Morning Austria

VIE – SOF / Airbus A320 CEO OE-LBM Austrian OS795 Business C / Foodstock

SOF – MUC / Embraer 195 D-AEMD Lufthansa LH1705 Cityline Economy K / …6.5 hours later

MUC – CDG / Airbus A319-100 CEO D-AILY Lufthansa LH2238 Economy K / Clap-my-end or "I (don't) love Paris, in the summer…"


After arriving from Flight LH1702 this morning, we went to get our bags on the carousel and cleared customs quickly.

Then started our walk towards the Check-in desk number 18 located on the other side of the Terminal 2, the newest in SOF, opened in 2006.

The agent was friendly and handed us our 6 BPs to JNB. On my request, she gave me the lounge's name : "Aspire", except she pronounced it "Inspire".

Airside, a lot of light comes into the terminal but it does not feel very modern, despite not being built a long time ago. It does not "shine".
photo img_5744photo img_5745photo img_5746
To process through security, you have to climb upstairs with treadmills but before that, an agent checks your BP.

Queues at security are generally speaking reasonable, not longer than 10 minutes.

The thing you cannot find anywhere in SOF except when you just cleared passport control : FIDS ! Hell, there are numerous TVs for advert but no FIDS ! Very impractical.
photo img_5747
The Swissport lounge bears two names,"Aspire" and "Vitosha", after a Bulgarian mountain.
photo img_5748
Although I had read many comments complaining the staff was rude and not welcoming, this was absolutely not the case when I was there, maybe because I was being polite in the first place.
Seeing how many passengers behave with just any personnel that they talk to, it is not surprising to see these personnel starting to look unfriendly, after all.

The lounge offering,
photo img_5749photo img_5750
This coffee machine worthes more than 2k€ VAT exluded. Now, I don't drink coffee but my mother, who was travelling with me, said it was actually pretty good.
photo img_5751
The offering is obviously in correlation with the flights operated from SOF, most of them are short or medium haul not exceeding 3hrs. It is thus not suprising to notice that it is more a relaxation area than a restaurant. And the chairs are indeed real comfy.
I treated myself to an italian industrial flavoured box of bites which tasted nice. Thing is, as there is no washrooms in the lounge (they are located across the lounge entrance), it can be difficult having to deal with the grease those bites generate.
photo img_5752
The personnel kept passing through the lounge to collect waste left by pax.

From the lounge, there is a small tarmac view but I haven't had enough time to take any picture as my flight to VIE had already started boarding when I realized we did not had a lot of time to spare because there is a different timezone in SOF (almost missed the flight).

Something bad about SOF airport : the downstairs gates are not well indicated when you clear passport control.

If you do not realize that your gate is downstairs, you will walk for a long time before asking your way to Sky Café, where a nice waiter will point you the treadmills across saying "downstairs" and you will feel stupid not to know how to get around in such a small airport… But having spent hours in SOF on the way back, this is a very common mistake, the airport authorities should definitely do something about it.

We did not use priority boarding because we were in the last to board, by bus… meaning spotting opportunities !

A QR A320
photo dsc_0087photo dsc_0088
A former Norwegian 737-300 with winglets
photo dsc_0089photo dsc_0090
LH A321
photo dsc_0091
Bright flight AN-26B
photo dsc_0092
A Bulgarian Eagle A319 still wearing the Germania livery from its delivery a few days before
photo dsc_0093
And finally, our beast, OE-LBP, an Austrian (OS) A320 painted in their 1958 retro colour scheme.

Upon our arrival on board, a fellow J pax had decided to occupy our seats. Thus, I was forced to ask him to move, not knowing if any other pax would come, which was not the case in the end. Out of 8 seats, 3 were occupied.
The front row was empty
photo img_5753
Safety card
photo img_5754
photo img_5755
The wifi offering
photo img_5756
photo img_5757photo img_5758
Air sickness bag :
photo img_5759
The cabin is fitted, both in Business and Economy, with the same Recaro seats the LH group chose for all of its subsidiaries.
photo dsc_0098
The layout is exactly the same in J or Y, a 3-3 configuration with the only difference being the middle seat blocked for comfort.
photo dsc_0099photo img_e5762
One can see the cabin was perfectly clean.
photo img_5760photo img_5761
The only advantage I see with this layout is being able to place carry on items under the middle seat upfront and the extra space on your left or right hand side, depending if you're seated at a window or on the aisle.
photo img_5763
The overhead panel shows the aircraft's age.
photo img_5773
As we taxied to the runway, I could do what I try to do best : spotting
photo dsc_0100photo dsc_0101photo dsc_0102
A Yak-40 ! First time I ever see one

Same for the Mil Mi-8, what a trip!
photo dsc_0107photo dsc_0108
A319 from the Republic of Bulgaria
photo dsc_0109photo dsc_0110
VIP Terminal
photo dsc_0111
Plane cemetery

Now comes the time to take off (terrible job at filming, sorry… :/)

photo dsc_0118
We were that high when the meal was brought on a tray.
photo img_5765
There is no choice of meal but the FA in charge of the J cabin asked us several times (at least 3 that I can remember) if we wanted something to drink. She did not just served the tray and disappeared like it happens sometimes.
photo img_5766
The presentation is not what one would call "gorgeous", but surprisingly, it tasted way better than it looked. Unfortunately, no menu or oral description was given.
The main course consisted of a chicken dish accompanied by what I think would be between gnocchis and omelette
photo img_5767
(I know it's not that accurate^^)
The chocolate/raspberry cake was very nice.
photo img_5768photo img_5771
Also, I forgot to precize that you get real solid cutlery and a white polyester napkin along with a small clothes peg to tie it to your shirt instead of the usual hole for buttoning it.
photo img_5769
All in all, this tray was astonishingly quite filling and the nice female FA brightened up the Soviet morning. The refreshing tissue is well needed after this meal.
photo img_5774
Much nicer weather here in Vienna !

Landing ahead of schedule

The nice touch to end ;)
photo dsc_0139
We arrived on stand at 14:04, one minute ahead of schedule, great job !
Exiting on the concourse, only to find out VIE is the worst airport I've been in. Everything is miles and miles away and not very well indicated.
photo img_5775
A terrible experience that completely shaded out the Austrian Airlines Business Class experience.
Some pictures along the way helped me relaxing a bit :
photo dsc_0140photo dsc_0141photo dsc_0142
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Austrian Airlines


Vitosha Aspire Lounge - 2


Sofia - SOF


Vienna - VIE



An honest first performance for Austrian.
The cabin was not very luxurious obviously but this is the norm on many european flights.
The catering was satisfying despite its look.
But the best part was the female FA that was really caring.

The lounge scores medium. It is nice to have an access but SOF airport is not that crowded. The only advantage is the seating area, because the airside part of the T2 is cruelly lacking thereof.

VIE is a complete mess. I have no other word for it. Everything is too far, the lounges are almost not indicated, the priority lanes are closed and you have to tell the agent you travel in Business to get in, even if they are very friendly, it is not that easy getting through the airport. And there are security checks to connect between non Schengen and Schengen which I find annoying. During summertime, it is furthermore packed with people.

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