Avis du vol Lufthansa Frankfurt Tokyo en classe Economique

Compagnie Lufthansa
Vol LH 710
Classe Economique
Siege 31K
Temps de vol 12:10
Décollage 01 Mai 16, 13:35
Arrivée à 02 Mai 16, 08:45
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Publié le 26 septembre 2018
As you know, I'm travelling to Japan with some friends. To fly there we choose to fly with Lufthansa. So we had to make a stop at Frankfort. This report is a bit special because few months after, LH will stop to fly to Narita. Also it will be for me my first time flying onboard the Airbus A340-300. 

It is a great opportunity to travel with friends and to discover a new culture all together. I have absolutely no idea was it is looking like this country, which is a group of 3/4 islands and which has a capital with around 35 million inhabitants… Nearly 10 times more than Paris. Let’s fly to the country of the rising sun.


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photo flkjap0516011photo flkjap0516012photo flkjap0516013

Second flight of the day, and this time we will fly to Tokyo. It has been a long time that I haven’t took a such long flight. I was quiet exited. My friends found that a bit funny. One of my friend was a bit scared of planes, so when she saw this white paint she begin to stress a bit, but I told her that it was the same plane than other, and that the color was just a special livery showing the alliance. She start to be less stressed. 

photo flkjap0516014photo flkjap0516015

Boarding was called, and we went to our seat. There were comfortable, and definitely better than the RECARO seats. The view from this seat was nice, and it was really comfortable to get enough place for the legs. When boarding was finish, we push back and taxi to the take off runway.

photo flkjap0516016photo flkjap0516017photo flkjap0516018

Shortly after take off, we took the whole aisle for all of us, because there were no many passengers on this flight. This is comfortable. Later on I went to walk a bit and took a cabin picture, where we can see that the occupancy rate was not so high. During this time the crew was offering us some oshibori.

photo flkjap0516019photo flkjap0516020photo flkjap0516021

Then the service started, and it was a nice meal, a mixe between european and Japanese meal. Then after I watched a movie and slept a bit. The IFE was nice, with a good films offer. During the night I woke up to go to toilets and we were flying over Russia. There was some juices glasses and snacks and free service. I just took a glass of apple juice and went back to sleep.

photo flkjap0516022photo flkjap0516023

After 6 hours sleeping, I woke up and it was time for breakfast. It was a bit lite, we had eggs, with some bread and butter with some juices. My friend was not so hungry so she gave me her dish. Then later on we started our decent to Tokyo… I was so impatient to discover this city… We are close to touch the Japanese ground.

photo flkjap0516024photo flkjap0516025
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Frankfurt - FRA


Tokyo - NRT



To conclude I was happy of this second flight. The service was fine with a nice cabin which was empty. The meals on this leg was a bit too lite for a such long flight but tasty. I keep a positive impression of this flight. Thank you Lufthansa for my first long haul flight with them. The Narita airport is nice, the passeport check was easy and quick. But the journey to the city was a bit too long, anyway it was fine because I slept during the journey. Let's enjoy our time in Tokyo.

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  • Comment 467270 by
    ThomasDutch SILVER 545 Commentaires

    I am usually not a fan of an A340 on a longhaul flight, so I usually tend to skip LH as they are usually using this type on the flights I am taking, but cabin looks good. Might give it a try next time though if it's for a fair price. Thanks for your report.

    • Comment 467687 by
      Kolia AUTEUR 904 Commentaires

      Thank you for your comment, I'm happy to see that my report will help you to fly again on 340. If you try it next time don't hesitate to tell me about your experience that would be interesting ;)

  • Comment 468083 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 5589 Commentaires

    Great photos as usual! Personally, I've always loved A340s, I think they're beautiful. It's a shame that they're getting more and more rare, but I get that operating costs aren't great with more efficient newer aircraft out there now. I see you used the new editor in Beta from the routing, and I see it still mixes French and English. That should get fixed before it's rolled out :-)
    Thanks for sharing!

    • Comment 468697 by
      Kolia AUTEUR 904 Commentaires

      Hello Kevin, thanks for your comment, yes A340 is a very comfortable plane. When I can I'm flying with them. They high cost of flying. Yes I used the new editor, I just had to change the link of the previous FR. See you next FR ;)

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