Avis du vol KLM Cityhopper Bristol Amsterdam en classe Economique

Compagnie KLM Cityhopper
Vol KL1050
Classe Economique
Siege 12F
Temps de vol 01:05
Décollage 23 Aoû 21, 11:30
Arrivée à 23 Aoû 21, 13:35
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Publié le 26 août 2021

Bye bye corwall!

Hello fellow FR!

Today I will post a flight from the county of Cornwall, where the in-laws live, to our new home.
After having spent a good 10 days reuniting with friends in London, we went to see them by train for a couple of days. Besides the 15 degrees and cloudy weather, this is an interesting place to visit… 

Today the flight will be operated with KLM ShittyHopper as Esteban calls it. (maybe due to the fact that the catering is inferior than KLM!) 

photo 20210822_153431

And for those who know the famous legend or the french series Kaamelot, here is the - allegedly - castle where King Arthur was born, in the small and cute town of Tintagel. This part of the country is interesting, as the name of towns are more latin or french based; indeed this is where the "Britons" still lived unattacked by the Angles and Saxons and where, there are some evidences that a War King (named Arthur?), after the withdrawal of the Roman Empire from Britain - lived and fought. Yes I love history too ;-)

photo 20210821_141139

Very surprisingly, KLM was just 89€ to reach Lyon, despite the fact that Bristol is an Easyjet territory…

Flying blue Miles earned with this flight: 225
Status earned: 5 XP
Air France doubling the XP status in 2021: 5 additional XP

Although the app usually let you check in and have your boarding pass, I found out that going to/leaving the UK was limiting this service - indeed it is only at check in that the lady would double check your paperwork and issue a paper boarding pass.

photo screenshot_20210822-082843

As an elite skyteam member, I was able to choose for free, from the time of booking my seat on this E175 of KLM City Hopper, not sure why this is not possible with Hop then?

photo 144b3409-cfd7-4f56-9eb7ea25d9a4b496

at bristol airport

We were dropped at Bristol airport by my brother in law, after a tiring 2hours drive from Plymouth (yes Bristol is the nearest airport).
As you can see this was just a few days ago, in mid august with the Glorious British Summer weather. 

photo 20210823_093601

Easyjet is heavily present at the airport, as you can already notice.

photo 20210823_093718photo 20210823_093957

Checkin was fast, luckily because of the Skypriority lane. What wasn't the case for the security lane, where the bloke didn't let us through the VIP lane of the security, despite me showing the "skypriority" mention on the boarding pass… The guy told me that was to board the plane first, I think he is more used to Easyjet…

photo 20210823_101658photo 20210823_101650

at the aspire plus lounge

We went to the lounge assigned to KLM passengers, that was almost empty. 
The food offered wasn't that impressive, the drinks sections was a bit more popular. I must say it was qbout 9.30 am, but those who regularly travel to the UK or Britons know that there is no time for a beer. 

photo 20212408-1

The airport has an outside terrace for smokers, which is not something common and quite cool for spotting. Unfortunately the only colour visible was orange..

photo 20210823_101945

Boarding happened with priorities respected, a good 40 min later than expected as the plane arrived late too.

photo 20210823_111100

onboard the e175

photo 20210823_111123

Aircraft:Embraer ERJ175STD
Registration: PH-EXR
Engines: 2x GE CF34
Age: 3 Years
Layout: Y88
Observation: with new livery.

The cabin is clean but the seats are a bit disapointing, Air France Hop E jets offer a slightly more comfortable seat.

photo 20210823_111308photo 20210823_111317

Loading of luggages happened the old fashion way: one by one and brutally.

photo 20210823_111334

Push back and taxi in front of Ryanair, a plane I am luckily not familiar with anymore!

photo 20210823_113248


photo tkoff

And take off!

photo tkoff2photo tkoff3

climbing over these nasty clouds..

photo 20210823_113951

Unlike partner Air France and the vast majority of airlines, KLM decides to still print and offer its onboard magazine, with the mention that states it is being regularly cleaned..

photo 20210823_115456

with this month a specific review on the worlds best swimming pools..

photo 20210823_115517

the network… with the description of both KLM and Air France..

photo 20210823_115603

and of course the fleet page, where you can see the newly received E2-195 jets and sadly no more B747s.

photo 20210823_115542

You can of course enjoy the Air France app; I am not sure why KLM hasn't launched one too..

photo 20210824_111520

The service started shortly after, and like I have read on FR and my little own experience, it is very rare to find a grumpy crew - they were all rather friendly and even craking a few jokes which is always appreciated - at the very least in the UK.

photo 20210823_120147

This is not the best onboard service ever, enough to be more than the majority of fellow majors and above all enough to surprise most of the passengers living in Bristol, being used to the Easyjet BoB!

We landed in sunny Schipol on runway 06, directly next to the terminal so the taxi was less than 5 min!

photo 20210823_123434

at amsterdam - schipol airport

photo 20210823_133532

We parked in a crowd of other E jets of KLM, just next to the new terminal being built (will it be called A? it is positioned next to B…)

photo 20210823_133953

Thank you for reading me!

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KLM Cityhopper


Aspire Plus


Bristol - BRS


Amsterdam - AMS



In conclusion a nice flight with KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, good value for money..

The plane is fairly young; the cabin is well looked after
For such a short flight, the airline provides a service equal to regular medium flights.
In terms of entertainment an App, wifi or IFE would be a plus...
The seats are really tough and not comfy on the e175.

BRISTOL: a small airport however the corridors to the gates are very barren!
AMS: Clean, good amount of services, however as reported before by many of us:
Signs are very confusing
Long queues at passport control
There were some refubishments ongoing

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  • Comment 579179 by
    Jett Tyler GOLD 335 Commentaires
    Nice review! Would love to visit Amsterdam this year, but the restrictions (at the time of this comment) don't permit it.
  • Comment 579481 by
    flyLars 56 Commentaires
    Hello Chris,
    Thanks for this report out of Bristol!
    In Germany, we are already used to not getting the boarding passes in online check-in despite from domestic flights and some to a few destinations who don't need any travel documents.
    Cool to see that an airport like Bristol already has its lounge re-opened and accessible with a SkyTeam Status, while major Lounges in Germany have not re-opened or are permanently closed. Very attentive of KLM offering a sandwich on a 01:05 flight while most of the other major European carriers ave switched to a Buy-on-Board concept (Not talking of you, Lufthansa).
    Thanks again for the report and stay safe!
    • Comment 579583 by
      ChrisB GOLD AUTEUR 3154 Commentaires
      Hi Fly Lars!
      Thanks for stopping by!
      Usually for domestic or Schenguen flights, I found that you can retrieve your boarding pass on your mobile phone quite easily.
      Yes some Skyteam Lounges have re opened like in Paris too.
      As per the buy on board I really struggle to understand, let alone to agree for a major airline... Unfortunately that seems to be a trend with BA, Iberia, now Lufthansa... Just Air France / KLM / Alitalia around this part of Europe keep the traditional complimentary food..
      I was really disappointed about Lufthansa about this change
      Thanks for commenting!
  • Comment 587554 by
    Esteban GOLD 19486 Commentaires
    Hey thanks mate for that report and for the Shittyhopper reference :=)

    Had to wait until you published the french version to check the english one ^^

    Now done !

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