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Publié le 19 septembre 2021


This story is that of the first segment of the LJU-BLQ air route via CDG. Making a 900 km detour to travel 300 km as the crow flies (and less than 400 km by road) may seem geographically absurd, but the flight times and the astronomical price of a rental car return in another country (therefore the obligation to make a return trip by car) eliminated the car rental option.
Taking the train would have been cheaper, long distance buses even cheaper, but would not have saved overall travel time.

photo clipboard03a

(thanks gcmap.com)

We are now in the second segment of the routing of this week of vacation:


Journey to LJU and check-in

On the morning of our departure, the reception of our hotel had booked us a taxi to the airport (at a flat 25 € rate), and since the hotel was in the pedestrian zone, a short transfer in Kavalir: an electric vehicle that serves this area on demand. It was not really needed for us, but riding it before leaving the city was fun.
These shuttles, which can be reserved or flagged down as they pass, are completely free for users; the website of the Ljubljana tourist office specifies that " Kavalirs are mainly intended for the transport of the elderly, mobility-impaired people, and visitors, ": I let my readers identify where I belong in this core target!

photo img_9462a-45573

We reached the airport In less than half an hour from start to finish. (There is also a bus, but the journey takes 45 minutes due to the intermediate stops, it leaves from the central station which is much further from the historic heart and above all there is only one per hour on weekdays, one every two hours on weekends.)

(This is incidentally the first Flight Report published in English on LJU's new terminal which had opened the month before 

photo img_9495a

Unlike for the CDG-LJU flight, AF did not issue the BPs for this LJU-CDG-BLQ journey during online check-in, certainly in order to have a pre-flight visual check of the mandatory health documents. I had reserved our seats when purchasing the tickets; these are the available seats on the day before the flight (red = 15 € supplement, blue = free). I am not sure why the reason(s) for "unavailable" (light gray)seats, as ooposed to "occupied" seats marked with a cross:
- center of gravity issues ?
- preassignment to passengers who did not check in yet ?
- empty seats next to high status passengers ?
- seats reserved for deadheading staff ?
This diagram would translate into a 75% load ratio if the J was full.

photo clipboard02a

There was already a long line before the check-in counters a little over an hour before the flight would close

photo img_9497a

The Skypriority counter was busy, but very quickly, the clerk at a counter assigned to another flight beckons me to approach.

photo img_9498a

No luggage to check in, all applicable health documents: getting that old-fashioned BP (with an old-fashioned scribble of the gate number!) was quick.

photo img_9502a

Going upstairs for the security check, which offered a panoramic view of the are space and the waiting line whose length has hardly changed.

photo img_9499a

View of the mountains and part of the car park in front of the terminal

photo img_9501a

A single security check line was enough, with no inexperienced passenger before us.

photo img_9504a

We were going to be the inexperienced passengers this time, because our two carry-on pieces of luggage are set aside for verification … because of our nail clippers, which the (courteous) staff did not need of my measuring tape to see that they do not present any danger. I do not remember that they have never been checked before; the waste of time was minimal, as he wanted to see that only.

photo img_10427a

A short walk through a local mini-market, with alleys wide enough not to have to slow down

photo img_9503a

LJU's lounge

The entrance to the lounge is impossible to miss, opposite the exit of the shopping area. The welcome counter is hidden behind this high partition that you have to go around to provide your credential for being admitted, voiding a hypothetical sanitary protection measure.

photo img_9505a

Apart from a few seats in the background above, you can see below about a third of the width of the lounge. Access to (clean) toilets is in far end.

photo img_9506a

Sometimes the operator has switched to the digital press (like AF), sometimes the newspapers and magazines has been axed per sanitary rules or raw cost cutting: the press on paper tends to disappear from airports, but not here.

photo img_9512a

An honorable choice of food, given the very low attendance of the lounge which would empty when boarding started for the flight to FRA: less than ten passengers, including us.

photo img_9507aphoto img_9509a

XL sized bretzel.

photo img_9508a

These were the last days of disposable bottles of water in AF's lounges in CDG (that I would refill for reuse during my travels)…

photo img_9534a

… and there were only one liter bottles for collective use here.

photo img_9535a

Close-up of Fanta bottles and wines

photo img_9536a

Beer tap

photo img_9533a

Elegant stemmed glasses

photo img_9538a

My very small selection: Iit was not so much time since our breakfast in our hotel, and would have lunch in the lounge in CDG.

photo img_9511a

The very short list of flights departing from late in the morning. No, the traffic was not stopping at 4 p.m.! LJU's current service was nevertheless very sparse : only CDG and FRA were served daily.
(CAT506 was a flight from Copenhagen Air taxi: it did not count as a scheduled flight.)

photo img_9510a

A work and rest area on the window side is separated by this low partition

photo img_9521a

Some plane spotting

The lounge provides this observation deck which offers a somewhat distant view of the parking area on the right. the roof terrace has been covered with wood all the way to the glass partition, in order to protect the roof's watertightness.

photo img_9518a

757 DHL, an aircraft whose plugged windows betray its conversion into a freighter

photo img_9514a

On the left, EI-GEH is one of the stored CRJ900s.
But on the right, OY-MIL (stored by Copenhagen AirTaxi) hides a S5-AFA, a CRJ900 whose engines have been removed since the bankruptcy of Adria Airways, and an unidentified fourth CRJ.

photo img_9513a

The windows in the airside public area are slanted, which protects them from the rain if the wind is unfavorable) overlook the tarmac and the runway.

photo img_9522a

Sprint Air ATR72

photo img_9515a

The LH CRJ-900 to FRA

photo img_9524a

A Falcon 900EX behind

photo img_9523a

LJU is managed entirely by Fraport, the operator of FRA

photo img_9526a

Watering the lawn with local resources, checking that the equipment is in good condition, or training firefighters? :)

photo img_9529a

A table football available for free in a corner

photo img_9528a

Boarding - the cabin of the E190

Our flight was going to board there; beyond that, it is clearly the non-Schengen area.

photo img_9527a

The Air France Hop! E-190 was at the end of a jetbridge…

photo img_9540a

… which was at the end of a long corridor

photo img_9541a

More gangway than plane in this picture

photo img_9542a

Door shot

photo img_9543a

Like on the CDG-LJU flight, I was in pole position to take the picture of the empty cabin.

photo img_9544a

28 cm from the edge of the seat to the seat pocket, a little more than 46 cm wide between the armrests: the seating space is adequate.

photo img_9546aphoto img_9547a

The carpet was clean

photo img_9555a

The PSU, photographed shortly before takeoff

photo img_9568a

Somewhat worn safety cards

photo img_9556a

Baggage loading was in progress

photo img_9545a

A little more planespotting

This Pilatus PC-12 would operate a triangular LJU-SPU-BEG-LJU route

photo img_9552a

South African Airways A320 which was not about to fly south any time soon

photo img_9548a

Just like this Arik Air (Nigeria) CRJ900 whose engines had been removed.

photo img_9554a

The terminal seen after pushback

photo img_9557a

OK for the start after pushback

photo img_9558a

A little more plane spotting

A German Cessna 172 has taken off in the meantime

photo img_9561a

A motley collection of aircraft with a very uncertain future, seen through the window on the other side. I haven't even found any information on ES-MCQ, although the registration number is clearly visible in the background.

photo img_9563a

Amelia E-145, American Cessna 501, Cessna Citation 500 (Luxwing Aviation).

photo img_9564a

Another CRJ-xxx without her engines.

photo img_9565a

Take off and climb

Aligning on Track 30

photo img_9569a

A too distant view of the aircraft tightly parked in the maintenance area

photo img_9571a

The entire terminal

photo img_9575aphoto img_9576a

Zoom on the terminal and the north maintenance area. Note that the passenger traffic has decreased so much that half of the parking lot has been transformed into a karting circuit!
I cropped this photo so that the lounge's terrace (with a darker surface, because it is made of wood) is flush with the right edge of the image

photo img_9576b


photo img_9578a

The business areas in the center of Kranj

photo img_9580a

Škofja Loka

photo img_9581a

The plane started curiously by heading south (thanks to Flightradar24)

photo clipboard04a

Polhov Gradec, about 10 km west of Ljubljana

photo img_9587a

The hilltops are dotted with scattered hamlets

photo img_9589a

Alpine Geography 101

Žiri, seen after the turn to the southwest

photo img_9590a

The border between Italy on the left and Slovenia on the right passes here, in the center of the picture. This city (Görz, or Gorizia) of Austria-Hungary was parted in 1916 according to the wishes of the respective populations between the Kingdom of Italy and the Kingdom of the Serbs, Croats and Slovenes, then assigned entirely to Italy in 1919, and eventually slplit again between Italy and Yugoslavia in 1947.

photo img_9591a

The marshalling yard of Slovenia's Nova Gorica is flush with the border

photo img_9593a

Italy's Gorizia, on the west side.

photo img_9594a

Arrival in the plain of Udine

photo img_9595a

The confluence of the rivers Torre and Natisone

photo img_9596a


photo img_9599a

Udine, bordered by the Tagliamento rivers on the left and Torre on the right

photo img_9600a

The Tagliamento leaving the mountains

photo img_9602a

Lake Redona

photo img_9604a

Lake Selva

photo img_9605a

The Alleghe lake in a gap in the clouds

photo img_9608a

Landscape in cloudy version

photo img_9609a

Two summits of the Dolomites: the Sassopiatto (or Plattkofel in German, 2,995 m) on the left and the Sassolungo (or Langkofel, 3,181 m) on the right

photo img_9611a

The Eisack valley, upstream from Bolzano

photo img_9613a


photo img_9614a

The trolley goes through the curtain

photo img_9615a

What did the passengers ahead of the curtain receive? We would have had to shell out € 89 or 22,300 miles to find out. Thanks, but no thanks.

photo clipboard01a

So behind the curtain, we received this carrot - zucchini cumin sandwich (and a cup of coffee) which waited quietly for our arrival in our hotel room in the evening to complete our lunch in the lounge in CDG-2F and the offering on board the ensuing CDG-BLQ flight.

photo img_9618a

For fans of flight attendant uniforms, the flight attendant's bodice with white and black polka dots on a red background.

photo img_9617a

The northern end of Lake Resia, and the eponymous town on the left

photo img_9620a

Somewhat far from the trajectory, which required a little image processing to improve the contrast, Zurich and its lake…

photo img_9626a

… and ZRH of course

photo img_9629a

Lake Hallwil

photo img_9630a

In the center of the picture, the Gösgen nuclear power station, on the banks of the Aar.

photo img_9631a

Again a little far from the trajectory, the urban area of Basel

photo img_9636a

Zoom on EAP

photo img_9641a

Sochaux and Montbéliard in the center, Belfort in the upper right corner

photo img_9642a

The factories of car manufacturer Stellantis, in the center of the agglomeration of Sochaux

photo img_9645a

Before the cloud cover thickens, in the center of this photo…

photo img_9646a

Vesoul, with its business area in the center

photo img_9648a

Descent towards CDG

Only after the end of the descent do you see the ground again, south of Château-Thierry

photo img_9650a

Zoom on Château-Thierry

photo img_9651a

The curtain has been reopened

photo img_9652a

Air to air with an AF aircraft landing on the north doublet, which I oddly didn't see in the Flightradar24 replay.

photo img_9655aphoto img_9666aphoto img_9671a

The interchange between the N2 and the N1104, with characteristic triangular loops

photo img_9676a

The remote parking lot for the taxis serving CDG

photo img_9677a

Landing and taxiing

Terminal 2G

photo img_9679a

Departing AF 787-9

photo img_9681a

MEA A321neo

photo img_9683a

An Aeroflot A320

photo img_9684a

Takeoff of the 787-9 AF. This is F-HRBG, operating flight AF334 CDG-BOS and departing 44 minutes late

photo img_9690a

Air Austral and Air Canada

photo img_9693a

AF 777-300ER taxiing

photo img_9699a

The Hop! Embraers parked at Terminal 2G

photo img_9700a

Bad news, we're going to park there, which means a transfer by PAXbus.
Hop! E-170

photo img_9702a

But good news, we are a quarter of an hour ahead of scedule: this will compensate for that

photo img_9704a

This picture is a good illustration of the fact that you should never spend three seconds fine-tuning a picture when the subject will only remain visible for one second, here because of the blast shields.
Azores Airlines A321neo LR

photo img_9705a

Deplaning and transfer

Fuselage shot

photo img_9706a

Passengers waiting apparently for the deplaning of travel companions; they will take the next PAXbus.

photo img_9712a

Hop! E170 seen in passing when leaving

photo img_9713a

Etihad 787-10 seen in flight at Terminal 2E

photo img_9716a

As a safety measure no doubt, all the hammers are gathered in the driver's cabin of the PAXbus, which is hermetically separated from passengers. In the event of a fire breaking out after a crash, I hope that the driver hasn't fainted.

photo img_9717a

We were connecting between two international flights in CDG, which was very unusual for us.

photo img_9718a

Our next flight to Bologna is displayed on time

photo img_9719a

Paris was careful not to claim here that they love you, because the escalator to the Departures level of Terminal 2F had broken down.

photo img_9720a

Going to pier 2

photo img_9721a

It was almost the exit for those leaving in CDG, and this is the end of this FR.

I like to have visited a place before UNESCO classifies it in its prestigious World Heritage List, but there, I was beaten by less than two weeks. I let you discover it, and more, in the following bonus.

Bonus: UNESCO took notice of Ljubljana

Bonus : Cliquez pour afficher
Afficher la suite


Air France Hop


Business Lounge


Ljubljana - LJU


Paris - CDG



Not much to criticize about the comfort of this 2 + 2 cabin with windows well aligned with the seats, at least in the first rows - I don't know their layout further back.
The crew did their job which was not much.
The press that can be downloaded free of charge from the start of online check-in was very varied and more than enough to occupy the two hours of this flight.
We used the sandwich served on board as our dinner (together with some stuff from the lounge in CDG).

The fluidity at LJU was excellent with Skypriority access, but clearly below par for standard passengers.
Access to LJU is either fast, but expensive for Slovenian purchasing power by taxi, or very cheap, but slow and with very scarce buses.
The terminal's windows offer an excellent view of the tarmac, but there was very little traffic in this sanitary crisis times.

LJU's small salon is not unworthy, with a diversified offering in sufficient quantity for the very small number of users. There was only one magazine in English (but a good one).

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