Avis du vol Air France Hop Mulhouse / Bâle Paris en classe Economique

Compagnie Air France Hop
Vol AF1193
Classe Economique
Siege 6A
Temps de vol 01:25
Décollage 23 Mar 22, 11:00
Arrivée à 23 Mar 22, 12:25
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Par GOLD 88
Publié le 10 juillet 2022

to start with

Back again for more English translations, always a pleasure to write in a foreing language, so please bear with me with typos or spelling errors :)

This new series will bring me to Colombia, I found a super deal for 1'200€ from CDG with LH via FRA. The flights to and from CDG will be with AF HOP! including overnighting at the Sheraton CDG (overpriced but the best hotel in terms of location) and the flights to Bogotá with the mighty A340-300.

eap or hell-ap

My father dropped me off that morning:

photo img_5199_resultatphoto img_5200_resultat

AF counters were a bit busy but ok:

photo img_5201_resultat

The SkyPriority line was the easiest way to skip the lines:

photo img_5202_resultatphoto img_5203_resultat

The friendly agent gave me my boarding passes and advised me not to loose any minute to go through security since they had a planning mistake and were totally understaffed. Lots of people already missed their flights that morning due to that.

photo img_5204_resultat

Believe me, this is the first time I see such a queue, in 35+ years travelling from this airport:

photo img_5205_resultat

OK there are a lots of flights to depart, but still …

photo img_5210_resultatphoto img_5211_resultat

Usually you should be able to see two set of stairs and an elevator here :)

photo img_5206_resultat

Same mess upstairs:

photo img_5207_resultat

After half an hour in the general queue, I was able to gain access to the fast track, that is only available once you climbed the stairs.

photo img_5208_resultat

Duty free pit stop:

photo img_5209_resultat

Given the people downstairs, upstairs it is more than quiet:

photo img_5212_resultatphoto img_5213_resultat

skyview lounge

I was warmly greeted at the lounge and went straight to the terrace to spot a bit.
TK 737Max-8:

photo img_5214_resultatphoto img_5215_resultatphoto img_5216_resultat

Corendon 737-800:

photo img_5217_resultat

TK again:

photo img_5218_resultat

Easy appron:

photo img_5219_resultat

Express Fret:

photo img_5220_resultat

Enter Air 738:

photo img_5221_resultat

I went back inside to check the buffet:

photo img_5222_resultatphoto img_5223_resultatphoto img_5224_resultat


photo img_5225_resultatphoto img_5226_resultat

My morning selection:

photo img_5230_resultat

CRJ900 LH Cityline:

photo img_5227_resultat

Air Arabia A320:

photo img_5228_resultatphoto img_5229_resultat

BA A320:

photo img_5232_resultatphoto img_5233_resultat

My Embraer:

photo img_5234_resultatphoto img_5235_resultatphoto img_5236_resultat

the flight

Heading back to my gate:

photo img_5237_resultat

Seems that the problems at the controls are over now:

photo img_5238_resultatphoto img_5239_resultat

Boarding via jetbridge:

photo img_5241_resultat

KLM and the nose of our plane:

photo img_5242_resultat

At the door:

photo img_5243_resultat

The plane is almost brand new, not even one year old:

photo img_5244_resultatphoto img_5245_resultatphoto img_5246_resultat

Side view and safety card:

photo img_5248_resultatphoto img_5249_resultatphoto img_5250_resultat

The pitch:

photo img_5251_resultat

But the cleaning was not made …

photo img_5252_resultatphoto img_5253_resultat

The tray table had seen better days also:

photo img_5254_resultat

I used the towelette to clean the mess

photo img_5255_resultat

No seat mate, top!

photo img_5256_resultat

We pushed back 10 minutes after schedule.

photo img_5257_resultatphoto img_5258_resultatphoto img_5259_resultat

Taxi was fairly long:

photo img_5260_resultatphoto img_5261_resultatphoto img_5262_resultat

Off we go:

photo img_5263_resultatphoto img_5264_resultatphoto img_5265_resultat

The fret zone and the second runway:

photo img_5266_resultatphoto img_5267_resultatphoto img_5268_resultat

Then Basle:

photo img_5269_resultatphoto img_5270_resultatphoto img_5271_resultat

A general cabin view:

photo img_5273_resultat

The post Covid service:

photo img_5275_resultat

In flight:

photo img_5274_resultat

And starting our descent with beautiful view over Orly in distance:

photo img_5276_resultatphoto img_5277_resultat

And Paris:

photo img_5278_resultatphoto img_5279_resultatphoto img_5280_resultat

So beautiful:

photo img_5281_resultatphoto img_5282_resultatphoto img_5284_resultat

U-Turn to head back to CDG:

photo img_5285_resultatphoto img_5286_resultatphoto img_5287_resultat

Almost there:

photo img_5288_resultatphoto img_5289_resultat

And arrived!

photo img_5290_resultatphoto img_5291_resultatphoto img_5292_resultat

We parked at terminal 2G, still closed at that time:

photo img_5293_resultatphoto img_5294_resultatphoto img_5295_resultat

And had to wait for 10 minutes until someone came to bring the stairs.

photo img_5296_resultat

Then we were bussed to 2F:

photo img_5298_resultat

And took back my suitcase:

photo img_5299_resultatphoto img_5300_resultatphoto img_5301_resultat

I had to wait 25' for it …

photo img_5302_resultat

And went straight to the Sheraton, and was treated to a beautiful view over this A380:

photo img_5303_resultatphoto img_5304_resultat
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Air France Hop


Skyview EuroAirport Lounge


Mulhouse / Bâle - EAP


Paris - CDG



The crowd at the EAP was really a mess, that morning it was just unbearable, planning mistakes can happen but people having to miss flights because of that isn't acceptable.

The rest of the trip was uneventful, HOP! did its job, so did the lounge and CDG. Only the long wait to get my suitcase wasn't great.

Thanks for reading, and as for last time, I'll publish everything in once in order for you to get the series straight ahead.

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