Avis du vol Lufthansa Paris Frankfurt en classe Affaires

Compagnie Lufthansa
Vol LH1027
Classe Affaires
Siege 2A
Temps de vol 01:15
Décollage 24 Mar 22, 08:45
Arrivée à 24 Mar 22, 10:00
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Par GOLD 249
Publié le 10 juillet 2022

to start with

Back again for more English translations, always a pleasure to write in a foreing language, so please bear with me with typos or spelling errors :)
This new series will bring me to Colombia, I found a super deal for 1'200€ from CDG with LH via FRA. The flights to and from CDG will be with AF HOP! including overnighting at the Sheraton CDG (overpriced but the best hotel in terms of location) and the flights to Bogotá with the mighty A340-300.

sheraton views

As said the hotel is overpriced and needs a major renovation, but some rooms offer beautiful views over the airport:

photo img_5310_resultatphoto img_5312_resultatphoto img_5313_resultat

heading to the lounge

The flight was super early and I skipped the breakfast to have it in the lounge instead. Heading to 2B for check-in:

photo img_5314_resultatphoto img_5315_resultatphoto img_5316_resultat

No wait at check in nor at the controls, here I am airside:

photo img_5317_resultatphoto img_5318_resultatphoto img_5319_resultat

Inside the terminal:

photo img_5320_resultatphoto img_5321_resultat

My soon to be boarding gate:

photo img_5322_resultat

sheltair lounge

The welcome was nice, the only issue was that the agent, after taking care of me, was taking care of himself by giving personnal calls and was loud enough that his conversations could be overheard in the lounge. Not that premium :(

photo img_5323_resultat

The food offer:

photo img_5324_resultat

It is more than adequate for a light breakfast:


photo img_5331_resultatphoto img_5332_resultatphoto img_5333_resultat

I decided to stay on the light side :)

photo img_5334_resultat

the flight

Since the flight was operated with a CRJ, all hand luggage are tagged as delivery at aircraft. My carry on luggage was chosen specially to be even smaller than the standard one to fit in the CRJ racks. And I never had any issues … at least until that day :)

I always accept the tag but specify I'll check with the crew if ok.

photo img_5335_resultatphoto img_5336_resultat

We had to wait for the preparations to be finished:

photo img_5337_resultat

And here we go:

photo img_5338_resultatphoto img_5339_resultat

A320 ITA:

photo img_5340_resultatphoto img_5341_resultat

I was first to board and as I stood on the first step the most unfriendliest agent ever seen shooted at me "Your carry on goes to the hold!!" I turned back, smiled and said "Goodmoring at first sir! Please let me check with the crew and if they don't agree I will gladly bring it down"

He shoots even louder and said that he is the boss here and this was an "order" not a "choice". I stay calm and head up to the plane to meet the purser that waits at the entrance. The guy gets litteraly crazy and shoots he'll call the police, I have to follow his orders and I am breaking the law.

I had an eye exchange with the purser and she looked at my "mini" carry on. I asked her what she thinks about it while the guy continues to scream and begins to make its way up to me.

It was then too mutch for the purser that stops him and screams back that the boss here is the crew and that ultimately decide what is accepted on board or not. She more or less tells him to shut up and that speaking like this to a business and senator guest isn't LH policy. He then gives up.

At my seat, at least :)

photo img_5344_resultat

On time push back:

photo img_5345_resultatphoto img_5346_resultatphoto img_5347_resultat

And off we go for this short flight:

photo img_5348_resultatphoto img_5349_resultatphoto img_5350_resultat

Nice views over the 2F:

photo img_5351_resultatphoto img_5353_resultatphoto img_5354_resultat

And 2G:

photo img_5355_resultat

"Leipzig" menu today:

photo img_5357_resultat

Quite strange menu for breakfast but at least the menu wasn't correct and I can gladly say I was much more pleased with what was on the tray than what was written on the menu :)

photo img_5356_resultatphoto img_5358_resultat

Everything was good, I took a coffee to go with:

photo img_5359_resultat

In cruise:

photo img_5360_resultatphoto img_5361_resultat

And starting our descent:

photo img_5362_resultatphoto img_5363_resultat

Welcome to Curry Wurst land :)

photo img_5364_resultatphoto img_5365_resultat

FRA = Pax Bus for regional aircrafts:

photo img_5367_resultat

We had to give way to this 787:

photo img_5368_resultat

The beautiful A340-600, LH reactivated some of them, at that time there was only one active and was FRA based, now they are all in MUC:

photo img_5369_resultatphoto img_5370_resultat

Dropped off at a Schengen gate:

photo img_5371_resultat
Afficher la suite




Sheltair Lounge - 2D


Paris - CDG


Frankfurt - FRA



If one puts apart the ugly ground agent in CDG, all the rest was uneventful, a flight as all should be, nice seat, nice crew, nice catering. Both airport were effecient and easy to breeze through. The lounge did it's job :)

Thanks for reading, and as for last time, I'll publish everything in once in order for you to get the series straight ahead.

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