Avis du vol Lufthansa Frankfurt Bogota en classe Affaires

Compagnie Lufthansa
Vol LH542
Classe Affaires
Siege 1D
Temps de vol 12:25
Décollage 23 Mar 22, 12:40
Arrivée à 23 Mar 22, 19:05
LH   #45 sur 74 Compagnies Un minimum de 10 flights-reports sur les deux dernières années est nécessaire pour apparaitre dans le classement. 1451 avis
Par GOLD 862
Publié le 10 juillet 2022

to start with

Back again for more English translations, always a pleasure to write in a foreing language, so please bear with me with typos or spelling errors :)
This new series will bring me to Colombia, I found a super deal for 1'200€ from CDG with LH via FRA. The flights to and from CDG will be with AF HOP! including overnighting at the Sheraton CDG (overpriced but the best hotel in terms of location) and the flights to Bogotá with the mighty A340-300.

transit francfort

After the bus transfer I need to reach the Z gates from where my flight will depart.

photo img_5372_resultatphoto img_5373_resultat

The police controls are with E-gates:

photo img_5374_resultat

And arrived at the Z gates, that are actually, one level above the A gates.

photo img_5375_resultat

No Duty Free this time:

photo img_5376_resultat

The SEN lounge isn't that far away:

photo img_5377_resultat

Here we go:

photo img_5378_resultat

senator lounge francfort terminal z

It's a first for me here:

photo img_5379_resultatphoto img_5380_resultatphoto img_5381_resultat

No worries to find a place to seat but to spot it is another story :(

photo img_5382_resultatphoto img_5384_resultat

This lounge is, for the time being, my favorite lounge in FRA.

photo img_5386_resultatphoto img_5388_resultatphoto img_5387_resultat

Cold cuts and cheeses:

photo img_5389_resultat


photo img_5390_resultat


photo img_5391_resultat

I took a super light selection :)

photo img_5392_resultat

Just shortly before I went to my boarding gate the food changed for the lunch offer:

photo img_5394_resultatphoto img_5395_resultat

What a beauty!

photo img_5385_resultat

the flight

On my way to the gate:

photo img_5396_resultatphoto img_5398_resultat

I was really excited to be aboard an A340-300 again!

photo img_5399_resultatphoto img_5400_resultat

No aircraft change today :)

photo img_5404_resultat

Boarding starts with priority passengers and we need to go down a level:

photo img_5405_resultat

Gosh, how I love those little cute engines:

photo img_5406_resultat

I head to my bird, that is already 22 years old!

photo img_5407_resultat

The plane is a bit on the dirty side, but I always found the 340 to be one of the most beautiful plane built (after the MD11!)

photo img_5408_resultatphoto img_5411_resultat

Aircraft Door:

photo img_5410_resultat

The purser greeted us warmly, here is the somewhat dated LH J cabin :)

photo img_5412_resultatphoto img_5413_resultat

There were also matress toppers available:

photo img_5414_resultat

There is more legroom on the first rows but the screens are very close to each other:

photo img_5415_resultat

Safety card:

A small box to stow items and the awful LH amenity bag. Really hate it.

photo img_5420_resultat

The seat:

photo img_5421_resultat

Loo visit with flower :) (fake of course)

Une fleur est présente :

photo img_5424_resultat

A closer look at the doggy bag:

photo img_5425_resultat

The content is nice, but not what is inside …

photo img_5426_resultatphoto img_5427_resultat

As welcome drink we had the choice of water, orange juice or sekt. Sekt as choice is a bit weird since Champagne is also available onboard. I go for the OJ:

photo img_5429_resultat

Seat controls:

photo img_5430_resultat

The pitch:

photo img_5431_resultatphoto img_5432_resultat

The business is full house today but we have 12 special guests on board. Each Thursday, Lufthansa sends a dead head crew to operate the Sunday flight. As they didn't fly to BOG daily during winter, instead of having a 5 days layover, once a week crews are sent dead head. That way, they only stay 48H and the dead head crew will be the one operating on my flight.

Let's fly to Colombia!

photo img_5435_resultatphoto img_5436_resultat

Service starts like this:

photo img_5438_resultat

The menu looks familiar to me:

photo img_5439_resultat

Indeed, it is at 99% the  same as my flight to Vancouver back in November and to Dubai in January … #sadness
To start with I had a mango passion fruit juice and some almonds:

photo img_5445_resultat

For the third time I went with the beef, since I don't like the fish option and the vegeterian one didn't inspire me:

photo img_5446_resultatphoto img_5447_resultat

I took the cannelonis as last time since I liked them. There were good.

photo img_5448_resultat

This is what LH calls a Business class dessert!

photo img_5450_resultat

I had a digestive walk and was greeted in the galley by this VLML Eco Premium tray. Not that fancy :)

photo img_5451_resultat

What a wing!

photo img_5452_resultatphoto img_5454_resultatphoto img_5455_resultat

There were almost 100 open seats in the back:

photo img_5457_resultatphoto img_5458_resultat

At that time I decided to have a nap:

photo img_5459_resultatphoto img_5460_resultatphoto img_5461_resultat

The bed:

photo img_5462_resultatphoto img_5463_resultat

Once I woke up I went to the forward galley:

photo img_5464_resultatphoto img_5465_resultat

I asked if I could have an expresso that was brought with a smile and chocolates :)

photo img_5466_resultat

There was also a very welcomed in between snack service:

photo img_5469_resultat

And shortly before arrival, the second meal, again, same as on my flight to Vancouver:

photo img_5470_resultatphoto img_5471_resultat

Almost there:

photo img_5473_resultat

As I have no windows I went to have a pickaboo through the door window:

photo img_5475_resultatphoto img_5474_resultat

The middle galley:

photo img_5476_resultatphoto img_5478_resultat

Then I had a long chat with the purser, that was perfect from the begining to the end. We spoke about aviation, cabin crew life, layovers and so on. Since I used to be a cabin crew also the discussion is super easy and open.
She promised that she will inform the purser on the return flight that I'll be flying with them and to make sure that I will have an enjoyable flight with them.

The flight comes to an end and I was almost sad about it. Flying on that superb bird with a superb crew, what can anyone want more?

After a last farewell I made my way through the jetbridge:

photo img_5479_resultat

Good bye baby!

photo img_5480_resultat

Heading to immigration:

photo img_5481_resultatphoto img_5482_resultat

At first sight, it seems not to be very busy but there are only three counters open for foreigners. It could have gone fast if everyone would have know what are exactly the requirements to enter Colombia and one of them is having the Check Mig app and having entered all information about the stay, hotel, duration, purpose of visit and more.
But 90% of the passengers didn't have the app. And without the app, impossible to go through immigration. At first, people downloaded it and filled it in front of the officers and of course the lines were not moving.
Then a second plane landed and then people that were "non compliant" were sent back to the queue to do their check mig application. Then it moved really faster, but I needed a solid hour to go through it.

photo img_5483_resultat

Making my way to the luggage delivery hall:

photo img_5484_resultat

A duty free greets the incoming passengers:

photo img_5485_resultatphoto img_5486_resultatphoto img_5487_resultat

Salida for me, por favor :)

photo img_5488_resultatphoto img_5489_resultat
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Lufthansa Senator Lounge Z50 - Z


Frankfurt - FRA


Bogota - BOG



All in all it was a great flight, clearly the business class isn't at all what one can expect from business class. But the first row is much better compared to the other seats.

The crew was absolutely lovely, the best I had since a while.

No WiFi on that plane but I wouldn't have used it anyway since there were two movies I wanted to watch.

The catering was good, but please LH! Change your menus!

FRA was super efficient but BOG was really messy for immigration. Afterwards bag collection and exiting the airport was a breeze.

Thanks for reading, and as for last time, I'll publish everything in once in order for you to get the series straight ahead.

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  • Comment 607265 by
    KévinDC TEAM GOLD 5946 Commentaires

    It's nice to see LH A340s in the new colours...or should I say lack of colours :-P
    Either way it's a good sign they will keep them around for a while. Which is great, along with the A380s coming back LH will be the most AvGeek-y of European airlines with such a fleet.

    I took the cannelonis as last time since I liked them. There were good.

    I'm sure it was good, but the presentation with burnt and exploded sauce would almost make you think you're on a US carrier, yikes

    The catering was good, but please LH! Change your menus!

    Hah, that's how you know you're a very frequent flyer...noticing the same menus recycled over and over

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Comment 607527 by
      Esteban GOLD AUTEUR 17162 Commentaires

      Thanks Kévin for the comment !

      Yes, the plate was a bit on the burnt side but still it was good.

      Having tasted almost all the dishes from LH (both Short and Long Haul) I can tell you that I slowly but surely begin to be fed up :)

      Take care and see you!

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