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Compagnie SAS
Vol SK4411
Classe Premium Eco
Siege 01A
Temps de vol 01:55
Décollage 13 Fév 22, 10:30
Arrivée à 13 Fév 22, 12:25
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Par GOLD 507
Publié le 14 juillet 2022

aurora borealis / northern lights

To view the lights, you need : night, clear sky, solar activity and … luck. Even if you have the 3 first conditions, nothing will garantee that the place you are will have lights or not.

Thursday evening it was snowy, the sky cleared up a bit in the evening but still nothing to see apart a fainted green in the sky.

Friday night, snow storm, chances : 0.

Saturday evening after a wonderful day wandering aroung Tromsø, we came back to the lodge and started dinner preparation. Usually in Alaska where I go to see the lights, you need to wait until 11PM at least.

I started dinner preparation around 6H30PM and had a look outside, and was surprised to already see the lights out.

photo dsc_0296_resultat

And it was just in front of our lodge:

photo dsc_0302_resultat

It started lightly:

photo dsc_0303_resultatphoto dsc_0305_resultat

Then looked liked a tornado:

photo dsc_0308_resultatphoto dsc_0311_resultat

Then gets bigger:

photo dsc_0314_resultatphoto dsc_0315_resultat

It's almost everywhere:

photo dsc_0319_resultatphoto dsc_0320_resultatphoto dsc_0321_resultat

Then gets even bigger:

photo dsc_0322_resultatphoto dsc_0331_resultat

So beautiful:

photo dsc_0335_resultatphoto dsc_0340_resultatphoto dsc_0342_resultat

Looks like trails in the sky:

photo dsc_0355_resultatphoto dsc_0356_resultat

After a good hour, we went back inside for dinner, and had a lovely evening.
Just before heading to bed a last look outside and … the show started again:

photo img_2789_resultatphoto img_2790_resultatphoto img_2792_resultat

Did I already say I love northern lights? :)

photo img_2794_resultatphoto img_2805_resultatphoto img_2808_resultat

A last one to finish:

photo img_2810_resultat

back home

After a good breakfast we took a taxi back to Tromsø Airport:

photo img_2813_resultatphoto img_2814_resultatphoto img_2815_resultat

-15° that morning, we didn't stay too long outside :)

photo img_2817_resultat

No SAS counters here, only Aviator, the local handling company that only has two desks for 2 A320 leaving at that time.

photo img_2818_resultat

It only took us 10 minutes even without a priority lane.
Aviator is in fact not only the handling agent, it is the airport operator.

photo img_2819_resultatphoto img_2820_resultat

Widerøe desk:

photo img_2821_resultat

Departures are upstairs, and there is a fast track:

photo img_2822_resultatphoto img_2824_resultatphoto img_2824_resultat

There was absolutely nobody:

photo img_2825_resultat

tos, airside

The airport is pretty nice:

photo img_2826_resultat

Our Neo waits for us:

photo img_2827_resultat

This Dash to Bodø:

photo img_2829_resultat


photo img_2831_resultat

There are also boarding gates at ground level, I went to see if I could take better pictures of our plane:

photo img_2832_resultat

Our gate:

photo img_2833_resultatphoto img_2834_resultat

No lounge in Tromsø and most of the shops are closed :( So nothing to do.

photo img_2835_resultatphoto img_2836_resultatphoto img_2837_resultat

The security controls:

photo img_2839_resultat

Our plane starts to get ready after having spent the night here:

photo img_2840_resultat

the flight

Ready to board :)

photo img_2842_resultat

Jetway to the aircraft:

photo img_2843_resultatphoto img_2844_resultat

Aweful fuselage shoot:

photo img_2845_resultat

The door:

photo img_2847_resultat

The crew, this time, is super nice, making jokes during the boarding.
The cabin looks like the one on the 738 but is more recent and the recline far better.
Safety card:

photo img_2849_resultatphoto img_2850_resultat

The boarding pass:

photo img_2851_resultat

Boarding is also available through the tarmac for those seated in the back:

photo img_2852_resultat

Boarding completed and on time push back. We had to be de-iced first:

photo img_2854_resultatphoto img_2856_resultatphoto img_2857_resultat

Bye bye Tromsø

photo img_2858_resultatphoto img_2859_resultat

De-icing in progress:

photo img_2861_resultatphoto img_2862_resultatphoto img_2864_resultat

You can leave really close to the airport here:

photo img_2865_resultat

We back tracked the runway:

photo img_2867_resultatphoto img_2868_resultat

Because 1600 meters for a full A320 will not do it :)

photo img_2869_resultatphoto img_2870_resultatphoto img_2871_resultat

U Turn and line up:

photo img_2872_resultatphoto img_2873_resultatphoto img_2874_resultat

Let's go:

photo img_2875_resultatphoto img_2876_resultatphoto img_2877_resultat

Hope to be back one day!

photo img_2879_resultatphoto img_2880_resultatphoto img_2881_resultat

With the snow it is just magical!

photo img_2882_resultatphoto img_2883_resultatphoto img_2884_resultat

So beautiful:

photo img_2886_resultatphoto img_2888_resultatphoto img_2889_resultat

The aircraft is equiped with moodlighting :

photo img_2887_resultat

Visit to the lavatory:

photo img_2891_resultat

I just had water and a chocolate snack:

photo img_2893_resultatphoto img_2896_resultat

Again the WiFi works perfectly:

photo img_2894_resultatphoto img_2895_resultat

I then had a nap for a solid hour :)

photo img_2898_resultatphoto img_2899_resultat

And almost only woke up when our descent was about to finish:

photo img_2900_resultatphoto img_2901_resultat

Back on the ground:

photo img_2902_resultatphoto img_2903_resultatphoto img_2905_resultat

Ethiopian & Flyr:

photo img_2909_resultatphoto img_2910_resultatphoto img_2911_resultat


photo img_2912_resultat

And the jetty:

photo img_2913_resultat

After a warm farewell from the crew we made our way to the terminal:

photo img_2914_resultat

Direction la sortie :

photo img_2916_resultat

Et la suite avec encore plus de bonus (et je vous promets que vous ne serez pas déçus !) arrive très vite.

Afficher la suite




Tromsø - TOS


Oslo - OSL



It was a great flight, the only downside was the BOB, it was free for us, but the selection is very limited.

TOS is a nice airport, a bit sad that mostly everything was closed that sunday morning.

OSL is a breeze, but when you connect from a domestic flight to an international flight only :)

Thanks for reading!

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