AIRCRAFT Airbus A321
TAKEOFF 15-04-20 5:30 p.m.
VIEWS 2630
LANDING AT 7:45 p.m.
The 21st April 2015

Photo review of Philippine Airlines flight from Davao City to Manila in Economy

Hello! Welcome to my first report! Pardon me for blurred pictures since I was in a hurry. It is short but I promise the next report will be longer.

This is a part of a four series trip around the Philippines starting with PR1818.

Here we are at DIA
photo DPP_0003
Check-in was swift and easy
photo DPP_0008
photo DPP_0011
I forgot to tell you that we were supposed to be at check-in 45 minutes as usual before departure but the check-in agents were kind to let us in, and I still did a bit of plane spotting before boarding, but I only found a picture showing this Airasia Philippines A320.
photo DPP_0015
Here is our plane.
photo DPP_0014
Note:Pardon me for not taking any pictures of the view since I was behind the exit row, and I couldn't take any pictures.

The seat was nothing special, which is ok for a 2-3 hour flight, but having no IFE is unacceptable, no AVOD, no overhead TVs, not even a magazine, If you don't want to get bored on this flight, you better bring your own IFE/Magazine since there are none for sale.
Legroom shot:
photo DPP_0022
And then the snack service starts, it could have been better by expanding the choices of drinks and snacks, as you can see with other airlines, by the way, the snack was a biscuit with a choice of water or coffee.
photo DPP_0020
photo DPP_0019
The lavatory was clean, and I liked it that the flooring had a woodish theme, I forgot to take a good picture of it.

After a chat with my neighbor (By the way, she got a sandwich from the Y+ section from the FA, she was lucky!), we were on final approach, and I had another chat with the FA beside me(I was beside the jumpseat), on our final approach.

The arrival area was very dull, so I didn't even bother to include a picture of it.Believe me, the traffic was heavy, so if you are going here next time, leave for the airport 4 hours before departure.

Thank you for reading, my next post will be MNL-PPS, if you have any comments or clarifications, I would gladly respond.


Philippine Airlines 

Cabin 3.0
Cabin crew 5.0
meal/catering 4.0
TOTAL 3.0/10

Davao City - DVO 

Efficiency 8.5
Access 9.0
Services 7.5
Cleanliness 8.5
TOTAL 8.4/10

Manila - MNL 

Efficiency 6.5
Access 6.0
Services 6.0
Cleanliness 6.0
TOTAL 6.1/10


It was a mediocre flight with PAL, but I want to clarify some things

Meal: It was pretty basic, but if you lower your expectations then you're fine (I gave it a 4because it barely passed my standards)
Seat: Nothing special, but it could be barely bearable for a 2 hour flight, so I gave it a 3.
OTP- Although we were delayed because of the congestion, I gave them an 8 for taking off on time.
Crew- Was friendly but some of them were robotic.

As you can see I was strict in rating the airline especially that PR is the flag carrier of the Philippines, and a pack of crackers and a glass of water isn't going to cut it to be honest.

The airport summaries:
DIA- Clean and spacious, but is showing signs of decay
NAIA 2- Needs renovating. Also there is heavy traffic along the highway.