AIRCRAFT Airbus A320
TAKEOFF 16-07-12 1:10 p.m.
LANDING AT 3:50 p.m.
Rl 777
The 21st July 2016

Photo review of Air France flight from Stockholm to Paris in Economy

Hello everyone and welcome to another series of flight reports! This series will consist of four flight reports and covers my family trip to Portugal in July 2016. The first part will cover the flight from Stockholm ARN to Paris CDG.

My family usually travels somewhere outside of Sweden during the summer months. We had nothing planned for Summer 2016 but my mom repeatedly told me she had to go somewhere outside of Sweden. Finally things materialized and we booked a trip to Portugal from July 12 to July 19. The fares and timings weren't excellent as we were late to the booking party but my family would get away from Sweden and that was what mattered for my family. Air France was the cheapest option for flights from Stockholm to Lisbon around these dates, Air France had to be choice. This would be my first time flying with Air France, it's always interesting for me to try out a new airline and this was no exception. The flight from Stockholm was scheduled to depart at 13:10 local time, my parents were glad it wasn't an early-morning departure. Three out of four flights were scheduled to be operated by A320s and the last one by an A321.

NOTE: Some pictures are taken with my phone and some with my camera.

Part 1 - ARN-CDG AF1263, Air France, Airbus A320-200, F-GKXR - You are here
Part 2 - CDG-LIS AF1124, Air France, Airbus A320-200, F-GKXV - Here!
Part 3 - LIS-CDG AF1225, Air France, Airbus A320-200, F-GKXT - Here!
Part 4 - CDG-ARN AF1062, Air France, Airbus A321-200, F-GTAT - Here!

12 July 2016, date of departure:

I woke up before 10 AM in order to purchase a powerbank from a nearby shopping mall that opens at 10:00 AM, I would then come home quickly and we'd leave our home at 11:00. My dad wanted to arrive at the airport at 11:30 AM for our 13:10 (1:30 PM) departure. I purchased the powerbank, made it home and had a light breakfast consisting of a sandwich, drinkable quark (no added sugar) and a glass of orange juice. I'm not sure about other countries but in Sweden 'Juice' has to consist of 100% real fruit juice. If it has any added sugar or if it isn't 100% juice it can't be sold as 'juice' in Sweden. I never had the iced espresso shown on the pic, I was supposed to drink it but changed my mind after I snapped the pic.
photo 20160712_102046

We did our final checks and were leady to leave the house at 11:02 AM.
photo 20160712_110254

Putting our hand luggage in the trunk of my dad's primary car.
photo 20160712_110809

Driving to the E4 motorway.
photo 20160712_111349_hdr

Entering the E4 motorway towards Arlanda Airport with a 'Flygbussarna' (Airport Coaches) Volvo 9700 to the left. It's missing an 'a' on the back.
photo 20160712_111534_hdr

photo 20160712_111715_hdr

photo 20160712_112042_hdr

Passing InfraCity, a business park and shopping centre in the Northern parts of Stockholm.
photo 20160712_112106_hdr

Upplands Väsby, the motorway shrinks from a 3-lane motorway to a 2-lane motorway from this area in one of the Northern parts of Stockholm County.
photo 20160712_112205_hdr

photo 20160712_112511_hdr

photo 20160712_112700_hdr

Taking the exit to Stockholm-Arlanda Airport.
photo 20160712_112827_hdr

photo 20160712_112903_hdr

The Jumbohostel.
photo 20160712_113038_hdr
photo 20160712_113124_hdr

My dad had booked parking at P21, it's an indoor multi-storey car park close to Terminal 2. Air France operate their flights from Terminal 2 together with KLM, Finnair, British Airways, Vueling, Iberia, Delta, AtlasGlobal etc. Lufthansa, Swiss, Turkish Airlines, SAS international, DY international and many other airlines use Terminal 5.
photo 20160712_113131_hdr

The signs weren't the best, my dad accidentally passed the P21 car park which meant we had to do a loop around ARN in order to get back.
photo 20160712_113252_hdr

photo 20160712_113316

photo 20160712_113350

Now we took the right exit.
photo 20160712_113448

Trying to find an empty parking spot.
photo 20160712_113533

We finally found a spot and here's dad parking his Audi A4 at 11:37 AM local time.
photo 20160712_113726

Walking to Terminal 2.
photo 20160712_113950

photo 20160712_114119

Terminal 2 landside, the BA check-in desks are visible to the right.
photo 20160712_114237

photo 20160712_114244

FIDS at T2, departures from Terminal 2 are shown here.
photo rsz_1rsz_20160712_114334

Security control.
photo 20160712_114530

After arriving at the terminal my sister said she was thirsty while me and my mother talked about sunscreen for the Portugal trip. Walking to SkyCity seemed logical to satisfy our needs, one thing I didn't know was that my mom already had sunscreen with her…
photo 20160712_114659

photo 20160712_114807

On the way I realized there were shops in Terminal 2 and mom told me she had sunscreen with her. We changed course and went back to Terminal 2. Totally my fault.
photo 20160712_115241

We went through security after my sister finished drinking her overpriced drink. Going through security was a breeze, there was literally no other passenger in front of me.
photo 20160712_120727

photo 20160712_120729

This is becoming common almost anywhere today, duty-free shopping once you clear security.
photo 20160712_120731

Our flight to Paris was assigned at gate 63, a KLM flight back to Amsterdam would depart from gate 64.
photo 20160712_120937

photo 20160712_121017

photo 20160712_121359

photo 20160712_121636

The area around Gate 63 filled up and I quickly realized this Terminal wasn't designed for this amount of passengers. Lines formed for the KLM flight and there would barely be any space left for the AF flight.
photo 20160712_121651

Anyway, changing the subject with spotting shots from ARN:

Nextjet Saab 340B and Amapola Flyg Fokker 50.
photo psx_20160720_145648

SAS CRJ-900, operated by Cityjet.
photo psx_20160720_150251

SAS B737-600.
photo psx_20160720_151918

Norwegian B737-800
photo psx_20160720_152441

DHL Boeing 757-200(SF)
photo psx_20160720_154243

British Airways A320 pushback as BA777 to LHR.
photo psx_20160720_204146

photo psx_20160720_204212

Hi Fly A330-200, operating for Norwegian.
photo psx_20160720_204239

And here's my ride from Paris! An Airbus A320 delivered in February 2009.
photo psx_20160720_204255

photo psx_20160720_204309

photo psx_20160720_204332

Flight information:

Airline: Air France

Flight no & route: AF1263 ARN-CDG

Scheduled time of departure (actual): 13:10 (13:37), 1:10 PM (1:37 PM) UTC +2

Scheduled time of arrival (actual) : 15:50 (15:52), 3:50 PM (3:52 PM) UTC +2

Scheduled flight time (actual): 2h 40 min (2h 15 min)

photo psx_20160720_204347

Back to the subject about too many passengers by the gate, the area got completely jam-packed after the AF flight arrived. Swedavia (airport operator) definitely needs to do something with Terminal 2, the area is way too small to accomodate all passengers.
photo 20160712_123344

Meanwhile there was an announcement for our flight to Paris. 'Ladies and gentlemen, the flight to Paris is completely fully booked'. That explains the mess at the gate, a full flight down to Paris and that wasn't all. The agent told us everyones hand luggage wouldn't fit in the plane's overhead bins and offered to check-in some passengers' bags at no additional cost.
photo 20160712_123913

Boarding finally commenced at approximately 13:00. After reading Marathon's great reports of this route it was finally time to try it out for myself.
photo 20160712_124853

A passport and BP check was done before walking to the aircraft.
photo 20160712_130838

photo 20160712_130846

Walking down the jetbridge.
photo 20160712_130922

There were two FAs greeting passengers upon entering the aircraft. They greeted me in both French and English.
photo 20160712_131047

I was surprised to see this bird equipped with the new medium-haul cabin. The cabin had a nice look and was very clean.
photo 20160712_131250

Not the best seat pitch but got the job done on this leg. The seat itself was pretty comfortable.
photo 20160712_131312

Suddenly it started pouring at Arlanda.
photo 20160712_131331

photo dsc_0027jpg

photo dsc_0028jpg

photo dsc_0030jpg

photo dsc_0031jpg

I like the colour AF used for its medium-haul cabin.
photo 20160712_131956

photo dsc_0033jpg

Coat hook.
photo dsc_0038jpg

Cup holder.
photo dsc_0039jpg

Finnair A321 with Sharklets getting ready to fly to Helsinki.
photo dsc_0042jpg

Closed overhead bins, these bins were larger than your conventional A320 overhead bins.
photo 20160712_132504

Pushback took place at 13:29 (1:29 PM) local time.
photo dsc_0043jpg

Safety announcements were made in French and English. Air France also played a pre-recorded announcement in Swedish.
photo dsc_0044jpg

photo dsc_0045jpg

Finnair A321, British Airways A319, AtlasGlobal A320 and an Ethiopian B788.
photo dsc_0046jpg

photo dsc_0047jpg

photo dsc_0048jpg

Taxiing to the active runway for departures, it would be runway 19R today.
photo dsc_0049jpg

photo dsc_0050jpg

Terminal 4, the domestic terminal used by SK and DY.
photo dsc_0051jpg

Two DY 737s and two DY Dreamliners at Terminal 5.
photo dsc_0052jpg

photo dsc_0053jpg

SK 333.
photo dsc_0054jpg

TG 77W in the distance and….. FI 752 in the Hekla Aurora livery! Unfortunately the weather wasn't the most spotter-friendly weather.
photo dsc_0055jpg

photo dsc_0056jpg

Continuing our taxi to runway 19R.
photo dsc_0057jpg

photo dsc_0058jpg

Rolling down runway 19R.
photo dsc_0059jpg

Climbing out of the horrible weather at ARN.
photo dsc_0063jpg

photo dsc_0066jpg

photo dsc_0067jpg

Breaking through the cloud layers.
photo 20160712_133748

Making progress.
photo 20160712_134004

Martin1405 tracked my flight on flightradar 24, all FR24 screenshots on this series were provided by Martin1405. Thank you! I realize this screenshot is full-sized, I tried to fix that but it didn't work.
photo img-20160712-wa0008

photo dsc_0073jpg

The smaller but foldable safety card of this A320, the safety card was located in a separate smaller pocket rather than in the standard seat pocket.
photo 20160712_134252_hdr

photo 20160712_134311_hdr

photo 20160712_134317_hdr

The Air France magazine, found in the standard seat pocket.
photo 20160712_134350_hdr

AF and KL's European network with HOP's network as well.
photo 20160712_134820

A full flight to Paris today.
photo 20160712_134915

We finally left the rainy clouds and soon reached our cruising altitude.
photo 20160712_134919

photo dsc_0075jpg

Here's the powerbank I purchased at 10:00 AM, it's advertised as a 16000mAh power bank. It's huge and heavy but only cost me 150 SEK (EUR 16, USD 17,5). My phone's battery is absolutely horrible, it drains out incredibly fast and that's the reason for the purchase of this powerbank.
photo dsc_0077jpg

I put the powerbank in the main seat pocket with my phone in the smaller seat pocket where the safety card is located. The smaller pocket did me good on these flights with Air France!
photo dsc_0078jpg

The Air France Madame Magazine.
photo 20160712_135752

Cabin shot, taken at the back of the plane. It may seem like there are a few empty seats but some of the passengers were either wandering around or occupying in the lavatories. We also had many children onboard.
photo 20160712_140252

The lavatory in this Air France A320
photo 20160712_140325

photo 20160712_140329

photo 20160712_140331

photo dsc_0082jpg

Service conducted approximately an hour after takeoff.
photo 20160712_141902

Tray table.
photo 20160712_142122

photo dsc_0084jpg

photo img-20160712-wa0048

Here's the offering for this flight from Stockholm to Paris. A tiny plastic tray with bread, butter, strawberry jam and a chocolate cake with coconut pieces on top. A hot sandwich with zucchini, pesto, potatoes and mozzarella inside was also offered. A drink and coffee was served as well, I had OJ and coffee to wash it all down. The hot sandwich was pretty good, the filling was a bit odd for me but it was hot and better than many sandwiches I've had with competing airlines on similar sectors. The bread was perfectly fine, I've had the same before. The chocolate cake was good, it was tasty and wasn't too sweet for my liking. In general it was a good offering by AF and better than most of the competition. Be advised that the flight from Stockholm to Paris is scheduled at 2h 40 min, AF doesn't have the same offering for normal intra-European flights.
photo 20160712_143932

A wet towel (not warm) was found under the items of the small plastic tray.
photo 20160712_144205

I finished most of it (except for 3/4 of the strawberry jam). The flight attendants on this flight were alright, most of them offered a few smiles here and there while they did their job pretty efficiently.
photo 20160712_145200

photo 20160712_151230

A very bad picture of the AF fleet, as of 1 July 2016.
photo 20160712_152025

photo 20160712_152205

photo dsc_0088jpg

photo dsc_0090jpg

Soon we initiated our descent for Paris CDG, descending through the clouds at 15:38 local time.
photo dsc_0092jpg

photo dsc_0096jpg

photo dsc_0100jpg

photo dsc_0102jpg

photo dsc_0103jpg

photo dsc_0104jpg

Oissery, a commune 40 km from central Paris.
photo dsc_0106jpg

Oissery and Saint-Pathus, Saint-Pathus is another commune.
photo dsc_0109jpg

photo 20160712_154516

photo dsc_0111jpg

photo dsc_0112jpg

Dammartin-en-Göele to the left of the Route nationale 2 (N2)
photo dsc_0115jpg

photo dsc_0116jpg

photo dsc_0117jpg

Slowing down on runway 27L.
photo dsc_0119jpg

Vacating runway 27L.
photo 20160712_154655

We have an Air France B772 in the distance with what seems like an AF A380 behind it.
photo dsc_0121jpg

Taxiing to terminal 2F at Aéroport de Paris-Charles-de-Gaulle.
photo dsc_0122jpg

photo dsc_0123jpg

A really nice treat for my eyes. Armée de l'Air (French Air Force) Airbus A340-200.
photo psx_20160720_204408

photo dsc_0129jpg

photo dsc_0131jpg

photo dsc_0132jpg

Continuing our taxi to 2F.
photo dsc_0133jpg

An Air France Concorde on display.
photo dsc_0135jpg

Easyjet A320.
photo dsc_0140jpg

Finnair A320 with an Austrian A321 in the distance.
photo dsc_0141jpg

photo dsc_0144jpg

photo dsc_0145jpg

Action at Terminal 2F.
photo dsc_0146jpg

photo dsc_0148jpg

A Sheraton hotel is visible.
photo dsc_0149jpg

We came to a final stop at 15:57 local time.
photo dsc_0150jpg

Air France A321.
photo 20160712_160139

We had a connection of five hours before flight AF1124 to Lisbon was scheduled to depart, my parents thought it would be a good idea to leave the airport for a while. We immediately went to the arrivals hall after we left the aircraft.
photo 20160712_160216

photo 20160712_160247

photo 20160712_160418

Entering the baggage hall, my family decided to check out the Aéroville shopping mall located close to the airport. We didn't want to take any risks by going to central Paris.
photo 20160712_161019

Waiting for a taxi. We later learned there was a free shuttle bus service between CDG and Aéroville…
photo 20160712_162605

A Mercedes-Benz E-class would take us to Aéroville today.
photo 20160712_162704

photo 20160712_162857_hdr

photo 20160712_162949_hdr

photo 20160712_163212_hdr

photo 20160712_163324

photo 20160712_163449_hdr

Aéroville visible.
photo 20160712_163817_hdr

Arrived at Aéroville, my dad talked a lot about how he had made his first loss on the trip after he found out about the free shuttle bus service between CDG and Aéroville. We went back to the airport with one of those buses, I guess you learn from your mistakes.
photo capture_2016-07-21-18-15-24-1

Inside Aéroville, my sister and mom managed to do some shopping here before continuing to Lisbon. We spent a few hours here before going back to CDG. I guess that's it for this flight report, thank you for taking your time to read it :).
photo 20160712_164349


Air France 

Cabin 8.0
Cabin crew 7.5
Entertainment 5.0
meal/catering 8.0
TOTAL 7.1/10

Stockholm - ARN 

Efficiency 7.0
Access 8.0
Services 7.5
Cleanliness 8.0
TOTAL 7.6/10

Paris - CDG 

Efficiency 9.0
Access 7.5
Services 8.0
Cleanliness 8.5
TOTAL 8.3/10


This is my first flight with Air France and I'm not disappointed at all. A pretty good intra-European flight with a better service offering than many of its competitors to/from Stockholm-Arlanda. That's my first impression but I'll tell you more later, I still have three more flights with AF to report ;).

Cabin - New and clean cabin, seats were comfortable and didn't look too cheap. Seat pitch wasn't the best but okay for a flight of this length.

Cabin Crew - Standard crew that offered a few smiles here and there, they did their job pretty efficiently.

Entertainment - View from the window.

Meal/Catering - A good offering with a hot sandwich, dessert, bread and the usual drink and coffee service. Better than most of the competition from Stockholm.