Review of Air France flight Lisbon Paris in Economy

Airline Air France
Flight AF1225
Class Economy
Seat 16F
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 02:30
Take-off 19 Jul 16, 10:50
Arrival at 19 Jul 16, 14:20
AF   #36 out of 72 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 4773 reviews
Rl 777
By 496
Published on 31st July 2016
Hello everyone and welcome to the third part of this series covering my recent family trip to Portugal. This part will cover the first flight of the return trip which is flight AF1225 from Lisbon to Paris CDG before connecting to flight AF1062 to Stockholm ARN.

My family usually travels somewhere outside of Sweden during the summer months. We had nothing planned for Summer 2016 but my mom repeatedly told me she had to go somewhere outside of Sweden. Finally things materialized and we booked a trip to Portugal from July 12 to July 19. The fares and timings weren't excellent as we were late to the booking party but my family would get away from Sweden and that was what mattered for my family. Air France was the cheapest option for flights from Stockholm to Lisbon around these dates, Air France had to be choice. We stayed in Lisbon and Algarve for a few days each before going back to Stockholm via CDG. This was my first trip with Air France, three out of four flights were scheduled to be operated by A320s with the last one by an A321.

NOTE: Pictures used in these report were taken with my phone and camera

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Every holiday getaway comes to an end one day and it was time for ours to end, it was time to return to Stockholm after a pleasant stay in Portugal. Our first flight back to Paris CDG was scheduled to depart from Lisbon at 10:50 AM local time. My dad thought about leaving our hotel at 08:20 AM was a reasonable time for our 10:50 flight. I woke up at 06:30 AM, showered and went to have some breakfast. The rest of the family didn't have anything in the hotel, they told me they hadn't got any apetite at this time of the day. I don't have any issues with eating in the morning so I went down to have my breakfast at 07:05 AM. I later went back to my room to do some final checks before finally heading down to the reception to check-out.
photo 20160719_071824

We grabbed a random cab on the street at 08:20 AM local time, an old Mercedes-Benz C-Class would take us to Aeroporto de Lisboa today.
photo 20160719_091757

Driving to Terminal 1 at Lisbon International Airport. Our driver was very friendly and chatted a lot with my dad.
photo 20160719_092702_hdrphoto 20160719_093330

We made it to the airport in 15 minutes, arriving at 08:35 AM local time.
photo 20160719_093545_hdr

photo 20160719_093658

I went to a check-in kiosk in order to issue spare BPs for our flights to Paris CDG and then to Stockholm ARN.
photo 20160719_093949photo 20160719_094213

The rest of my family decided to have some breakfast before going through security, I was full from the breakfast earlier in the morning and just walked around to kill some time.

We then went to security after my family was done with breakfast, boarding passes were checked with these machines before heading to security, I checked if my mobile BP would work and it did.
photo 20160719_100829

Security. It took us roughly 10 minutes to clear security.
photo 20160719_101157

Our gate hadn't been assigned yet, it would be shown at 09:35 AM local time according to this FIDS.
photo 20160719_102302_hdr

Your usual duty-free stores after clearing security.
photo 20160719_102354photo 20160719_103030

We still had no clue where to go after clearing security as our gate hadn't been assigned yet.
photo 20160719_103107_hdr

The gate for flight AF1225 to Paris CDG came up as gate 16 a little bit later on, I walked to the gate while my family said they'd come to gate 16 later on.
photo 20160719_104701

I had a lot of issues connecting to LIS' free Wi-Fi, I was finally connected a few minutes before boarding commenced…
photo 20160719_105259

Walking to gate 16.
photo 20160719_105722

TAP A320.
photo dsc_0107jpg

Wide-bodies resting in the distance.
photo dsc_0108jpg

TAP A319.
photo dsc_0109jpg

The gate area was sparsely filled, it didn't look like we were going to have a full flight today. A breeze for me if true.
photo 20160719_110311_hdr

My ride to Paris. An A320 delivered to Air France in May 2009.

Flight information:

Airline: Air France

Flight no & route: AF1225 LIS-CDG

Aircraft type and registration: Airbus A320 F-GKXT

Scheduled time of departure (actual): 10:50 AM (11:04 AM) UTC +1

Scheduled time of arrival (actual) : 14:20 (13:56), 2:20 PM (1:56 PM) UTC +2

Scheduled flight time (actual): 2h 30 min (1h 52 min)

photo dsc_0110jpg

Boarding was scheduled to begin at 10:20 AM, 30 minutes before departure. The gate area was still pretty empty at 10:16 AM local time.
photo 20160719_111657_hdr

Boarding commenced precisely at 10:20 AM, kudos to AF for being able to begin the boarding process on-time this time around. This is a thing I rarely experience on most of my flights. Priorities were respected as usual.
photo 20160719_112012_hdr

Walking to the jetbridge.
photo 20160719_112438_hdrphoto 20160719_112509

This A320 featured the older cabin once again, no complaints as the cabin is pretty comfortable from previous experience.
photo 20160719_112759_hdr

Window view from seat 16F.
photo dsc_0111photo 20160719_113008

Good seat pitch, I apologize for having my camera bag on the picture.
photo 20160719_113017photo dsc_0111jpgphoto dsc_0112jpg

Overhead bins.
photo dsc_0113jpgphoto 20160719_113028

The smaller seat pocket for the safety card is seen on this picture.
photo 20160719_113324

There were a good amount of empty seats, load factor was around 65% on this flight today.
photo 20160719_114527

Pushback taking place at 10:48 AM local time.
photo dsc_0116jpgphoto dsc_0117jpgphoto dsc_0118jpg

TAP Express AT76.
photo dsc_0119jpg

Taxiing to the active runway for departures which turned out to be runway 03 today.
photo dsc_0121jpgphoto dsc_0122jpgphoto dsc_0124jpg

DT 77W, TP 332 and TP 319.
photo dsc_0126jpg

YU 763.
photo dsc_0129jpg

S4 310s.
photo dsc_0130jpg

6O (Orbest) 333 and AD 332.

AA B752 heading out to Philadelphia.
photo dsc_0139jpgphoto dsc_0141jpg

TP 332 lining up for a flight to Miami.
photo dsc_0147jpg

Martin1405 tracked my flight once again, thank you very much! All FR24 screenshots are provided by him.
photo img-20160719-wa0061photo dsc_0149jpg

Lined up and ready to go.
photo dsc_0150jpg

Climbing out, we took off from LIS at 11:04 AM local time.
photo dsc_0152jpgphoto dsc_0154jpgphoto dsc_0156jpg

Leaving Lisbon.
photo dsc_0158jpgphoto dsc_0159jpg

The safety card of this A320.
photo 20160719_120946_hdrphoto 20160719_120952_hdrphoto 20160719_121007_hdr

Air France's inflight magazine.
photo 20160719_121028_hdrphoto 20160719_121033_hdr

This aircraft was delivered to Air France in 2009 and features in-seat ashtrays but smoking has been forbidden in AF aircraft since 2000, why does it have in-seat ashtrays then? Apparently AF added ashtrays to their seats even after 2000 just to have a safe place for passengers to extinguish their cigarettes in case anyone lighted one. (All information about this provided by Marathon. thanks to him!). I had no clue about this.
photo 20160719_121237_hdrphoto 20160719_121241

One side of the adjustable headrest.
photo 20160719_121617

Charging my phone with my powerbank as usual.
photo dsc_0160jpgphoto 20160719_123036photo dsc_0161jpg

Service was made 50 minutes after departure and consisted of a small Portuguese tart followed with a drink service. Catering was done by Cateringpor in LIS. This was definitely a disappointment, the flight is scheduled at 2h 30 min and all they hand out is a tiny Portuguese tart? The CDG-ARN flight is also scheduled at 2h 30 min but gets a much better offering. I wouldn't have complained if this flight was scheduled at 1h or 1,5h. Anyway, the Portuguese tart was pretty decent. I went with OJ and coffee as always. The crew on this flight was pretty standard, they did their job efficiently and that was about it.
photo 20160719_124254photo dsc_0162jpg


Window view from the last row.
photo 20160719_132059photo 20160719_132104

The load wasn't very high today, there were a few empty rows including this last one.
photo 20160719_132115_hdrphoto img-20160719-wa0047

I wasn't too happy with the offering on this flight so I went back to the galley 30 min before landing and asked the FAs if they had any more snacks to offer, one FA handed me some French snacks and I walked back to my seat.
photo 20160719_132455

Descending into Aéroport de Paris-Charles-de-Gaulle.
photo dsc_0169jpgphoto dsc_0172jpg

Bienvenue à Paris!

We would land on runway 09L today.
photo dsc_0185_editedphoto dsc_0186jpg

Welcome to CDG.

Slowing down on runway 09L at 13:56 local time (1:56 PM).
photo dsc_0193jpg

Taxiing to terminal 2F.
photo dsc_0194jpg

Middle East Airlines A332.
photo dsc_0195jpg

Air France A321.
photo dsc_0196jpgphoto dsc_0197jpg

Luxair Q400.
photo dsc_0199jpg

Air France A343.
photo dsc_0200jpg

Air Mauritius A343.
photo dsc_0204jpgphoto dsc_0205jpgphoto dsc_0206jpg

KLM B738.
photo dsc_0207jpgphoto dsc_0208jpg

We came to a final stop at 14:05 local time (2:05 PM)
photo dsc_0210jpg

Disembarking by 14:14 local time (2:14 PM).
photo 20160719_141431photo 20160719_141435photo 20160719_141458

We had a connection of 1h 40 min before our flight to Stockholm was scheduled to depart. Thank you for taking your time to read this FR, have a good one and see you later :).
photo 20160719_141534
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Air France

Cabin crew7.0

Lisbon - LIS


Paris - CDG



Another standard flight with AF, on-time and a standard crew. The disappointment was the catering but I made up for that myself towards the end of the flight.

Cabin - Older cabin, good seat pitch, comfortable seats with adjustable headrest.

Cabin crew - Standard cabin crew that did their job efficiently.

Entertainment - Window view

Meal/catering - Poor offering of a flight scheduled at 2h 30 min (compared to their ARN offering). I made up for it by asking for snacks in the end.

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The airline with the best average rating is Air France with 7.5/10.

The average flight time is 2 hours and 30 minutes.

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  • Comment 360917 by
    jish.b SILVER 285 Comments

    Nice report buddy! Great pictures to go alongside, too.

    Looks like a fairly industry standard offering from Air France, however I will express my surprise in such a small catering amount too. Maybe a sandwich would've sufficed.

    The A340-300 engines look smaller than they already are ;)

    Looking forward to more!


    • Comment 362469 by
      Rl 777 AUTHOR 809 Comments

      Thank you for your very nice comment :).

      A sandwich would've indeed been nice, got one on the inbound leg. It's interesting how small the catering offering is on this flight compared to the CDG-ARN flight even though both are scheduled at 2h 30 min.


      Thank you so much, I appreciate the positivity!

      Have a good one and see you later!

  • Comment 360936 by
    marathon GOLD 9792 Comments

    AF's older seats are indeed more comfortable.
    I see nothing wrong in the camera bag being in the seat pitch picture - it shows how much space is left for the legs with an actual hand luggage.
    Nice plane spotting while taxiing ! The Angola Airlines 77W parked in the distance is noteworthy in that Portugal is the only European country served by this airline.
    Nice shots of the SATA A320 - I find the livery very attractive
    There are ashtrays in aircraft built long after all flights became non-smoking (roughly in Year 2000). The purpose is apparently to have a safe place to extinguish a cigarette in the unlikely case a passenger lights one.
    I had exactly the same catering last year - 70g total weight vs. 20g of cookies for a French domestic flight, and indeed more on the ARN route.
    Nice views of Paris ! Many buildings and places are easily recognizable.

    Thanks for sharing this good report !

    • Comment 362509 by
      Rl 777 AUTHOR 809 Comments

      Thank you very much for your nice comment :).

      "I see nothing wrong in the camera bag being in the seat pitch picture - it shows how much space is left for the legs with an actual hand luggage."
      - I guess you have a point and thanks for making me feel better about it!

      Thank you so much, I'm glad you liked the shots! That's true, OPO and LIS are the only destinations served by D2. It was definitely nice catching it :).

      Thank you! I have to agree with you on that.

      Thank you so much for the information, I appreciate it a lot :). I have added the information to the report with reference to you.

      Thank you, I appreciate it :).

      Have a good one and see you later!

  • Comment 362661 by
    martin1405 41 Comments

    Thank you for your great FR! :)

    "I apologize for having my camera bag on the picture."
    - There's nothing to apologize. Don't worry about it!

    Great spotting while taxiing!! Love your spotting pics!

    No problem for tracking your flight! It was a pleasure!

    Catering by Cateringpor is really disappointing in comparison to you ARN-CDG flight. I wish you had more than a tiny Portuguese tart. At least you got more snack after asking the FAs.

    Seat pitch seems pretty good and I am glad you still liked the Cabin.

    Thanks again! See you!

    • Comment 363971 by
      Rl 777 AUTHOR 809 Comments

      Thank you for your very nice comment :).

      Thank you so much for your feedback! Appreciated.


      Yep, catering on the ARN flight is definitely more extensive satisfying than the catering on the LIS flights despite both having similar flight times.

      The older cabin is pretty comfortable!

      Thanks for stopping by, have a good one and see you later!

  • Comment 371872 by
    NGO85 1622 Comments

    Thanks for sharing this FR with us!

    LIS is a really convenient airport to access and is really quick to get to from any part of town. Why did they eat before security? Isn’t there a lot more places inside the terminal?

    Great spotting at LIS, they always have an interesting mix of heavies there since they get a lot of charter airlines and some African carriers.

    “why does it have in-seat ashtrays then?”
    For what Marathon said, as well as the fact that these seats were taken from other aircraft and reused in the newer plane.

    The tart is pretty light for catering standards, but at least the FAs were nice enough to give you more snacks from the galley when you asked for food. I wonder why they even had them back there.

    Overall a pretty good flight on AF, the old cabin doesn't look that bad. It looks more comfortable than the LH ironing boards!

    • Comment 372789 by
      Rl 777 AUTHOR 809 Comments

      Thank you for your very nice comment :).

      It definitely is, agreed! I have absolutely no idea and never thought about it, there probable were more cafés/restaurants after security haha.

      Thank you very much, glad you liked them :).

      Did not know that, thank you for that information!

      That is true, good point. I have absolutely no idea why but those other snacks must have been loaded in CDG as they were French.

      The old cabin is indeed pretty nice. Thank you for stopping by, have a good one!

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