About Flight-Report

Flight-Report.com was launched in 2011 to fill a growing need among the flying public for detailed online flight reviews.

Flight-Report.com is a platform that allows a large community of flyers from around the world to share their flight experiences with the public. Flight-Reports are detailed verified reviews that include photos and descriptions of each aspect of the flight experience from the departure airport and check-in, to the airport lounge (if applicable), to the in-flight service.


  • Reviews : 36 036
  • Members : 14 653
  • Comments : 462 839
  • Page views / month : +1 200 000
  • Twitter followers : +15 000

Evolution of the site

Flight-report.com 2011 version
Flight-report.com 2013 version
Flight-report.com 2016 version
Flight-report.com 2018 version
Flight-report.com 2019 version

The Team

In the Media

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