What is a Flight-Report?

A Flight-Report is an in-depth review written by members of recounting a specific flight experience. Flight-Reports are in the form of a searchable web page that can be viewed at any time on this site. This page contains text relating the flight experience in chronological order (check-in, security/passport control, waiting time, boarding, onboard comfort and service, arrival, etc.); it is illustrated with relevant photos and may contain videos.

If you’re ready to write a Flight-Report, simply sign up now for a free membership then click on the “Report” button located on the Toolbar in the upper right-hand corner. For some tips on writing your first Flight-Report please visit the tutorial by clicking on the “Help” link in the bottom right-hand corner menu or feel free to contact the Flight-Report team.

What happens to my Flight-Report once it is published?

Upon publishing your Flight-Report it appears immediately on the site’s Home Page. As other members’ Flight-Reports are published, yours will move down the page until it eventually disappears from the Home Page. However, your Flight-Reports remain stored on the site and can be seen by members who either click on your screen name, which will display all Flight-Reports that you have published, or search for an airline/aircraft/travel class/airport featured in your Flight-Report.

Does my Flight-Report disappear from the site’s database after a certain amount of time?

No, your Flight-Report will be stored in the database indefinitely, unless you decide to delete it yourself.

Who can view my Flight-Report?

Anyone can view your Flight-Report at any time.

My departure/arrival airport or airline is not listed on the site. What do I do?

Contact the Flight-Report admin team by clicking on “Contact” in the bottom right-hand corner of the Home Page. The team will do all necessary to meet your request in the shortest time possible and will contact you to confirm.

Can i post a video report ?

While videos are a welcome addition to any Flight-Report, reports containing only a video (or multiple videos) are not permitted. Video-only reports will be deleted without notice. A Flight-Report must, at a minimum, contain photos and text describing the passenger experience.

If I don’t have any photos, can I still publish a Flight-Report?

No. A flight report must contain photos showing as many aspects of the flight as possible.

My flight was several years ago, can I still publish a Flight-Report?

Yes, of course. It is always interesting to compare the evolution of airline services and products over time. However, the Flight-Report must contain photos.

I am receiving very negative or insulting comments on my Flight-Report. What do I do?

Please don’t respond to these types of comments. Contact the Flight-Report admin team who will investigate and take all necessary actions.

What is a comment?

A comment is a short message in the footer of a Flight-Report that only members of the site are allowed to write. A comment may consist of thanking the author for sharing his/her experience, asking questions, or commenting on the product presented in the Flight-Report.

What is a tourism bonus?

A tourism bonus is optional and posted either at the beginning or end of a Flight-Report by a member wishing to share photos, information, and/or details of his/her stay at a destination. A tourism bonus is especially interesting when a rare or atypical destination is presented. Although this addition to the Flight-Report is welcome, it must never be longer than the Flight-Report itself as the flight details should remain the main focus of any report.

What is a Flight-Report Meet-up?

A Flight-Report Meet-up is an event in which members gather and meet other member of the Flight-Report community. These Meet-ups may take place around certain aviation-related events such as the Paris Air show or Planespotting sessions but are most often dinners. Historically, dinners have mostly taken place at the restaurant “Le Tarmac” in Paris, France. Flight-Report Meet-ups are an opportunity for members to share and get to know each other as well as put a face to a screen name.

What is a Flight-Report group trip?

Flight-Report group trips are weekend or day-trips organized by the Flight-Report Community Manager allowing a group of Flight-Report members to fly together and therefore share their common passion for flying. These trips usually involve visiting a city.

What is the Flight-Report Blog and what is its purpose?

The Flight-Report Blog is used to present site news and updates regarding works in progress, as well as the organization of Meet-ups and group trips.

Is Flight-Report involved in social networks and if so what does this consist of?

Flight-Report is on Facebook ( and Twitter (@Flight_Report). Your Flight-Report may be shared on these social networks. When your Flight-Report is shared on social networks it gains visibility and may be viewed by interested members in the aviation community. Sharing reports on social networks may also inform members of of the latest publications on the site. You may also share your own Flight-Reports on your personal Facebook page by clicking the “share” button in your Flight-Report.

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- Thomas: co-founder, IT and site management
- KévinDC (Kévin): Community Manager and moderator in charge of adding airports and lounges not currently in the database for the English speaking community

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