Review of TAP Express (White) flight Lisbon Ranón in Economy

Airline TAP Express (White)
Flight TP 1112
Class Economy
Seat 5A
Aircraft ATR 72-600
Flight time 01:30
Take-off 05 Mar 15, 12:05
Arrival at 05 Mar 15, 14:35
TP 11 reviews
By 2944
Published on 25th April 2015
Hello everybody!

That's my trip report from Lisbon to Asturias with TAP Portugal, a Star Alliance Member, and also the TAP Portugal's Lisbon Premium Lounge. This flight were operated by White Airways with the brand of Portugalia Airline, the TAP's regional airline.

After security scanning the duty free area
photo DSC00711photo DSC00715

Premium Lounge entrance
photo DSC00781

With some variety of sandwichs, snacks and with very very good Pastel de Nata
photo DSC00785

Beverages section
photo DSC00786.JPG

My breakfast
photo DSC00782

Part of lounge lower floor
photo DSC00783

Lounge upper floor
photo DSC00784photo DSC00787

photo DSC00789

View of stand 114, gate 14
photo DSC00790

F-GRHY - Airbus A319-111 - Air France
photo DSC00795

CS-TRV - ATR-42-600 - PGA - Portugalia Airlines, TP1075 arriving from Malaga at 11h20
photo DSC00825

The stands with an Air France and a Sata Airbus
photo DSC00834

The terminal
photo DSC00835

Gate 12
photo DSC00838

CS-TJE - Airbus A321-211 - TAP Portugal
photo DSC00840

D-AIRU - Airbus A321-131 - Lufthansa
photo DSC00844

TAP's big boys: A330 + A340, an Embraer E-Jets from Montenegro Airlines and also 2 Boeings from EuroAtlantic
photo DSC00846

Boarding the plane at 11:52
photo DSC00852photo DSC00853

Pushing-back from stand 105 at 11:57
photo DSC00856

Taxing to rwy 03 via A and M
photo DSC00869

The cabin from seat 5A
photo DSC00870photo DSC00871

G-EZDV - Airbus A319-111 - easyJet at stand 208
photo DSC00876

Holding Point M5, before entering at runway 03 for take-off
photo DSC00892

photo DSC00895

photo DSC00902

Airborne at 12h06 (6 minutes late than STD)
photo DSC00926

Tagus River
photo DSC00941

Ota Air Base
photo DSC00945

Santarém air strip and Santarém City
photo DSC00948

The snack box
photo DSC00949

With a delicious sandwich and water
photo DSC00950

Up Magazine and Safety card
photo DSC00952

70th TAP birthday
photo DSC00953

photo DSC00958

Descending to Asturias

Touch down on runway 11 at 14:35 (10 min earlier than STA)
photo DSC01026


EC-KLT - Airbus A320-216 - Vueling Airlines
photo DSC01054

The arrivals hall
photo DSC01055

The bus to Oviedo with TAP Portugal ad
photo DSC01056

Thank you for reading
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TAP Express (White)

Cabin crew8.0

TAP Premium Lounge


Lisbon - LIS


Ranón - OVD



Very enjoyable flight and I was impressed because ATR wasn't very noisy as I thought, is a very computerized aircraft and the fuel efficiency was impressive. The flight was smooth and the snack very tasty and very good for the type and length of flight. The TAP Premium lounge is also a very good place to stay at Lisbon Airport with decent snack's and with a good space for the size of the airline.



  • Comment 134781 by
    NGO85 1622 Comments

    Thank you for sharing this report!

    A rare domestic flight aboard TP that is inter-Iberian Peninsula, I'm always surprised by how small their route map is for domestic flights.

    I find the seating colors in the TP Lounge to be a little but too busy for my taste (never been in person, so just judging on pictures), but the overall ambiance doesn't seem bad.

    It's cool to see a rare ATR-42, it's normally always ATR-72s. This plane looks really new, how old was it? I've never see such a nice paint job on a tuboprop, I'd expect it to be almost black with all the soot from engines. Cabin is probably tight, but it looks very nice.

    The snack box for a route of this length is very good; it's nice to at least get a sandwich during a lunchtime flight.

    Great aerial photography during this flight, you got to see everything from beaches to mountains to farmland.

    OVD doesn't look so nice.

    TP reports recently have been looking very strong, which is a good sign that they are revitalizing.

    • Comment 314904 by
      FConceicao AUTHOR 9 Comments

      Thank you very much for your comment. Unfortunately there aren't so many reports in this routes but TAP flies from Lisbon to A Coruna, Asturias, Bilbao, Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Malaga and Seville. Spain is a very important market for TAP, mostly for connecting flights to Brazil and Europe. The aircraft operanting this route were leased by TAP to White Airways, a Portuguese Charter Airline and delivered at 26/Nov/2014. The cabin is a bit tight but it's a small flight and I think that it's enough. I've also opportunity to talk with the flight crew and they said that it's a very reliable aircraft. As turbo prop it takes more 15 min comparing with jet aircrafts (and a bit noisier too) but spent less fuel (The aircraft spent +/- 1000kg for a 400mi route). The catering is also very good for this type of flight.
      I really enjoy the TAP Premium Lounge because had a very relaxing and calm environment comparing with other but it's a bit small. When you visit taste the very good Pasteis de Nata and also very good portuguese wines.
      TAP is making a big effort to erase the memories of last Summer and trying to winning back their customers.
      OVD is a very small airport and recives +/- 10 flights.

  • Comment 134809 by
    02022001 SILVER 4392 Comments

    Thanks to sharing this FR ;)

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