Review of Qantas flight Brisbane Sydney in Economy

Airline Qantas
Flight QF511
Class Economy
Seat 24F
Aircraft Boeing 737-800
Flight time 01:35
Take-off 24 Jul 13, 08:55
Arrival at 24 Jul 13, 10:30
QF 153 reviews
Published on 30th April 2015
The trips were in 2013 summer….. but I have got so much free time now after a long exam so I decided to find out the photos and share them to all of you… haha

Hong Kong to Brisbane QF98 12 JUL 2013 A330-300 (
Brisbane to Sydney QF511 24 JUL 2013 B737-800 (You are here)
Sydney to Hong Kong QF127 26 JUL 2013 A380 (!) (Coming soon)

Very early coach ride from Gold Coast back up to BNE for flight to SYD( and I didn’t know why didn’t simply book flight from GDC to SYD)
photo DSC_1141photo DSC_1142

Haha got my boarding pass, which I later swapped seat with my friend for one with a WINDOW !
photo 511

Did a bit of spotting after security check, but very reasonably and fortunately, the glass was GREEN in colour and kinda hard to edit so I ‘ll just put some “less frequently “ seen ones in BNE probably here.
CX103 A333 from home !
photo IMG_8384
EK 77W (but I don’t know whether it was from SIN OR AKL)
photo IMG_8419

I was to board from Gate 20, which is one of those in the Qantas domestic terminal(?),
photo brisbane

And here’s the waiting area, pretty good view for watching arriving planes but again, GREEN glass…
photo DSC_1150photo DSC_1152

Flight: QF 511
Date: 24 JUNE 2013
Sector Brisbane – Sydney
Sector distance: 427 nm
Aircraft type: B737-838
Aircraft reg: VH-VZW (C12/Y156) (First flight: 11 DEC 2011)
POB: PAX ???(like 60%) + 2 pilots 5 crew
Block time: 1h25m
Flight time: 1h05m

Hi my plane! A 737-800 next gen with Sky Interior!
photo IMG_8369photo IMG_8441

Parking bay: 20
ETD: 2255Z 0855L
Boarding time: 2235Z 0835L
ATD: 2250Z 0850L
T/O runway: 19
V1: 137 VR: 137 V2: 139
T/O weight: 60.3 ton with fuel 6.2 ton
Flaps: 5
Weather: CLEAR

The takeoff

Here we go! Perfect sky for flying

Back to the cabin, the Sky Interior( my first ride) was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. Cool, Stylish and feel like I have got a lot more more space than in the old interior.
photo IMG_8456

Legroom was decent but not really much space for my backpack having my camera inside.
photo DSC_1153

The IFE was GREAT!!! Great selection of …. Everything, little less compared to the A380 flight back home (but reasonable).
photo IMG_8446

Cruising altitude: FL200
Cruising speed: IAS 480 kts/ Mach. 77/ GS 430 kts
TOD: 2045Z

The flight was just over 1 hour but a small snack was still provided and I was kind of impressed as you know US flgihts……….
A cake and a bottled juice, FAIR and tastes alright~
photo IMG_8465photo IMG_8466

The meal service was done rather quickly and I just went to take some shots during this scenic flight (one of my best)

The pleasant, quiet and joyful flight didn’t really last long and soon we started to descend into Sydney.
photo IMG_8490-minphoto IMG_8491photo IMG_8497

Vref/ VLS: 30/138 kts
Landing weight: 57.4 ton
Landing runway: 16L
ETA: 0030Z/ 1030L
ATA: 0027Z/ 1027L
Parking bay: 3
Weather: CLEAR

The landing here
And I paused for this picture :P
photo IMG_8507
And I am still wondering why the A380 parked like that( it looked it’s gonna fall into the water)
The touchdown part here

Landing wasn’t that smooth I felt like we’ve bumped once but the braking was really effective LOL
SYD was quite busy, planes lands one after one
photo IMG_8515

Hi beautiful girl <3
photo IMG_8518

Here we arrive at the domestic terminal where we parked next to several 767s
photo IMG_8524

This one seemed to leave for MEL
photo IMG_8526photo IMG_8533

A very good morning sir …………….. and my suitcase XD
photo IMG_8534

SYD airport was gorgeous ~ Big, modern, clear signs ~ just refreshing
photo DSC_1164

Here I have my suitcase reclaimed, but see what I said??!! Another flight from Gold Coast also just arrived! I could have another 1.5hour sleep!!!
photo DSC_1165photo DSC_1166photo IMG_8536

So to conclude, the flight was as good as you could see and totally deserve an EXCELLENT.

Time for some sightseeing in Sydney!

The Sydney Aquairum
photo IMG_8602

The monorail over Darling Harbour
photo IMG_8633

Darling Harbour during sunset
photo IMG_8645

Hello sir how are you doing?

END~ Again thank you for your support and don’t forget to stay tuned for the final A380 flight back to Hong Kong!

P.S. Due to the compression problems of the photos, they may look not as good as they should be, so if you want to have some of them for PERSONAL USES, feel free to contact.
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Cabin crew8.0

Brisbane - BNE


Sydney - SYD



So to conclude, the flight was as good as you could see and totally deserve an EXCELLENT.

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  • Comment 135139 by
    tn92 BRONZE 174 Comments

    Nice instalment here! Maybe the flight from Gold Coast was much more expensive? You never know... All these open-jaw / one-way ticket sometimes really come at really high prices. I think that a Sydney bound flight from Brisbane would probably cost lesser than another originating from Gold Coast. But oh wells, I am kinda lazy to check now. =P

    I do agree, wholeheartedly, that whenever you fly above Australia's land, the views are just fantastic. Be it the city views, the deserts, the mountains, or the lakes and rivers, you just won't get bored at all!

  • Comment 135185 by
    SKYTEAMCHC GOLD 9110 Comments

    Thanks for sharing this report with us. The Sky Interior looks great as well as the big IFE. Even if the snack is small it's nice to get one with something to drink on such a short flight. Looking forward to your next Flight Report ;-)

  • Comment 135254 by
    NGO85 1640 Comments

    Thanks for sharing this FR!

    I agree with you that the BSI cabins feel more airy than the older style next-gen cabins. This new cabin is so much different than what you had seen on the A330, with older seats/IFE. I'm not a big mood-lighting fan since it can reek havoc on photography.

    Beautiful aerial photography on arrival at SYD, I wouldn't worry about the A380 falling into the water, it's a whale ;)

    That is quite the interesting QF special livery. I looked it up and this plane is no longer in that livery, so that photo is very special.

    @SkyTeamCHC: Catering does look light, but it is a breakfast-time flight, which are notoriously bad for catering. This offering is almost the same as what a lot of carriers offer for the pre-arrival meal on west-bound TATLs :(

  • Comment 135388 by
    lagentsecret 12385 Comments

    Thanks for sharing this FR

    Gorgeous pictures, especially on arrival at SYD

    Suitable catering

  • Comment 135433 by
    KévinDC TEAM GOLD 5885 Comments

    Nice report! Yes, it's a shame that you had to go all the way up to BNE when there were flights from Gold Coast. It was nice that you got a 738 with BSI. The higher ceilings do give the impression of more space. Very nice aerial pics.

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