Review of AeroMexico flight Mexico City Buenos Aires in Economy

Airline AeroMexico
Flight AM28
Class Economy
Seat --
Flight time 10:00
Take-off 01 Jan 15, 09:20
Arrival at 01 Jan 15, 22:20
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Published on 13th June 2015
Had many years without going to South America. Suddenly an opportunity and I asked to my boss for one day free and gave me. The only option was to fly on December 31 to be precise, flying at 11:58 PM, spending the New Year's on an airplane. Would be less than 36 hours in Buenos Aires to be exact, but it was that or nothing …

Dec. 31
Flight AM193
Depart: 11:58 PM
I arrive at AeroMexico’s check-in desk I was treated by an employee, in less than 45 seconds had checked my bag to Buenos Aires and print boarding passes, she said goodbye with a Happy New Year and good flight. The security check point was empty and I pass fast. From there walk the long corridor to the AeroMexico Salon Premier. I still found place in the background. This is the only lounge of AMX that opens almost the 24 hrs from 6AM to 5AM (Tijuana has flights to Shanghai in a B777 of AeroMexico).

photo 10891557_1008974782452496_746402397469841280_nphoto 15068370539_37fded0580_k

The Lounge had canapes, cheese and vegetable brochettes, mozzarella and pastrami sandwiches, cheese sandwiches, nuts, cookies, full bar service (3 types of tequila, whiskey, liquor Agave 2 types of vodka, 2 types of rum, white and red Mexican wine, more than 10 kinds of beers < Tecate red, Tecate Light, Modelo, Corona, Heineken, Stella Artois, Bohemia, Strongbow gold, XX, etc ..), sodas, juices and espresso machine.
In my stay I ate some sandwiches and drank a couple of beers and drinks while reading a little.

photo 10922684_1008974802452494_3431329328130449021_n

Before I left the room I drank an espresso
Luckily when I reach the gate was among the first to rise. It was one of the new 737s with Sky Interiors. The crew did not look very happy and animated for working in the New Year, they did not even say a special message for the new year.
photo 10898303_1008975005785807_5253150936786486233_n

The doors was close on time and the plane took off at 11:57 PM, the pilot flew over Tijuana and saw the whole city covered in fireworks, it was 2015 !!!

photo 1655872_1008974839119157_3704552755262890750_nphoto 10882206_1008974962452478_3249896169102026623_n

They put the warm temperature, we had headphones, blankets and pillows on each seat.

photo 10401960_1008974992452475_7219400040123908652_n

Half an hour after takeoff attendants went with the drinks and peanuts / biscuits, I drank tomato juice and water with peanuts.

photo 10891589_1008974825785825_2789227811138732975_nphoto 10897903_1008975039119137_18854788077902328_n

I started to watch a movie on the entertainment system, in fact there were many newly debut as Lucy and Guardians of the Galaxy, which I saw.

photo 10923261_1008975022452472_7350370615038315929_n

At the half of the film I fell asleep and slept on the 3 seats like a bed and woke up an hour before arriving at MEX. Continue with the movie and listen to music. The landing occurred 10 minutes before schedule, Mexico City was covered by a light mist / fog that was obvious the product of fireworks. When I got off the plane was cold but lighter than the weather of Tijuana (snow fell the day before). I had five hours until my flight to Argentina. I was very hungry and wanted a hot breakfast, but being January 1st all the restaurants would open from 8AM, something really strange and stupid. I decided to go to T1 to get food in a restaurant but it was the same story, only open the Mc Donalds.

Return to Terminal 2 and I went to Salon Premier, were like 6:20 am and was already open (Centurion from American Express open until 8 am that day), I was the only passenger for a couple of hours, there was almost no passengers.

photo 10675737_1008975189119122_251022736983697834_nphoto 10906082_1008975162452458_7818045186701325518_nphoto 10923245_1008975129119128_8997609601957089972_n

At 7am they put a hot breakfast buffet with green chilaquiles, beans, egg muffins, burritos, sausage, fruit salad, yogurt, juices, and sweet pastries.
photo 10891765_1008975082452466_7057452088673326660_nphoto 10922684_1008975225785785_367915695661111034_nphoto am-salon-premier-02

I drank a latte freshly made by a barista of Cafe Punta del Cielo, the mexican Starbucks. The food was very good and the service was impeccable and polite.

40 minutes before my flight, I approach to the gate in this case 54, and there were people in the gate, we were no more than 40 passengers for an aircraft with a capacity of 171. The approach became fast and time because the number of passengers, it was a Boeing 767-200ER one of the last of the fleet and soon to be retired in mid-2015.
I got to my row and I realized that had two bathrooms, one on each side of the row, damn !!.

photo 10923261_1008975375785770_2819544987050096578_n

In the seat there was a bottle of water, blanket, pillow and travel kit with toothbrush and eyemask. As the load factor was so low I could take me many bottles of water for the other seats for me.

photo 10919047_1008975429119098_4161478398542736605_n

The takeoff occurred before itinerary. At the akeoff we could see a beautiful view of the snow-capped volcanoes Popocatepetl and Iztazihuatl.

photo 988928_1008975322452442_8769426757008487709_nphoto 10917123_1008975249119116_5753389776567624978_n

At 40 min he gave the hearty breakfast of scrambled eggs with ham and roasted tomatoes, fruit, bread, butter and green chile sauce. Nothing spectacular the breakfast or remarkable.
photo 15905_1008975359119105_3714319612221472474_nphoto 10417579_1008975409119100_6403812281381705938_n

After the B-fast service I went to the Galley to talk to the flight attendants, they gave me tips of Buenos Aires, and we talked a little of Aeromexico.

I went to try slept lying on 3 seats, but with people coming and going, and the noise of the toilet could not sleep. So I closed my eyes and tried to doze. A few hours after starting to listen the dinner service, and turned to see the general map and we were just passing Lima, I think it would have been better to give dinner about two hours before landing.
Dinner was chicken breast with green beans, green peppers and tomatoes. Lettuce salad with cheese, bread, butter and chocolate pudding. They offered drinks twice and I ordered a coconut water (AeroMexico provides coconut water on all flights) and a sprite.

photo 10003451_1008975469119094_5592994954447415817_nphoto 10896933_1008976349119006_1391736916584518051_nphoto 10896933_1008976442452330_802350867107392847_n

Dusk began to fall. Shortly before 10 pm it was indicated that we began the descent, a half hour before our arrival. The descent was long and slow. The plane landed arriving on time. We take long for us to be assigned door. I was the first to pass migration.

I hope you enjoyed the report !! Also you can red my trip report in spanish in my BLOG
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Cabin crew10.0

Aeromexico Salon Premier Ciudad De Mexico


Mexico City - MEX


Buenos Aires - EZE



Great service of AeroMexico, good attention of the cabin crew, the catering it's ok and magnific selection of alcohol and food in the Salon Premier!!



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  • Comment 139151 by
    whitelight44 346 Comments
    Very cool FR and great to see the 767 of Aeromexico. The catering and meals looks really good. I'd love to try Aeromexico one day. Thanks for sharing :)
  • Comment 139153 by
    Wingslover 660 Comments
    Thanks for sharing this report :)

    Nice service from AM.

    Ps: You're very generous in your grades ;)
  • Comment 139410 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6424 Comments
    What a contrast in the equipment...from a brand new plane with Boeing Sky Interior and Split scimitar winglets out of Tijuana to an old 767. Awesome pics of the volcanoes on takeoff from MEX. I concur with Winglover...a grade of 10/10 for Entertainment grade on this old 762 with no PTVs in this day and age seems overly generous. But hey, to each his own. Thanks for sharing!

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