Review of LOT Polish flight Toronto Warsaw in Economy

Airline LOT Polish
Flight LO46
Class Economy
Seat 28A
Aircraft Boeing 787-8
Flight time 08:20
Take-off 08 May 15, 21:45
Arrival at 09 May 15, 12:05
LO   #91 out of 142 Airlines A minimum of 20 Flight-Reports is required in order to appear in the rankings. 178 reviews
Published on 15th June 2015
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Hi all,

Below are my pix from my flight from Toronto to Budapest via Warsaw. This segment is covers the Toronto- Warsaw leg.

The check in hall at Toronto's Terminal 1

photo image001_zpstgclryd6

photo image004_zpsyfvkwpwj

Check in for the flight

photo image005_zpse83xdmmv

photo image006_zpsvbujxdwj

photo image008_zps7ft6hetg

photo image009_zpsjhdzgy4m

photo image010_zps3aebcunj

photo image013_zpsvwahm2pn

Now heading to the departures area

photo image018_zpsfsiocnur

photo image021_zpsgdmm5mp5

photo image022_zpscjiypqzq

photo image023_zpslfjzylvf

photo image024_zpsqeurrgqr

First glance at the plane

photo image025_zpswbg6knsv

The security check

photo image029_zpsa24g4qxr

Emirates crew

photo image033_zpsofjlbl7o

Past security

photo image035_zpsy4dl7zey

Welcome sign in Persian :)

photo image036_zpsgygqbfgx

Looking at the the arrival escalators leading to customs

photo image037_zpslioqwsjh

photo image038_zpsq5sykggy

photo image040_zps9n6iqq4t

Entrance to custom

photo image041_zpsz5igspx9

Some planes on the way to the International section of the terminal

photo image042_zps6zopts1o

photo image044_zpst9vu4wxf

photo image045_zpswpudfzcq

photo image054_zps6pvubdrc

The long corridor to the International section

photo image058_zpsey7s6nfo

photo image059_zpsc1pwsgm2

photo image062_zpsmurfzrmj

photo image069_zpsc6ik2mdb

photo image072_zpsua6mkxbo

photo image073_zps5rrof6fw

Looking down at the US departures section

photo image075_zpshbskamiy

Going down to the int'l section

photo image077_zpskw9dusgm

photo image078_zpsz8ujqmfr

photo image079_zps9qdfiadu

photo image080_zpsak5eolev

photo image081_zps06odsese

photo image085_zps4z5pekzb

photo image088_zpszilknien

photo image089_zpsmpzahmra

photo image090_zpsuws4mga3

photo image091_zpsieavgonk

Air Canada to Frankfurt

photo image092_zpsgbjsstxq

photo image094_zpsjmlnmciz

photo image095_zpsdy0ghmpa

photo image096_zpsvb7antlc

photo image097_zpsqtapqxe7

photo image098_zpszlrkidqj

AC to Tel Aviv

photo image099_zpsch5triap

photo image101_zpssqojqus1

photo image102_zpspgs5kqnx

photo image104_zps4hbwpgta

The gate area

photo image106_zpse1rzk0sd

photo image107_zpsifuu6vob

The plane

photo image108_zpss8no2pq9

photo image109_zpsjsl4jcgt

photo image111_zpsquco7y2q

photo image112_zpsg4dx4cbb

AC to Milan

photo image113_zpszgimlqgd

photo image115_zpsrnhe0fg6

photo image117_zpslnifuvzt

Emirates to Dubai

photo image122_zpsbifj2dot

photo image124_zpslotum0ui

photo image126_zpsxc6mv2fg

photo image127_zps7i5stzua

photo image128_zpsaxm90jrt


photo image136_zpszuxwlm0h

photo image137_zpsi5daeieu

photo image140_zpsbescvmwt

photo image141_zps82lmprt6

Premium economy section

photo image142_zps8ngdpnxk


photo image144_zps4rilpdwy

photo image146_zpshvuv28fx

photo image147_zps5gvach1w

photo image148_zps0rpw7swd

photo image149_zpsa8rpq3u4

photo image150_zpshclttoy2

When I sat down I noticed that the seat width was very tight and there was a guy sitting next to me and he was barely fitting in his seat and was pressing the armrest in my hip. I wish someone had wrote that LOT has very tight seats, otherwise I'd have switched to another airline or bought their premium economy which is $300 more per leg and if you buy it at the airport the same day it is $200 more. This made the flight very uncomfortable for the next 8:30 hours. Later I read in seat guru that their seat width is 16.9, which is one of the tightest between all airlines, wished I had read it earlier. The pitch was good though.

photo image150_zpshclttoy2

photo image151_zpseug74jmt

photo image151_zpseug74jmt

photo image152_zpshngxsyfo

photo image153_zpslb0crptp

photo image161_zpsbpz3wzr7

photo image171_zpsj7tkjtkf

photo image165_zpsqzplxyal

photo image158_zpspn4irfam

photo image176_zpsbk0v5rb9

photo image163_zpsg2p8axnz

photo image177_zpsxh8rmjrn

Push back

photo image180_zpssdhzrb3l

photo image184_zpstq583mgz

Security video

photo image181_zpsdkujey57

Our plane

photo image190_zpsvdffcavq

photo image199_zpskldrinay

Ready to depart

photo image201_zpsc4abnxfv

Some views of Toronto

photo image202_zpsgngln0vw

photo image203_zps43jdw3jk

photo image203-1_zpsj5haaefu

photo image203-2_zpsflwmgh0i

photo image203-3_zps4meowj88

photo image203-4_zps9nmrqywj

photo image203-5_zpsetjhxcfw

photo image203-6_zpsztmdtgjj

photo image203-7_zpsmeebrp1t

photo image203-8_zpsp32uhflf

photo image203-9_zpsi1glv3ec

photo image203-10_zpsg85nsrd8

photo image204_zps4nj0e8fr

photo image205_zpsbayzkvas

photo image206_zpsg3wznlmv

photo image207_zpsfjl7wcsz

photo image214_zpsbuejlp4b

photo image217_zpstmouiurc

Beverage service

photo image218_zpsyqmpslyj

photo image220_zpsbe8gfr9a

Dinner service later on around 2 hours after

photo image226_zpsmwc6s0dg

They had the best airline meal I had ever had. Very clean, very fresh and very good tasting. Mine was chicken with potatoes.

photo image228_zpsz0nkc5rj

photo image230_zpso025kty3

photo image231_zpssow56unc

photo image234_zpsziesnrh0

photo image236_zps9podnu5v

photo image238_zpsbeesoote

photo image239_zpspxy5pl2l

photo image243_zpslevkm9ue

photo image245_zpsgtihbxl4

photo image246_zpski4uf6al

photo image249_zpsy5bzzvti

photo image250_zps8byjqde3

photo image253_zpshkfilszk

photo image254_zps7kve9sfs

photo image255_zpsz3fdog3n

photo image262_zpsxamwhtqx

photo image264_zpsptaay39y

photo image266_zpshsljhlb6

photo image267_zps3etgwzwc

photo image268_zpsf5jh7r8v

photo image269_zpst4ksayfq

photo image272_zpswzmnpmpe

Pre- arrival; snack, which was a roast beef sandwich

photo image273_zpse9ggf4e5

photo image276_zpsils9ysrw

photo image278_zpswdbqmaeh

photo image279_zpsqdvww07f

photo image281_zpsxgyadqs3

photo image288_zpsftkadxiz

photo image289_zpstleggtt7

photo image297_zpsrylwijxd

Descending into Warsaw

photo image298_zpsx0dvr3xz

photo image298_zpsx0dvr3xz

photo image300_zpsjq9cablz

photo image302_zps6a6ymigf

photo image308_zpsrpmrhuxs

photo image316_zps06sct4ti

photo image328_zps727yzypo

photo image331_zpsohiv7uqr

photo image333_zpscfdjmzoy

photo image334_zps7qckxh5k

photo image335_zps70uggojg

Passing through some interesting airlines

photo image336_zpscxwuoj1h

photo image337_zpsjnhtypzy

photo image338_zps7qses7ir

photo image339_zpsywfbowjq

photo image340_zpsyclb7zfn

photo image341_zpswv1eze0w

photo image342_zps8tuhnk4p

photo image344_zpsq3quok1h

photo image345_zps7fvau4yy

photo image350_zpsjzqa8x1p

photo image351_zps9lfhhowh

photo image355_zpsdvj55jwn

photo image356_zps9ml94waf

photo image358_zps5uzi3u9w

photo image361_zpslvlgs1fz

photo image362_zpsr78qtxwm

photo image363_zpszsrmh7gb

photo image364_zpsi80p9sct

photo image365_zps4iv55noi

photo image366_zpsp1r6mtre


photo image369_zpsjqn5gtba

photo image370_zpsy3ygwqlu

photo image372_zpsp9kelox1

photo image373_zpsrqgwvkwh

photo image374_zpsug7elatz

photo image375_zpsddtyxjil

photo image376_zpsc2wwxfca

photo image377_zpsuhubzkma

photo image378_zpseosa2j99

photo image379_zpsvyhx06sc

photo image380_zpstnpmrdf1

photo image381_zps3zstl8z5

photo image382_zps3fz1mib7

photo image383_zpsol5ylvga

photo image385_zpshenpppsu

photo image389_zpsrfmtdjc8

photo image391_zpstl78cyqd

photo image392_zpsia8ldaii

Walking at the upper level towards immigration

photo image393_zpsupd8n6gf

Looking down at the departure area

photo image394_zpsq3mbxrah

photo image396_zpsn2mgzb68

photo image397_zpsm6cj5ia3

photo image398_zpsnlhurw30

photo image400_zpseqyzojvh

photo image401_zpsq2ssxv4a

photo image405_zpseh50xi0c

photo image406_zps8cuotndb

photo image407_zps9zx2fq7k

photo image408_zpse13fbb7z

Some bonus pictures of the beautiful and amazing city of Budapest

photo image650_zpsmrasjpmz

photo image702_zpss3el8n4z

photo image711_zpstcsvpz3a

photo image720_zpso7uyfces

photo image729_zpsb1fq6lff

photo image737_zpsfs6ctiq6

photo image794_zpsup9bjbag

photo image814_zpsb4t2ey9i

photo image816_zpsffkalbzo

photo image817_zpsqa0xmpzi

photo image825_zpsya7tz1ak

photo image826_zpsebvpvman

photo image846_zps0rh3et9n

photo image880_zpstgb1zpc4

photo image881_zpsdtkwdjcw

photo image887_zpsoe1yq3s8

Hungarian Parliament

photo image898_zpshzamd4h5

photo image939_zpscelsxcmd

photo image952_zps3zacp64o

photo image974_zps1lo3rhol

photo image992_zpstvo637ca

photo image995_zpsxruxc2vq

photo image1029_zpshwu3urf6

photo image1089_zpsz7p6zlg7

photo image1098_zpsrchp3tgj

photo image1113_zpsnitsrirj

photo image1175_zpscxact5ye

photo image1194_zpsktmkcp8m

photo image1217_zpsqvqvom78

photo image1225_zpsgylfncnv

photo image1227_zpsi8mojep1

photo image1228_zpsfjxlnqmz

photo image1241_zpsh6fzee9o

photo image1246_zpsodqajewi

photo image1252_zpstdrkz8tl

photo image1303_zpsb8gavdsx

photo image1321_zps7r2aluvi

photo image1323_zpsjknn8mai

photo image1325_zpsi8uwccpw

photo image1328_zpsahwcb4uk

photo image1329_zpshe56mlix

photo image1340_zpsapht3oup

photo image1356_zpspp1oqkq8

photo image1388_zpsjcmr54hs

photo image1453_zpsddnjhm9d

photo image1492_zpshliahj5p

photo image1499_zpsiox7azeu

photo image1521_zpskg5zthmx

photo image1549_zpsxrcdlwvx

photo image1566_zpsos0ueqmd

photo image1523_zpsnhx7wbyh

photo image1528_zps9vgzuh8q

photo image1588_zpsm9xzfrjv

photo image1760_zpss4yshhkj

photo image1789_zpsc7t5qmpc

photo image1808_zpshemwtix5

photo image1830_zpsaavvht73

photo image1839_zpszjh4jgok

photo image2031_zpsdpwcw9jx

photo image2032_zpsfdakaeid

photo image2073_zpswyowzohi

photo image2075_zpsz4vxwx00

photo image2094_zpsomplksd6

photo image2108_zpsnkh6z5kt

photo image2117_zpseuanat09

photo image2118_zpscde9ls1i

photo image2211_zpsjnyzck5s

photo image2213_zpsgfbmnsr4

photo image2313_zps3hwr9sh3

photo image2346_zpsmld6ewdl

photo image2352_zpsb4dcy4t0

photo image2353_zpskjjsoavw

photo image2355_zpsvd8a5j46

photo image2356_zpsdju90to6

photo image2360_zpsjdpkojai

photo image2369_zpsu9nutamb

photo image2370_zpsqqufg21g

photo image2378_zpsmnvmmfd7

photo image2524_zpsrc1rwf9f

photo image2514_zpssascibz8

Hope you enjoyed this FR :)

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LOT Polish

Cabin crew8.0

Toronto - YYZ


Warsaw - WAW



The tight seat width which made this long flight very uncomfortable, but everything else was OK. The meal was very good, very fresh with great taste. Crew were nice too.

Information on the route Toronto (YYZ) Warsaw (WAW)

The contributors of Flight-Report published 3 reviews of 1 airlines on the route Toronto (YYZ) → Warsaw (WAW).


The airline with the best average rating is LOT Polish with 7.0/10.

The average flight time is 8 hours and 3 minutes.

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  • Comment 139326 by
    Benoit75008 GOLD 7318 Comments


    Thanks so much for your report!!
    I was expecting someone to report LO B787 in economy class.
    It's a pity that seats are tiny but meal seem to be very good, and your opinion just confirm it!

    WAW is an efficient airport.
    Concerning YYZ, i was flying with LH in 2010 and i get impression nothing changed in this terminal.

    Hope you enjoyed your stay at Pearl of Danube :) :)

    See you,

  • Comment 139353 by
    SKYTEAMCHC GOLD 8194 Comments

    Thanks for your report and letting us discover the cabin of this B787 of LOT. The cabin looks nice and new but I trust you regarding the confort as the seat look indeed very narrow . The pic of the premium economy looks like it's worth paying for the upgrade.
    The meal is fine as well as the pre arrival snack.
    Thanks for the Budapest bonus too.

    • Comment 318805 by
      whitelight44 AUTHOR 346 Comments

      Thanks Skyteam. Yes, I probably would not fly with them again as long as they have these narrow seated 787s around but the crew, meal and service was very good. I think if you are a smaller person or for ladies these narrow seats maybe better but for sure not for guys lol.

  • Comment 139355 by
    KL651 TEAM 4479 Comments

    Thanks for this FR.

    Too bad the confort is bad because otherwise I find the experience on LO pretty good, with a nice catering and IFE and also friendly FAs it seems.

    Nice pics of Budapest as well, I really want to visit this city as well.

  • Comment 139525 by
    Chibcha 432 Comments

    Thanks for sharing this report!

    LOT seems to have improved from the 767s, even when the seats are, as usual for the Dreamliner, cramped.

    I loved the design of the snackboxes.

    Budapest looks lovely, awesome pictures!

  • Comment 139549 by
    NGO85 1622 Comments

    Thank you very much for sharing this report!

    I have never flown a B787, but I feel like they are narrow planes so the 3-3-3 configuration must be really tight. Only 200 more for Y+ would have have been worth it. Most Japanese carriers also use the 17 wide seats which I find very narrow.

    Catering looks very strong on LO getting a full dinner service (it does look very good for Y, not exploded like you normally see) and a nice snack pre-arrival.

    I really like the LO livery and the cabin colors look good.

    Nice spotting of the retro-LO livery.

    Beautiful bonus of Budapest!

  • Comment 139868 by
    jetsetpanda 2294 Comments

    Thank you for sharing another visually stunning FR.

    I flew LO from ORD-WAW a long time ago and I agree with your impressions of this carrier. The crew that I had was professional and seemed eager to please. I was fortunate to be in J and during a conversation with a FA I asked about the meals in Y. He took me back to the galley and showed me a few samples from the cart. I thought that was a nice touch. LO might not be the most sophisticated or renowned carrier, but the staff was genuine and made a whole world of a difference.

    I love the design touches on LO like the napkins and refreshing towels. It adds some local flavor to the onboard experience in my humble opinion. Your meal looks satisfying and the Polo bar is a nice way to end the meal. Snack before arrival is decent and at least better than the lacking breakfast that I was served on BA when I flew them from SFO-LHR.

    BUD is an underrated destination and your beautiful report brought me memories of a previous visit. When I was there in the mid 2000's it was good value for the money and I enjoyed the food. Hungarians have a hearty cuisine. ;)

  • Comment 139877 by
    jetsetpanda 2294 Comments

    Oh I forgot to mention that it seems that the seats in Y on the 787's in general are very tight. I have read other complaints about this.

    • Comment 319200 by
      whitelight44 AUTHOR 346 Comments

      Thanks so much Jetsetpanda. Yes, the meals were much better than many other airlines and were very fresh. The biggest downside was the tight seats, if I knew how tight these are I'd have for sure upgraded. Since it was my first ever 787 experience I wanted to try the economy. That's the same with all the airlines I have flown. It's nice to get a taste of the economy before switching over to Business or first but my first experience with 787 was very disappointing. This along with the A340-600 of Lufthansa have had the tightest seats I have ever been on.

  • Comment 140157 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 5273 Comments

    Thanks for another beautiful report. The cabin looks visually nice, but this is yet another report that confirms that 787s in a 3-3-3 configuration are tight and uncomfortable. I'm looking forward to flying a 787, but hopefully not in Economy. Nice cabin shots. The Premium Economy cabin looks quite comfortable. Great bonus pics at the end.

    Thanks for sharing!

  • Comment 140166 by
    le Belge 92 Comments

    Thanks for the report and visit of Budapest including the synagogue!

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