Review of Delta Air Lines flight Tokyo Los Angeles in Business

Airline Delta Air Lines
Flight DL284
Class Business
Seat 5B
Aircraft Boeing 777-200LR
Flight time 11:30
Take-off 28 Jan 15, 16:15
Arrival at 29 Jan 15, 10:45
DL   #32 out of 68 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 705 reviews
By 6188
Published on 9th June 2015
Hello Flight Report community. This is a continuation of a fantastic RTW trip I took in January 2015.

I will dissect the journey as follows:
Planning, Virgin America Loft LAX, VX LAX-JFK (First)
Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse JFK and SQ JFK-FRA (Suites)
Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge FRA, Lufthansa Senator Lounge FRA, and SQ FRA-SIN (Suites)
The Private Room SIN and SQ SIN-PEK (First)
Air China Business Class Lounge PEK and CA PEK-NRT (Business)
Delta Skyclub NRT and DL NRT-LAX (Business)(This report)

Welcome to the last leg of my whirlwind RTW. Thanks for following along. I will caveat this final installment to note that it is not presented with great detail. I think I ran out of steam and didn't take many photos.

Upon arrival in Narita Terminal 1 I opted to clear immigration and use a portion of my 2.5 hour layover enjoying the observation deck. This is a tradition of mine whenever time allows at NRT. I'll proceed to the Lawson's adjacent to the food court and procure a can of beer and off to gaze at airplanes. Today would be no different except that it will not be the most comfortable day to be out of doors. The famous NRT crosswinds were howling and the temp was in the 5 degrees C range. I'm a dedicated spotter so I put on every layer of clothing I had and ventured out. I didn't last long but grabbed a few pictures before retreating to the terminal.

A DL747 at gate 25.

photo 20150128_000503photo 20150128_002405

My refreshment.

photo 20150128_003811

That's me.

photo 20150128_004316photo me

Small Boeing.

photo 20150128_004745

Time to retreat to the comfort of a warm lounge.

Delta Skyclub Narita South Satellite.

photo 20150128_030125photo 20150128_030127

Some airplanes visible from the lounge.

photo 20150128_030120photo 20150128_030129

Boarding commenced and I boarded with the call for Delta One passengers. I am fortunate enough to fly between LAX and NRT/HND with some frequency so I was recognized by one of the very friendly flight attendants. We spent a few minutes getting caught up.

I selected an Asahi as my pre-departure beverage.

photo 20150128_030956

Full cabin, as always.

photo 20150128_031051

Not being by a window also contributed to my lack of pictures. There's always some food to look at!

The starter along with the Delta Sky Breeze cocktail. This service is now from a cart adn I can't say if I prefer one method over another. I will say that drink refills are more forthcoming as the flight attendants have everything right there.

photo 20150128_051908photo 20150128_051914

Soup and salad next with a glass of red wine. I'm afraid I failed to take pictures of the menu and wine list. The soup and salad were both very nice. Pretzel bread is great with anything.

photo 20150128_054405photo 20150128_054413

The beef entree.

photo 20150128_060732photo 20150128_060738

I skipped the dessert cart but the bounty consisted of ice cream sundaes, a selection of cakes and sweets, and fruit and cheese. A port and sauternes were on offer. It was lights out for me. While I prefer a reverse herringbone seating config I will say that these seats work well for me for sleeping. I like having my head away from the aisle. And sleep I did until about 90 minutes out of LAX when the breakfast service commenced.

Breakfast was only two options, an egg dish or cold cereal. I opted for the eggs.

photo 20150128_130402photo 20150128_130413

A smooth touchdown on on 24R and we made the journey around to the north complex to park at gate 57 and make the trek to Immigration and Customs. I feel like the 777-200LR is just getting warmed up and the flight is over! A brief stop at the Global Entry kiosk and with only carry-on baggage I was through in no time and the epic journey came to an unceremonious end.
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Delta Air Lines

Cabin crew7.5

Delta Air Lines Sky Club - 1, Sat 2


Tokyo - NRT


Los Angeles - LAX



While not in the same league as Singapore Airlines I find the Delta Business product to be pleasant. I almost always encounter friendly flight attendants who are more than happy to provide the service. All flat beds with direct aisle access and above average food make for a great way to cross the Pacific, and today was no exception.

Thank you for following along on this RTW journey. I've picked up a lot of tips reading other trip reports on this site and will do a better job of documenting when next I travel. I didn't set out with the idea of a trip report on this trip but I will next time! Take care and happy flying.

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  • Comment 139576 by
    SKYTEAMCHC GOLD 8702 Comments

    Thanks for sharing this report !
    I was surprised by the layout of the cabin in this 777 as I expected another more recent seat type. But as you mentioned you have full access to the iasle and slept well .
    Catering in Business on Delta is usualy good and was on this flight although it's never fancy. Same for flight attendants that are most of the time professional and pleasant .
    I love teh firts pic as I think that the 747 looks great in delta colours.

  • Comment 139586 by
    jollygiant 51 Comments

    This is a great report! Wonderful pictures! I haven't flown Delta outside of North America as of yet (not-so-great experiences on American and United have me a bit jaded flying U.S. carriers outside of the region). However, based on your report, I will certainly keep Delta in mind for flights to/from Asia & Europe.

    The food looks great: It's very much on-par with what International Business Class passengers receive on Air Canada's long-haul flights. Although, I'm not a fan of the seat pods offered on your flight (they are a bit tight and don't offer the kind of privacy one would expect when sitting in a premium class). Hopefully Delta will upgrade to a better type of seat in Business soon.

    Great job! :-)

  • Comment 139597 by
    02022001 4340 Comments

    Thanks for this FR ! ;)

  • Comment 139614 by
    Caribel 113 Comments

    The reason certain routes use cart service for food/beverages is to bridge the language barrier. It is time saving to display what's available, rather than expect non-English speakers to communicate detailed orders.

  • Comment 139637 by
    yyz_planespotting36 5 Comments


    Really nice report!

    We really enjoyed how you took photos of the food and how you gave in-depth explanations about each item.

    Although where are the photos of the seats?

    Otherwise amazing report, like always.

    From the yyz_planespotting36 team

  • Comment 139724 by
    Chibcha SILVER 460 Comments

    Thanks for sharing your RTW, it was great to follow up reading each step.

    Definitively DL is not at the same level as the other airlines you rode in, but it still looks like a great option across the Pacific.

  • Comment 140059 by
    KévinDC TEAM GOLD 5655 Comments

    Thanks for sharing this awesome RTW series of report! Funny that a few years ago the 77L J was the best J in the fleet, but it now the most outdated J hard product in the fleet. Still a solid overall experience! Though only if you're flying alone--I must prefer the 747/A330 Cirrus seats or 767 Thompson vantage seats when travelling as a couple.

    Thanks again for all the great report and now I'm totally expecting all reports to be part of a RTW in the future :-P

    • Comment 319393 by
      socalnow AUTHOR 978 Comments

      Greetings KevinDC and thanks for the comments.

      Funny that a few years ago the 77L J was the best J in the fleet..
      - I really hope they don't wait much longer to upgrade it to at least the Cirrus product but ideally to a next generation of J seat.

      Happy travels.

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