Review of Virgin America flight Las Vegas San Francisco in First

Airline Virgin America
Flight VX 251
Class First
Seat 02
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 01:35
Take-off 08 Apr 15, 13:25
Arrival at 08 Apr 15, 15:00
VX   #9 out of 122 Airlines A minimum of 20 Flight-Reports is required in order to appear in the rankings. 25 reviews
By SILVER 3335
Published on 21st June 2015
This is my first report in English and I’d like to take this opportunity to introduce the Centurion Lounge in Las Vegas. This leg was part of a trip to the west Coast of USA. The onward journey and the flight back home were flown aboard Air France First Class. And if you have any guts to read french language reports, please be my guest.

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Before starting this report, I will share with you this brief musical sketch that will hopefully give you some ideas if unfortunately (or fortunately since we are all aviation enthusiasts) you find yourselves in this same situation. In this story, this American has been bumped two times from two flights back home to Georgia and he decided to spend the night at LAS airport instead of booking a hotel room. So rather than stay there doing nothing…

It is time to leave the “Sin City”. I’m broke and to top it all, Bugsy’s handy men are looking for me to repay the remaining debt. Luckily I have not gambled with my airline ticket. And for this I have decided to entrust my experience to Virgin America once again. Compared to the competition, their First Class cabin is super comfortable and I managed to snatch a one way for less than 200 Euros. So why not?

photo 17539533380_8051275450_b

While surfing the TV channels at my hotel, it is possible to check the departures and arrivals of flights from McCarran International Airport Las Vegas.

photo 17701795596_f7f6c060f2_b

It is too early and my flight is not yet displayed.

photo 17701762336_01e28e898c_b

The Bellagio is a beautiful hotel. The rooms are spacious and comfortable. But the downside of the big hotels on the Strip is precisely their disproportionate size: 3,933 rooms and 512 suites. Check-out time is set at 11 AM, but it's wiser to perform it well in advance to avoid the crowds at the Reception. Not too soon I find myself at Terminal 3 of the airport. The Las Vegas Boulevard Strip is not really far.

The terminal is empty just like the check-in counters.

photo 17540183988_aeaec813d4_bphoto 17725386802_13ce7705ab_b

One can check in at the kiosks or wait for a live agent to be called.

photo 17727853285_3286f15e6d_bphoto 17541641909_788d1c1cc9_b

The lady on the left of the picture near the Bag Drop motions me to approach her. Check in is done in a breeze.

photo 17541607579_878e0d82be_bphoto 17808759802_660e1a504c_b

It is not obvious on the photos but the female staff wears a necklace of flowers to celebrate the inauguration of the new routes to Honolulu and Kahului from San Francisco. Flights will be operated as code-share with Hawaiian Airlines.

The terminal might look deceivingly deserted, but the security lines are full of people. Being convinced that there is a special entrance for First and TSA Pre passengers, I advance a couple of meters until I finally find the lines that will save me lots of time.

Boarding is scheduled at gate E10, so no need to change terminals. But since Virgin America does not offer any lounges in Las Vegas, all I have to do is wait around the gate for the departure time. Do I? I don’t think so, and this is where the discovery of this trip begins.

American Express has recently opened Centurion Lounges in the US. The entrance is set at $ 50 but it is free for the classic American Express Platinum and Centurion cardholders. Three other lounges are available: one in San Francisco reported by jetsetpanda, one in Dallas-Fort Worth visited by KevinDC and one in New York-La Guardia. The fifth one in Miami has just been opened few days ago and a Century Studio is expected to open in Seattle soon during this summer.

photo 17727492591_3e60ebac75_bphoto 17104657224_2a8b893c88_b

During the Flight Report meeting in Bangkok last March, I commented about these lounges with Tyler Birth. I knew he visited the American Express lounge in Mexico City and I was eager to hear his opinion. He told me that it was poor and it was not worth the detour. Yet, from what I have read on the website, it sounded good.

photo 17727438351_c012f51a7b_bphoto 17724537142_9a9cf2f175_b

I do not doubt the word of Tyler but I will give the lounge a try. Besides, I have plenty of time and admission is free.

On our way to concourse D where the famous Centurion lounge is located.

photo 17541555899_dc647c5275_bphoto 17540260760_d6bb4669a7_b

The above concourse D reached via an underground train.

The Centurion lounge is located next to gate D1 on the upper level. To the right of the escalator one can appreciate an ad for the mentioned lounge.

photo 17727628315_01bc4c0387_bphoto 17107277423_cb02700da2_b

Without any doubt, we are in Las Vegas.

photo 17727564825_6885eeee20_b

Here we are!

photo 17107212173_9cdcbaaa4d_bphoto 17105018324_b0f2a2e172_b

Facing some beautiful ladies, we have D for satellite and D for size.

photo 17726997631_f6d69073aa_b

I present my AMEX Platinum card to a smiling agent that welcomes me. She asks for my boarding pass and informs me that there is also a Centurion lounge in SFO. She and her colleagues are also there to assist if needed.

photo 17540743560_6bf660442e_b

Before inviting me inside, she advises me that no announcements will be made. At first I was surprised to see so many people at the lounge. But eventually I managed to find a place to settle down and do my things.

photo 17727794551_07e5653f92_bphoto 17107065503_fcbe20bf2b_b

The lounge is not enclosed and offers separate areas that are tastefully decorated for working and relaxing (IMHO).

Charging outlets are available in each alcove.

photo 17542048369_5c13514b8c_b

The working space.

photo 17106915203_131390d9be_bphoto 17104465414_0f0e76a598_b

This is how it looks when it is empty.

photo 17727142921_7fd98cf877_b

The walls are decorated with portraits of famous artists such as David Bowie and Bob Dylan.

photo 17539206388_b23c6dd384_b

Or Sir Sean Connery and Michael Jackson.

photo 17725725812_1fd4cf88ff_b

The wash rooms are clean with world-known brand products.

Contrary to traditional U.S. lounges, alcoholic drinks are complimentary and the catering is not limited to carrot sticks.

The breakfast buffet.

The self-serve hot drinks station.

photo 17539414388_3506095a57_b

I do not have breakfast and there is enough sustenance. Fresh fruits and juices for vitamins.

photo 17724893012_7c42f82c4e_b

Followed by scrambled eggs and frittata with zucchini for proteins.

photo 17727329005_043fe19d3c_bphoto 17106977213_77d1b1ffbe_b

And to finish with a sweet note, pancakes drowned in maple syrup for energy.

photo 17540762379_1ca2e729dc_b

Wifi is free and the broadband is excellent for watching videos or downloading Flight Reports.

photo 17539437890_7522a14b59_b

After 11:30am, the lunch buffet is set up.

My selection: Braised Short Ribs of beef and creamy polenta/ Orecchiete with eggplants, tomatoes and ricotta salad, dishes created by Scott Conant, renowned chef in USA. Afterwards, a ham and provolone sandwich. The pasta dishes are ordinary, the sandwich uninspiring but the beef is a real revelation. The meat is super tender and juicy and the polenta is wonderful.

photo 17726941155_cc51d93f7a_b

I pair this new selection with a stale Prosecco served at room temperature by an unenthusiastic bartender. Fortunately, all drinks are complimentary. It would be painful to pay and give tips for this quality of drink and service.

photo 17104424534_b1b02bf49b_b

Behind the glass wall is a space for children. It is hopefully closed to keep noise away.

photo 17539095468_32e45ef09c_b

And in front, the Bar Lounge.

I get pulled to this fabulous dish with beef. It is only the second picture but I must admit that I have eaten at least six pieces of these. I am not be the only one who enjoys this dish as the buffet was depleted each time that it was restocked with this item.

photo 17540498249_cae88612a2_b

Then to finish off in style, a brownie to die for.

photo 17104247964_b6ec7dff1b_b

Shortly before 12:30pm, with a tight belly, I make my way back to Concourse E where I retrace my steps.

I've finally understood the reason for the disinfectants to kill the bacteria.

photo 17106204763_382b681aaa_b
Here we are at E10. The signage is very original.

photo 17700170896_2f6b4c3716_b

No sight of a plane at the gate. The originating flight from New York with a stop in Las Vegas on its way to San Francisco is visibly late.

photo 17700140446_1e5de2ebd8_b

We can wait patiently while charging the electronics or playing slot machine with clean hands.

photo 17538848350_c995a8d1c3_b

At 12:40pm, the bird has finally arrived.

As it is customary with all Virgin planes, each airplane is baptized. Its registration is N847VA and is named Scarlett O’Air.

photo 17699998816_2741528b0a_bphoto 17105952763_ee072d52a3_b

Boarding was scheduled for 12:50pm, but passengers have to disembark and the plane needs to be cleaned and restocked. Several announcements were made asking us to wait a little bit more.

photo 17103755374_9021ba454c_b

At 1:05pm, the plane is ready and passengers in group First are invited to board. One of the passengers wanted to be the first to board. He rushed to be ahead of the queue but he does not know where his boarding pass is. It was in one of his bags, but which one? An eternity later, the two following passengers have their BP on their mobile phones. Oh no, this is not on my phone. It's on yours. After scanning the first phone, the second passenger is denied. Oh, the two BPs on your phone, give it to me. Once on board, I will learn during the flight that they are two Virgin Australia’s FAs on holiday in the USA. Regardless, these people were not discrete at all.

photo 17728582021_a936da444b_bphoto 17701926226_79e55a36db_b

At the door, we are greeted by a FA in black leather jacket. He reminds me the cop from the Village People singers.

photo 17540452498_9475fb68af_b

There is no closet and I have to put my coat in the luggage compartments. The last three seats in the First cabin will be occupied by a mother with her two children and baby. This is obviously their first plane trip as the FA advises them continually of what can or cannot be done once onboard.

photo 17699886806_710402472b_b

The FA makes a round with pre-take off drinks.

photo 17726183315_9197a3c0f1_bphoto 17728551871_88fc2c4e49_b

The pitch is very adequate for a flight of this length.

photo 17103639204_c9a0818ba9_b

Cleaning was done quickly.

photo 17539800639_f8f6ee818e_b

Some pictures of the wing and winglet.

photo 17538304188_c782a7c23a_bphoto 17538251528_1a21bc6d0a_b

A JetBlue makes its way to its door.

photo 17103529944_6421ab7f83_b

The pilot leaves the cockpit and makes the welcome announcement in the cabin. The door is closed at 1:35pm and the plane pushes back.

photo 17541960299_395c7460ba_b

During taxiing, cabin purser plays the safety video against a background of pop music. For those who are not familiar, a second musical interlude.

Video cannot be viewed for those in First since the screens must remain stowed during taxiing. However Ashley comes to the rescue and positions herself in the cabin mimicking the information on the video. But I prefer to watch the show outside. BA 2277 from Gatwick has arrived. Meanwhile BA 275 from LHR will land during this early evening.

photo 17699626836_7b81127600_b

I chose the right side for take-off facing the Strip. It is now 1:45pm.

Afterwards the captain makes a sharp turn.

photo 17538290380_70cc260e95_b

Strong winds always blow in Clark County and the climb is shaky.

photo 17103300854_b4231ed3c3_bphoto 17537961998_f30e6720ba_b

A golf course at the Wynn and Encore properties.

photo 17537932478_cbbb06e5cb_b

And the main hotels on Las Vegas Blvd.

photo 17723141162_7855409a47_bphoto 17723110702_efd915d0fb_b

My main space for the following hour.

photo 17701877466_38bae94b70_bphoto 17540404508_943708a7de_b

Time has come to enjoy the flight.The headphone is free in F but it is bad quality so I prefer to use my own set. So does my neighbor.

photo 17103067384_2fbf150b2c_b

I deploy the screen from the armrest.

photo 17725526015_ea5e4427b9_b

Several films are offered but the flight is too short to appreciate one to the end.

photo 17105166473_e6f68a2ace_b

The flight map is sponsored by a well known search engine.

photo 17537537728_b1871bc464_b

Or live TV. Virgin offers dozens of channels but I do not usually like to surf through the ads and the soaps operas are unbearable to a fault. CNN is available but I'm not in the mood for bad news.

photo 17102876164_26996ab01d_b

Fortunately for me, one of the largest golf competitions is on. How lucky I am.

photo 17725699661_5c0617688c_b

The FA passes through the cabin asking for beverage choices. The table is in the left armrest just like the seat control buttons and massage function.

photo 17537938850_9fe7e70fc9_bphoto 17537911770_691192c3d6_b

The drinks are served in real glasses and the catering consists mainly of crisps and cookies that one chooses from a basket.

photo 17725726501_e12455db8e_b

After a very frugal meal, it is time to get comfortable.

photo 17102819504_51461a232b_b

The pillow and fleece blanket are available in plastic packaging.

photo 17537451928_a81f8e89db_b

By contrast, when the passenger in front reclines the seat completely, the comfort takes a major blow.

photo 17538863029_6682da13c3_b

Meanwhile on the ground, the warm desert relinquishes its place to colder temperatures.

photo 17725274665_1f51141593_b

The screen is touch sensitive but a control set is provided just in case.

photo 17537422768_4f8b97fb59_b

Size could be better but since we are in a narrowbody, I won’t penalize for that.

photo 17722634762_f33c4e3e3d_b

And here we have an elegant way to interrupt the program when the crew makes their announcements. We begin our descent to SFO.

photo 17725159935_861875015d_b

Since we are arriving from the south, we do not have a view of the Golden Gate Bridge. We fly over Silicon Valley and suburb of San Mateo.

We land at runway 28L at 2:57pm and arrive quickly at the terminal 2 located nearby at 3:00pm. The following picture shows a great corner for spotting.

One last shot of my seat before disembarking.

photo 17107826763_992cd7b36d_b

Before leaving the plane at 3:04pm.

I look for my carousel. I’m amazed by the numerous code shares listed.

photo 17728132095_82c2fbd2ca_b

Moreover, our flight was conducted among others in cooperation with China Eastern.

photo 17102450534_dbe7f49e4e_b

The first bags come out at 3:21pm and priority tags are observed.

I had a wonderful weather during my three days in San Francisco. I took the advantage of renting a Ford Mustang convertible and visit Monterrey situated two hours south of the big city.

As a passionate golf enthusiast, I paid a visit to one of the sacred temples of this sport.

photo 17104582003_0b82aa48bd_bphoto 17537086698_5745121ecc_b

Thank you for your attendance and a special thank to jetsetpanda for the dinner downtown and for his precious help.
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For a domestic flight, the comfort onboard was very adequate, excluding the transcontinental cabins on AA and UA. Catering was very weak. It was Eco service in a Premium cabin. The FA did his job and nothing more.

The Centurion Lounge was a real discovery. Its catering was right without being overwhelming especially considering what other lounges from U.S. companies offer on their turf. I look forward to repeating this experience in the future or in another airport.

Informations on the route Las Vegas (LAS) San Francisco (SFO)


  • Comment 139806 by
    jetsetpanda SILVER 2246 Comments

    Thank you Bernard for sharing this wonderful report introducing us to the Centurion lounge in LAS.

    Obviously AMEX blows away any other domestic U.S. lounge when it comes to food and drinks. However, I must say that if you are planning to use the shower, depending on the time of the day, there might be a long wait. That was at least my experience at the one in SFO.

    I will hopefully report on the Centurion lounge in MIA in Sept. on my way to Rio de Janeiro.

    See you then.

  • Comment 140013 by
    Sealink 62 Comments

    Excellent report. I had no idea that Las Vegas airport was so close to the centre! The AMEX lounge looks amazing.

  • Comment 140577 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 4368 Comments

    Thanks for a great report Bernard! I almost missed it...shame on me :-)
    Ok, so you clearly need to write more reports in English (basically because I'm selfish and don't get much time to read reports in French anymore), haha.

    Love the Centurion lounges, they have such chic decor and the food offering just cannot compare to what you get in any other lounges in the U.S. I was in Vegas just a week before you were, but didn't have time to hit the lounge.

    VX clearly has the best Domestic First class seat in the U.S. (not counting transcon flat-beds on the Legacy US3 since those are long-haul international products). This seat is really good for a shorter flight or medium haul flight up to 4 hours or so. These are the same seats DL used to have on it's Transatlantic configured 757s prior to introducing flat-beds last year. Very comfortable.

    Thanks for sharing and looking forward to seeing those La Premiere reports in English! No pressure :-)

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