Review of LOT Polish flight Prague Warsaw in Economy

Airline LOT Polish
Flight LO530
Class Economy
Seat 16D
Aircraft Embraer E-170
Flight time 01:05
Take-off 18 May 15, 06:25
Arrival at 18 May 15, 07:30
LO   #56 out of 94 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 240 reviews
Published on 30th June 2015
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Hi all,

This segment covers the flight from Prague to Warsaw.

First I'm going to include some pictures of the spotting I did from our hotel in Prague Airport, the Courtyard Marriott, which has a nice area on the 7th floor facing the terminal and makes it easy to take pictures.

The hotel

photo image5855_zps24vyhfi1

Korean Air ready to depart to Seoul

photo image5860_zpskwuyzufc

photo image5864_zps6as7zfl8

photo image5879_zps3x2xbu64

photo image5880_zpsctzqkbnn

photo image5883_zpseacni9ya

photo image5890_zpsvzrdi0xr

photo image5903_zpssp7uasfy

photo image5904_zpsmful1li3

photo image5905_zpsrwb8dgtv

photo image5906_zpsu1c2dkev

photo image5907_zpssulgmv1p

photo image5916_zpseykendyc

photo image5922_zpsigibuyvx

photo image5923_zpszm33xxcn

It was nice to see the only wide body aircraft of Czech Airlines that had arrived from Seoul, unloaded and is here being towed to a remote stand

photo image5949_zpsox6ok3al

photo image5951_zpsnyrttuju

photo image5952_zpsqrfrwep7

Walking to the terminal to take some pictures

photo image5962_zpsydba5mq8


photo image5964_zpsyiz25ths

Arrival Hall

photo image5966_zpskhrxqffu

photo image5967_zpsqjikjql8

photo image5968_zpsvdica25i

photo image5969_zpsu1orpb4d

International departures section

photo image5971_zpstxwc1328

photo image5972_zpsgdv57g8o

photo image5973_zpsw3wynfbq

photo image5974_zpsq4kebjcv

photo image5979_zps6w30e5mp

There is a viewing terrace in the airport

photo image5982_zpsqavjf6v2

photo image5985_zps9f1uzhft

photo image5986_zpstwtqlu3a

photo image5987_zpsaq8cy7um

photo image5989_zpsls3h2doj

photo image5990_zpskx8vbp5h

photo image5991_zpsbey98n6e

photo image5993_zpsrfedpurf

photo image5995_zpstpirongs

photo image5996_zpsj98c8tfw

photo image5997_zpsmpuuzfbf

photo image6000_zpspe7vvcqm

photo image6002_zpstpnfwslk

photo image6003_zpscin9159i

photo image6004_zpsorocgdda

The terrace- there was not much going on at that time close to sunset

photo image6007_zpsuqbrq45n

photo image6008_zpsndide09l

photo image6009_zpsiqege4su

photo image6011_zps3rzm7ptv

photo image6012_zpsy8du5rue

photo image6013_zpszlidykq3

photo image6018_zps2jpcorwt

The Scehngen part of the terminal, which is very busy during the day

photo image6023_zpsg7vt0rpc

photo image6025_zps8y2ptsv2

photo image6026_zps95ilrbas

photo image6027_zpsq21ulghi

photo image6030_zpstnhwf0bh

photo image6031_zpstg2wj5zl

photo image6032_zpsr5z7xrhm

photo image6035_zps3p9womlc

photo image6036_zps5kqilb9h

photo image6039_zpszcpdw4cj

photo image6041_zpsaenndodt

photo image6043_zpsdkxluqcl

photo image6044_zpsurhvqljg

photo image6047_zpsvb2a9cg1

photo image6048_zps4dbm7jeo

photo image6049_zpsashols2l

photo image6050_zpsbdrfpxqb

photo image6051_zpsziynaytw

photo image6052_zpsb56dvir9

photo image6053_zps5m2jwank

photo image6054_zpsdjya0fib

photo image6055_zpspq3cy3fg

photo image6056_zpsrvjxqvbv

photo image6057_zpstxn7qdqo

photo image6058_zpslnrryamw

photo image6059_zpsyadgo6l8

photo image6060_zpsohkduaey

photo image6065_zps3bnil83o

photo image6067_zpsn4qmv64c

The day after we visited the observation terrace again

photo image7816_zpsmhztydim

photo image7818_zpsgxhdcukv

Czech A330 being loaded for its flight to Seoul

photo image7822_zpserjujyjf

photo image7823_zpsa8je4nv1

photo image7823_zpsa8je4nv1

photo image7828_zpscwsyicr8

photo image7830_zpsx2r9a6e0

photo image7835_zps1hthtnv0

photo image7836_zpspgxr1ujh

photo image7837_zpssm7jziwh

photo image7839_zps6h7n9dll

photo image7840_zpsa4twxguc

photo image7844_zpskkl9btzo

photo image7846_zpsnmqbqgop

photo image7847_zpsxypk7rzv

photo image7853_zpsm9he3rku

photo image7860_zpsa91mjnvy

photo image7861_zpsjdkof9gu

photo image7862_zpsw7esnfpe

photo image7863_zpsnwtflxis

photo image7864_zpsjyboaa4g

photo image7870_zpsq4sxfcid

photo image7875_zpskgotmtgr

photo image7877_zpst2gsy2zt

photo image7879_zpscgapieje

photo image7888_zpsxhmghi7b

photo image7910_zps0eaj3uq8

photo image7911_zpsihxviep4

photo image7913_zpsnppydesb

photo image7914_zps2qnnncsj

Czech Airlines to Seoul being pushed back

photo image7919_zpsq3wxnsrf

photo image7921_zpsbmrcdopp

photo image7923_zpskfqpn9sq

photo image7925_zpsclyjuzvi

photo image7926_zps9pvwutkp

photo image7927_zpsogbnjxgq

photo image7928_zpsa0jnshxt

photo image7929_zpsldkjkrlj

photo image7930_zpso9tzn4hq

photo image7933_zpsiop100xq

photo image7934_zps9k1agg2a

photo image7935_zps9isns4pb

photo image7936_zpsz3neeeld

photo image7938_zpsrrlwkfwi

photo image7944_zpsplybizel

photo image7957_zpsbgavjpk3

photo image7958_zpsv0l8aqss

photo image7959_zpsd5smfpws

Taking off

photo image7978_zpsfr6f31vc

photo image7979_zpsnkszkwlh

photo image7980_zpsawmfrexd

photo image7981_zpstopjbg7k

photo image7982_zpsl9scisru

photo image7983_zpsvt3leib0

photo image7986_zpsplbke4vd

photo image7987_zps6cvzlrnb

The flight day- early at 5 am

photo image8000_zps4nntmyq1

The hotel

photo image8010_zpszud8h2k3

photo image8009_zpsahhwcgop

photo image8011_zpshmqubfoc

photo image8012_zps0xr6anld

To gates

photo image8015_zpsrwkqcalr

Airside- The Schengen Terminal area

photo image8019_zpspxwpq6f3

photo image8016_zpsl8onznm4

photo image8020_zpsy7xxbuka

photo image8021_zpszrkuztiv

photo image8022_zpsgqu4ghky

photo image8023_zpsuglgozej

photo image8024_zpsuaps4v67

photo image8025_zpsuza45f6p

photo image8026_zpsyxh7bx9c

photo image8027_zpsujdcfqoh

photo image8029_zpskertvlhu

Our plane visible here

photo image8031_zps0b87rgrq

photo image8032_zpsgptkgpuz

photo image8033_zps4dyebi9n

photo image8045_zpsyma6mrhm

photo image8047_zpsuuaveqfv

photo image8048_zpsbodx1bfd

photo image8052_zpstjvqemmz

photo image8054_zpsiqqfrznk

photo image8055_zpsitum89vw

photo image8062_zpsnpcfe086

photo image8063_zpsxfdn1sok

photo image8065_zpsbmxyzljz

photo image8068_zpsjwgvt4qu

photo image8071_zpsj6ugh88k

photo image8072_zpsokm9n0d0

photo image8073_zpsucl60vuj

photo image8080_zpsiyqzbmbt

photo image8081_zpsl0sg2urr

photo image8084_zpsut0rtdou

photo image8085_zpsmqhfzua2

photo image8087_zpsxuycmwam

photo image8092_zpsnnumsdnt

photo image8094_zpszhzaxona

photo image8101_zpsf7lgdezd

photo image8103_zpsbrrntavm

photo image8109_zpswkif9cj0

photo image8110_zps1h96m0g2

photo image8112_zps6m7cw24c

photo image8113_zpsm5smhura

photo image8114_zpshx66ohml

photo image8115_zpsqfbnaqgh

photo image8118_zpsgzniloha

photo image8120_zpsjqgwpnx9

photo image8122_zpsihqzlido

photo image8123_zpsvwfmodgb

photo image8128_zpsl5ayphlx

photo image8132_zpsugus2mmg

photo image8134_zpsobdziq9u

photo image8135_zpsgqp4kfa1

Czech crew

photo image8141_zpsspwgkvce


photo image8147_zpsyhxo5rhj

photo image8148_zpsrjkiavg4

photo image8149_zps2xd1zcev

photo image8150_zps3m0ticv3

photo image8151_zps3vgrqdph

photo image8152_zpsyeitdgl6

photo image8156_zpskw5vmauv

photo image8158_zpsyzsuzszt

photo image8159_zpswj3krg1w

photo image8167_zpsmj2g9zuj

Take off

photo image8172_zpsshb6blj9

photo image8174_zps9nldyonf

photo image8176_zps4cwyyset

photo image8176_zps4cwyyset

photo image8182_zpsxx0fhgmd

Airport visible below

photo image8187_zpsn6urgiau

photo image8191_zps6ubeamny

photo image8195_zpssmpzfsr8


photo image8203_zpsbwg80t7q

photo image8204_zpsagtjxbir

photo image8208_zpst7hy1s2r

photo image8209_zpssum9gdbi

Shortly after they served beverages and a chocolate bar, and after 45 minutes we landed at Warsaw

photo image8213_zpstc2wzfms

photo image8220_zpscev936gk

photo image8224_zpsw7dgji8m

photo image8228_zpsgtahxch7

photo image8232_zps1a8cz6iz

We arrived at 7:30 in Warsaw and our flight to Toronto was not until 5 pm so we went out to Warsaw for couple of hours, which I'll cover with our return flight to YYZ in the next report

photo image8236_zps6vvilgrq

photo image8237_zpssp10bcep

Baggage hall

photo image8239_zpsaqdnxqdk

photo image8240_zpsf47yc7yc

photo image8242_zps1qfrebrm

Some pictures of the beautiful city of Prague

Czech bills

photo image5819_zpsyqre44ce

photo image5936_zpsc7z22hxo

photo image5938_zpswkb39xyv

photo image6121_zpsyqyiyh4n

photo image6126_zpsm8q1s80m

photo image6182_zpsdhwqp0fk

photo image6223_zpsvyfemxjo

photo image6226_zpstvbi1nal

photo image6231_zpsxehtxghz

photo image6235_zpssmigz6sm

photo image6240_zpsnddwpp7r

photo image6243_zpskg5g4ypq

photo image6268_zpsgebbclfb

photo image6297_zpsjztbnq0z

photo image6298_zpsysel3qtt

photo image6299_zpsjer5dasw

photo image6320_zpsy8yu5r2v

photo image6330_zpsiheyxwor

photo image6335_zpsjj6w7rgf

photo image6336_zpsnpyusksk

photo image6337_zpssxmvl8k1

photo image6338_zpsuv6surf0

photo image6360_zpsf4my3pp1

photo image6375_zpsqdarjnvv

photo image6376_zpserqlliqv

photo image6377_zpscn6te0hp

photo image6378_zps0aj9lhun

photo image6379_zpssrta84qb

photo image6381_zpsgd635ybj

photo image6382_zpsnpwliajb

photo image6394_zpsw4kye4xl

photo image6397_zpsmo20w1a5

photo image6398_zpscjzqkvji

photo image6400_zpswdtxmqs5

photo image6401_zpsxzgs6yug

photo image6402_zpsjc8auq7f

photo image6565_zpsw5zivuwm

photo image6579_zps5acv79ex

photo image6618_zpsprkvmcic

photo image6666_zpsplndl8pb

photo image6668_zpsgdux5iik

photo image6736_zpsg47kfubn

photo image6737_zpsuocpndya

photo image6738_zpsfglflwhe

photo image6739_zpsijo1eqob

photo image6781_zpsk3xx7rdb

photo image6804_zps6fo2zmca

photo image6814_zpsfz7kney6

photo image6819_zpspmdyx7vb

photo image6824_zps8hmw4mji

photo image6893_zpshzrq3egx

photo image6896_zpslrxmcc0s

photo image6970_zpskfpf60fr

photo image7017_zpscqtehh7k

photo image7025_zpsevhk8mei

photo image7048_zpsghkifiak

photo image7088_zpsaoffrz7h

photo image7089_zpsqgsfgefm

photo image7095_zpsqix7uauz

photo image7097_zps1jmvcljd

photo image7098_zpscuo5ihtz

photo image7135_zpsz9yqb7uh

photo image7136_zpslyplpr1z

photo image7138_zps4hlffj6z

photo image7139_zpshskwkncr

photo image7162_zpscrnavv70

photo image7180_zpscjuex2ob

photo image7182_zpsqjho7eud

photo image7802_zpslmbnoraq

photo image7355_zpschyc8tzp

photo image7359_zpsf0nrqixq

photo image7360_zpsk52tky9s

photo image7363_zpsqfh4ccoi

photo image7366_zpswtsqqzem

photo image7412_zpsjvqui7sh

photo image7419_zpsdawfiqnu

photo image7425_zpsjtm2hubz

photo image7446_zps05idxcm0

photo image7555_zpswfdzksga

photo image7609_zpsjwzxqyb7

photo image7612_zpsxd4bgmcf

photo image7615_zpskxiujlij

photo image7632_zpsrgxgavc0

photo image7633_zpsgckxoicb

photo image7641_zpsmurh4cih

photo image7643_zpsmjdi9ybv

photo image7663_zpsvlmnkcq6

photo image7667_zpsxroh7cbg

photo image7709_zpsh8rp9rtb

photo image7712_zpsen6hijqt

photo image7737_zpssbg4cuac

photo image7750_zpsptdawnqy

photo image7760_zpsrfjalq5e

photo image7763_zpsk3mtxe3r

photo image7764_zpsuccwjpos

photo image7768_zpssekdueac

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LOT Polish

Cabin crew8.0

Prague - PRG


Warsaw - WAW



Overall a great flight with LOT. Embraer seats are very comfortable and this made the flight very pleasant.

Information on the route Prague (PRG) Warsaw (WAW)

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La compagnie qui obtient la meilleure moyenne est LOT Polish avec 7.1/10.

La durée moyenne des vols est de 1 heures et 18 minutes.

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