Review of LOT Polish flight Warsaw Toronto in Economy

Airline LOT Polish
Flight LO45
Class Economy
Seat 28A
Aircraft Boeing 787-8
Flight time 09:10
Take-off 18 May 15, 16:45
Arrival at 18 May 15, 19:55
LO   #40 out of 72 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 220 reviews
Published on 16th July 2015
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Hi all,

This segment covers my flight back home to Toronto from Warsaw

Coming back from Warsaw city centre after hanging out there for around 5 hours during our connection.

Warsaw Central Station

photo image8306_zpsgecglmbz

photo image9188_zps03fnjg4w

photo image9193_zpstjbdgs9q

Our train at Warsaw airport train station

photo image9199_zpspnc3uuza

photo image9198_zpsyhpjizhq

photo image9200_zpscuyoqvzh

Walking towards the terminal building

photo image9202_zpsh6vtcdl0

photo image9203_zps0nzvjutz

Curbside of WAW

photo image9204_zps81kxummb

photo image9207_zpsjmeoxt6z

photo image9208_zps60820gkt

photo image9209_zpstcpikh4r

photo image9211_zpsyfp1j49w

photo image9212_zps3qeksmch

Security check

photo image9213_zpskvhkgdxn


photo image9218_zpshsw6qeeq

Passport control to the International section

photo image9226_zps8gcu6ppk

photo image9227_zps0uswowli

photo image9228_zpszjnfu4xg

photo image9229_zpsyuex9qr6

LOT to Chicago

photo image9230_zpstuhzmkxp

photo image9219_zpsmuzts73k

photo image9223_zpss0df2emw

photo image9224_zpsgxgnhwbk

photo image9232_zpsdxhhmtog

Our plane

photo image9214_zpsjkmv51ux


photo image9233_zpsy8vdqonw

photo image9234_zpsopmvuhqa

photo image9236_zpsmcsdd1oi

photo image9238_zpse0slsuzt

photo image9239_zpsyn4hawmo

Legroom was ok but the seat width was tight :(

photo image9241_zpsuaemtrrp

photo image9243_zpscofki5vh

Testing the window tinting

photo image9304_zpseb18zzd5

photo image9244_zpspikjakih

photo image9245_zpst2t8m9dp

photo image9247_zps0jbnpeyq

photo image9248_zps6usejehr

photo image9249_zps7ejacjt6

Push back

photo image9251_zpscgp63n70

photo image9254_zpsvz8muamg

photo image9256_zpsybwuechd

photo image9257_zpsfoqek2xy

photo image9259_zpsivshfek6

photo image9260_zpsppufllac

Take off

photo image9266_zpsv8is5bcn

photo image9269_zpshcjyzpha

photo image9272_zpsrhr5fcx7

photo image9285_zpsogo7uw9q

photo image9288_zpsrvx4tute

photo image9289_zps7qoce2ty

photo image9293_zps2qkswjkw

photo image9297_zps4ttpfav0

photo image9305_zpspdi8rfky

photo image9307_zpsjaaoo0lf

We suddenly flew very close to a KLM 777, which was very cool

photo image9308_zpswai9hvhu

photo image9309_zpsesynpzxp

photo image9310_zpswofnttjk

photo image9311_zps8uohtbhc

Another amazing and fresh meal by LOT- I chose chicken

photo image9313_zps7k3vorjq

photo image9314_zpsu3josoad

photo image9315_zps0uwzg7uj

More views

photo image9319_zpscetgjj6s

photo image9325_zpscppfleqt

photo image9334_zpsmcakdttd

photo image9328_zps1kbdnvma

photo image9330_zpssiq0lwzv

photo image9331_zpsikxv4yfe

photo image9332_zps5pqxqg6x

photo image9354_zpszugkk7wx

photo image9335_zpsq1wuold5

photo image9350_zpsfnhisiu7

photo image9362_zps6gajbhgc

photo image9372_zpsvclsousk

photo image9379_zpsykkv4dof

Pre- arrival snack

photo image9395_zps1blenvj4

photo image9392_zpsbzwvzxwp

photo image9388_zpso8yr7ab3

A roast beef sandwhich

photo image9391_zps4rcqqcex

photo image9401_zpscsjkwieq

Descend into YYZ

photo image9402_zpsuws16ds9

photo image9403_zpswzspia4o

photo image9405_zpsfx0pbjxe


photo image9406_zps25squfud

photo image9407_zpsgqjeepzd

photo image9409_zpsaygtkrij

photo image9417_zpsyynema7r

photo image9416_zpsvtkxcibw

photo image9419_zpscaz9wm11

photo image9420_zps1nzaqrsk

photo image9421_zpsxlchxxvp

Looking down at the departure hall

photo image9422_zpsnbk3rg3a

photo image9423_zps3fp3qznb

photo image9424_zpsgam9njsh

photo image9425_zps7rcpdjtt

photo image9426_zpsx5l30inb

photo image9428_zpsnskcr1m1

Long corridor to the passport control

photo image9429_zpshjxbq8cu

Customs downstairs

photo image9432_zpsldcqk3x4

photo image9433_zpsibpsdtd8


photo image9434_zpsl594icnn

Baggage hall

photo image9435_zpsc7dweztl

photo image9436_zpsridnw0x0

photo image9437_zpsqckrd9lh

photo image9438_zpstg485lxf

photo image9439_zps0n8nax9w

Some pix of Warsaw

photo image8306_zpsgecglmbz

photo image9168_zpsqkx88urx

photo image9184_zpsqu5tbidi

photo image9185_zpshhadjfwk

photo image8324_zpsv6obnuai

photo image8338_zps67q0slsb

photo image8342_zpsraarwegx

photo image8335_zpskr6pxlye

photo image8359_zpsn3ixqej8

Tarasy Zlote Shopping Centre

photo image8403_zps3su6j34l

photo image9183_zpsr2zhibqn

photo image8411_zpsvt0negfw

photo image8417_zpsqlolfy7d

photo image8422_zpsv6vmmr4x

photo image8431_zpsf68qto4e

photo image8434_zpsizeebdws

photo image8439_zpsbjo3tkuj

photo image8445_zpszl5lgipc

photo image8453_zpsbi3glfyg

photo image8460_zpsmge8nzqc

photo image8482_zpswtlcewgh

photo image8487_zpsfcifhhob

Palace of Culture and Science

photo image8504_zpsglsxxxjj

photo image8522_zpst6z2otb1

photo image8535_zpso6r3dfkx

photo image8538_zps9feyghvk

photo image8540_zpsksndimbm

Observation deck

photo image8608_zpsnapfb1oc

photo image8555_zps5kx87mlz

photo image8556_zpspwm8xhdk

photo image8560_zpsoazwrwdb

photo image8561_zpsdlwn76hd

photo image8562_zpsfgqh0nkp

photo image8568_zpss7xyrjc8

photo image8573_zpsrwjaa2su

photo image8581_zpstfc6a3lg

photo image8587_zpsrrj2ffmz

photo image8590_zpsyctctg6h

photo image8625_zpsxopgtt2q

photo image8646_zpss1piu7yy

photo image8649_zpst5gudwfc

photo image8653_zpsqsbq2kfn

photo image8657_zpsnpdxaxnr

photo image8662_zpstjhbhxzm

photo image8676_zpsg7fth0ho

photo image8682_zpsfk9ydovi

photo image8685_zpsbedqj3pm

photo image8693_zpsjn3vxmsl

photo image8719_zps3onmsix4

photo image8722_zps07hbosrq

photo image8724_zps3czjayop

photo image8727_zpsxzoivmbg

photo image8729_zpsddlcjcrr

photo image8735_zpsfjr3mfzk

photo image8739_zpsf1vdbdbo

photo image8742_zpsfymcsnh4

photo image8745_zps09lrh1sa

photo image8761_zpspuemh1oi

photo image8765_zpsbi5dthun

photo image8768_zpsrkqkbiep

photo image8777_zpshvq7pa24

photo image8780_zps0vrbe3u0

photo image8781_zpsj2stchdx

photo image8786_zps4vhihdwg

photo image8798_zpsfjybgogx

photo image8815_zpst9hgcrfm

photo image8816_zpsx5rn1nvc

photo image8818_zps9tnyqhvy

photo image8837_zps1cphe3pm

photo image8841_zpsvpqhsnbu

photo image8850_zps9nih8he7

photo image8856_zpsqabgbuiv

photo image8864_zpsype8kmhw

photo image8868_zpsujlp9gxw

photo image8875_zpsm0xrcujb

photo image8903_zpsukd603lh

photo image8906_zpsym6syyzj

photo image8909_zpsmlti3dv6

photo image8911_zpsqa8djfwm

photo image8930_zps8pufrlx0

photo image8931_zpsfxhjkwca

photo image8937_zpsv9vanzsp

photo image8943_zpswdzvxiad

photo image8952_zps1xlfq3lq

photo image8966_zpshhh9cb8j

photo image8959_zpsp9xzpxc0

photo image8961_zpsuaxuwgmf

photo image8962_zpsxgtntcxj

photo image8973_zps3x3hcgfc

photo image8985_zpsf90okt76

photo image8986_zpshjwawqzj

photo image8991_zps8viibinp

photo image8994_zpschptukzg

photo image9013_zpsl7rqlbgk

photo image9000_zpsmidnglf4

photo image9001_zps55qb9ueg

photo image9002_zpstafaytrt

photo image9010_zpsu7s4tvla

photo image9025_zpsjjadz9aq

photo image9037_zpsm48dkccc

photo image9060_zpstseiehs0

photo image9061_zps5fqmm6fz

photo image9063_zpsn25a7j0q

photo image9068_zps9qmr4avd

photo image9070_zpsvyqizu0f

photo image9074_zpsvydf76bf

photo image9075_zpspqkufzos

photo image9124_zpsnhnqkejh

photo image9136_zpsqgb6lbgy

photo image9152_zpso5nttufw

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LOT Polish

Cabin crew8.0

Warsaw - WAW


Toronto - YYZ



As I previously mentioned in my flight report from Toronto to Warsaw, the seat width was tight and this made this long flight uncomfortable. The crew were nice though and the meal was absolutely perfect and very fresh.

Information on the route Warsaw (WAW) Toronto (YYZ)

The contributors of Flight-Report published 4 reviews of 1 airlines on the route Warsaw (WAW) → Toronto (YYZ).


The airline with the best average rating is LOT Polish with 7.0/10.

The average flight time is 8 hours and 54 minutes.

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  • Comment 141610 by
    Benoit75008 7283 Comments

    Thanks for reporting this flight :)
    Beautiful Bonus from Warsaw, you enjoyed Old Town and Krakowskie street (where you saw president offices).
    If you have luck to fly through Warsaw again, go on the other side of vistula river, in Praga district, only district not destroyed by germans in 1944.

    Concerning flight, as you mentionned, not so comfortable, but you could feel better with this nice meal, even polish bread before landing in YYZ.

    How was IFE?

    See you!

    • Comment 320803 by
      whitelight44 AUTHOR 346 Comments

      Hi Benoit. Thanks so much and thanks for letting me know about the Praga area of Warsaw. That is so cool and I'd love to see it for sure :)

      The IFE was just ok, their selection of movies was not very strong but they had nice maps, so I put my screen on the map all the way and it was nice :)

  • Comment 141693 by
    KL651 TEAM 4519 Comments

    Thanks for this FR!

    Was there a beverage service offered before the meal? The flight time clearly allows it.

    The meals look decent but they seemed better ex YYZ.

    Interesting bonus of Warsaw, I would have thought the buildings would be older and more traditional.

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