Review of Delta Air Lines flight Seattle Tokyo in Business

Airline Delta Air Lines
Flight DL167
Class Business
Seat 1A
Aircraft Boeing 777-200ER
Flight time 10:00
Take-off 08 Jul 15, 12:35
Arrival at 08 Jul 15, 14:35
DL   #30 out of 95 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 833 reviews
By 7475
Published on 22nd July 2015
Greetings Flight-Report Community. Thanks for stopping by and having a look at this report.

For this report I will finally be sharing a recent adventure. This trip took place in July 2015 so depending on when you're reading this I would consider it recent! This is also the first trip that I set out on with the idea of reporting at this site. With that I tried to use the tips I've learned by reading so many of your great reports on Flight-Report to take more detailed pictures.

The reports will be broken down as follows:

SEA AMEX Centurion Studio, The Club at SEA, and Delta SEA-NRT (Business)(This Report)
Narita Airport, Delta NRT Skyclub, and Delta NRT-SIN (Business)
Singapore Airlines T2 Silverkris Business Lounge and ANA SIN-NRT (Business)
JAL Sakura Lounge HND and Korean Airlines HND-GMP (First)
Korean Airlines First Lounge ICN and Korean Airlines ICN-JFK (First)
Delta Skyclub Terminal 4 JFK, AA Flagship Lounge JFK and AA JFK-LAX (First)

I experienced several firsts on this adventure:

My first time on Korean Air in any class.
My first time on American Airlines in any class.

My day started very early to get to LAX for a 6:50am Delta flight LAX-SEA. I am not reporting on this segment as I have in the past. I had a brief visit to the Skyclub for some water and coffee. The flight was on time and I had an exit row seat, and entire row for that matter, to myself.

Short final to KSEA.

photo 20150708_093014

In the interest of having backup options I scheduled myself a +/- 3 hour layover at SEA so I was able to do a little lounge hopping/exploring. My first stop was The Club at SEA on the A gates. There are two The Club lounges at SEA but I was closest to A.

I only stopped in to use the computer briefly. I managed a decent Bloody Mary during the visit.

photo 20150708_100855

Computer use complete and flights sorted out I made my way to the new American Express Centurion Studio at the B gates. This involved a short train ride.

photo 20150708_105439

I was greeted by the garden wall feature that the Centurion Lounges feature and by two lovely and enthusiastic lounge attendants. This edition of the Centurion portfolio had only been open about a week. I was given a nice little tour and told that I can ask a lounge attendant for any beer or wine requests and that everything else is self serve.

I scoped out a seat by the window that offered good tarmac views looking back at the S gates.

photo 20150708_110319

There was a buffet offering breakfast items such as yogurts, fruit, cereal, and baked goods.

photo 20150708_110101

I request a local blonde ale from one of the attendants.

photo 20150708_110219

There was also a TV area.

photo 20150708_111434

More views of the crowded corridor between the A, B, and S gates.

photo 20150708_110642photo 20150708_111525

Final thoughts on the AMEX Centurion Studio: Not worth your time if you have access to the ANY of the other 4 lounges at SEATAC. I am really at a loss to speculate why AMEX would bother opening the 5th best lounge at SEATAC. The food is the most basic snacks and they don't have a full bar. You will find more complete food and beverage choices at any/all of the other lounges. The decor is nice and the staff seemed very friendly but unless I have a tight connection at one of the B gates I don't see myself using this facility in the future.

As it was getting nearer to my departure time I hoped the train again to the S gates. Rather than use the Delta Skyclub again I popped into The Club at SEA S gates location.

photo 20150708_112835photo 20150708_112849

This is a nice enough lounge with some basic food options. Sandwiches and hot soups are on offer along with a variety of snacks. The downside is that it was very crowded, almost at capacity by my observations. There is also a full, manned bar.

I opted for another bloody and some New England clam chowder.

photo 20150708_113418

I was able to take a seat at the window counter looking directly at the 777 that would transport me to Narita.

photo 20150708_113424photo 20150708_113435

Some cargo bound for Bangkok will be joining us today.

photo 20150708_114409

The Fly Delta app buzzed with an update that flight 167 was now boarding so I headed off to the gate.

I entered the aircraft through door 2L and crossed through the galley to make a left turn to arrive at seat 4C.

photo 20150708_115924

The menu, slippers, amenity kit (The new one with the hard Tumi case), pillow, duvet, and NCH were all pre-placed at the seat.

Note: After boarding was complete I noticed 1A was open so I asked the purser if I may switch. He said no problem but we're about to push so please wait until the seat belt sign is turned off after takeoff and climb. I prefer window seats and even though I would miss the scenic climb out of SEA I did switch.

After organizing all of my new found loot I was offed a pre-departure beverage. Choices were champagne (I think Delta serves Prosecco or Cava on the ground for some reason), orange juice, mimosa, or beer. I selected the sparkling wine.

photo 20150708_120206

Looking around the cabin.

photo 20150708_120414photo 20150708_120441

At this time the Captain, Scott Larson, came around to each passenger in (at least) the forward Delta One cabin and introduced himself, asked about our travel destination(s), and had a general chat. He was very genuine and witty. It was such a lovely gesture.

There was a 10 year old boy seated in 4B traveling to Guam with his grandfather. The boy had introduced himself to me and expressed how excited he was for his fist trip in First Class and his first time on such a big airplane. In fact, he recounted the same information to anyone who would listen. A very polite, articulate and confident young man. He was over the moon to speak with the Captain. I didn't share that I had done this 100 times and was still very very excited to be there!

At this time I perused the menu…and remembered to get photos!

With boarding complete the doors were closed and we pushed back from the gate about 5 minutes early.

As soon as we passed 10,000' the crew sprang into action and started to prep the carts for their service. The o-shibori was passed.

photo 20150708_131445

The seat belt sign was turned off shortly after and I was able to relocate to 1A. That's more like it!

photo 20150708_131920

The flight attendant serving my aisle was a very lovely Japanese American woman who was exceedingly friendly and upbeat. She gracefully switched from speaking English and having a playful demeanor with me to speaking beautiful Japanese and offering elegant formal service to several older Japanese speaking guests seated in my immediate area. I was impressed.

The tuna crudo was presented and I requested a glass of the Pellegrino and the Delta Sunrise Cocktail.

photo 20150708_132347photo 20150708_132315photo 20150708_132340

The tuna was probably gassed and of low quality but he olive oil, peppercorns and salted chives all made for tasty bites. I think the portion could be increased a little. It doesn't look very generous on the plate.

Over Victoria Island heading up the the Aleutians.

photo 20150708_132405

Next up was the corn soup and duck salad.

photo 20150708_135224photo 20150708_135236

Both of these dishes suited me quite well. The soup was a little heavy but had a nice warm spice. The duck confit in the salad was tender if a little sparse.

I also switched to a Rioja.

photo 20150708_142339

This was a bold spicy wine that I find works well at altitude when your taste sense is compromised. It was also a good pairing for the main.

The main was presented next. I selected the lamb.

photo 20150708_140443photo 20150708_140455

Everything about this dish was successful except that it was overcooked. Of course it was, it's a meat dish on an airplane and that is the rule rather than the exception. The brussels sprouts were crisp tender, the polenta was rich and creamy and the cherries were a nice compliment to the lamb. None of that can overcome the poor cookery of the protein.

The dessert trolly was up next and in the interest of science I opted to taste some cheese and plain ice cream. I continued with the Rioja rather than opting for the port or the sparkling red. The cheese was unremarkable and the ice cream was cold.

photo 20150708_143926

Getting into the IFE past the map is usually difficult for me but I browsed the comprehensive selection and found this really fun Internet program that I had not seen.

photo 20150708_212116

The episodes are only about 15 minutes so I mush have watched a dozen. On this one I thought it was funny that someone felt the need to state what Carl Reiner and Mel Brooks were known for. To me that's like saying Pope (Head of Catholic Church) or China (Large Country in Asia).

After a few hours of shut eye we were approaching Narita and the per-arrival meal was served. I opted for the egg dish.

photo 20150708_204042

I enjoyed the asparagus but the rest was not very appetizing.

After that we had a direct approach to 34L without all of the vectoring that I usually encounter when arriving at NRT.

photo 20150708_221853

Seat 1A is advantageous on arrival as I was the first one off the airplane. I decided to enter Japan as I had a 3 plus hour layover, sufficient time to get a bite to eat and visit the observation deck.

I snapped a few pictures on the walk to immigration.

Our aircraft from SEA.

photo 20150708_222535

Arriving from MNL.

photo 20150708_222602photo 20150708_222607

Delta has re-banked NRT to a single bank so it is quite crowded and more chaotic. Flights leaving to SIN, BKK, MNL, etc. are departing at or around the same time as DTW, LAX, MSP, etc.

Passport control and customs were very quick as, among the Delta flights, only LAX arrives before SEA.
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Delta Air Lines

Cabin crew8.0

Independent Club International


Seattle - SEA


Tokyo - NRT



While the 777 isn't my favorite seat in the Delta One inventory it allows for room to sleep and decent privacy when in bed mode. The service, starting with the Captain's welcome, to the Purser who accommodated my seat change, to the excellent flight attendant, was top notch. The catering was acceptable and somewhat innovative. I find the IFE to have a massive selection but he screen is dated, with lower resolution and small size. The flight departed on time and arrived on time. All things considered a solid and compelling TPAC product. Thank you for reading.



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  • Comment 142175 by
    giancarlo330 60 Comments
    Yes , I agree Delta has one if not the best Business Class service from North America at least to markets such as Lima on my experience were it beats American and United by far (both offering Intl Business and Business First products). I have nothing but great memories from Delta on my experience to Lima on 763/764 and this is a clear image of a very trendy and very european catering service quality...a bit similar to partner AF :)

    I also agree with the configuration of the 777, I much prefer the 767 J class config.

    Thanks for your report, outstanding pictures!

  • Comment 142227 by
    SKYTEAMCHC GOLD 10361 Comments
    Thanks for sharing this new flight with us.
    As usual ( or almost) Delta did a good job. As giancalro I only have had good experiences with DL
    I like their meal services that stick to simple but fresh and tasty products.
    This seat is far for my favorite but must be comfortable and provides direct aisle access ! I also regret that some items such as the comfort kit and menu are already on the seat and not handed out by flight attendants as there are too many things on the seat when you reach it !
    • Comment 321395 by
      socalnow AUTHOR 976 Comments
      Hello there SKYTEAMCHC and thanks for reading and commenting.

      Delta seems to have found some consistency with providing solid service and products.

      I also regret that some items such as the comfort kit and menu are already on the seat and not handed out by flight attendants as there are too many things on the seat when you reach it !
      - This is so ture now that you mention it. There is quite a bit of work to do to get organized when you board due tot he volume of goodies laid out at the seats.

      Thanks again and happy travels!
  • Comment 142319 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6909 Comments
    Nice report as usual! It's always fun to go lounge hopping; I'm surprised the Amex lounge is SEA is so mediocre--they're usually so good. I'm guessing an Amex Plat + Priority Pass is getting you access to this mix of lounges? Cute story about the kid--I was about the same age when I flew Business class for the first time. Being a natural born AvGeek I remember how ridiculously excited I was...and of course, I still get excited :-)

    The DL catering looks appetizing as usual and it's nice to see lamb served--really changes from the usual chicken, beef, or pasta. An overall good flight in BusinessElite...umm, I mean Delta One (not a fan of the new name). Thanks for sharing!
    • Comment 321464 by
      socalnow AUTHOR 976 Comments
      Greetings KevinDC and thank you for reading and the kind comments.

      I'm surprised the Amex lounge is SEA is so mediocre--they're usually so good.
      -They are some of the best in the US (low bar, I know). This one is branded Studio and was never intended to be full service as the others. But then that begs the question, why bother?

      I'm guessing an Amex Plat + Priority Pass is getting you access to this mix of lounges?
      -You are correct sir. Powerful combo, and 100k MR points were nice too.'s nice to see lamb served...
      -Indeed. I have enjoyed the Michael Chiarello menus.

      Thanks again and happy flying!
    • Comment 321520 by
      KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6909 Comments
      Ah yes, I missed the part about the studio branding. That explains it, but still a shame. Having choices in lounges is nice, but like you said, why bother if it's going to be mediocre. Most anyone who would have access to the Amex lounge also has access to the Club since a Priority Pass comes with most Amex, so it does seem odd that they even bothered to make an Amex lounge. And yes, the bar is set very low in comparison to normal US Legacy clubs (inside the U.S. anyway...outside they are better). The good news is U.S. legacy carriers are starting to invest more in having actual food in lounges. DL and AA have introduced this over the past year or so; not sure about UA...probably lagging behind as usual.

      IMO DL has always had the best long-haul J catering of US carriers. I liked the Michelle Bernstein menus from the days I was a DL FF, but the new Michael Chiarello menus seem to be an improvement. The use of lamb is definitely an indication that the catering is now more upscale. The only downgrade, and it's a small one, was when they stopped doing the warm nuts.
  • Comment 142351 by
    KL651 TEAM 4535 Comments
    Thanks for this FR.

    Aside from the nice decoration, the Amex lounge really is as good/bad as any other US airlines' lounge.

    Service onboard seemed to have been good, however it seems indeed that the quantities served have decreased slightly.

    Does DL have any plan to change their J cabin on the 777 ?
    • Comment 321519 by
      socalnow AUTHOR 976 Comments
      Greetings KL651 and thank you for reading and commenting.

      Aside from the nice decoration, the Amex lounge really is as good/bad as any other US airlines' lounge.
      -Precisely. I wonder why they opened to just be the same?

      Does DL have any plan to change their J cabin on the 777 ?
      -While nothing has been announced that I know of. I can't help but think that the seat covers haven't been changed to Dleta One so perhaps that suggests some kind of seat change is pending? One can hope. The A330/744 seats are preferable to me.

      Thanks again and happy flying!

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