Review of Tianjin Airlines flight Tianjin Shenyang in Economy

Airline Tianjin Airlines
Flight GS6571
Class Economy
Seat 8F
Aircraft Embraer E-190
Flight time 01:15
Take-off 13 Apr 15, 13:20
Arrival at 13 Apr 15, 14:35
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By 2184
Published on 2nd August 2015
I must first apologise for the fact that all the photos in this report are square. My phone defaults to 1:1 ratio photos so I did not think to change the aspect ratio until after the fact.

I recently returned from a work trip to China, and during that trip I was able to catch a couple of short domestic flights between the cities of Tianjin, Shenyang and Qingdao. This trip was my first time taking a domestic flight in China, and was certainly an eye opener as to the numerous airlines operating in China and the inflight service provided on short domestic legs in the Middle Kingdom. This flight only cost RMB 196, approximately USD 32, with a scheduled flight time of 1h15min.

My colleagues and I had a 6 hour layover between our arrival in Tianjin and our departure to Shenyang, and thankfully our company’s local representative in Tianjin was able to facilitate an early check in so that we could lighten our load and leave the airport to find some lunch.

We were checked in by a bored looking Tianjin Airlines duty manager at Tianjin Airport’s domestic Terminal 2, which is remarkably modern considering that Terminal 1 is somewhat of a dump.

For those who aren’t familiar with Tianjin Airlines, it is a regional airline under the HNA Group (Hainan Airlines) operating a fleet of A320s, E145s and E190s from its hubs in Tianjin and Haikou to destinations within China and regionally to Japan, South Korea, Russia, Indonesia, Cambodia and Mongolia.

With our bags checked and all other formalities settled, we left the airport to have lunch at a famous Chinese restaurant chain called Hai Di Lau, translated literally as ‘catch from the bottom of the sea’.

We headed back to the airport after lunch and cleared security, which was surprisingly painless and efficient. The first thing you see after clearing security is a bunch of high end luxury shops, undoubtedly targeted at young and affluent Chinese passengers. The terminal interior was very well appointed and had lots of natural light and there was ample sitting room near the gates.

photo 11155103_10152701896006315_1833860392011807426_o

photo 11155013_10152701896021315_562469010006219078_o

Date: 13/04/15
Route: TSN-SHE
Flight: GS6571
Reg: B-3186 (Embraer ERJ-190LR)
Seat: 8F

Our aircraft had earlier arrived from Xi’an and was continuing the flight to Shenyang. It was partially obscured by the boarding pier and therefore I do not have any pictures of the aircraft in Tianjin. Boarding was called 30 minutes before schedule departure and a mad rush of people swarmed around the counter as people jostled to get their boarding passes scanned. My colleagues and I decided to take our own time to queue and after the initial rush had cleared, we had our boarding passes scanned and proceeded through the doors. The pier did not have an aerobridge attached and we had to walk down a flight of stairs onto the tarmac and onto the plane.

There were 4 flight attendants on the flight, 3 female and 1 male. The male flight attendant greeted passengers at the front door and was also in charge of serving the 6 seat business class cabin at the front of the aircraft. The business class cabin consisted of 2 rows of seats configured 1-2 whilst the economy class cabin was configured 2-2. There were 2 lavatories on the aircraft, one in front and one at the back.

photo 11109626_10152701896331315_5306307138869966706_o

I was thankfully able to put my carry on in the overhead bin and took my seat by the window.

photo 11079459_10152701896811315_8837216061362200453_o

photo 11169692_10152701895976315_5520079065730216401_o

photo 11146107_10152701896096315_5975489210213120227_o

photo 10955147_10152701896366315_2282487038183148986_o

Boarding was completed quite swiftly and the doors were closed ahead of schedule. A manual safety demonstration was conducted in Mandarin, followed by a similar one in English. The crew members onboard spoke decent English, another unexpected surprise.

The safety cards carried onboard had instructions in 6 different languages – Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, Russian and I think Arabic.

photo 11206557_10152701896161315_1649054118048512680_o

photo 11187292_10152701896171315_631828237505403953_o

photo 11155140_10152701896206315_5704798951715842509_o

Inside the seat pocket was the Tianjin Airlines magazine and a small tablet which was to be the IFE for the flight, as well as the standard airsickness bag.

photo 1836965_10152701896266315_1435709021914495060_o

photo 11181227_10152701896116315_3853974587504100793_o

photo 10914950_10152701896381315_2003544778692794496_o

The aircraft was pushed back on schedule and taxied behind the customary follow-me car to the runway.

We took off from runway 34L and made a right turn to head towards the north east. The layer of smog near ground level quickly dissipated as we climbed higher, and it was clear blue skies for the better part of the flight.

photo 11194437_10152701896396315_8715870157422300734_o

We climbed to our cruise altitude and the cabin crew came down the aisle to provide a basic refreshment and snack service. Each passenger was given a bottle of water and a pack of cream crackers which actually tasted quite decent considering the length and price of the flight.

photo 10271381_10152701896596315_693349445475697442_o

photo 11200976_10152701896701315_788923135138702212_o

The tablet in the seat pocket had a decent amount of entertainment on it, including some TV shows and a surprisingly wide selection of games, including Angry Birds Space.

photo 11140783_10152701896276315_640543024763285057_o

photo 11154636_10152701896311315_7345491214808041690_o

photo 10830729_10152701896416315_99081900135289480_o

photo 11181242_10152701896486315_3974656942633733543_o

Soon enough, the aircraft started descending into the smog layer once more, and we made a safe and uneventful landing in Shenyang.

It was a remote stand for us, and by remote, I mean the furthest possible stand from the terminal. For your information, all operations at Shenyang are currently based out of the newly opened Terminal 3, whilst Terminal 1 and 2 lie derelict. Our aircraft was parked in front of the old Terminal 1, which is practically on the opposite end of the airfield from Terminal 3. Furthermore, the entire planeload (close to 100 pax) was allocated to a single bus to bring us to the terminal, which made for an uncomfortable 15 minutes before we disembarked into an empty domestic arrivals hall where our bags appeared shortly thereafter.

photo 11174645_10152701896806315_8676581202780496356_o

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Tianjin Airlines

Cabin crew6.5

Tianjin - TSN


Shenyang - SHE



For such a short flight, Tianjin Airlines certainly provided good value for money. The flight operated to schedule and the food provided as well as the tablet IFE onboard certainly was more than one would normally expect for a flight of such a short duration. The crew were nice enough and spoke relatively good English.

Happy and safe flying!




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