Review of Air France flight Paris Kuala Lumpur in Economy

Airline Air France
Flight AF246
Class Economy
Seat 30A
Aircraft Boeing 777-200ER
Flight time 12:20
Take-off 03 Aug 15, 19:55
Arrival at 04 Aug 15, 14:15
AF   #47 out of 95 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 4486 reviews
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Published on 18th February 2015
I decided to go to Australia. A country, a continent and so much more.

Of course, huge bonuses on Flickr if some of you are interested :

A special FR one :
A normal tourist one :

Please keep in mind this is my first routing in English so be kind with my writing, I wanted to start by English for the website to be more convenient for English people. It may not be as fluent as you would expect. Of course if I did some mistakes, please correct me.

As well, I hope my FR covers every aspect of the flight. It is quite a long flight so I know I forgot to take a picture of toilets, they will be available in the KUL-CDG trip back. If you have any other questions, I'm happy to answer.

To follow me there, I purpose you this routing :

KUL - PER Airbus A330-300 MH127
PER - DRW Boeing 737-800 QF792
DRW - ASP Boeing 717-200 QF1939 (Link)
ASP - AYQ Boeing 717-200 QF1941 (Link)
AYQ - CNS Boeing 717-200 QF1854 (Link) No FR, same aircraft
CNS - SYD Boeing 737-800 QF925 The last flying Kangaroo
SYD - KUL Airbus A330-300 MH122 Good luck MAB !
KUL - CDG Boeing 777-200ER AF241

I will follow an evolving plan for these routings, it will be much more clearer :

I - Booking
II - Getting to the airport
III - Landside
IV - Airside
V - Boarding
VI - From apron to the air
VII - Cabin + IFE (toilets + inflight bar if applicable)
VIII - Catering 1 Snack
IX - Catering 2 Diner
X - Catering 3 BKF
XI - Cruising views and winglets where applicable
XII - Descent and landing to jetbridge
XIII - Deboarding
XIV - Immigration (where applicable)
XV - Transit (where applicable)
XVI - Exiting the airport (luggages + way to hotels)


When I started to look at prices and different routes, I came up with this multi-stop option : CDG-SIN (AF)/SIN-PER (JQ) and SYD-AUH (EY)/AUH-AMS (KL)/AMS-CDG (AF/KL). Though, prices were a bit high but the SIN-PER was on J.

You got it. J? On a Jetstar A320 ? Hmm. Let's check on Jetstar website. Yes, as I thought, there is not any J class onboard their A320's fleet. Some days later, what was indicated as a J class on Air France booking system changed to UNKNOWN class. To be honest, a 5 hour flight with Jetstar seemed to me a very bad idea. Don't want to be cramped.

My mother was reticent to fly MH as some million people, maybe. Anyway, there was a big difference between the two prices. The first route was 3278€.
If taking : CDG-KUL (AF)/KUL-PER (MH) - SYD-AUH (EY)/AUH-AMS (KL)/AMS-CDG (AF/KL) : 2881€
Other option : CDG-KUL (AF)/KUL-PER (MH) - SYD-KUL (MH)/KUL-CDG (AF) : 2917€

And finally, after waiting and checking AF&KL booking systems for about 3 monthes, prices got very low : 2680€ for the last route option.
I thought to it one day, and bought them. I was okay flying with Etihad (more miles), but I saw numerous comments about how they had lost luggages, made miss connections to passengers because flights can be very late Etihad fly when they want etc. I did not want to take any risk with a 28 hour journey in Y class. Flying MH means a fast trip.

When booking MH flights on KLM website, it was (and still is) impossible to choose seats. But because Air France is a sister airline, same booking number, same trip, and on AF website you can ! Good way to avoid paying extra AF booking fees.

I even got Passbook (first time it actually worked for me) :

photo 20300622713_e0401dd555_o


As always, and I do mention it because I'm writing in english, I took a private chauffeur to go to CDG, which is the fastest, safest and more reliable way to get there without being stucked in downtown's jams with the Air France shuttles (they are quite comfy but you've got to have half the day to arrive on time, and they're not cheap). RT in chauffeur costs 96€ period plus optional tip. A deal because it does not vary depending of the time you stay on the road. Of course It would have been too risky with Uber.

So here we are, getting onboard this magnificient Peugeot 508 which some of you here don't like at all, and yes, I prefer as well a 7th series. But to fly a Y, that's always better than common shuttles and suburb trains ! Unfortunately, no photo of that :(

The trip took us 45 minutes.


photo IMG_2705

CDG is less crowded at the end of the day than it is at midday but even this day at 7PM it was still dense. Nevermind, Air France dismissed traditional people counters with self luggage drop off which means basically that human factor totally disappeared. A few staff is here just to ensure you are not doing a mess and making queues longer than they already are.
Obviously, codeshared flights with non SkyTeam member mean problems. When we arrived at self drop off, it started badly, we were not even recognized.
I called a staff member to get help, he was not happy being obliged to do so.

photo IMG_2704

He clearly looked bored. He checked on his screen without saying a word and our luggages left. Then he said it was done, he did not even gave us our passports and iPhone (passbook) back and did not wish us a bon voyage. Too much asked already.

We then went to PARAFE, french automated border control. My mother was panicked just at the idea having to deal with the automation. No worries, it worked for her but I had to do it twice to clear the border. System is simple. It reads your passport before opening the first door, then you enter and the system asks you to put a random finger on a touch screen to control your fingerprints. Once cleared, second door opens and you are free to leave.


photo IMG_2706

And yes, we are not at a K gate so go Skytrain to L ones.

photo IMG_2707photo IMG_2708

Once arrived, we cleared security in a few minutes, staff was not too friendly but helpful at least.

Large monitor helps passengers finding their gate when they scan their BPs so here we are, L48 for us, far end at the right.

photo IMG_2709

Because we have a lot of time yet to spend on the terminal before boarding, I went to Travelex asking for my online order. Wrong desk but funds are available anyway. Good point. At that moment, I'm pretty relaxed with my change and heading to gate.

photo IMG_2710

Our Captain is Mr. E. Perrin, it will be 31°C in KUL upon arrival with a +6hr timezone difference and several languages are to be spoke onboard : German, Italian, English, Spanish and French, of course. No delay scheduled.

photo IMG_2711

Blurry picture but monitor says it will be partly cloudy in KUL.

photo IMG_2713

We waited for 20 minutes or so for boarding to be started and then, just after some Malaysian guy asked me for my phone (bothered even at gate…) I realized my passport disappeared. I ran through the terminal to Travelex which I was sure kept it. I was right. Main job of Travelex : helping travellers. Keeping their passport ? Not very helpful… Anyway, I ran back at my gate and boarded good last.

V - Boarding

photo IMG_2714

F-HPJA AF A380 is in the background. Our aircraft for tonight is F-GSPN, 14,7 yo and old colours. So no Best&Beyond but that's not surprising because AF did plan to let a triple 7 go and to leave KUL as well. So no need for them to shine on that route.

photo IMG_2716

Refuelling in progress

photo IMG_2717

IFE is aged as we all know but the content is here and up to date.


photo IMG_2718

Pitch is quite generous although we have to keep in mind flight duration is 12 hours and 20 minutes. Seat not wide enough though. This is the main problem. 10 seats upfront have to be paid. I'm not fat at all, but frankly this is annoyingly and ridiculously small for me.

photo IMG_2719

We got a warm welcome on board from staff as always with AF flight attendants.

At 7:40PM everyone is onboard which means pushback can start perfectly on time for a flight a little longer than scheduled (14 minutes).

Safety card

photo IMG_2752

That's all. Yep, no mask… But a synthetic blanket nonetheless.

N661US far away
photo IMG_3725

Our left wing and left fuel tank as well

photo IMG_3726photo IMG_3727

We have a nice summer sky to end our wait in Paris.

photo IMG_3728

We taxied through Hop! land with F-HBXH
photo IMG_3729photo IMG_3730

photo IMG_3732

We are ready to take-off Runway 26R as I expected. I am on the right aircraft side to do some pictures of Paris

The Stade de France

photo IMG_3737

The Montparnasse Tower, Paris' sole skyscraper

photo IMG_3738

French National Symbol, The Eiffel Tower and the Champs de Mars plus the Military School and the UNESCO HQ behind

photo IMG_3739

Paris Postcard

photo IMG_3740

Climbin' through clouds. In about 20 minutes, thanks to the GE90's huge power, we are already cruising at FL330


Our delay disappeared, we are already back on schedule at 2:15 PM at KUL. On Y front rows we have a summer camp there and they are noisy…

About padding, I'd say 50% in W, 100% in Y. We did not cross J class so no idea for that matter.

photo IMG_2726photo IMG_2727

Newer music from IFE, good point

photo IMG_2728

Sun is fading…


Let's hop back inside

At 8:43PM, snack : cheese crackers + apple juice for me

photo IMG_2722

My mother always asks for a coffee when she knows it is not available at the moment, she always has it

photo IMG_2725


Menus are handed to pax. FA in charge of our corner are very friendly. We have an Italian woman who is always smiling and very professionnal.

photo IMG_2737photo IMG_2739

Chicken mustard sauce plus pan fried potatoes for me


photo IMG_2740


photo IMG_2744

Pasta salad was very tasty and quality was there

The main meal was very hot and tasted very good as well. Nothing to complain about. Everything was cooked well, not dry at all.

Camembert was typically french

photo IMG_2745

Lemon Tart Dessert was good but a bit small

photo IMG_2746

Night is falling

photo IMG_3755

Because IFE is old, it had to be rebooted at 3 times, meaning a 1hr loss (each reboot takes 20 minutes).

Before sleep, I headed to the inflight bar to get some apple juice, did not take pictures about it but the FA did it with smile and talked with other passengers who seemed so happy about the flight they did drink a lot of alcohol, which is why they ended up in the second galley as told by the FA to continue.

Btw, toilets were clean.

It is time for a little nap.

Seat is very unconfortable as you'll see in conclusion. I am badly installed and for hours I tried to find a good spot, unfortunately in this seat there is not. Cushion on the window, cushion behind my back, audio headset to shut down GE90 noise… not a thing to do about comfort.
I slept for an hour and a half, not more. I woke up between Karachi and Khombat bay.

I definitely gave up when we were about to cross Bengal Bay

photo IMG_2747photo IMG_2748photo IMG_2749

Of course because we are going East I knew that 5 hours and a half into the flight sun was going to set. But windows are to be kept closed at all times…

photo IMG_2750


An hour before landing BKF was served, as always, it is too late but AF keeps doing that.
Portuguese sausages with mashed potatoes, orange juice, white cheese, nice bread, jam and stewed apple sauce.

photo IMG_2751

Throughout our 2 meals, we were not offered oshiboris, which is bad because we couldn't clean our hands.

Our neighbour was quiet and friendly and he dit let us go out when we asked, hopefully he did not sleep. We did not abused, we left our seats 2 times in 12 hours !



And we are back outside for a lot of views of our descent

Landing !

photo IMG_3763

Can you guess the VIP ?

photo IMG_3764

This is MH 738 old and new colours land !

photo IMG_3765photo IMG_3766

SriLankan and Silkair are here as well both in A320 family

photo IMG_3767

SriLankan A321

photo IMG_3768photo IMG_3769


We parked at Gate C4 Terminal M International Level

XIV - IMMIGRATION (not applicable)

XV - TRANSIT (where applicable)

We made our way to the transit desk and asked the lady what was our next Gate because the monitors did not show it yet (too early). She gave us the information and we headed to it. It was at the far end of the pier. It was really difficult to take photos of the Terminal as there were lot of hijab and burqas I for obvious reasons did not want to be in my pictures to avoid any troubles so basically I just have a picture of the roof ^^

photo IMG_2753

What is good to know about KUL is you do have a transit part but you have to clear security once again before having access to your gate. There are not a lot of space outside the gates so if you are too early at the airport you may well have to wait in standing position.

XVI - Exiting the airport (luggages + way to hotels) Not applicable
See more


Air France

Cabin crew9.0

Paris - CDG


Kuala Lumpur - KUL



Well, I am young, 21. I had a back ache 85 minutes after taking my seat. No need to tell stories about it. It is bad, period. The cushion handed doesn't really improve the experience so I have to give a bad mark for comfort plus I had no mask to sleep.
Crew was friendly and professionnal.
Catering was mostly very good even if I don't really like sausages at BKF. IFE is well furnished but had to be rebooted 3 times, so cabin is too old.
Punctuality was perfect. Taxi was long upon arrival, 15 minutes late at gate (but for a 12h20 flight) so no worries about transit (we had 4h30mins). It seems like we had stronger winds than expected.

To conclude, well, flight itself was long due to the seat. I think it is a bad idea to fly in these conditions. Even good catering considered, if you have to fly these types of routes without Best and Beyond, I'd recommend W class at least...

Information on the route Paris (CDG) Kuala Lumpur (KUL)


  • Comment 144745 by
    NGO85 1622 Comments

    Thank you for taking the time to share this in-depth report with the English community! We don't get many AF reports on this side of the site.

    Ahh, the joys of ground service in CDG. These kinds of interactions actually make the flight OUT of CDG more enjoyable ;)

    Beautiful aerial shots departing CDG, the city looks beautiful at dusk.

    Old AF hard product does not sound enjoyable at all. That IFE is very antiquated (even if the content is up to date). The 3-4-3 as you mention is really tight even if you have a reasonable seat pitch in economy. It's no wonder you couldn't sleep (that and the whir of the GE90s for 13 hours). I think your description of the comfort on this flight is what I fear every-time I think about long-haul Y. With the new hard-product, this might have been a very good overall flight experience based on the other factors (crew/catering).

    We have an Italian woman who is always smiling and very professionnal.
    - Shame she didn't stay to work for AZ, they could use those smiles. Overall, it sounds like you had a very good crew experience.

    Catering for the first meal looks good visually (both the pasta salad and the chicken main), which is surprising for Y catering. Good quantity as well and better quality than you would see on a US carrier. The breakfast looks pretty 'economy.' Normal snacks were available at the bar mid-flight?

    Did you have lunch with Putin?

    PS- I think you are missing some pictures. The picture of your limo and the amenity kit were two that noticed. There are descriptions, but no picture.

    • Comment 323575 by
      st7515 AUTHOR 221 Comments

      I do agree for AZ! Ahah
      You are right for the meal, quantity was important and you can trust me on that point!
      Nope, this is Sergueï Lavrov for an ASEAN meeting^^
      I may have confused the reader at te beginning saying here we are, because I forgot to take a picture. It was more like here we go, let's start the FR. I'll correct !
      There was no real amenity kit, that's why there is no picture for that. Just the cushion already on the seat and a blanket in a plastic bag and I declined AF headset (everyone know them so I didn't think It could be important). But next time (if there is one) I'll take a picture of the cushion which is too small compared to MH for instance.
      Thanks for your nice comment ! :)

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    byromania 38 Comments

    Very nice trip report. Thank you for sharing with us. Your English is very good. By the way, that was one smooooooth landing!

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