Review of Aer Lingus flight Paris Dublin in Economy

Airline Aer Lingus
Flight EI521
Class Economy
Seat 26F
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 01:45
Take-off 12 Jul 15, 10:20
Arrival at 12 Jul 15, 11:05
EI 79 reviews
By GOLD 2495
Published on 28th July 2015
Hi everybody, welcome on my first FR in English!

Why in English? Because I was there to study it, so it's a good idea to practice it writing this report. To join Dublin, there are four Airlines: Aer Lingus (CDG), Cityjet (CDG), Transavia (ORY) and Ryanair (BVA). Transavia was the cheapest, but the outbound flight land at 19h20, too late. But it's ok for the return flight. Ryanair was also a good option, but Beauvais Airport is very far from Paris. Aer Lingus was less expensive than Cityjet, with five daily flights.

To join CDG Airport, I chose the Roissybus, a bus between Opera and CDG Airport. The ticket costs 11€, but it's free during holidays for students with the Navigo Imagine R Card.
photo P1070327 (Copier)
Only 30 minutes after, I was at Terminal 1. Traffic was very good this Sunday morning on the motorway.
photo P1070328 (Copier)
The bus stop was just near the Aer Lingus check in.
photo P1070329 (Copier)
At Paris, there is no Aer Lingus staff but it's Swissport's staff.
photo P1070330 (Copier)photo P1070331 (Copier)
My baggage weighed 21.1 kg and no 20.0kg, so I had to pay 10€!! For just 1 kg is unacceptable. Aer Lingus is a low cost company, like Ryanair… But their prices are not low cost!! I was very angry.
photo P1070332 (Copier)
Now, I have to go to the Border Police and the PIF. CDG 1 is a very old terminal, with six different boarding zones.
photo P1070333 (Copier)photo P1070334 (Copier)photo P1070335 (Copier)
There was not any queue at the Border Police
photo P1070336 (Copier)
Few luxury shops
photo P1070337 (Copier)photo P1070338 (Copier)
And the access to my boarding zone.

This boarding zone is comfortable, but there is not any shop.
photo P1070347 (Copier)
Fortunately, I was just in front of the two runways of CDG. Spotting time!
photo P1070346 (Copier)
A318 Air France
photo P1070349 (Copier)
A310-300 Air Transat
photo P1070351 (Copier)
A321 Air France
photo P1070354 (Copier)
B757-200 Delta Airlines
photo P1070357 (Copier)photo P1070368 (Copier)
A320 Brussels Airlines to… Brussels!
photo P1070358 (Copier)
A320 Vueling Airlines
photo P1070360 (Copier)
A319 Air France
photo P1070361 (Copier)
A380 Air France
photo P1070364 (Copier)photo P1070365 (Copier)photo P1070381 (Copier)
A330-300 American Airlines (ex US Airways)
photo P1070370 (Copier)
A310-300 Air Transat
photo P1070373 (Copier)
B777-200ER Air France
photo P1070376 (Copier)
B757-200 American Airlines
photo P1070377 (Copier)
A321 Turkish Airlines
photo P1070383 (Copier)
A330-200 SriLankan
photo P1070385 (Copier)
A318 Air France
photo P1070386 (Copier)
A330-300 Delta Airlines
photo P1070388 (Copier)
A380 Emirates
photo P1070391 (Copier)photo P1070399 (Copier)
A320 Lufthansa with a Star Alliance livery
photo P1070392 (Copier)photo P1070396 (Copier)
B777-200 United Airlines
photo P1070393 (Copier)photo P1070394 (Copier)
B737-300 Air Baltic
photo P1070402 (Copier)
B757-200 La Compagnie from New-York
photo P1070404 (Copier)
An Air France 747-400 is landing!
photo P1070407 (Copier)
F-GITJ, Air France 747's fleet will be retired in March 2015…

EMB190 Helvetic Airways
photo P1070413 (Copier)
Another A380 of Air France
photo P1070414 (Copier)photo P1070416 (Copier)
B777-300ER Air Canada

A330-200 Air Transat
photo P1070421 (Copier)photo P1070422 (Copier)
A321 Finnair
photo P1070425 (Copier)
And my aircraft from Dublin, an A320
photo P1070428 (Copier)photo P1070429 (Copier)photo P1070431 (Copier)
Boarding will shortly start on Gate 37.
photo P1070432 (Copier)
Boarding started on time. My A320, EI-DEF, 8 years old.
photo P1070433 (Copier)
The crew was very unfriendly. Nobody was here to welcome the passengers, they were talking in the galley. I said Hello to the CCP, and nobody answered me! My seat, the 26F.
photo P1070434 (Copier)
B737-300 Europe Airpost, a charter flight.
photo P1070435 (Copier)
1h20 of flight, and an arrival early said the captain.
photo P1070436 (Copier)photo P1070437 (Copier)
B777-200 United Airlines and A380 Thai.
photo P1070438 (Copier)
The Concorde
photo P1070439 (Copier)photo P1070440 (Copier)
A340-300 Kuwait Airways to Kuwait City via Roma
photo P1070441 (Copier)photo P1070443 (Copier)
B737-500 Air Méditerranée
photo P1070442 (Copier)photo P1070444 (Copier)
EMB190 Hop!
photo P1070446 (Copier)
And take off at 10h25.

Flight was full and also very cloudy
photo P1070455 (Copier)photo P1070456 (Copier)photo P1070457 (Copier)
A last view of France before crossing the Channel

The cabin, with a good pitch.

photo P1070468 (Copier)
In Aer Lingus Flight's, there is no catering. You have to pay everything, like Ryanair or Easyjet which are low cost companies. But Aer Lingus doesn't say that she is a low-cost airline! Furthermore, the cabin crew was terrible. No smile, there were in the aircraft just to sell BOB and Duty Free.
photo P1070473 (Copier)
We are now flying above the UK
photo P1070469 (Copier)photo P1070471 (Copier)photo P1070475 (Copier)
Descent started at 11h21.
Porthmadog in the UK
photo P1070476 (Copier)photo P1070478 (Copier)
Irish Sea

Clouds again…
photo P1070486 (Copier)photo P1070488 (Copier)
photo P1070490 (Copier)photo P1070491 (Copier)photo P1070492 (Copier)
photo P1070493 (Copier)photo P1070494 (Copier)
And landing at 10h46

B737-800 Blue Air
photo P1070501 (Copier)photo P1070502 (Copier)
B737-800 Ryanair
photo P1070503 (Copier)photo P1070504 (Copier)
A320 Aer Lingus
photo P1070506 (Copier)
A330-200 Aer Lingus
photo P1070507 (Copier)photo P1070508 (Copier)
We arrived at 11h01, 4 minutes early. photo P1070509 (Copier)photo P1070510 (Copier)
Nobody was here to say Goodbye at the passengers!
photo P1070512 (Copier)
My plane
photo P1070513 (Copier)
The queue was very short at the border police, but it took ten minutes for the baggage claim.
photo P1070514 (Copier)
To go to Dublin, I took the bus 747 for 6€ and 30 minutes. Comfort was very good with a free wifi connection.
photo P1070515 (Copier)
And finally I took the DART at Connolly Station to Bray, 25 km at the South of Dublin.
photo P1070516 (Copier)

Thank you for reading this FR and I hope that my English was easy to understand!

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Aer Lingus

Cabin crew1.5

Paris - CDG


Dublin - DUB



This Aer Lingus' flight was very bad. Cabin was ok and flight was on time. But the crew was very bad, there weren't any newspaper or magazine, and the catering was expensive.
Aer Lingus is a low-cost airline, with a bad staff. I don't recommend Aer Lingus. Their value for money is too bad!
Next time, I will take Cityjet for a similar price but a best service.

Thank you for reading this FR!

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  • Comment 145090 by
    marathon GOLD 9854 Comments

    Could't you remove 1.1 kg from your luggage and put it in a carry on luggage ? It is always safer to have some space in it, just in case, when you fly low cost (but then, you had not realized that EI is basically a LCC).
    Nice plane spotting; too bad that the weather was so-so.
    This report will do nothing to improve Aer Lingus's image. Thanks for sharing !

  • Comment 145318 by
    NGO85 1622 Comments

    Thanks for taking the time to share a report in English with us!

    CDG looked like a ghost town when you were there. Great spotting at CDG, do you know what the TK special livery was?

    I haven't seen an EI report in a long time, they really do look like they are following IB into the realm of LCC. Do they charge for drinks as well? I thought IB at least did complimentary drink service. Overall, EI leaves a lot to desire. The cabin looks okay, but the crew and service sound abysmal. At least your flight was on-time :)

    Really like the DUB approach shots.

    • Comment 324092 by
      nicobcn TEAM GOLD AUTHOR 5903 Comments

      It's a pleasure to wright in English!
      For TK livery, I don't know what is it about...

      In EI you have to pay everything, also drinks but in IB is the same... Booth are low-cost compagnys...

      Thank you for your comment!

  • Comment 145637 by
    KévinDC TEAM GOLD 5654 Comments

    Thanks for sharing your first report in English! Aer Lingus has such a weird business model with low-cost model on intra-European flights, but full-service on Transatlantic flights. Were you allowed to bring one bag for free? Usually LCCs make you pay for all bags, so if it was free, I guess that's positive (except for having to pay for overweight, but that's different). Thanks for sharing!

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