Review of Ryanair flight Brussels Dublin in Economy

Airline Ryanair
Flight FR 47
Class Economy
Seat 27
Aircraft Boeing 737-800
Flight time 01:50
Take-off 05 Apr 15, 19:40
Arrival at 05 Apr 15, 20:30
FR   #22 out of 24 Low-cost airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 270 reviews
By 2018
Published on 14th March 2015
Hello my little potatoes!

I welcome you for my first FR in English! I'm only 16 and I'm learning this language, so I hope you will not mention my mistakes.

Today, I have a treat for you (which goes with the FR - to reflect my feeling when I took this flight). Sit comfortably, open the youtube link in a new tab and relax. :D

I went in Ireland during my Easter journey in order to improve my speaking. I really had loved Dublin 6 months ago when I was with my family. I had reported my flights in French (also with FR). I booked lessons and a host family for two weeks. (For those who are interested in, I chose EF as school -and I found that it was a good choice, even if they're more expensive than the others-. If you want more details about it, ask me in the comms.)

Before the search, I had some points to look after:
-I had exact days
-I had a 20kg checked baggage
-I wanted the cheapest flight possible
-And I wanted comfortable flights (with maybe a stop but no at 6am or at midnight.

Ok, there were many points but I finally found that flight… a FR with 190e price!! Aer Lingus was at 200 and with inconvenient flights. I looked also for other companies (I think I tried every single European company) but nothing was better than FR. In another point, I booked the flight only 3 weeks before and in middle season.

So, let's begin. Do you like the music? (I hope you do.) I chose this one because it gives me the feeling of being completely free. It was my very first experience where I was by my own in another country that my parents. It was also the first time I took the plane alone. I loved it and afterwards I still say that this was the best thing I've ever lived until now.

I knew that CRL is an airport in which I don't have anything to do, so I arrived without many expectations about the place. I think the airport is just like Charleroi (the city): ''the most depressing place on earth'' (Belgian joke). In the entrance, we can see a roundabout with the translations of smile, fly, love, imagine… I'm pretty sure that it's to prepare people to the city. :P

photo P1140277

That's the entrance of the building. Take care if you came in Belgium that CRL is (also) called Bruxelles-Sud. Whatever, even if it's 30 km far from Brussels, it's quite easy to access and the travel in coach is only 5e. (There's no rail station but only coaches, bus and taxis.)

photo P1140283photo P1140284

In another point, it's quite easy to take plane form here: there's only one terminal which is well marked. Here, the baggage check.

photo P1140286

As you can see, today is Easter which means less people and a pink rabbit as decoration. I found this pleasant and smart from the airport which wants (like FR by the way) be friendlier with its travelers.

photo P1140287

CRL is a secondary-hub of FR which explain the number of FR flights. There's also some flights to Eastern Europe with Wizzair (W6) -my first FR- and sometimes with Pegasus and Transavia.

photo P1140288

The departure and arrival are in the same corridor. There are just in the two extremities of it with shops in the middle.

photo P1140290

Once I passed the police, I arrived here. There is a little duty-free, a market and a Leffe pub with a view on the runway. The water and the food are really expensive and I found that it's better to buy a bottle of water on duty-free (1e30) that in the market (2e60) or from the vending machine (2e60) - for the same volume (0,5L).

photo P1140293photo P1140294photo P1140295

I didn't look for the food but it seems that it's better to eat before the flight that in the airport (as everybody know)… (-except for The Lounge in CDG haha)

What about the architecture? It's completely the same that in the entrance hall: a long hall (with gates and chairs). There is also a child-corner but it may be paying.

photo P1140297photo P1140298

In the same view of wish of being friendlier, they bought a piano which is free to play. There are also some sheets for people who don't know any song by heart.

photo P1140300

I was badly impressed by the toilets because of two points:
-there wasn't paper anymore
-they installed a Dyson tap which gives water and dries the hands but when it's supposed to give water, it dries and then he project water and foam everywhere (from the mirror to the user's shirt).

photo P1140305

When I saw this, I understood that people are more sensible to the para-Olympics games that to the animals.

photo P1140307

Also, another advice: if you have to go off the Schengen-space, you'll have to pass the ID check and you'll wait somewhere where there is only one single shop which can be closed (as it was when I was there). Buy all you need before passing this gate.

The priorities were respected during the check-in and we went in the plane. Our today bird is called EL-DWE. Also, as you can see, CRL is neither against spotting nor free-spotting. The flight was full and FR allowed to put our hand baggage in the hold. I decided to keep it with me but it was a gentle suggestion.

Check-in and installation on the seat. I confirmed the schedule four days ago and I was happy when I discovered that I had a window seat as I wanted.

photo P1140319photo P1140322photo P1140325

As I had said before in my 3rd FR, I really don't understand why people are so badly astonished by the pitch: I'm 1m87 and I had 1cm free until the next chair. It's enough for an as small flight! (Ok, for the price I paid, I was able to found better but I didn't had the choice I remember).

Also, I don't understand why people speak about the numerous ads in the cabin; because I think there's no so many. They put some classic music before the take-off that can calm down people who are frightened by planes.

Bye-bye Belgium! Next stop: Dublin :D

photo P1140328photo P1140332

Some little planes from the BFS (Belgian Flight School).

photo P1140333photo P1140335

Take off in the late after-noon.

The first minutes of the flight and Brussels.

photo P1140346

Above London: clouds.

photo P1140364

Some English mountains between London and Liverpool with the light from the close sunset.

photo P1140370

The Man Island.

photo P1140373

Some clouds above the Man ‘sea,a picture of Phoenix Park and Dublin's centre.

photo P1140377photo P1140380photo P1140381

Next to the airport.

photo P1140387

Landing and parking with the sunset and some other planes.

The engines are still hot.

photo P1140416

Dublin, I'm back!

photo P1140418

Goodbye old sport.

photo P1140420

The water here is cheaper… but only in the airport. In Ireland, the bottle of water is as expensive as Coke but the tap water is free. However, the Irish government voted a law to sell the water and people did strikes because of it. Every single Irish that I met was against this law…

So, I went through this exit until the huge baggage claim area and took my luggage.

photo P1140423photo P1140427

I’m fond of milkshakes… And AMT do one of the best I've ever drunk. I had one in my town but it closed when Starbuck opened. I was extremely happy to found it here. PS: do not try the ones from Starbuck: there're not tasty at all!!!

photo P1140432photo P1140433

Once I had my large banana milkshake, I took a taxi to my host home (not so easy to take the coach with a huge luggage…). I arrived at the terminal 1 and behind taxis, we can see the second and new one.

photo P1140435photo P1140436

Thank you very much that you’ve read my FR and I want also to thank all people who tried to give me an as great journey as it's possible, even if they'll not read this (my host family, EF staff, kind Irish people that I met, my parents, …)

In bonus, there are some beautiful pictures from Dublin. I was really lucky: during 2 weeks I had only blue sky with a big warm sun and with some clouds in the worst moments!!! :D

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Cabin crew7.0
Buy-on-board menu5.5

Brussels - CRL


Dublin - DUB



My feelings: there was a smooth flight in a fantastic plane with a compagny that I like to a destination which I over-love. The single bad thing that I can say is about the price but I had no choise. By an other side, I had an AMT milkshake and a formidable journey so I'm able to forgive the price (even if it's completly subjective as thinking). :D

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  • Comment 146220 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 5331 Comments

    Thanks for sharing this first FR in English. Interesting that you say Ryanair is more comfortable than Aer Lingus. It is surprising considering Aer Lingus is the Flag Carrier of Ireland and FR is an Ultra-Low-Cost carrier. All that yellow in the cabin hurts my eyes...yuck. Nice shot of Brussels on takeoff. Seems like an overall good and uneventful flight, but I do find your grade of 8/10 for comfort to be a bit over-generous considering the seat pitch is notoriously bad on Ryanair and the seats don't recline. But the essential thing is that you enjoyed the flight. Wow, you had lots of sunshine in Ireland; you got lucky! I have friends that live in Ireland and I'm told the summer has been very rainy and gloomy.
    Is over-love your translation of Sur-kiffe? LOL.
    Thanks for sharing!

    • Comment 324814 by
      MonsieurNut AUTHOR 49 Comments

      I've never took Aer Lingus and I don't use comfortabe for the seats. I wanted to say that it's more comfortable to take this flight at 7pm that the aer lingus one which was at 6am (so wake up at 3/4am).

      I don't see in which part of my FR I say that about Aer Lingus, sorry. :D For me, Aer Lingus is just Ryanair in green (knowing that FR has 30% of it tells us a lot).

      As I've explained in the FR, I'm with those who are quite pleased about Ryanair (a lot more than Wizzair). I put 8 to express that (and upgrade a little the FR mark- that's true). However, (once again) I've never flown in another compagny that those that I reported (FR and Wizz, both low cost) so I hasn't had a lot of experience yet.

      You don't even imagine how lucky I am in life... Just as an exemple, during this trip, I walked single and went in a restaurant. There, my glass felt, broke and made some noise which was the begging of a talk with the familly next to me... who offered my meal when they finished. :P

      Hahaha not at all. I didn't even think about it. It's just like the word ''over-generous'' that you used. Well maybe my over-love is not correct in English but I don't know.

    • Comment 324820 by
      KévinDC TEAM SILVER 5331 Comments

      Ah ok, I get it now...perhaps the word convenient would be better to use if you are speaking about flight schedule, because the way you word it makes it sound like EI is not comfortable. Here is the sentence that I was referring to; it's at the beginning just after the video: Ok, there were many points but I finally found that flight... a FR with 190e price!! Aer Lingus was at 200 and with uncomfortable flights.

      As I've explained in the FR, I'm with those who are quite pleased about Ryanair (a lot more than Wizzair). I put 8 to express that (and upgrade a little the FR mark- that's true).
      - you admit you're cheating :-P Just kidding...everyone is entitled to their opinion. If it's 8/10 for you then that's what you put. The price is certainly very good, so that makes all the rest better.

      You don't even imagine how lucky I am in life... Just as an exemple, during this trip, I walked single and went in a restaurant. There, my glass felt, broke and made some noise which was the begging of a talk with the familly next to me... who offered my meal when they finished. :P
      - Nice! it's always good to get a free meal :-)

      Well maybe my over-love is not correct in English but I don't know.
      - It's not an expression I've ever heard, but it's cute and gets the point across :-)

  • Comment 146281 by
    martin1405 41 Comments

    Thank you for sharing this cool FR! I really like it.

    Seems you had a decent flight with Ryanair. I'm actually not a fan of Ryanair and other low-cost carriers, but it's nice that you were satisfied with them.
    Your pics are also really nice, especially the pics from Dublin.

    Hope you will make more FR in English because I like them. :)

    Thank you! :D

    • Comment 324871 by
      MonsieurNut AUTHOR 49 Comments

      Thank you very much! I'm going to report the return and also 2 other flights BRU-BCN and BCN-BRU (spoiler alert :O). Unfortunatly, it takes me a lot of time, so the next time you'll read me will be certenly in some months.

      Dublin has become my favourite city I've visited, it really worth! My pictures are just about well-known parts of the island but you can find a lot of little cosy places in quite every street or funny things (like the last picture).

  • Comment 146465 by
    Benoit75008 GOLD 7318 Comments

    Thanks for your report,
    Many things were already mentioned.
    FR have still some flights from CRL as i thought they transfered many in BRU.

    See you

    • Comment 325049 by
      MonsieurNut AUTHOR 49 Comments

      Your comment is completly true! There are some FR about this route but not in English or with FR. Moreother, I use this occasion to exercise my language.

      FR didn't used BRU in order to transfer flights, just to open new routes (closer to Bruxelles).

  • Comment 146744 by
    Chibcha 436 Comments

    Thanks for the FR, you managed to make a Ryanair flight an interesting read!

    BTW I thought your description of those hills in Great Britain as mountains a was a bit funny...if you compare them with the Alps or the Andes.

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