Review of JetBlue Airways flight Newark Boston in Economy

Airline JetBlue Airways
Flight B6 2380
Class Economy
Seat 7A
Aircraft Embraer E-190
Flight time 01:02
Take-off 19 Jul 15, 11:22
Arrival at 19 Jul 15, 12:24
B6 45 reviews
By 2923
Published on 22nd September 2015

This series will cover my summer pilgrimage home to the US. Our destination this time will be Boston. For the background and planning, please refer to Part 1 of this series.

Part 1 – NGO-HKG [CX 533, Airbus A330-300, Business] –
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Part 3 – EWR-BOS [B6 2380, Embraer E-190, Economy] – You are here
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Part 5 – HKG-TPE [CX 474, Boeing B777-300ER, Business] –
Part 6 – TPE-NGO [CX 530, Airbus A330-300, Business] –

This report will cover the short hop from Newark to Boston. This will be my first time taking JetBlue (B6) so it’s the perfect opportunity to also share my first domestic US report. This ticket was purchased for $60 on a one-way fare. UA’s one-way fare on the same route was $188 + bag fees (also on a rickety old Dash8-400).


After a sleepless night (I blame the Cirrus seat for being too comfortable), I met some friends in the Jersey area for breakfast then took the airport shuttle back to EWR. Arriving at Terminal A on this sunny morning. This terminal is also served by WN and AC, what an eclectic bunch.

photo 1photo DSC_0049_3

Heading inside the B6 counters are right there. There were 5 people in line, 3 of which had EU passports in hand. It was a short wait and I was helped by a friendly agent. It’s definitely a different hospitality from Asia, but it was still friendly. He checked my bag and handed me boarding pass noting the boarding time and directing me with his hand towards the security line around the corner.

photo 3

I’m easily distracted by shiny objects like these cute little UA ERJs.

photo 4

TSA always creeps me out, so here is a long distance shot as I approach the security check point.

photo 5

Security was incompetent with a number of people needing to get manually searched for not emptying their pockets before going into the body scanner. 10 minutes later, I’m through and didn’t need a frisking for once. B6 FIDS just past security. Mainly vacation destinations from EWR: Fort Lauderdale, Orlando, Fort Myers, West Palm Beach, and Santiago (DR).

photo 6

Ah, good old fashioned American domestic terminals. All kinds of junk food on offer. EWR is definitely showing its age.

photo 7

I went to go grab a seat by the window. Ah, here is one! What a dumpy airport.

photo 13

Jokes aside, I’ll just do some spotting instead. I’m sure everyone was staring at the weird guy taking pictures of planes.

B6 A320.

photo 8

WN B737-700 heading to MDW. (What were they thinking with this livery?)

photo 9photo 14

AC E-175 arriving from YYZ.

photo 10photo 11photo 12

That exhausted all the action in my little area so I went to the other side to see what was going on with UA.

UA E-170 with UA B737 lifting off in the background.

photo 15

UA B737 taking off with some CRJs in the foreground.

photo 16

The three amigos.

photo 17

Close-up of one of the UA ERJ-145s.

photo 18

UA B737s taking off. This seems to be the most common fare at EWR.

photo 19photo 20

UA ERJ-145 silhouette.

photo 21

UA ERJ-145 getting backed up across the way.

photo 22photo 23photo 24

UA E-170.

photo 25

And here comes the star of the show, my B6 E-190 “Blue Send Me” is taxing to the gate after arriving from BOS.

photo 26photo 27

Flag flying over Gate A-17 in remembrance of 9/11 (credit to Kevin and Esteban).

photo 28

While the masses pile off, the flight to MCO is boarding at the adjacent gate into the B6 A320 “Denim Blue.”

photo 29

Just for good measure, some shots of my plane at the gate.

photo 30photo 31

The hoards milling around the boarding area.

photo 32

The uninspiring B6 boarding passes.

photo 33


JetBlue Airways, B6 2380
Equipment: Embraer E-190 [N258JB “Blue Send Me”, delivered April 2006]
Departure: 11:22 (ATD: 11:34)
Arrival: 12:24 (ATA: 12:16)
Flight time: 0:42

Boarding was called on time at 10:52. The vultures are already circling.

photo 34

I get in line and my boarding pass is a fail. A nice red light flashes. The agent tells me to step aside while the other gate agent types me into the system. A couple clicks later, she hands me back my boarding pass and tells me I’m all set. Down the jetbridge we go.

photo 35

A smiling FA welcomes me on board as she is prepping in the galley. Cabin shot.

photo 36

My seat for this flight.

photo 37

Standard E-Jet pitch.

photo 38

These little TVs remind me a lot of AZ, but they actually work!

photo 39

Controls for the IFE and recline are in the armrest.

photo 40

We have a new WN neighbor, this time in the newest livery. A little less repulsive, but still ugly.

photo 41

The flight is around 95% full, but we are quickly boarded and the front door closes. Jetbridge retracts.

photo 42

The FA does the safety demonstration as we start our pushback.

photo 43

If anyone cares, EWR is at an elevation of 30 feet.

photo 44

We aren’t in Japan anymore, Dorothy. I don’t think he is going to bow and wave me goodbye.

photo 45

Goodbye EWR.

photo 46

Taxing past the UA Express outpost.

photo 47

AI B77W.

photo 48photo 49photo 50

PD Dash8-400.

photo 51

LY B772.

photo 52

UA B764 near the hangars.

photo 53

We are second in line to takeoff. Turning onto the runway, we can see the Manhattan skyline in the distance.

photo 54

We spring down the runway and effortlessly lift up over the industrial ports in Newark.

photo 55photo 56photo 57

We took off to the south and made an immediate banking turn to the right. Flying over the suburbs.

photo 58

MetLife Stadium.

photo 59

Crossing the Hudson River.

photo 60

Clipping the top of Central Park. Colombia University’s quad is also prominent in this photo.

photo 61photo 62

Crossing from Harlem to the Bronx: New Yankee Stadium.

photo 63

Beautiful views over the Bronx.

photo 64photo 65

New Rochelle, NY.

photo 66

Seatback contents.

photo 67

Safety card for this E-190.

photo 68photo 69photo 70

In-flight service guide and BOB menu.

B6 route map.

photo 80photo 81

In-flight service starts right as we pass Bridgeport, CT.

photo 82

The FA made an announcement that it is a condensed menu. Drink options were water, Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, and Apple Juice. Snack options were chips or cookies. The two FAs converged on the cabin from front and rear. The front FA handed me a bottle of water.

photo 83

The FA from the rear came by with the snack basket and gave me my bag of chips. You aren’t seeing mirages; this was an actual complimentary drink and snack service on a 40min domestic flight in Y in the US. Take a picture like I did to save this moment.

photo 84photo 85

My neighbor not only claimed the armrest, but decided it was also necessary to have his elbow on my side of the armest…

photo 86

Flying over Providence, RI. You can see that we stayed at around 12,000 feet on this hop.

photo 87photo 88

Heading into Cape Cod Bay.

photo 89photo 90photo 91

We are now aligned for the standard approach into Logan off the Atlantic.

photo 92photo 93

Low approach over Winthrop. Lots of people out on the beach today.

photo 94photo 95

Air-to-air with a US E-170.

photo 97

Almost there now.

photo 96

We touch down ahead of schedule.

photo 98

The Boston skyline as we taxi past the FedEx operations.

photo 99

Logan’s control tower with AA represented in both new and old liveries.

photo 100

9K Cessna 402. I really tried hard to find an obscure BOS-??? flight to take 9K on this trip, but it wasn’t in the cards.

photo 101

PD Dash8-400 and FI B757-200.

photo 102

We pull into our gate.

photo 103

The standard rush to the aisle as soon as we pull into the gate.

photo 104

After the masses filtered off, I took some more cabin shots.

photo 105

The FA and co-pilot (he was standing in the cockpit door) both thanked me for flying as I deplaned. It’s always nice to see the pilots post-flight make some effort to engage with passengers. Off through the jetbridge.

photo 106

Off to the baggage claim.

photo 107

Exiting the secure area.

photo 108

Down into the bowels of Logan.

photo 109

If you look closely, the sign says we landed at 12:13pm, yet the clock says 12:33pm and no bags are circulating yet. Not up to Japanese domestic flight efficiency standards. Either way, my bag eventually showed up and I was on my way into the city on the free shuttle bus to the metro stop.

photo 110

I will leave off this series here as I begin my stay in New England. Thanks for reading this report and please stop by the rest of this series!


Just to reward those of you that stopped by to read this unglamorous FR, here is a brief bonus from Portland, Maine. A nice sunny afternoon at Fort Williams Park on Cape Elizabeth and its iconic Portland Head Light.

photo 111

Wildflowers in bloom.

photo 112

Seagull basking in the sun.

photo 113

A little plane spotting as well: WN B737 in final descent to PWM.

photo 114

The main attraction: the Portland Head Light.

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JetBlue Airways

Cabin crew8.5

Newark - EWR


Boston - BOS



My first time on B6 and I was definitely impressed. It feels so different from the legacy carriers and shows that full-service airlines still exist in the US. Comfortable flight on an E-Jet with good on-time performance and excellent in-flight service for a domestic flight. If you aren’t alliance bound and they fly a route you need, then I would definitely give them a look.

Cabin comfort: Full cabin and an intrusive seatmate. Nonetheless, the E-Jet has great legroom and the pleather seats were comfortable. The big windows on the E-Jet are also nice.

Crew: Good old-fashioned American stewardesses. Both FAs were friendly and smiling during service with some southern charm (strange for a New England based carrier). It was also nice to see the pilots out of the cockpit thanking passengers during deplaning.

Meal and catering: Complimentary drink and snack on a domestic flight in the US, do I need to say more? It was a limited selection, but a selection nonetheless. Fantastic service in my opinion. There is also a BOB menu, but that was not applicable for this route.

Entertainment: I didn’t see any press being offered (not common in the US anyways). Standard seatback literature. IFE with moving map, I’m a happy camper. There are also a good number of TV programs and music available on-demand as well as DirectTV offerings for a fee.

On-time performance: Perfect.

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The airline with the best average rating is JetBlue Airways with 8.1/10.

The average flight time is 1 hours and 12 minutes.

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  • Comment 148289 by
    jetsetpanda 2294 Comments

    Déjà vu! How fitting that your FR is right after mine. ;)

    Your seat pocket was fuller than mine and it's nice that you were provided with a printed menu showing what snacks were available for free.

    My neighbor not only claimed the armrest, but decided it was also necessary to have his elbow on my side of the armest…
    - What a rude awakening. Welcome to the U.S.

    Thanks Michael for sharing this excellent report with outstanding pictures as usual.

    • Comment 326739 by
      NGO85 AUTHOR 1622 Comments

      Déjà vu! How fitting that your FR is right after mine. ;)
      - You just pipped me tonight, so fair trade ;)

      What a rude awakening. Welcome to the U.S.
      - Yeah, common courtesy goes right out the window. He had the aisle, he should have given me more space since I was jammed up against the wall. It was only a 40 minute flight so I bit my tongue.

      Thank you for your comments Adan.

  • Comment 148312 by
    KévinDC TEAM GOLD 5655 Comments

    On this route, I think B6 offers the best Y product. It was definitely a good call to fly B6 instead of burning so many United miles on a short flight.

    Newark isn't the most exciting place for Planespotting. It's nowhere near as varied as JFK or LAX. All those drab Unitental 737s everywhere. But, one thing's for sure, it's better to look our the windows at EWR than at the sad shape of the inside of the terminals. I think only LGA is dumpier than EWR. It's sad that 2 of 3 airports in NYC, the Financial capital of the world, are total 3rd world dumps.

    I’m glad B6 is as patriotic as me.
    - Actually, I'm pretty sure that flag is there because it's the gate from which UA93 departed in Terminal A :-/

    The hoards milling around the boarding area.
    - Welcome back to American and the fabulous wonders of domestic coach flying

    I get in line and my boarding pass is a fail. A nice red light flashes.
    - Normally. that's a sign of an upgrade...but of course, on B6, that couldn't happen. Well, except on Mint flights.

    We have a new WN neighbor, this time in the newest livery. A little less repulsive, but still ugly.
    - Agreed. It's just a new version of ugly :-)

    AY B772 - I think you mean LY. There really is a HUGE amount of traffic between NYC and TLV...DL has a daily 744/777 from JFK, LY has 2 flights from JFK I, both 744s, they have one 777 flight from EWR, and UA has 2 daily 777s from EWR!

    We spring down the runway and effortlessly lift up over the armpit of America, I mean, Jersey.
    - What?!? You don't find the industrial wasteland to be beautiful?

    Great aerial shots on departure and arrival. It was a perfect and clear day for it. You got lucky because NYC is usually pretty hazy in the summer when seen from above.

    JetBlue's route map is really impressive considering they've only been around for 15 years. Nevertheless, there's a big hole in the middle of the map--and this is why the mid-west is called fly-over country. Shame really, I used to live in the Midwest.

    My neighbor not only claimed the armrest, but decided it was also necessary to have his elbow on my side of the armest…
    - and he doesn't look there's no excuse, he's just a D-bag

    Nice pics of Maine. It's such a beautiful place. From Portland, to Down East, to the mountains, it's all pretty.
    Thanks for sharing!

  • Comment 148320 by
    Esteban TEAM GOLD 14868 Comments

    Thank you for sharing !

    As Kevin said, the flag at A17 is not meant to be patriotic but as a memorial for flight UA 93 / 09-11 plane that crashed in Pennsylvania as passengers tried to overtake the plane from the terrorists.

  • Comment 148325 by
    Rl 777 806 Comments

    Thank you for sharing this FR with us!

    Great spotting shots from EWR. I'm glad you caught some nice intl heavies like the AI 77W and LY 772, as most of the action was dominated by UA.

    You got some beautiful shots after departure and upon landing!

    Seat pitch looks acceptable and overall comfort looks good, I have to try an E-Jet some day. Unfortunately your seatmate didn't really make your life easier on this flight.

    Catering was good on this flight, didn't expect you to get a snack as well.

    I'm glad the screen had a moving map, that's all I need on my flights (a window seat as well).

    Overall it looks like B6 offered you a nice hop with good on-board service.

    See you on the next one!

    • Comment 326742 by
      NGO85 AUTHOR 1622 Comments

      Thank you for all your comments!

      EWR is more active at night when all the TATLs are getting ready to leave. When I was there in the morning it was pretty quiet except for the standard UA domestic operations.

      I was very lucky with the route we took and blessed with beautiful weather to get some clear shots of the city.

      The E-Jets are always a great option. I pick them over other narrow-bodies when possible.

      The IFE is something you don't get on the legacies (most of the time). I didn't check out the TV or music options, I just left it on the standard moving map to track our route. The snack offering is unlimited on most routes, but this was a shorter flight for B6 so it wasn't as good as it could have been, but still much better than what UA would offer.

      If B6 does a route I need, I'd look at using them again.

  • Comment 148345 by
    Chibcha SILVER 460 Comments

    DC-NY-Boston routes offer awesome views, as the plane never goes so high.

    Thanks for sharing, great pictures as usual!

  • Comment 148526 by
    cobra 3594 Comments

    Thank you Mickael ^^

    A real good domestic flight, and for a very short flight, IFE and light catering, and very thick seat seem very premium plus 2-2 Embraer config....great !:)

    EWR is like NJ, not very sexy, but it seem to work well ^^

    I'm very pleased by the bonus, and the shredded coast remember me Brittany ^^
    Blue sky, flashy wildflower, and even as guest star, steven Seagull :)))

    Ciao ciao

    • Comment 331779 by
      NGO85 AUTHOR 1622 Comments

      Merci Cobra^^ (3 mois de retard!)

      B6 offers a great domestic product for US standards.

      EWR is like NJ, not very sexy, but it seem to work well ^^
      - Sounds like CDG ;)

      Blue sky, flashy wildflower, and even as guest star, steven Seagull :)))
      - But no Jean-Claude Van Damme ;(

  • Comment 154185 by
    CB546 2 Comments

    Hey! Great report! (Try visiting the beautiful parts of NJ before calling it the armpit of America again, because it's probably one of the most beautiful states in the US!) It also happens to be my state :)

    Again, Great job and awesome pictures!

    • Comment 331778 by
      NGO85 AUTHOR 1622 Comments

      Thank you for your comments.

      No offense was intended, I'll remove that text. I think most people are aware that NJ has several very affluent areas. Unfortunately, most people only associate the run down cities of Trenton, Brunswick, and Newark with the state. Every state has nice parts and bad parts, coming from Texas I get my fair share of crap from people :)

  • Comment 363108 by
    Drewj21 21 Comments

    Nice FR. UA is very prominent at EWR because it was a Continental (CO) hub that was inherited during the merger

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