Review of Cathay Dragon flight Hong Kong Beijing in Economy

Airline Cathay Dragon
Flight KA906
Class Economy
Seat 60A
Aircraft Airbus A330-300
Flight time 04:30
Take-off 17 Apr 15, 19:00
Arrival at 17 Apr 15, 23:30
KA 67 reviews
By 3300
Published on 13th September 2015
This is my second part of flight trip to Beijing via Hong Kong. You may find my previous/first part of flight trip here: (KUL-HKG)

photo i00104
A warm welcome from Hong Kong Airport

photo i00101
Disembarked from our plane CX722 to immigration transfer for our next flight KA906 to Beijing

After we disembarked from CX722 we straightly headed to immigration transfer because we only have 1 and 1/2 hours for our next flight to Beijing. The ques at immigration transfer was quite long and the security check was really strict. Once through the security check we took a long walk to our gate located at the end of terminal where we need to take a bus ride and board our plane via stairs as the plane was parked at the remote bay.

photo i00116
State-of-the-art airport

Hong Kong Airport is one of the biggest airport in the world and I have to say that HKG is really heaven for airplane spotter/aviation enthusiast. Many airlines in the world offers a direct or transit flight to HKG. So I did some plane spotting before I headed to the gate.

photo i00106
Hong Kong Airlines A330 and Dragon Air A330 & A320 parked at the remote bay

photo i00110
Swiss Air A340-300 parked at the gate while Air Seychelles A330-200 being tow to the gate.

photo i00112
Air France B777-300ER ready for boarding to CDG while Korean Air A330-300 taxiing to the gate. Far at the back you can spot Singapore Airlines, China Airlines and Cathay Pacific all parked at the gate.

photo 20150417_175754
Lufthansa A340-600 parked next to Finnair A340-300 at the remote bay. Dragon Air A321, Air Canada B777-300ER parked at the gate and you can spot the tail fin of Virgin Atlantic and Air India.

photo 20150417_175835
CX B777-300ER in The Spirit of Hong Kong livery

photo 20150417_184316
Boarding gate open 30 minute prior to departure and we took a bus ride to our plane which was parked at the the remote bay. I was ready with my camera so that I could snap few photos of the plane from the tarmac.

photo 20150417_184615
However the moment I took out my camera one of the security guard on the tarmac shouted at me sir no photo please!!!. I was caught off guard and that's the reason why the photo is a bit blurry.

photo 20150417_184655
KA 330-300 and again the security guy shouted at me sir no photo and please move inside. Honestly I wanted to snap more photo but the security guard gave me a second warning so I off my camera.

photo 20150417_185113
The same exact seat from my previous flight CX A330 from KUL to HKG (you may refer my previous report from link above). Yup newly refurbished aircraft. I was told that all KA A330 has been fully refurbished with the new cabin seat interior exactly similar to Cathay Pacific newest fleet. KA is one of CX subsidiary, so that's the reason why you will notice that the plane have the similar cabin seat interior, entertainment system, dining equipment and the service is as good as CX.

photo 20150417_185116
Ample leg room for 5 hours flight to Beijing. It was really comfortable.

photo 20150417_193113
Studio KA offers wide variety of latest movies, TV series, documents, news, games, etc. The entertainment system and the content is exactly the same as Studio CX. Definitely you will never get bored on this plane.

photo 20150417_193733
Menu was distributed to the passengers with two options. However I already pre-booked my special meal for this route.

photo 20150417_195534
Off we go!! Flight was delayed 30 minutes due to heavy traffic.

photo 20150417_202000
Soon after the plane reached cruising altitude the meal was served. My special meal arrived first before other passenger and that is one of the advantage having your special meal pre-booked in advance, you will be among the first to be served on the plane. My meal tray: fresh cut fruits, chickpeas & black bean salad, paratha bread with the main course of white rice, masala cauliflower and tandoori fish. Generous portion of meal and it tasted really good.

photo 20150417_210325
Haagan-Dazs banana & cream ice cream for dessert

photo 20150417_222804
After meal i decided to tune on to one of my favourite tracks and few minutes after that I took a nap.

photo 20150417_225204
We arrived at Beijing International Airport on time even though the flight was delayed in Hong Kong. The plane parked next to another KA A330-300.

Here are some of my trip photos in Beijing. Enjoy!!

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Cathay Dragon

Cabin crew8.0

Hong Kong - HKG


Beijing - PEK



Overall it was a good flight. Basically what you get in Cathay Pacific is what you get in Dragon Air.

I got no complaint in term of seat, entertainment system and meal. The seat, entertainment system and layout is exactly the same as what offers in Cathay Pacific. The meal was awesome and tasty. 100% satisfied with the flight service.

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The average flight time is 4 hours and 10 minutes.

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  • Comment 148951 by
    Simmy1972 41 Comments

    Looks like the meal is quite substantial compared to the pathetic offering for flights to TPE. It will be my turn to experience the CX/KA combo next month. Hopefully everything will turn out OK.

    • Comment 327245 by
      Md_Syfq AUTHOR 7 Comments

      If you fly with KA from HKG you will be served with a complete three course meal for flight more than 2 hours and light meal box for flight less than 2 hours. I do hope you enjoy your flight next month and have a nice trip.

  • Comment 148986 by
    Rl 777 809 Comments

    Thank you for sharing this FR with us!

    The cabin looks good with the new seats and the state-of-the-art IFE system.

    Catering doesn't look bad, portion seems to be sufficient.

    Thank you for the bonus from Beijing! Would be nice to visit Beijing some day.

    See you!

    • Comment 327307 by
      Md_Syfq AUTHOR 7 Comments

      Thank you for your comment. The cabin has been refurbished with new seats, IFE and everything inside the cabin is exactly similar to CX newest fleet. I will definitely fly again with KA/CX and I am totally satisfied with the service.

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