Review of Air Canada flight Toronto Washington in Economy

Airline Air Canada
Flight AC7428
Class Economy
Seat 24F
Aircraft Embraer E-175
Flight time 01:30
Take-off 17 Oct 15, 07:00
Arrival at 17 Oct 15, 08:30
AC   #18 out of 95 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 379 reviews
Published on 24th October 2015
Hi all,

Below is the pictures from my trip to Washington DC from Toronto

Toronto Pearson Terminal 1 departure level for AC flights only

photo 22401596256_8186c417c8_b

photo 22427576505_abd87b3408_b

photo 22427573715_25aca1b1e3_b

photo 22427578765_94ea5e5eb4_b

photo 21806461143_ceee417663_b

Towards the US customs, which is located at the transborder part of the terminal

photo 21806457943_5e3c1f829e_b

photo 22414348972_1c3598efbd_b

Past security at the transborder airside part of Pearson

photo 22401567366_9f7d110182_b

photo 22239603850_d86035ef01_b

photo 22401557986_ebe8ab4097_b

Our empty gate as it was still early

photo 22414332162_f4137baea6_b

photo 21806435793_6fe79d89a8_b

Browsing around the transborder part of the terminal

photo 22239845538_f287f0c372_b

photo 22438436641_e1dd210382_b

photo 22401535236_a5184f3cc9_b

photo 22427520485_32bb757524_b

photo 22414306222_e8b2ff56d4_b

The ned of the transborder area and to the end on the other side of glass barriers is the international section

photo 22427511755_ab2edf1981_b

A peak at the international section

photo 22239559830_73f60f90cb_b

photo 22438406281_bbe5550c32_b

photo 22239810268_536acdcc56_b

photo 22401510976_14c069c15f_b

photo 22401507796_5b12c484e8_b

The left wing of the transborder terminal area

photo 22438394131_7b2a6fe007_b

photo 22438390711_590f895347_b

photo 22414274352_52c89be8e1_b

photo 22414272072_8644a3dee5_b

photo 21806374153_6d014b73c9_b

photo 22401486306_d52ec8b559_b

Through those glass walls is the omestic part of the terminal

photo 21806366093_88f031ce7b_b

A peak into the domestic gates area

photo 22414253542_a4f0a68afd_b

photo 21804740104_d58733f62a_b

photo 22401483186_ef967152d3_b

photo 21806366093_88f031ce7b_b

photo 22401477886_1b28499117_b

Transborder to the left, domestic to the right

photo 22394564586_e62b8595a4_b

photo 22239509490_e9e682bba8_b

photo 22239763208_eb48b42ea6_b

The end of the transborder area

photo 22239760418_c81eca5ac1_b

A peak into the domestic area

photo 22240656549_70fb12cbca_b

Looking back

photo 22239754998_4e884545b2_b

photo 22427435855_51bf474755_b

photo 22427432795_d56a257242_b

photo 22427425885_1770017f8c_b

photo 22239731938_edf016008e_b

Now exploring the right wing of the transborder area

photo 21806317073_bdc902f6e3_b

The right wing was filled with artworks from Pan Am games held in Toronto back in the summer

photo 21804696824_85c204fcb9_b

photo 22401424836_25ebb829ac_b

photo 22239462320_bc64d79681_b

photo 22427408595_b7b1ca0821_b

photo 22414189602_7c5d18f5a9_b

The ned of the right wing

photo 21804679514_55a0b365fd_b

photo 21806292803_42bced1fc8_b

photo 22427394865_f75ac1b981_b

Back to our gate for boarding the flight

photo 22414172242_cbc0fd1d06_b

The plane

photo 21799430523_d7a4ea88bd_b

photo 22401390856_51820d84be_b

photo 22438278541_d2ce83689a_b

photo 22239423820_04a0b18c09_b

photo 22239421780_be8fc00ff3_b

photo 22239675858_4dae70de7a_b

photo 22438267371_5bb2e6f40f_b

photo 22239670818_fcfa0e33be_b

photo 22438262291_a3462e0992_b

photo 22239407680_48e230ca28_b

photo 22240560279_1a6c400026_b

photo 22414142582_806b299870_b

photo 21806245843_4a5678f7aa_h

photo 22239647608_b9fa735445_b

photo 22438237021_0b971a570d_b

photo 22239639418_2ce3fc0291_b

Toronto Terminal 1 map

photo 22240533729_047ae39ec0_b

photo 22240530529_01452fa8bf_b

photo 22438223151_12ae7ce4af_b

The overpriced express train from airport to downtown- not many people use it

photo 22239370460_6d7766a077_b

photo 22414108252_6971727874_b

photo 22438215261_4e3090626c_b

photo 22240515479_4be088d482_b

photo 22239353220_ee7fc48ec6_b

photo 22438200001_5e6d8c4799_b

Although it was not very cold, we went to get de-iced

photo 22240494479_5f4bac01d4_b

photo 21806184353_1db26ff35b_b

photo 21804561074_27da06c880_b

photo 22427283095_3625c1b7b8_b

photo 22239588538_4ac5f2391c_b

Mississauga skyline

photo 22431415561_a80c08be73_b

Take off

photo 22239297410_13eb5d4d11_b

photo 21806139093_4396051dfb_b

photo 22427241675_dd4b3afa3b_b

photo 22427238015_c62a3f9a41_b

Looking back at the airport

photo 22240437729_0d5682f015_b

photo 22427230365_9f88b70d0e_b

photo 22414010602_39ff67f1be_b

photo 22239522758_8a1c476a91_b

photo 22438109561_0e5ce3bfda_b

photo 22427209055_1bfbdd7cb3_b

photo 21804549584_47944a4dde_b

photo 22401259726_01ebc4855e_b

photo 22427201755_e5cb03d442_b

photo 22239505538_7884223d29_b

photo 21804467464_bc6ac19680_b

photo 22401204016_cc1f7cbec4_b

photo 22239496138_0bce5d08de_b

Checking out the Wifi

photo 22401198506_066845d8e3_b

photo 22401194156_64984d9215_b

photo 22438076081_e5e8c36ceb_b

photo 22239224050_55f4ac233c_b

photo 22240372939_b886c99f35_b

photo 22239216950_b6a82a4ac6_b

Descend with amazing views over Washington D.C.

photo 21806056163_e59488e42b_b

photo 22413948602_22acce12db_b

photo 22413946262_c3df50d6db_b

photo 22401162926_ae5f7ef210_b

photo 22239201920_425f082765_b

photo 22413937472_9698d73be1_b

photo 22427143985_df78a0b7c5_b

photo 22239448688_812de1192a_b

photo 22239190270_7900fae2ff_b

photo 21806031253_963ff16518_b

photo 22401143116_7c8e2078d2_b

photo 22407336472_37a1a22e90_b

photo 22438027171_16bb2a10dc_b

photo 21804401704_b89eb09b92_b

photo 22427125115_bc4d5ea10d_b

photo 22240327559_bff1658832_b

photo 22413912292_7ba58edb7e_b

photo 21806014973_4fdb57dbd3_b

photo 22240319829_422ee063d3_b

photo 22413903772_56dc1eac6b_b

photo 22413901832_e6e857700c_b

photo 22413899522_1afac1bffa_b

photo 21804380014_d0268a8fac_b

photo 21806000193_4ccb501870_b

photo 22437998201_206ed3076a_b

Got off from the plane to the departure hall

photo 22239149290_fd7e91a9ce_b

photo 22401103946_19894d000b_b

photo 21805984963_12f592ab2d_b

Gate 3 is reserved for Air Canada flights

photo 22413876542_39686a36d5_b

photo 22427079555_c302e053b5_b

photo 21805967803_10fabe8e57_b

photo 22239372128_c961fdfa26_b

Passing by the check in counters for Air Canada

photo 22401065696_35d601e9d1_b

The baggage claim area

photo 22413858332_0e59d7cbb8_b

Walking around the terminal

photo 21804318694_388c0c1c6b_b

photo 21804325724_e7f7a0dbe5_b

photo 22401051186_d8e86ae62e_b

photo 22401048116_3ef4edf143_b

The aerial images of the DCA airport through the years

photo 22239342828_83b47f7246_b

photo 22239085050_e15acbdfaf_b

photo 22427026985_2dc6626853_b

photo 22401033066_d4fe3b64f3_b

photo 22240223939_141d719b21_b

photo 22240200859_9677b55257_b

Walking towards the newer part of the airport and the metro

photo 22401000956_151b895b75_b

photo 21804261324_99a32066f7_b

In the newer part of the terminal

photo 22239292368_57fa2bf7dd_b

photo 22413773372_bdcd8cb30e_b

photo 22239029700_0554d7559d_b

photo 22426972125_e4dce2195d_b

photo 22413760872_336b721971_b

photo 22239018380_43d4a06aa1_b

photo 21805853663_fcd1ca39ca_b

photo 21804216824_ea7558082e_b

photo 22239244208_988f53904b_b

photo 22413722692_9474394b04_b

photo 21804159634_ba788c2f32_b

photo 22426884095_c123bcedbe_b

photo 22240081189_1c61f386a2_b

Walking towards the metro

photo 22232831928_b746a1ccb5_b

photo 22239114368_5612112706_b

photo 22426805065_5fe789ddbb_b

photo 22400807646_e24828b5c4_b

photo 22413590662_e55658be42_b

photo 21804066934_ca5ee1fbb6_b

photo 22239096238_57c7ff301d_b

Washington is a great city and must see with so many nice architecture, impressive government buildings and great museums most of which are free. I live you with some touristic bonus pictures of Washington. Enjoy :)

Metro station

photo 21804053294_8d3ec5d07f_b

photo 21805665883_73e0a9613b_b

photo 22400775236_db5f73d80b_b

photo 22239946959_71c6a2df76_b

photo 22426735225_524c347109_b

photo 22238883108_99f504c218_b

photo 22238610790_93b7ccc5bd_b

photo 21805446273_1daff01386_b

photo 22426541885_5fcc31c1be_b

photo 22238834608_2a0732ddaa_b

photo 21805278493_fbd2f14c24_b

photo 22426356745_2441ff7a57_b

photo 22400299406_b249a736ed_b

photo 21803502624_89db075cae_b

photo 22238462238_e929c50906_b

photo 22239326649_cd91ea4ec8_b

photo 22232568860_1c1bd79fe6_b

photo 22239297609_7631a17aae_b

photo 22238135900_b8d3d126f1_b

photo 21803334174_b538682608_b

photo 22426038815_2522f36252_b

photo 22238072310_12f0d91b1f_b

photo 22412787632_805f844a3b_b

photo 21804684663_9815547c52_b

photo 22238884919_b952734024_b

photo 22436516761_9ef2ace7d1_b

photo 22412383662_29feb0fe76_b

photo 21802783944_75e3f3e72e_b

photo 22425515095_4d49196f0f_b

photo 22412231342_b18ee2f644_b

photo 22436314641_7399fa696f_b

photo 21804312183_c06a980755_b

photo 22399420306_9b803ba31c_b

photo 22238365519_1d0ea975eb_b

photo 22411914902_464a4ef993_b

photo 21803944633_f03d624550_b

photo 22399043216_bfc1898130_b

photo 21803910723_e878a742bf_b

photo 21802205414_0cd5e5edee_b

photo 22435818681_326e87509d_b

Washington monument

photo 22411676322_632dbee084_b

photo 22424880635_9d1047c7d7_b

photo 21802117714_5e1da9eebc_b

photo 22424831265_fbbdd64466_b

photo 22236872290_89ce15988d_b

photo 22396650806_a8bbf6b49c_b

photo 22409422832_4e0daef8c6_b

photo 22234670980_beb0b31f16_b

DCA airport can bee seen in the distance

photo 22234644900_a940577d28_b

photo 21799826454_f6e53abce1_b

photo 22234870648_1a8fa81646_b

White house

photo 22396473976_9ffb828e23_b

photo 21801378333_8be96e2a36_b

photo 21801481033_e88bdce46a_b

photo 22422574685_4f2f64dc2c_b


photo 21799845314_815423cd87_b

photo 22396554746_a8decc012a_b

photo 22234817608_33a4818c26_b

photo 22433405881_631c85a217_b

photo 22234330770_849f49f9ee_b

photo 22422222005_3c23d0a6bf_b

photo 22408992582_802c9a3f8c_b

photo 21799449394_8e36fc12f3_b

photo 22422177375_f2d63d12cb_b

photo 21801060353_2b434461e0_b

photo 22234174920_0d8d436fba_b

Aerospace Museum

photo 22396030786_d391124d48_b

photo 22432888251_54325d4505_b

photo 21799246404_1624361d0a_b

National Gallery of Art

photo 22432808941_1527e39791_b

photo 22235098819_e505657cdd_b

photo 22408664522_08912fd106_b

Natural History Museum

photo 21800717683_df3cf433f6_b

photo 22421827525_236c0f323b_b

photo 22233863420_29f174dffd_b

photo 22395825176_dcf6f1d54c_b

American History Museum

photo 22395792986_59aa3db62b_b

photo 21800630033_aeaff85214_b

Bethesda- a suburb north of downtown

photo 22233627538_efb1031b40_b

photo 21800197633_c68d0d5946_b

photo 22432108791_73b3fdf424_b

photo 22421269105_ae86942e3d_b

photo 21800186513_9d55dedbeb_b

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Air Canada

Cabin crew8.0

Toronto - YYZ


Washington - DCA



Overall a comfortable flight with AC. Their Embraers have comfortable seats with good leg room and seat width. The IFE is nice too with a wide selection of movies and categories to chose from.



If you liked this review or if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to post a comment below !
  • Comment 149174 by
    tn92 173 Comments
    Your photographs taken during descend are really so amazing!! Totally enjoyed looking at them. Same for your tourism bonus in Washington. Great photos!
    It's always interesting to see individual IFE screens being installed on such small aircrafts. Haha. Thanks for sharing this report with great photos!
  • Comment 149200 by
    st7515 217 Comments
    Thanks for this amazing Washington bonus and the deicing process! Great AC cabin with comfy seats and IFE
  • Comment 149215 by
    Chibcha SILVER 595 Comments
    YYZ looked eerily empty that morning. The flight didn't look anything extraordinary, yet AC's E190 look awesome!

    Great aerials, specially during landing into DCA!

    Thanks for the D.C. bonus, it brought really nice memories back.
    • Comment 327448 by
      whitelight44 AUTHOR 346 Comments
      Thanks very much Chibcha. Actually YYZ looked empty when I took the pictures as it was around 5 am but by around 7 in the morning, the terminal was more crowded as there are many US flights that depart around 7 or 8 am.
  • Comment 149775 by
    KévinDC TEAM GOLD 6921 Comments
    A great report with beautiful pictures as usual. I really like the AC E-jets. It's nice that they all have PTVs. It's quite a contrast with the service provided on the YUL-DCA route on an uncomfortable Air Canada Jazz CRJ200. Nice bonus pics. I hope you had a good time in my city!
    • Comment 327954 by
      whitelight44 AUTHOR 346 Comments
      Thanks so much Kevin. Yes, I love the Embraers seat comfort the most in all AC fleet. Very cool that you live in DC. It's such a nice city with so many things to see and do, I don't know why I thought you lived in Montreal. We should plan a FR gathering in Canada, if Toronto it'd be the best as the plane spotting in Pearson is very cool too :)

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