Review of Vietnam Airlines flight Ho Chi Minh City Taipei in Economy

Airline Vietnam Airlines
Flight VN570
Class Economy
Seat 33E
Aircraft Airbus A321
Flight time 03:20
Take-off 09 Dec 14, 16:55
Arrival at 09 Dec 14, 21:15
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Published on 25th October 2015
2014 EOY Trip Flight #2
I am back for a series of report on the 10 flights we took back in December 2014 for our end-of-year trip. It was a great trip with 4 new airlines, 5 new airports and 2 new cities. The routing was SIN-SGN-TPE-PVG-ICN, GMP-PUS-GMP, ICN-PVG-TPE-HAN-SIN. To visualize the route we took, please refer to the map at the start of the report.

While our plan was only to visit my relatives in Taipei, and spend 10 days in Korea, the routing of our flights became more complicated as we decided to give up the direct flights available, so as to go for cheaper tickets that will also allow us to fly more!

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Vietnam Airlines VN570
Aircraft Registration: VN-A609
Origin: Tan Son Nhat International Airport, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam (SGN)
Destination: Taoyuan International Airport, Taiwan (TPE)
Date: Tuesday, 9 December 2014
Boarding Time: 1605h (UTC+07:00)
STD/STA: 1655h (UTC+07:00) to 2115h (UTC+08:00)
ATD/ATA: 1658h (UTC+07:00) to 2121h (UTC+08:00)
Estimated Duration: 03 hours 20 minutes
Actual Duration: 03 hour 15 minutes
Flight Distance: About 1,384 miles / 2,228 km

Here is the route map for this trip.

photo 002 Map of Flights_Edited

(Image credit: GC Map)

photo 1424 Slide01

We took ten minutes to get over transit security. After which, it was up the stairs and into the departure airside area. What we saw first were all the duty free shops.

photo 1425 IMG_9787 First Impression of Departure Airside

With no interest in duty free shopping, we went straight to find the restaurant areas to see if there were any Vietnamese food stalls.

In the food court area, the wifi signal was strong and we were connected to the Internet in a few seconds. There were even different choices of wifi IDs and passwords for us to choose from, haha!

photo 1432 IMG_9789 Terminal Free Wifi

And then, it was time for some Vietnamese food!

photo 1433a DSC02949 UTC0700 Time for Some Food

Apart from Vietnamese cuisine, there were a lot of other food choices for us to choose from. However, all three of us settled for a bowl of Vietnamese Pho each, but I guess any travellers who are going to transit at, or depart from, SGN need not worry about having too little food choices.

photo 1433b DSC02951 Lots of Food Options

At this moment, I realized that the airport has got really great tarmac views.

photo 1433c DSC02950 Great Tarmac View

A particular aircraft caught my attention – LOT’s B787-8 Dreamliner (Reg: SP-LRC), this aircraft was probably heading to Warsaw as LO6508. As far as I am concerned, I don’t think Ho Chi Minh City is a scheduled destination for LOT and they only fly a few charter flights to and fro Vietnam throughout the year.

photo 1437 DSC02952 LOT B788 SP-LRC LO6508 Charter Flight Bound for Warsaw

To me, LOT is a very unfamiliar airline so I felt lucky to be able to catch it at SGN. After that, it was time for a good bowl of Vietnamese Pho. Even though it’s common that food in the airport usually aren’t nice, this bowl of noodle was awesome! It probably is one of the best bowls of Pho I have eaten; and this makes me even keener to visit Vietnam soon, as a tourist. (My girlfriend and I are just so into food; travelling = finding and eating all the awesome food around the world!)

photo 1443 DSC02960 Our Food

After a satisfactory meal, time for some more spotting.

This Tigerair aircraft in its old livery is 9V-TRG; it was heading to back to Singapore as TR2325.

photo 1438 DSC02954 TR2325 SGN-SIN 9V-TRG

LOT’s B787 departing for Warsaw. I hope, sincerely, for a flight on LOT soon! Don’t think it will ever happen in the near future.

photo 1444 DSC02962 Departing

This little guy here is an ATR72 (Reg: VN-B223); this is the smallest aircraft in Vietnam Airline’s fleet.

photo 1445 DSC02963 VN ATR72 VN-B223 FFL Dec 2009

We walked to the gate at about 2.41pm; checked our flight’s details on our way.

photo 1441a DSC02956 FIDS

One good point in this airport is that it has lots of seats available.

photo 1441b DSC02958 Airside Areaphoto 1441c 1530 DSC02990 Seating Areasphoto 1441d 1520 DSC02976 Airside Area

Took a look at the terminal’s directory. The international terminal in Ho Chi Minh City is not very huge but all the necessary facilities are available.

photo 1441e 1521 DSC02977 Airside Directory Level 3photo 1441f 1521 DSC02978 Level 2

This was VN920 with an interesting route: SGN-PNH-VTE-HAN, operated by an A321.

photo 1446 DSC02966 VN920 SGN-PNH-VTE-HAN A321-200

Next up, an aircraft with a livery that I am very familiar with! It was EVA Air’s B-16303.

photo 1448 DSC02968 BR396 SGN-TPE

This A330-200 was scheduled to return to Taipei as BR396, the same route as our VN flight later on.

photo 1505 DSC02971 B-16303 A330-200 FFL Feb 2004 BR396 SGN-TPE

A rising low-cost carrier in Southeast Asia – Vietnam’s Vietjet Air. This particular A320 was initially part of Cebu Pacific’s fleet. That day, it was scheduled as VJ310, bound for Phu Cat in Qui Nhom, Vietnam.

photo 1505 DSC02973 VJ310 SGN-UIH A320 Previous Cebu Pacific

When there were no aircraft movements, I walked around a little in the terminal.
A rather overpriced massage service and “beauty salon” were also available in the airport.

photo 1520 DSC02974 Massage and Salon

The airport also has a second hand bookstore…

photo 1521 DSC02979 Second Hand Book Store

… along with other shops selling various products like Vietnamese coffee and costumes.
photo 1524 DSC02984 Other Shopsphoto 1528 DSC02986 Vietnamese Coffee

The paid lounge is also situated in Level 3.

photo 1532 DSC02992 CIP Lounge

Headed back downstairs to continue our walk to the boarding gate.

photo 1532 DSC02993 Other Duty Free Shopsphoto 1534 DSC02996 Heading to Gate 15photo 1534 DSC02997 Not a Long Walk

30 minutes before the scheduled time of boarding, we were already at our boarding gate! The boarding lounge has lots of seats too; should be enough for a full A330 load of passengers to wait for their flight there.

In the boarding lounge, there was also a small souvenir stall that seemed to sell quite a large variety of products. But of course, the highlight in the boarding lounge was the huge windows that provide travellers with a great view of the tarmac, facing the runway.

Coupled with the great weather, it was no surprise that I wasn’t the only one photographing aircrafts that day.

photo 1541 DSC03013 And Great Weather Too

A few more aircrafts to look at before we board our plane.

The first Vietnam Airlines wide-body spotted that day. This B777-200ER (Reg: VN-A145) was scheduled as a domestic flight that day, flying from Ho Chi Minh City to Hanoi as VN250.

I guess, with more than 60 return flights a day, the SGN-HAN route can be considered as the Vietnam version of Korea’s GMP-CJU (Seoul to Jeju Island)!

photo 1543 DSC03015 VN250 SGN-HAN B777-200ER VN-A145

The next aircraft was a Vietjet Air A320 again (Reg: VN-A690) scheduled as VJ174 that day, also bound for Hanoi. This aircraft is leased from Philippine Airlines.

photo 1543 DSC03017 VJ174 SGN-HAN A320 VN-A690 Leased from PR

And then we see yet another Vietjet Air plane; at least this one is much more colourful. VN-A689 was bound for Cat Bi Airport, Hai Phong that day.

photo 1544 DSC03021 VJ284 SGN-HPH A320 VN-A689

Aha! Finally an aircraft of another airline. AirAsia’s 9M-AHX, heading back to its Kuala Lumpur hub as AK523.

photo 1545 DSC03027 AK523 SGN-KUL A320 9M-AHX

One last aircraft for my short spotting session. Vietjet Air, again. This was VJ108 bound for the third busiest airport in Vietnam, Da Nang. Operated by VN-A680.

photo 1546 DSC03030 VJ108 SGN-DAD A320 VN-A680

I would like to praise Vietnam Airlines for providing every transit passenger with a “through check-in wallet”. While this isn’t a very important thing to ponder about, I personally see it as an indication of how much an airline is willing to invest in its hub and also marketing itself not just as a point-to-point carrier, but also as a connecting carrier as well.

photo 1553a DSC03037 Transfer Information

I must say that Vietnam Airlines has been giving a positive impression in this aspect so far.

photo 1553b 1601 DSC03040 Transfer Information (Through Check-In)

As mentioned in the previous report, I do like the airline’s boarding pass design quite a lot.

photo 1554 DSC03038 Boarding Pass for Next Segment_Editedphoto 1555 1459 IMG_9798 Our Boarding Passes_Edited

Finally, a look at the aircraft that will be bringing us from Ho Chi Minh City to our final destination for this part of the trip, Taipei!

Flight VN570 will be operated by a very new aircraft in Vietnam Airlines’ fleet – VN-A609, a 10-months old aircraft as of December 2014.

photo 1613 DSC03049 VN-A609 Delivered 14 Feb 2014 A321-200 Age 10 Months

photo 1632 Slide02

That’s all I have for my very first transit experience in Vietnam. Recently, this airport was rated as one of the worst in the world. Well, I must say – I don’t agree. At least my 2-hours transit there was spent really pleasantly. The airport was clean as well, and the ambience of the terminal actually gave a rather peaceful feeling too. Maybe I am wrong, or maybe it’s because I haven’t spent a long enough time in it? But I seriously wouldn’t mind transiting here again.

Now, let’s board the aircraft. The scheduled boarding time was 4.05pm, however, boarding began only at 4.33pm – nothing new for international flights I would say.

photo 1633 DSC03050 Boarding Commences

A reminder that this flight was bound for Taipei.

photo 1635 DSC03057 Destination Taipei

Yet another Vietnam Airlines A321. It was all right though, since it would only have been my second time onboard an A231. Oh well, but all my four Vietnam Airlines flight in this trip were operated by A321s…

photo 1637 DSC03058 Aircraft Door

Mood lighting was switched on for this flight – this was not observed in the previous flight.

photo 1637 DSC03059 Mood Lighting

Seating configuration was of course 3-3 in economy. Nonetheless, there are actually a handful of couple seats within the economy cabin of this A321. I will touch on that on the final report in this series.

photo 1639 DSC03061 Same Cabin Layout as Previous Flightphoto 1641 DSC03063 Boarding in Progress

My four flights on this aircraft type of Vietnam Airlines have led me to conclude that this economy seat is pretty comfortable! While it does not have an adjustable headrest, this didn’t pose an issue for a short regional flight.

photo 1641 DSC03064 Pretty Comfortable Seats

I am guessing that the legroom was 31”. Couldn’t find any accurate information online. Regardless of what’s the correct answer, my only comment about the legroom is: it was so much better than that on MH’s B738!

photo 1642 DSC03067 Legroom

A coat hook can be found on the side of the seat too; haven’t really use this feature on any aircrafts before though.

photo 1645 DSC03070 Coat Hook (1655 Push Back 1658 Taxi 1705 Take Off)

Have a sample of the boarding music on a Vietnam Airlines flight. At 0:19, you will be able to hear a short welcome announcement as well.

photo 1650 Slide03

The aircraft was pushed back 3 minutes after the scheduled time of departure. The punctuality of our flight is looking good here!

As mentioned in the previous report, “refreshing tissue(s)” were distributed during the very initial phase of the flight even before take off. Again, while this is just a small gesture, and I am sure many passengers wouldn’t even realize the difference, I must still commend the airline for willing to spend the resources adding this into their service.

photo 1659 DSC03072 Packaged Tissue Distributed

photo 1705 Slide04

The time took to taxi to the runway was just about 7 minutes. After which, VN-A609 took off from SGN at 5.05pm.

photo 1810b DSC03076 Sun is Setting (Airborne)

(UTC+08:00 from now onwards)

At about 6.14pm, airshow started to be shown on the dropdown screens in the cabin.

photo 1814a DSC03078 Airshowphoto 1814b DSC03079 Passing FL170photo 1814c 1816 DSC03082 Airshow - 2122km to Destination

I found the lighting in the aircraft a little weird. It seemed to remain like this throughout the flight.

photo 1814d 1816 DSC03083 Weird Lighting

Very quickly, the flight attendants then came around to distribute Taiwan’s arrival card and headsets for the IFE system. (Audio channels or short programmes shown on the dropdown screen)

photo 1815a DSC03080 Headphones and Arrival Cards Distributed

Initially, I removed the packaging just for the sake of taking a photograph for this flight report. However, after testing out the quality of the headset, I decided to spend the last part of the flight just listening to the audio channels they have onboard. The quality of the headset was very acceptable! (More details about the IFE will come soon, as promised in the previous report.)

photo 1815b 1846 DSC03109 Headphone Close Shot

Here is a picture depicting the full recline angle for this product. It has a good recline and I felt that even if the passenger in front reclines, it would still not impede too much into your space.

photo 1816 DSC03081 Seat Recline

A quick walk around the aircraft before meal service began. From this angle, the cabin does look much longer than that of an A320 – an aircraft that I am all too familiar with.

photo 1820 DSC03086 Cabin View

A quick peek at the galley while queueing for the lavatory.

Also, you can see that the last row of the aircraft has a set of couple seats. While it may seem like an appropriate choice for couples, the inability to recline still renders these seats as a big “no-no” at all times. There are “much better” couple seats in this very aircraft – wait for my last report for more details about that!

photo 1820 DSC03088 Aircraft Doorphoto 1820 DSC03089 Galleyphoto 1820 DSC03090 Seats as Storage Place

Let’s check if the lavatory on a 10-months old aircraft was maintained properly.

photo 1821 DSC03091 Lavatory

Yup, the lavatory remained clean throughout the entire flight duration of VN570; kudos to the flight attendants!

It was a pity we couldn't see the sunset that day. The sky was nevertheless still really beautiful!

photo 1825 DSC03101 Fluffy Clouds

20 minutes before dinner was served, we were first provided with peanuts and drinks.

photo 1835 DSC03103 Peanuts and Juices Distributed

After which, the flight attendants immediately started collecting trash and preparing for the actual meal service. The next video just shows a short glimpse of the cabin.

photo 1839 DSC03104 Meal Service Ongoing

At this point in time, it was already very dark outside; we were flying above the South China Sea.

photo 1841 DSC03108 Dark Outside

40 minutes into the flight, we were still flying towards Hainan Island, but will soon be turning right towards Taiwan.

photo 1845 IMG_9819 Forty Minutes into Our Flightphoto 1845 IMG_9820

photo 1856 Slide05

One significant advantage (at least in my opinion) of giving up direct flights for connecting flights, like this pair of Vietnam Airlines flight, is that we were really well fed throughout the day.

We ate a light lunch before our first flight, had another round of lunch on board the first flight, then the tasty bowl of Pho at SGN, and finally this meal!

photo 1857 DSC03111 Serving Dinner

I was surprised when I received a menu depicting the main choices available. Like I said, it probably doesn’t cost a lot of have one or two of this menu being shared among all the passengers; but many airlines are doing away with it nonetheless, all in the name of cost-cutting.

photo 1859 DSC03113 Menu with Two Main Choices

My girlfriend and I chose the fish with rice option while my mom picked the chicken with noodles. Utensils were provided in a plastic packaging.

photo 1901 DSC03114 Servedphoto 1903 DSC03115 Utensilsphoto 1903 DSC03116 Plastic Utensils

The bread was served hot, and it tasted good.
(Try comparing it to this…)

photo 1904 DSC03118 Hot Bread

The appetiser tasted a little “Vietnamese” and was okay. While we didn’t quite appreciate the unique taste of the dressing, the ingredients were really fresh, especially the prawns!

photo 1907 DSC03119 Appetiser

Here are the photographs for both choices of mains. The steamed fish option looks a little salty, nonetheless, it was actually very flavourful and was a great dish to go with the rice, mushrooms and vegetables.

The chicken noodle option, on other hand, wasn’t as good. It wasn’t bad either, but the noodle just did not suit our tastes. Vegetables here tasted a little bland; but the meat was prepared all right – at least it wasn’t too tough.

The part about the meal service that I liked the most was the dessert: a dragon fruit pudding. It tasted like the real fruit, wasn’t too sweet, and was just a perfect dessert to end of the above-average economy class meal on this flight!

photo 1909 DSC03123 Steamed Fish with Rice (Not Too Salty)photo 1914 DSC03125 Chicken with Egg Noodlesphoto 1926 DSC03127 Cool Dessert

photo 1930 Slide06

As I settled in my seat after the dinner, I listened to some music, and genuinely enjoyed the peace and silence throughout that flight (the cabin was really very quiet).

Took some time also to document the rest of the seat pocket contents that I missed out in the previous flight.

The article titled “DOs and DON’Ts for Eating in Vietnam” was part of a small booklet that provided very interesting information about travelling in Vietnam – definitely useful for travellers intending to head to Vietnam!

photo 1931 DSC03134 Seat Pocket Contentsphoto 1933 DSC03137 More Info on Vietnamphoto 1934 DSC03139 An Extension from In Flight Magazine

And then, a close look at what was on offer in Vietnam Airline’s IFE; I focused only on the “non-demand” entertainment though, since this was what’s available on this flight.

photo 1934 DSC03140 IFE Guide

We see a Jazz channel and a Korean music channel with a very good selection of the recent K-pop hits – spent some time to finish listening to all the Korean hits in this channel!

photo 1935 DSC03141 Audio Programmes

Some other audio programmes available were “French Pop”, “Sky Japan” and “Gentle Breeze”.

photo 1935 DSC03142

Many different albums were available as well.

photo 1937 DSC03144 Albums

And then some of the TV programmes that were presumably shown in the overhead screens (I didn’t pay attention to them).

photo 1937 DSC03146 TV Programmes

This page displayed the programme schedule on various flights; but I just couldn’t figure out how to decipher it.

photo 1937 DSC03147 TV Schedule

Cabin temperature dropped by quite a lot during the flight – good for me, but maybe not for others who may not like the chilly temperatures. My mom, for example, requested for a blanket; the request was promptly attended to.

photo 1938a 2026 DSC03175 Blanket with Logophoto 1938b 1937 DSC03145 Blanket Provided

While the cabin lights were turned down after the meal, the front part of the cabin still had the “mood lighting”; I was starting to wonder if it really was “mood lighting”. Or, did the engineers just randomly replace the cabin lights with different kinds of bulbs? Haha, just kidding!

Anyway, at some point during the flight. I headed to the lavatory again and this time round, the queue was longer.

You can also see that the three passengers seated at the last row did indeed look like they felt a little uncomfortable there. I really dislike being seated in the last few rows of a narrow-body, as people will always unconsciously bump into you as they head to the lavatories. A handful will even decided to just rest their hands on your seatbacks while waiting for their turn to use the lavatory…

Some sports programme was shown during the second half of our flight. It didn’t catch my attention, so I just continued listening to more music while the other two ladies travelling with me took a nap; we were all rather tired after half a day of travel.

photo 1951 DSC03155 Overhead Screen is Further From Us (Sports Programme Shown)photo 1954 DSC03156 Listening to Songs

8.22pm, the aircraft was approaching the Southern tip of Taiwan. Our cruising altitude that day was at FL370.

photo 2022 DSC03164 Approaching Southern Taiwanphoto 2023 DSC03168 Airshow Approaching Taiwanphoto 2024 DSC03170 Cruising at FL370

8.25pm, 3 minutes later, the aircraft’s heading was adjusted to fly towards Taoyuan Airport.

photo 2025 DSC03173

There is an hour of time difference between Vietnam and Taiwan.

photo 2025 DSC03174 Time Differencephoto 2027 DSC03176 Almost There

photo 2029 Slide07

Descend began at about 8.30pm

photo 2030 IMG_9823photo 2030 IMG_9824photo 2031 DSC03180 Cabin Prior to Descend

This video shows the announcement from the flight deck.
- 0:12 English announcement by the co-pilot
- 0:43 Pre-recorded landing announcement

After the announcements, our flight attendants sprung into action again to prepare the cabin for landing. They must also be looking forward for a good rest in Taipei as they will be spending the night there.

photo 2036 DSC03186 Landing Preparation

8.45pm, we flew pass Taichung and was approaching Miao-Li.

photo 2045 DSC03202 Near Taichung (2052 Ten Thousand Ft 2057 Lights Off 2103 Gear Down 2106 Touch Down)photo 2045 IMG_9826

I thought we were held in a holding pattern when I saw this; it turned out that it was just a turn for the aircraft to get into its final approach into Taoyuan Airport.

photo 2055 DSC03203 Is It a Holding Patternphoto 2056 IMG_9827photo 2056 IMG_9828 Nopes It Is Not

photo 2059 Slide08

Landed at Taoyuan Airport’s Runway 05L at 9.06pm

photo 2100 IMG_9831photo 2101 IMG_9833

And we were allocated a gate really near the runway; so near that the taxi process took only 4 minutes. The cabin manager literally rushed through her landing announcement.

photo 2102 IMG_9835

photo 2110 Slide09

VN570 arrived at Gate A1 of Taoyuan Airport’s Terminal at 9.10pm. Out of the window, there was another Vietnam Airlines aircraft on our right; that was VN578 from Hanoi. Both aircrafts will be spending the night here before returning to Vietnam the next morning.

photo 2111 DSC03205 At Gate (2110 Arrived at Gate A1)

Here’s the (almost) full route of VN570.

photo 2112 IMG_9832 Full Route

9.13pm, disembarked from the aircraft.

photo 2113 DSC03209 Disembarking

Took a blurred shot of the business class seats when leaving the aircraft. There should however be individual IFE screens in Business class!
(Reference: A very good and comprehensive report on VN A321’s Business by Marathon.)

photo 2118 DSC03213 Blurred Shot of Business Class

From Gate A1, we had quite a bit of distance to cover before reaching the arrival immigration counters.

photo 2119 DSC03214 Heading to Immigrationphoto 2121 DSC03218 Long Walk

I guess I was right just now, about how our crew were eager to get off the aircraft for a good rest in Taiwan. Just about 15 minutes after our aircraft parked at the gate, they they were already heading to immigration, ahead of us!

photo 2123 DSC03220 Our Crew

Taoyuan Airport seemed really busy at that time, with a lot of flight arriving.

photo 2124 DSC03221 Looks Relatively Busy

A group of China Airlines crew members also walked pass us. At that time, in December 2014, they were still in their old uniforms.

photo 2125 DSC03224 CI Crew

Approaching passport controls.

photo 2129 DSC03226 Approaching Passport Control

The beautiful and elegant looking Terminal 1 never fails to amaze travellers. This is a favourite photo spot where travellers like to take their first photos after arriving in Taiwan.

photo 2132 DSC03229 Beautiful Terminal 1

photo 2140 Slide10

Our flight was allocated carousel 3; while immigration didn’t take too long, baggage collection took quite some time.

photo 2145 DSC03232 Baggage Carousel 3

And after passing through customs, we spent a few more minutes recharging our Taiwan mobile phone SIM cards at the telecom counter.

photo 2210 DSC03233 Recharging Mobile Phone

photo 2220 Slide11

More than 9 hours after departing Changi Airport, we finally reached our first stop in this trip.

Time to enjoy the stay in Taiwan before heading off to the colder parts of Northeast Asia!

photo 2221 DSC03234 Taking a Taxi

Thank you for your patience reading this report. I hope you have enjoyed it and please feel free to ask any questions, correct any mistakes or to just discuss about your experience with Vietnam Airlines!

Stay tuned for the next 8 reports!

(To be continued)

This report was completed on 26 October 2015.
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Vietnam Airlines

Cabin crew8.0

Ho Chi Minh City - SGN


Taipei - TPE



For the ratings of this flight, consistency of the scores is ensured for the scores for cabin comfort and crew as compared to my previous flight immediately preceding this one, given that it was the same aircraft type and the crew were also very professional, albeit a little conserved when interacting with passengers. The only difference here is the score for meal and catering, the one on this flight receives a slightly higher score because of the nice pudding. HAHA. On-time performance gets a 10 - no doubt about that.

SGN gets exactly the same score as per what I have submitted previously. Allow me to quote myself:
Ho Chi Minh City's Tan Son Nhat Airport was again, much better than what I have expected. I am leaving the access and parking score at 5 because I can't comment about it as a transit passenger. As for the other aspects of this airport, allow me to discuss further in my next report as I share my transit experiences there.
- Summary of VN650's flight report

To add on, I really do not agree that SGN should be one of the worst airport in the world. Yes, it isn't a super glamorous one, that's for sure. But to be fair, it was a really pleasant transit there, so I definitely have got more positive than negative opinions regarding SGN. A new airport will soon (in just a few more years' time) be completed and Ho Chi Minh City will see a whole new International Airport - I sincerely hope this will assist Vietnam Airlines in their expansion and improvement plans. (:

Taoyuan Airport - it just never fails to perform.

Information on the route Ho Chi Minh City (SGN) Taipei (TPE)


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    Numero_2 9986 Comments

    Thanks for sharing your second report I've read in the day. ^^

    Well, you show here a very optimistic opinion of SGN ! Maybe things got worst since the day you were transiting there ? It could explain the actual bad rating...
    Pho is a good option to have a tasty and typical Vietnamese meal at the airport.

    Moving maps shown on the screens onboard are definitely better than any boring movie or TV show. ^^

    Both meal options look okay but I regret the plastic cutlery.
    That's even more disappointing because I can see a real glass on the tray, so why not providing proper forks and knives ?
    Do you remember what kind of beverages were available ?

    TPE's T1 architecture is way more interesting than the ugly T2...

    It seems that we both were in Taipei on the same dates last December. ^^

    See you for the next leg.

    • Comment 327723 by
      tn92 AUTHOR 167 Comments

      Well, you show here a very optimistic opinion of SGN ! Maybe things got worst since the day you were transiting there ? It could explain the actual bad rating...
      Pho is a good option to have a tasty and typical Vietnamese meal at the airport.
      Yeah I don't know. But having transited at MNL recently, I really think SGN was okay. At least there were good food options available!

      Moving maps shown on the screens onboard are definitely better than any boring movie or TV show. ^^
      Got to agree with this!

      Both meal options look okay but I regret the plastic cutlery.
      That's even more disappointing because I can see a real glass on the tray, so why not providing proper forks and knives ?
      Do you remember what kind of beverages were available ?
      Plastic utensils are becoming a norm on so many airlines, unfortunately. Hmmmmm, apart from the normal juices, unfortunately I can't remember what other drinks they offered! Sorry! That's why I aim to catch up with all my reports as fast as I can so that I can be more up to date, and won't forget so many things. Haha!

      TPE's T1 architecture is way more interesting than the ugly T2...
      It seems that we both were in Taipei on the same dates last December. ^^
      Oh yeah! I went to look at your reports even though I can't understand French. Indeed we were!
      Hmmmm T2 seems much older than T1 now after T1's renovation works were completed. T1 used to look really run down actually.

      Thank you for stopping by, see you around!

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    Hi Tn92, thanks for the report. I do have a question for you.

    I will be visiting Taiwan for 9 days in coming November. I wish to get myself a mobile number while there. Would you recommend ????? or ??, or they are just the same? Can the telecommunication counters be easily located upon entering to the arrival hall?

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