Review of EVA Air flight Hong Kong Taipei in Economy

Airline EVA Air
Flight BR892
Class Economy
Seat 40A
Aircraft Airbus A330-200
Flight time 01:40
Take-off 26 Oct 15, 09:50
Arrival at 26 Oct 15, 11:30
BR 124 reviews
By 2337
Published on 26th October 2015
Good evening

Studying finance in Taipei, I decided to spend the week end in HK to visit a friend and discover the place to be.
I propose you tonight this 70 mins flight programmation from Chek Lap Kok to Taoyuan, as one of the world's busiest air route.
There are at least 4 airlines operating this route : China Airlines, EVA Air, Cathay Pacific, HongKong Airlines and more probably some others …

As a big fan of the airports, this morning has been a dream come true to finally admire this jewel.
My flight was schoeduled at 9:50.
I left my accommodation in TST at 7 am in taking the A21 direct bus from my borough to the airport.

photo 20151026_074730photo 20151026_074741

The bus dropped me in front of the terminal 1, I entered the building very quickly and the reality fit my expectations, it was gorgeous !
The land side is wide, bright and elegant.

photo 20151026_075400photo 20151026_082243photo 20151026_082255

Heading the check In area E. As I was here for a couple days I didn't have any luggage but the flight ticket included one 20kg baggage.
So I did it by my own on this efficient automatic machine.

photo 20151026_075526photo 20151026_075737

The land side was calme and not that crowded. But I was very excited to go in air side to get some nice birds spotted !
Very easy to pass through he security and the customs zones.

photo 20151026_080819photo 20151026_082719

Here I am ! Some spotting in the south part with B77Ws/A330 CX and the HongKong airlines territory.

photo 20151026_084112photo 20151026_084138

Then the huge, central and main way to reach the gates. Photo taken from the restaurant floor.
My gate was the number 60 so almost at the extreme north side.

photo 20151026_084444

But I decided first to start my walk from the south to the north until my plane.
So here we have an A333 SQ outbound from Changi and CX birds.
You might have noticed the B738 United in the background.
An original implementation on the intra-asia air route from NRT to SGN via HKG.

photo 20151026_084744photo 20151026_085042photo 20151026_085619

Then a bit more on our way to the north a B737 of Garuda Indonesia back to Jakarta.

photo 20151026_085623

An CI A330. Usually CI operates the route HKG - TPE in A330 or B77W,
while BR operates the same route with A330 or A321.

photo 20151026_092045

Some international planes in the backgroung with an SAS A330 back to Stockholm Arlanda and a B787 inbound to Delhi.
Later we will queue together for taking off.

photo 20151026_092143photo 20151026_092405

Eventually I reached my A332 to Taoyuan. Two jet bridges.

photo 20151026_092728photo 20151026_092758photo 20151026_093357

I have my 42A seat but once the boarding over I stood up to use the exit seats still available…
We will push 15 mins late. The head of the cabin crew reported the delay as the groundhandling fault …
I have the very long taxi in front of a charming taiwanese cabin crew.

Today the take off runway is the 07R.
We hold short the runway with lots of others aircrafts.

photo 20151026_101445photo 20151026_101511photo 20151026_101724

Finally we are clear to take off RWY 07R, wind calm …
Line up and rolling take off.
View of this jewel.

The plane is 70% full. The toilets very clean and flowered !
The meal is not too bad. It has been served at 11 am so abut early for a lunch …
Only water is promptly proposed -1

photo 20151026_103439photo 20151026_103837photo 20151026_104558

Very quickly the descent is announced by the captain.
Gears and flaps down, we are clear to land RWY 05R while the 05L is currently being upgraded.
Parking position in BR territory next to a B77W.
A delay that would have been easily catched up !

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Cabin crew9.0

Hong Kong - HKG


Taipei - TPE



Thanks for your attention FRistes !
Normal flight on a widely reported air route.
But a personal admiration for Chek Lap Kok !

Cheers from Taipei

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