Review of Air Seychelles flight Seychelles Paris in Business

Airline Air Seychelles
Flight HM016
Class Business
Seat --
Aircraft Airbus A330-200
Flight time 11:25
Take-off 20 Nov 15, 21:40
Arrival at 21 Nov 15, 06:05
HM 24 reviews
By GOLD 6937
Published on 15th November 2015
Hello Flight-Report Community,

This month Flight-Report presents Air Seychelles through two separate reports showcasing different products. Paris to Mahé in long-haul Economy class and the return flight to Paris in Business class.

1. Paris (CDG) – Mahe (SEZ) – A330-200 – Economy
4. Mahe (SEZ) – Paris (CDG) – A330-200 – Business

The International terminal is an open air concept, which gives it a pleasant tropical vibe.

photo 0001photo 0002

This return flight to Paris-CDG will be in Air Seychelles’ Business class.

photo 0003

Dedicated Business class and Elite status ticket counters.

photo 0004photo 0005

Going through Security and passport control at SEZ is relatively easy, and we then head to the Air Seychelles Business class lounge—it is the only lounge at SEZ.

Le passage de l'émigration est rapide puis direction le salon d'Air Seychelles, qui est par ailleurs le seul salon disponible.

photo 5a

The lounge agents give a warm welcome—this Air Seychelles A330 is also there to greet passengers.

photo 5b

The Air Seychelles lounge is rather large with a seating capacity of 80+.

photo 5c

There are 6 employees to look after premium passengers in the lounge.

photo 5d

Access to the Air Seychelles lounge is free for Business class passengers and Etihad Guest Gold members. Economy class passengers without elite status may purchase access to the lounge for 30€.

photo 5e

Newspapers and magazines on offer.

photo 5f

Showers are available in the lounge—it is definitely good to have access to showers after a day in the hot tropics and before a long flight.

photo 5g

The restaurant area

photo 5h

Food offering

photo 0006

Sandwiches and canapés

photo 0007

Cheese plates

photo 0008


photo 0009

Fresh fruit

photo 0010


photo 0011

Red wine and white wine

photo 0012

Soft drinks

photo 0013

Overall good selection of food and drink !

photo 0023

There is a really nice view of the tarmac from the lounge.

photo 0022

With night falling, one can admire the good looking A330 that will be taking us to Paris.

photo 23a


photo 23b

Airbus A320

Airbus A330-200

photo 26bphoto 0027

Cargo is an important part of the Air Seychelles business considering that the nation is made up of many islands with much having to be imported.

photo 0028

Heading to the gate through the rather small terminal. Despite the small size, there is a large duty free store.

photo 29photo 0031

Boarding for Paris begins on time but is a bit chaotic due to the lack of space in the boarding area.

photo 0035

Business class passengers board at door 1L, while Economy class passengers board from 2L.

photo 0036

The Air Seychelles Business class cabin.

photo 0037

There are 18 seats in Business class, located between door 1 and 2, in a typical 2-2-2 configuration.

photo 37aphoto 0038

The seat pitch is clearly very good, allowing the seats to go full flat. Though these seats recline 180 degrees, there are certainly more modern Business class seats out there.

photo 0040

The 2-2-2 configuration does not allow for the full-aisle-access that frequent business travellers have come to expect these days; however, this setup is fine for a leisure route such as this, with mostly families or couples travelling together.

photo 0042

Here is seat 3A

photo 0043photo 43a

Pre-departure drink and oshibori

photo 0045

Champagne is offered

photo 0048

A decent choice of reading materials in both French and English, which includes The Economist.

photo 0049

Dinner orders are taken on the ground. Flight attendants kneel down to speak to customers.

photo 0050

Afterwards, headsets and amenity kits are handed out by the cabin crew.

photo 0051

The amenity kit appears to be an Etihad Airways Economy kit, except that the Etihad sticker has been removed. There doesn’t seem to be any difference from the Economy class kit aside from the Templespa cream.

photo 0053

The headset is only marginally better than the ones used in Economy.

photo 53a

Remote control

photo 53b

Air Seychelles’ (and Etihad’s) Airbus A330s are powered by Rolls Royce engines.

photo 0054

The IFE system is the same as in Economy and was presented in detail in the CDG-SEZ report.

photo 0055

The cabin lights are turned back on for the meal service.

photo 0056

Some details of the seat control include buttons for adjusting the seat position and a massage feature.

photo 0057

Reading lights

photo 0059

Air Seychelles is proud to offer some Seychellois products, including SeyBree, a local beer.

Seychellois Banana crisps to go with the Seychellois beer.

photo 0058

Let’s take a detailed look at today’s menu.

Etihad’s influence is obvious insofar as dining is on demand. However, with the late hour, most passengers choose to take dinner immediately after takeoff to maximize sleeping time.

photo 0060photo SEZ-CDG4

The wine selection is above average for Business class with a choice of champagne, three reds, and 3 whites.

photo SEZ-CDG2

Although the appetizer itself is well presented, the tray and paper cover cheapen the overall look.

photo 0062

Assorted breads

photo 0061

Fried calamari and prawns

photo 0063photo 0064

The appetizer is tasty and fresh

For the main course, there is a choice of three options.

photo 0065

Red snapper filet in a cococut and coriander sauce served with rice and vegetables

This fish dish was excellent and well balanced.

photo 0066

Sliced chicken breast with broccoli, carrots and roasted herb potatoes in a tajine sauce

A little less creative than the fish option, but very well presented. It is obvious that the meals are plated in the galley as opposed to being pre-prepared and just re-heated.

photo 0067

Black chocolate encrusted Crème brulée with a strawberry coulis.

photo 0068

Let's test out the seat.

In lounging position…

photo 68a

…and full flat mode

photo 68b

The bed is all set with blanket and pillow.

photo 68c

The blanket is not very thick and there is no mattress laid on the seat as with some other Etihad Partners alliance carriers.

photo 68d

The cabin crew hand out water bottles and hot towels to passengers as they settle in for the night.

photo 0069

The seat is comfortable and allows one to get a good night’s sleep.

photo 69a

Another hot towel service in the morning.

photo 0070

Economy class passengers enjoying the IFE content.

photo 70aphoto 70b

Back in Business class, the lights are back on for the breakfast service.

photo 70cphoto SEZ-CDG3photo 0074

Breakfast breads, toast, and pastries

photo 74a

Seasonal fresh fruit

photo 0075

Bread and butter pudding with peach and pear served with banana sauce

photo 0076

Espresso and fresh orange juice

photo 0077

Air Seychelles branded silverware

photo 0078

Passing by CDG…

photo 0083

…before making a U-turn to align for landing on Runway 08R

photo 0085

Taxiing to Terminal 2A

photo 0086

Our A330 at the gate in Paris.

photo 0087photo 0088

    PRACTICAL INFORMATION The Air Seychelles fleet is composed of 6 Twin Otters, 1 Short 360, 2 Airbus A320s and 2 Airbus A330s. International destinations include Abu Dhabi, Antananarivo, Dar es Salaam, Hong-Kong, Johannesburg, Mauritius, Mumbai, and Paris. Roudtrips from Paris to the Seychelles in Business class starting at 3786€
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Air Seychelles offers the best product between the Seychelles and Paris with an ideal overnight schedule as with the CDG-SEZ flight.

The lounge in Mahé is quite good with a nice selection of food and beverage, including champagne. The décor is starting to look a bit outdated, however.

Onboard, the Business class cabin is very spacious and pleasant.

The seat is not in the same league as the latest full-flat full-aisle-access seats, but is nevertheless comfortable and turns into a full-flat bed. Being that most airlines from these types of vacation destination still offer angled-flat in Business, Air Seychelles does have a comfort advantage.

The Economy-like amenity kits and use of paper tray covers are disappointing to see in long-haul Business class, but these are small things.

Charming crew that exude the sunshine and warmth of their island nation, a great asset to their company.


- Nice lounge in Mahé
- Non-stop night flight
- Small cabin with only 18 seats
- Full-flat bed
- Good catering with nice choice of entrées


- The overall look of the cabin is a bit generic and could stand to have a more tropical feel
- Headset not so great and IFE below average with small screen and no moving map.
- Poor quality amenity kit
- Paper meal tray covers

Air Seychelles offers a consistent product on Long haul and domestic flights.

Etihad’s influence can be seen everywhere and this is mostly positive as Etihad is known for quality products. However, it seems that Air Seychelles still needs to distinguish itself as a distinct entity and find its unique branding identity.

Aside from the beautiful destination of the Seychelles, the airline also offers connecting service to other Indian Ocean destinations, namely Mauritius and Madagascar.

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Information on the route Seychelles (SEZ) Paris (CDG)

The contributors of Flight-Report published 7 reviews of 3 airlines on the route Seychelles (SEZ) → Paris (CDG).


The airline with the best average rating is Air France with 7.5/10.

The average flight time is 10 hours and 32 minutes.

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  • Comment 150646 by
    Jetset 50 Comments

    Wow the Business Class service is totally awesome! But I don't like the cabin itself so much. Looks boring to me.
    Was the WiFi service free?

  • Comment 150758 by
    eminere™ 274 Comments

    That does not look like a fully flat seat... The footrest part looks like it droops.

  • Comment 150770 by
    airtraveladdict 119 Comments

    Great, detailed and informative trip report, thank you!
    I dont read Air Seychelles trips often, so it is good to see such a comprehensive review.
    While the seats do not have direct aisle, it is fully flat which is better than other so called 5 star airlines which still fly around with angled beds.
    and don't forget other leisure airlines like Hawaiian use recliners!!!
    Air Seychelles seems to be middle of the road. its not amazing but not bad either and does the job.
    having said that, i would like to see more creole food on offer.
    When i fly foreign airlines i love to see them showcase their heritage, even if they are owned by another airline like Etihad.

  • Comment 151383 by
    Sealink 66 Comments

    Bread and butter pudding for breakfast. That seems odd, but I love bread and butter pudding, so I would be delighted with that!

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