Review of Lufthansa flight Sao Paulo Frankfurt in Economy

Airline Lufthansa
Flight LH 507
Class Economy
Seat 49C
Aircraft Boeing 747-400
Flight time 11:25
Take-off 03 Apr 15, 18:20
Arrival at 04 Apr 15, 10:45
LH   #54 out of 142 Airlines A minimum of 20 Flight-Reports is required in order to appear in the rankings. 1136 reviews
By 3780
Published on 21st November 2015
It was still early october of 2014 when i started planning my next vacations. Europe was a certain choice and I had it pretty clear in my mind that whichever itinerary I would follow it would include Germany. Amazing country, tons of history (through good and awful years), amazing airports (yes, that's important for me lol) and a travel plan that had already been delayed much more than it should. That in mind, I managed to swallow my brazilian pride (sorry folks, 1x7 in the world cup was too much for us all) and decided not only go to Germany, but too spend 11 days to fully explore Deutscland.

My ticket was purchased in Lufthansa's website that is clear, functional and easy to use for anyone, payment was uneventful, the only sad thing about it is the - considerably high - price for seat reservations. Congratulations for lufthansa website staff, the portuguese version of the website is really good. Rare to see.

It was friday just after lunch time when I left the chaotic, yet amazing, Sao Paulo in a taxi and headed to Guarulhos International Airport, the airport that serves Sao Paulo megalopolis and its surroundings. It's located about 30km of downtown Sao Paulo, that is where I live. 40 minutes later, and not much traffic in our way I got to the, 1 year old, International terminal of the so called GRU AIRPORT. One of the most important hubs of south america, finally has a terminal on the level of its mightiness in the continent.

photo 10403624_10204684423085352_8036443267408952713_n
GRU AIRPORT departure level

photo 11117262_10204684422525338_7542746196883828868_n

Got to the check-in area and went straight to check-in F self check-in kiosks, my check-in was actually already done, but I wanted to get a printed version of my boarding pass and to see if my booking was as it should be.

photo 11130201_10204684422245331_2768883429670400601_n
I think it's quite clear that this is check-in F, right?

photo 11072196_10204684423325358_1721607359005993309_n

It was on those kiosks where I had an unpleasant surprise. For an unknown reason, this partucular flight would not be operated by the 747-8i, that usually flies this route. So the experience of flying the biggest of the jumbos would have to wait untill the flight back. Fortunately I knew the 747-400 of our flight had its cabin renovated.

Then, I went straight to bag drop-off check-in that was absolutely empty! The total process of printing my boarding pass and dropping my luggage took (believe me) 5 minutes. Well done GRU, Lufthansa and the 'early bird' right here.
photo 11131710_10204684422765344_2650183667967095699_nphoto 10403587_10204684421965324_7221026313493703704_n
Time to go!

Anyone who flew in GRU's older terminals knows it was a huge sacrifice going through security checks and immigration in the old and small terminals 1/2. Fortunately, this was solved in the new terminal 3, the security check area is massive, couldn't count how many positions there were, and so is the imigration desks right after. Even if it's rush hour, the line keeps flowing and you never spend much time there. Too bad we had to wait so long for a decent terminal!

photo 11051797_10204684421605315_748004631263587730_n
Entering the security check area.

photo 11134160_10204684421325308_2481350383430625918_n
Security checks.

Going through immigrations, right after.

photo 11701_10204684421085302_7633867796070186215_nphoto 10989246_10204684420405285_8604383824188230065_n

This is a sequence showing the way between the terminal, after immigrations untill the gates area. It's called GRU Avenue, is where the stores are located and those who can, get to spend their precious money.

Nice place for some last minute spotting, no airplanes on display though.

photo 12229_10204684411365059_2166549232178672147_nphoto 11133674_10204684410725043_55338397746288473_n
At the gates area, i still had 1 hour before boarding, and there was some interesting visitors, at least for me, so I went on to say hello.

photo 11096608_10204684410445036_8626860892111379295_n
Hasta España, amigo!

photo 10346046_10204684405164904_1841710092583085506_n

photo 11091524_10204684402964849_3173389846242224468_n
Chillean dreamliner.

photo 11130286_10204684403884872_8051493592153919865_n
Our Spanish friend on its way - in the tip of the departure area.

Enough with the walking tour. The time of our boarding was getting close, so I headed to our departure gate on this afternoon: 42-43.

photo 10429260_10204684409125003_900814666446475065_n
A little more walk…

photo 19829_10204690032145575_7879494545454826745_nphoto 11127529_10204690031225552_5850055930975091575_n

At the departure gate, people were already gathering expecting the boarding procedure that began 5 minutes prior to the scheduled time. I knew we had a busy flight but, when you see all those people in line waiting to board the 744, you realize how amazing aviation is.

Boarding took place respecting priorities: disabled people, elder citizens and frequent flyer program status. I didn't mention First and Business Class passengers because with the double jetbridge one of the gates (42) was exclusive for them.

photo 11081409_10204690028945495_8134367754996920799_n
Our ride to Germany.

photo 11112939_10204690032825592_3850049580285033506_n
On our way down.

photo 11050847_10204690033345605_619160395640470494_n
Don't ask me why the bananas, because I have absolutaly no idea!

I was greeted by the purser on the door 2L and went on walking towards the rear of the aircraft, untill my seat 49C aisle seat.

photo 10996002_10204690055906169_7419080302272761358_nphoto 10996002_10204690059666263_2894865619009834095_n
Economy class cabin

photo 10460680_10204690060426282_2172432781684282150_n
The 3 seats row where me and my companion would be seated for the next 11 hours.

photo 10361271_10204690062386331_6385821328339577413_n
Waiting for the boarding to end.

During the boarding procedure absolutely nothing happend, and I say that in a good way. Everything was going on smoothly.

As I said, I was on the aisle seat 49C on the last economy cabin of the 744. It's hard to say something about economy class seats nowadays since they are all pretty alike. I can say I'm not a skinny person, so to fit and find a confortable position on Lufthansa seats were as hard as it would have been in any airline around the globe. What I can say is that the pitch and width were CORRECT, the seat cushion was also ok and nothing more than that. No good surprise, no disappointment. As people say: I got what I paid for. The good thing is that in the 3 seats row i was, the middle seat was empty, so i was able to raise the armrest and get a few extra inches.

photo 11138524_10204690119627762_2084785170877963046_n

Doors were closed on time and Our Jumbo began its Taxi to rwy 09L. Since I was not in a window seat, I kept exploring the IFE system.
photo 11020257_10204690058426232_7401614416620611782_nphoto 11130158_10204690124227877_5888330584491344678_n

It was a good surprise, since the aircraft interior had been renovated, I was afraid the PTVs would be small as some older planes have. I was wrong, the size was good, the system is really easy to use. It didn't work on ground, so the safety instructions had to be performed on the old way. In flight system was perfect.

We took off with no delays, and so our 747 began its heavy journey.

photo 11081447_10204690070746540_178775906832355274_n

As soon as fasten seat belts signs were off, cabin crew began their service, offering us a hot towel, followed by a quick snack before dinner.

photo 11051830_10204690063226352_8934733648233455656_nphoto 10646867_10204690063626362_8507931054452762509_n
Sunset in northwestern Brazil.

Not long after the snack the dinner service began. The options were beef or pasta and wide variety of drinks. Chose the pasta. A penne with cheese, with a salad and a delicious dessert that I have no idea what it was, and all this with orange juice.
photo 11070972_10204690071866568_8269103241143884178_n

The aspect of the pasta wasn't inviting, but it was good actually.
photo 11130156_10204720730033003_2494814773484834132_n

The mysterious dessert on high speed.
photo 11150693_10204720730313010_6075544762256036226_n

We were leaving Brazillian soil over Natal when the crew dim the lights and the passengers began to surrender themselves to sleep, me included. Had to much walking that day.
photo 11010528_10204720731433038_2715388205619834337_nphoto 11138161_10204720730633018_39683592776275299_n

Slept for three hours and woke up with a moderate turbulance over the atlantic ocean , When everything was calm again and seat belt signs Were off , went to the galley to get some water . Water , juices and a few snacks Were available . The Lufthansa cabin crew was very polite and correct. Spent about half an hour stretching my legs and got back to my seat . Tried to watch a movie , but slept again, woke up When sun was already shining and people Were forming those huge lines to restroom. Common on the morning of red -eye flights .

photo 10649938_10204690120387781_4587638946497551377_nphoto 11130216_10204690121707814_6521119663933455448_n

My battery died on that moment so i could not take pictures of breakfest that was also good, fruits, yogurt and ommelete with ham and cheese. Everything as expected.

About two hours later, we began our descent to Frankfurt airport. Heavy and cold rains was our welcome gifts from germany. Our arrival was expected to happen 25 minutes in advance. WAS. Probably because of the weather we kept waiting and the landing time was as scheduled after all.

photo 11113305_10204690130668038_702291577230009664_n

Landed smoothly in Lufthansas main hubs and made our way throug the gate basically among 747, A380.

photo 1513708_10204720745913400_6482067218596768944_nphoto 11149288_10204720746473414_2797625084355575034_n
Parked along his brothers.

Just as soon as we parked, the the entire airplane got up desperate to get out. I knew I was on the last cabins, so to rush is useless. Fifteen minutes later (and yet confortably seated) I left our friendly jumbo and went for another long walk untill the bagage claim.

photo 11102767_10204720747713445_1405690251251768083_nphoto 11138549_10204720747433438_1811219170343181324_nphoto 11143317_10204720748033453_8194308288445294648_n

There was a point where passengers connecting to other destinations would have to take another way. Then, I could undestand how important is Frankfurt as a hub for Lufthansa. I can say that around 50% of the plane was in connection.

photo 11133666_10204720748393462_8818790600160736243_n
Staircase to immigration procedures.

Immigration was a breeze, Thought it would be crowded, since i was on of the last passengers to leave but it was incredibly empty.

photo 10408648_10204720748633468_5278637065131199918_n

Reached Bag claim and the carroussel wasn't even working yet, but as soon it started (5 minutes later) something incredible happened. MY LUGGAGE WAS THE FIRST. and I wasn't in buisness or first class. Maybe It's just Germany apologizing for humiliating me on the world cup. lol.

As you see, in the first days, Germany didn't seem happy to see me. It got better a few days later!


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Cabin crew8.0

Sao Paulo - GRU


Frankfurt - FRA



Lufthansa: Is what we say about economy class. You get what you pay for. What I can say is that Lufthansa service is perfectly compatible with the best economy class services around the world. The seat wasn't the best, the food was not like the best restaurants in the planet, but it would be the same anyway, anywhere.

Best: Structure in Frankfurt airport and IFE system.
Worst: I know paying for seat reservation is common nowadays, but the price seems pretty high for these purpose.

GRU: Way better than it once was, big, organized, well dimensioned. Maybe employees should make a way not to make the boarding procedure so confusing.
FRA: Confortable, easy to reach from/to city, well signed. Its bigness results in huge walks, but that's part of the show.



  • Comment 150875 by
    A350Flyer AUTHOR 10 Comments

    EDIT: An general Sorry for my English. Not a native speaker.
    EDIT 2: I'm an engineer that works with airports, so you see that some extra attention was given to this subject. Sorry again. It's stronger than me. Lol!

  • Comment 150898 by
    Rl 777 810 Comments

    Thank you for sharing this FR with us!

    Terminal 3 at GRU looks spacious and very modern!

    Unfortunately this 744 actually has the old cabin, that IFE system shown on your pics is the older one that I also got on their A346. Their new IFE that I found on their A333 is miles ahead of this one. Some of their 744s have the new cabin but you were unfortunate to get the older one, it didn't seem to bother you too much though.

    The first meal looks pretty decent.

    See you!

    • Comment 328843 by
      A350Flyer AUTHOR 10 Comments

      Glad to know they improved their IFE, this one was not bad at all, but was a little dated when compared to other aircrafts. Not long ago Lufthansas 744 didn't even had PTVs, so when I noticed that 744 would be flying I was expecting the worst. Maybe I was the one who was outdated hahaha.

  • Comment 150925 by
    Benoit75008 GOLD 7324 Comments

    Thanks for your report,

    LH is pretty good for long-haul flights, meanwhile they could upgrade catering a bit.
    Thanks for this nice report including shoah memorial

    See you

  • Comment 150934 by
    momolemomo GOLD 6240 Comments

    Thanks for this report that means quite a lot to me. I lived a few years in Frankfurt and I go to Sao Paulo at least once a year.
    I really love the new terminal. I knew very well the old ones and flying in and out of T3 is such a relief !
    The only reason that could push me to fly with LH between Europe and Brasil would be the 748 but that's all.
    You had the old LH cabins on this flight. The newer ones that can be found on A330 and some A340 are much better, especially when it comes to the entertainment system.
    Nice bonus ! I can see you had some good weather in Frankfurt, I hope you enjoyed :)
    Thanks for this report!

    • Comment 328847 by
      A350Flyer AUTHOR 10 Comments

      Germany is amazing, It was great pleasure to finally visit this place. I totally agree, Terminal 3 is great compared to the hell we were used to live in the past, it's already quite busy sometimes but even then, it doesn't feel claustrophobic or messy as it was.

      I realized that i was the one outdated about to LH's cabin hahaha the one I thought was the renewed was actually the old one. Nice to know they keep updating their IFE and inteior. The return flight was in an 748 premium economy. My advice? Consider that in your next trip. It's really worth it.

      The bad weather was just for landing hahaha, 4 hours laters skies were clear and I was dry.

  • Comment 150950 by
    KL651 TEAM 4476 Comments

    Thanks for this FR.

    Was LH among the cheapest options to get to Germany or did you pay extra to fly the 748i ?

    The catering once again looks very basic but at least the quantity seems better than what LH usually gives out.

    Nice bonus, I can recognize most of the places!

  • Comment 151303 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 5251 Comments

    Thanks for sharing this first report with us. Lots of good detail and pictures. LH seems like a decent ride for the 10+ hour trip to Europe. The cabin looks good despite the 744's age. Meals look decent.

    Welcome to Flight-Report!

  • Comment 151378 by
    NGO85 1622 Comments

    Thanks for sharing this report with us.

    LH offers a decent product and although it might not be the cheapest, it at least provides direct access to where you wanted to go without connecting somewhere. You are absolutely right, you always get what you pay for and it looks like LH was a decent option. You are never going to find generous seat width in the current airline market, even a lot of J cabins are not generous with seat width.

    The catering looks pretty average, what was the pre-arrival meal?

    The B744 is definitely not as nice as the B748, the IFE is definitely old school with that vintage moving map.

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