Review of US Airways flight Charlotte New York in First

Airline US Airways
Flight US1898
Class First
Seat 2A
Aircraft Airbus A321
Flight time 01:50
Take-off 28 Jul 15, 22:10
Arrival at 29 Jul 15, 00:00
US 52 reviews
By GOLD 2517
Published on 21st November 2015
Hello all !

Sorry for my English-speaking readers, this may be one of the less interesting leg of my global routing I flew this summer with Pititom.

  1. 1. Rennes - Paris CDG, Hop! ERJ170, economy
  2. 2. Paris CDG - Dublin, Cityjet ARJ-85, business
  3. 3. Dublin - Philadelphia, US Airways A330-200, business
  4. 4. Philadelphia - Albany, Air Wisconsin (dba US Airways Express) CRJ200, economy
  5. 5. Albany - Charlotte, Republic Airlines (dba US Airways Express) ERJ175, domestic first
  6. 6. Charlotte - New-York JFK, US Airways A321, domestic first
  7. 7. New-York JFK - Los Angeles, American Airlines A321T, business transcon
  8. 8. Los Angeles - Honolulu, American Airlines B757-200, domestic first
  9. 9. Honolulu - Dallas Fort-Worth, American Airlines B767-300, domestic first
  10. 10. Dallas Fort-Worth - Tampa, American Airlines MD80, domestic first
  11. 11. Tampa - Charlotte, US Airways A321, domestic first
  12. 12. Charlotte - Londres Heathrow, US Airways A330-200, business
  13. 13. Londres Heathrow - Paris CDG, British Airways A320, econonomy

After arriving from Albany, we get quickly to the Admirals Club.
photo CLT-JFK-01

CLT used to be a hub for US Airways, this Admirals Club is indeed a former US Airways Club, i.e. a Star Alliance lounge. As part of that time agreements, Lufthansa elite passengers are welcomed to use this lounge.
photo CLT-JFK-02

The lounge is big. At that time of the day, it's easy to find some available seats.
photo CLT-JFK-03

The masterpiece of the lounge is this bright dome.
photo CLT-JFK-04

Outside views on the planes, some of them being already painted with the New American color.
photo CLT-JFK-05

Press with only 2 choices. Mogoy would like it though ;)
photo CLT-JFK-06

Corporate pic on the computer in free use in the business area.
photo CLT-JFK-07

The buffets has been recently reported by Kévin here.
My selection for tonight.
photo CLT-JFK-08

Our beers finished, we are on our way to gate C10.
Corridors are crowded !
photo CLT-JFK-09

Main cabin boarding has just start. As First Class and elite passengers (Emerald for Pititom and Sapphire for myself), we can use the priority lane.
photo CLT-JFK-10

On board, real business class in 2-2 config.
Blankets are already disposed.
photo CLT-JFK-11

Comfortable pitch in this first class section.
photo CLT-JFK-12

Pre-departure beverage.
Why does Pititom have a straw but not me ?
photo CLT-JFK-12a

Our neighbor, Airbus A321.
photo CLT-JFK-13

On-board reading.
photo CLT-JFK-14photo CLT-JFK-15

While taxiing, we have some views on downtown Charlotte.
photo CLT-JFK-16

And take-off.
photo CLT-JFK-17

For this 1h46 flight, the catering consists in some snacks.
photo CLT-JFK-18

Drinks. Here again, could you guess why does Pititom have a straw but not me ? ;)
photo CLT-JFK-19

After a quick nap, start of descent.
photo CLT-JFK-20

Nice views on downtown Manhattan by night !
photo CLT-JFK-21

And here we are in JFK, welcomed by this pair of BA's 747.
photo CLT-JFK-22

We get out the plane fast. So fast the gate is not opened yet to let us inside :D
photo CLT-JFK-23

23h49, we are more than 10min ahead schedule.
photo CLT-JFK-24

Thank you for reading my 99th flight-report :)
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US Airways

Cabin crew8.0

US Airways US Airways Club (Concourse C)


Charlotte - CLT


New York - JFK



Company : Comfortable plane. I wish I had a refill after the first drink. Very good on-time performance.

Lounge : quiet & comfy at that time. Catering is very poor, but the brownies were very good !

Departure airport : crowded with all the evening flights.

Arrival airport : I've never seen JFK so empty and quiet ! Hotels shuttles are not convenient : Airtrain + phone call + wait for the shuttle...

Information on the route Charlotte (CLT) New York (JFK)


  • Comment 151305 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 5361 Comments

    Thanks for sharing this report on the now departed US Airways.

    Sorry for my English-speaking readers, this may be one of the less interesting leg of my global routing I flew this summer with Pititom.
    - Hmmm...interesting that you chose a less interesting report to write in English. Give us some good stuff...Transcon or long-haul J segments in English would be great :-)

    I like the CLT club, it's big and the dome looks great--definitely a unique feature. The food offering, on the other hand, it just as sad as any other U.S. carrier lounges, maybe even a bit worse.

    The seats are definitely comfortable for a relatively short flight like this one, but on a Transcon, almost 6 hour flight, like I took CLT-SEA, it's really pushing it.

    Thanks for sharing!

  • Comment 151380 by
    NGO85 1622 Comments

    Thanks for sharing with the English community Padawan :)

    But as Kevin said, this is probably the least interesting leg of the routing. Any chance of a US Envoy class report in English?

    Is beer free in the Admiral’s Club or is it the standard pay bar? Kevin just did a report on this lounge and I think the tarmac views are the one good aspect.

    Looks like you got lucky with a newer cabin on this A321. The plastic cups for pre-departure drinks always irks me.

    Pititom gets the straw because he is special; I'm surprised they didn't bring out a cup of ice cream for him too ;)

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