Review of Emirates flight Nairobi Dubai in Economy

Airline Emirates
Flight EK 720
Class Economy
Seat 54K
Aircraft Boeing 777-200
Flight time 03:00
Take-off 30 Jun 13, 16:40
Arrival at 30 Jun 13, 20:40
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Published on 10th December 2015
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EK 720 NBO-DXB (Nairobi/Jomo Kenyatta->Dubai)
DEP NBO 16:40 29 JUN 2013
ARR DXB 20:40 29 JUN 2013
Flight Duration: 5:00
Aircraft: B777-200

photo 2
Flight route map courtesy of

I arrived into Nairobi, Kenya via a long non-stop flight with Korean Air from Seoul/Incheon. Sadly, the flight has been discontinued since 2014. I am not really surprised since the load factors were not meeting satisfactory levels in order to sustain the route. You can see how empty the seats were on the Korean Air KE 959 flight from Seoul/Incheon to Nairobi/Jomo Kenyatta on my KE 959 flight report.

After a short stay in Nairobi, it was time for me to head back to the states. The itinerary back to New York/JFK from Nairobi was with Emirates Airlines. I would be taking an Emirates B777-200 from Nairobi to Dubai, stopping over in Dubai Airport before taking an A380 flight from Dubai to New York. The flight from Nairobi to Dubai was EK 720, scheduled to depart from Nairobi/Jomo Kenyatta at 4:40PM in the afternoon, arriving in Dubai 10:40PM. My connecting flight to New York would be leaving the next day at 2:00AM.

I headed for the airport around 8AM on the 29th of June.

Nairobi's international terminal (in 2013) was divided into three separate units; 1, 2, and 3. Emirates Airlines check-in counters were within unit 2. Korean Air counters were located in unit 3.
photo 723
This building is where the immigration customs are located. Unfortunately, in August of 2013 (two months after I was here), there was a big fire that destroyed the whole edifice. The immigrations and baggage claims area have been temporarily moved to a parking lot facility.
photo 724
The ones in red uniforms are Kenya Airways employees.
photo 726
The Pub, located between Unit 2 and Unit 3.
photo 727
Korean Air counter desks as they were being opened.
photo 728photo 729
The flight attendants for Korean Air were on their way for their flight back to Seoul/Incheon.
photo 733
So… Nice Coconut Biscuits
photo 736
I headed back to Unit 2 to check into my flight.
photo 737
Each units had its own security checkpoints. All passengers must show flight itineraries in order to enter.
photo 738
At around 13:00 the employees for Emirates Airlines started setting up the counter desks.
photo 741
Check-in started around 14:00
photo 742
There seemed to be a lot of Europeans on this flight. I suppose they booked their Africa trip with Emirates.
photo 743photo 744
After I got the boarding pass, I headed for the gates, which were accessible via these escalators after passing through the passport check counters.
photo 746
On top of the escalators were the gates. Units 1, 2, and 3 are all connected to the same concourse.
photo 747
The Jomo Kenyatta Airport's international concourse configuration was of half-circle formation and about half a mile long to walk from one end to another. There were cafés, souvenir shops, and duty-free shops along the halfway.
photo 748
At one end of the international concourse was a café called Nairobi Java House. The place was packed with people.
photo 750
I ordered a Steak Pie.
photo 751
Another look at the Java House.
photo 752
I wanted to go to a quiet place to eat and take a nap. I walked around the terminal, and eventually found a children's playroom by Gate 9. The room was quiet and there was only one other person in the room. I ate my steak pie here and took a quick nap.
photo 753
Nairobi Airport's exterior window was within the exterior columns, making it hard to see outside.
photo 754
Steak Pie
photo 755
Steak pie was alright, just a bit too oily for my likings.
photo 756
At around 15:30 I saw my plane landing.
photo 758photo 759photo 760
I headed toward Gate 9, where I would be boarding my plane.
photo 761
Each gate had a security check point. This is the waiting room for Gate 9.
photo 763
The Emirates B777-200. It's a 3-4-3 economy configuration one.
photo 764
I found it interesting that they were playing Christian/gospel music in the airport.
photo 765
At around 16:05 we started boarding.
photo 766photo 767photo 768
Business class seats for Emirates B777-200
photo 769
Economy class looked like this. It was the 3-4-3 layout. I think Emirates may have been one of the first airliners to start configuring B777s economy class into 3-4-3 layouts. The seats were actually pretty comfortable.
photo 770photo 771photo 772
My window seat, 54K
photo 773photo 774
The seat pitch was enough for my legroom. The seats were similar to the Korean Air's new economy seats.
photo 775
Emirates Airlines' IFE contained an entertainment system called ICE.
photo 776
ICE stands for Information, Communications, and Entertainment.
photo 777
Waiting for everyone else to fill in.
photo 778
The windows of Emirates B777-200.
photo 779
Before push-back, the flight attendants distributed menus to each passengers.
photo 780photo 781
For today's flight, dinner would be served about two hours before landing.
Dinner choices:
1. Red Thai Chicken Curry - served with stir-fried vegetables and rice
2. Breaded Tilapia - with creamy coriander sauce, fried potatoes, French beans and carrots
3. Green dal (Indian) - Green lentils served with Jeera flavored vegetables and biryani rice
*For Appetizer, potato, chickpea, and pineapple salad would be served
* Dessert was Macadamia gateau, offered with chocolate sauce.

photo 783
And the plane took off toward northeast.
photo 784photo 786photo 787
At FL 360
photo 789
Savory Biscuits and beverages were served.
photo 790
All windows were closed for passengers' comfort.
photo 793
The sun was setting gradually.
photo 794photo 795photo 796
Three hours after take-off the dinner services commenced.
photo 797
I chose the Red Thai Curry Chicken, served with stir-fried vegetables and rice.
photo 798
I apologize for the lack of quality of the picture (should have turned on some light), but this meal was a delicious one. The sauce was a bit spicy, but I am a fan of spicy foods. vegetables were nicely sautéed, and the macadamia gateau was very good.
photo 799
The plane was now about an hour and half away from Dubai.
photo 800
Crossing over Yemeni Airspace.
photo 801
Getting closer to Dubai.
photo 802
After announcement by captain, the flight attendants started to prepare the cabin for arrival.
photo 805photo 807photo 808
At around 10:30PM local time the plane landed at Dubai International Airport.
photo 810
This would mark my first time ever in Dubai.
photo 811
Emirates Airlines plane everywhere.

It took a long walk from the gate to immigrations customs. It was probably about 20-30 minutes.
photo 817
Escalator down to underground immigrations and customs/baggage claim facility.
photo 818
In Dubai airport, the terminal entrances/check-in area and the concourses are connected via underground passages that have security checkpoints, immigrations, passport control points, and baggage claim areas.
photo 819
The baggage claim area for my flight EK 720 from Nairobi.
photo 821
I had about four hours until the next flight so I decided to explore some hot Dubai air.
photo 823
And it was unbelievably hot. Even at midnight I think it exceeded 100 degree outside.
photo 825
So I went straight back toward the airport.
photo 826
Train ride back to DXB.
photo 828
Terminal 3 of DXB

Thanks for reading my flight report!

For more of my flight reports (including my next flight, EK 203 to New York/JFK), please visit following link:
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  • Comment 152160 by
    East African 1595 Comments
    Thanks again for this new FR!
    The fire was a blessing in disguise as it prompted the construction works of the current and convenient T1A which is now more spotter friendly!
    Emirates hurts considerably Kenya Airways with its great product, and indeed European travellers don't mind the extra detour in the middle of the night as soon as the price is right! The load factor seems to confirm that!
    • Comment 329916 by
      CH AUTHOR 27 Comments
      Yeah the flight I took was full, so I could see that happening, unfortunately for Kenya Airways. I just saw that the new T1A opened up in NBO! Good for the airport.
  • Comment 152162 by
    Nick 171 Comments
    Great report! I've had the pleasure of experiencing the immigration area in the parking garage twice, haha. Did you find the waiting area at Gate 9 to be sufficiently sized? It looked pretty crowded in the picture. On my KLM flight, the waiting area was packed and many pax had to resort to sitting on the floor.
    • Comment 329917 by
      CH AUTHOR 27 Comments
      Gate 9 was definitely getting crowded by the time boarding came around. I did see some pax seating on the floor (or standing up). Yeah I saw that they redirected the immigration area to the parking area for a while(saw the parking strips on the floor.. that's interesting).
  • Comment 152180 by
    MrMax 142 Comments
    I've seen lots of reports that complain about the old IFE system. I,am about to fly on a older plane with EK. How was your impression of the IFE. OK for a long flight?
    • Comment 330016 by
      CH AUTHOR 27 Comments
      Yeah, it worked just as fine as the new IFE system. Just the touchscreen responsiveness maybe tad bit slower and the screen might be a bit smaller but other than that it should be good.

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