Review of KLM flight Amsterdam Amsterdam in Business

Airline KLM
Flight KL9899
Class Business
Seat 7K
Aircraft Boeing 787-9
Flight time 00:00
Take-off 22 Nov 15, 15:30
Arrival at 22 Nov 15, 15:30
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By SILVER 22165
Published on 15th December 2015
Hello Flight-Report community!

In honor of the arrival of the Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner to its fleet, KLM introduced the new high-tech bird to the flying public with some special flights. In the same spirit as the last MD-11 “Farewell Flights” that KLM hosted in November of 2014, these 3 special flights are dubbed “Welcome Flights.” These flights took place on Sunday November 22nd, 2015—just one day before the launch of commercial operations with an inaugural flight from Amsterdam to Abu Dhabi and Bahrain.

The “Welcome Flights” are scheduled to last one hour and will overfly Holland in a big loop. Reportedly, seats on the 3 special flights were sold out in just a few hours. The AvGeek community was out in full force!

As part of that AvGeek community, was there to review KLM’s brand new World Business Class. The Dutch Flag-carrier outfitted its Dreamliners with a brand new product.

Amsterdam (AMS) – Amsterdam (AMS) – B787-9 – World Business Class

“Welcome Flight” passengers were asked to check in at a dedicated area in zone 6.

photo 0001

Check-in is very fast as there are no bags to check and seats were pre-assigned.

photo 0002photo 0002a

All passengers are given a copy of Luchtvaart Nieuws, which features KLM’s new baby on the Front Page.

photo 0002b

Just like on normal flights, passengers who are eligible for priority security screening and boarding (Business class and SkyTeam Elites) have access to the Sky priority lanes.

photo 0003

At its main hub, KLM has two large lounges—one for flights within the Schengen area, and a larger lounge for non-Schengen destinations.

Naturally, we headed to the Schengen lounge.

photo 0004

All SkyTeam alliance airlines are welcome in this club.

photo 0005

The KLM Schengen lounge has recently been enlarged. The new larger space brings in more natural light.

Always a good feature, there are many power outlets available.

photo 0009

There is a decent choice of drinks—both hard and soft.

photo 0010

Typical snack fare

photo 0011

As well as some hot dishes, which is relatively new for KLM.

photo 0011a

Breads and crackers

photo 0015

There’s also a salad bar.

photo 0016photo 0017

Charcuteries and cheeses

photo 0018

Chicken stroganoff with rice and a salad.

photo 0018a

The flight appears on the FIDS as a 15:30 departure to “Schipol”

photo 0018b

Clearly KLM is proud of its new Dreamliner

photo 0019photo 0020
Boarding will be from the lower level of gate C21 via bus, most likely to give everyone a good view of the new bird from the tarmac.

photo 0020a

AvGeek reading materials in the gate area

photo 0021

Along with virtual reality goggles where one can explore the new 787 cabin prior to seeing it in real life.

photo 0022

A quick speech at the gate

photo 0023photo 0024

Boarding is about to begin!

photo 0025

Each passenger gets a goody bag, which we’ll detail a little later.

photo 0027photo 0028

Boarding the Dreamliner through door 2L

photo 0029photo 0031

KLM’s 787s are powered by GEnx-1B engines

Today, we’ll be flying on PH-BHC

With the introduction of the Boeing 787 into its fleet, KLM is also introducing a new World Business Class seat.

photo 0038

The Dutch airline has elected to outfit the Dreamliner fleet with the Zodiac Aerospace Cirrus model, offering fully lie-flat seats with aisle-access for all passenger. Sister company Air France offers this type of seat on some of its 777 fleet.

photo 0039

The Cirrus seats are in a reverse-herringbone layout with seats facing away from the aisles, as opposed to the traditional herringbone configuration where seats face the aisles. Again, all passengers have direct access to the aisle in this spacious 1-2-1 configuration.

photo 0040photo 0041

There are 30 seats in World Business class, all between doors 1R/L and 2R/L

photo 0042

In the galley, the chef is preparing an amuse-bouche.

photo 0042a

The Economy Comfort section, comprising of 48 seats in the first 5 rows behind business class, features seats with 35” of pitch and 40% more recline than Economy seats.

photo 0043photo 0044

Economy class seats have a 31” seat pitch

photo 0045

And different color headrests

Economy and Economy Comfort seats feature large 11” IFE screens.

photo 0049

Back in World Business Class, we’ll be in seat 7K for this flight.

photo 0050
To the right of the seat, there is a touch-screen remote control for the IFE along with 2 headphone jacks, one of which can be used for personal headsets.

photo 0051

The aisle-side armrest can be lowered, but does not offer more storage space as featured on some other airlines’ cirrus models.

photo 0052photo 0053

There is a coat hook near the IFE screen.

photo 0054

As well as the button to release the IFE screen.

photo 0055

The size of the IFE screen is 16 inches

photo 0056

The screen can tilt up and down, which is new for a Cirrus model

photo 0057

The side table has an interesting design, but does not have a grip feature to avoid having glasses slide off during turbulence.

photo 0058

Universal power outlet and USB port.

photo 0058a

And the famous window shading controls, unique to the Dreamliner

photo 0059

Nice storage space on the side.

photo 0059a

Where you’ll find a mirror as well.

photo 0060

Here is what was inside the goody bag that was given at check-in. There is a KLM cap, a brochure on the KLM 787, a headset, a sandwich, a jar with airplane shaped gummy candies, and a KLM 787 safety card.

photo 0063photo 0064

The cabin is completely full, with every seat taken.

photo 0067

The new KLM Safety video is played. The new video showcases the Dutch tradition of Delft Blue.

photo 0068

Pushback, and we’re under way.

photo 0069

The moving map gives a flying time of 58 minutes.

photo 0070photo 0071

The taxi time is a bit long as we’ll be taking off from the Polderbaan. We’re escorted the whole way—there is probably a camera crew to film the takeoff.

photo 0072

And here we go !

photo 0073photo 0074

Right turn and we’re overflying Schipol.

photo 0075photo 0076

On this special flight, we’ll be flying at very low altitudes. In fact, we never go above 3000 ft and stay mostly around 2000 ft.

photo 0077

Flying at low altitude doesn’t stop anyone from exploring the cabin of this new Dreamliner and checking out the scenery out the large windows.

photo 0077a
VIP guests on this flight include Alexandre de Juniac, CEO of Air-France KLM, and Piter J Th. Elbers, CEO of KLM, seen here posing with a KLM pilot.

photo 0078photo 0080

In World Business class, there is a tasting menu of Amuse-bouches.

A glass of champagne to celebrate the arrival of this new Dreamliner.

photo 0084

Salmon hors-d'oeuvre with pickled vegetables

photo 0085photo 0086

KLM’s Dutch celebrity chef, Jacob Jan Boerma

photo 0086a

Beef and beetroot meatball

photo 0086b

The tray table is a bit on the small side.

photo 0086c

Sweet smile of yuzu mousse

photo 0086d

The new World Business Class seat becomes a fully lie-flat bed, of course. Although fully lie-flat seats are now new to KLM, This is the first World Business Class cabin with aisle access for all passengers.

The In-Flight Entertainment system is the Panasonic eX3.
The noise-cancelling headphones are of average quality.

photo 0092

There IFE system is available in many languages.
This is the IFE home screen.

photo 0093

There are 150+ movies in 12 different languages

photo 0093a

As well as 200+ Television programs

photo 0093b

A large selection of music

photo 0093c


photo 0093d

And a section for kids.

photo 0093e

Like on many new generation aircraft, the IFE features seat-to-seat messaging.

photo 0093f

You can also learn a new language with Berlitz

photo 0093g

And of course, there is flight information available, including an interactive 3D moving map.

photo 0093h

There is also a section on KLM.

photo 0093i

You can tag shows as “favorites”

photo 0093j

There’s also duty-free shopping

photo 0093kphoto 0094

The moving map is the latest generation with a plethora of different ways to adjust the view and zoom in/out.

photo 0095

Looks like they haven’t created a KLM 787 for the moving map yet, as this is clearly a 777.

photo 0095b

In the Economy cabin there are games and entertainment, including a contest to win a model of the KLM Dreamliner.

photo 0096photo 0097

Sadly, we’re getting to the end of this special flight.

photo 0099

Towards the end the flight, the cabin crew hand out Certificates of Participation in the special 787 flight to all passengers.

photo 0100photo 0101

Upon arrival back at AMS, we are greeted by a water salute from the Schipol Fire Brigade.

photo 0115

Mood lighting during deplaning.

photo 0116photo 0117

At this point, night has fallen which gives AvGeeks a good opportunity for some night shots of this beautiful bird.
photo 0118

Interesting that, although this is the first Dreamliner delivered to KLM, the registration is PH-BHC. Normally, the first delivery begins with an A.

As a nod to the airline’s long history, it is in fact the world’s oldest airline, a KLM DC3 is parked next to the new Dreamliner.

photo 0125

    PRACTICAL INFORMATION As of 23 November 2015, the KLM Boeing 787-9 has been flying the Amsterdam-Abu Dhabi-Bahrain route. On December 14th, Dubai becomes the second KLM Dreamliner destination from AMS with Rio de Janeiro following just a few days later on December 18th. Air France-KLM currently has a joint order for 20 Boeing 787-9 and 6 Boeing 787-10 aircraft. KLM’s Boeing 787-9 fleet is to be configured with 30 World Business class seats, 48 in Economy Comfort, and 216 in Economy.
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With the arrival of the new Dreamliner into its fleet, KLM now offers a Business class product similar to sister airline Air France’s new Business product. The Zodiac Aerospace Cirrus seat is very popular and highly rated by flyers for comfort and privacy. This new seat will only be available on the Dreamliner fleet for the time being. Do keep in mind that KLM now has 5 different types of Business class seats (cradle, angled-flat, B/E Aerospace Minipod, B/E Aerospace Diamond, Cirrus Zodiac), so be careful when selecting flights.

It is worth mentioning, though it is not surprising, that the Economy cabin in the dense 3-3-3 configurations. The majority of 787 operators have gone with the 3-3-3 configuration, as opposed to the original 2-4-2 layout proposed by Boeing.

The Pluses :

- Good amount of privacy in the 1-2-1 configuration, also giving direct aisle-access.
- Comfortable fully lie-flat bed.
- IFE screen in 16/9 format with very good resolution and ability to adjust the screen angle.
- Great IFE content, with several languages, and large selection of films, shows, music, etc
- Pleasant mood-lighting and general 787 benefits such as larger windows
- Good amount of storage
- USB port and universal power outlet

Miuses :

- Small-ish tray table
- Some issues with finishes (some plastic parts not fitting together well)
- Average noise-cancelling headset.
- Entry as door 2L goes right to the galley and doesn’t give that spacious open feel as on some other airlines’ 787s
- No outdoor view camera available on the IFE

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    hhamon 298 Comments

    Wow such a great opportunity to be on this inaugural flight! The business class seat, same as on Air France B&B, is great! I love the new Economy Comfort cabin. It looks much nicer than the actual ones. On which routes will this aircraft operate?

  • Comment 152573 by
    757Fan 519 Comments

    Wow! Very cool to get on a flight like this. The KLM cabin looks great, and those Economy Comfort seats don't look that bad!

    I need to get on a Dreamliner flight one of these days. Thanks for sharing!



  • Comment 152768 by
    jetsetpanda 2296 Comments

    Thanks for sharing this exclusive experience. The mirror in the storage area is a nice addition. The blue padding in the back of the seat looks inviting and conducive to relaxation. KL did a nice job with these new seats.

  • Comment 159948 by
    yi_jerry 1 Comments

    Great report. KLM will use this type of aircraft fly to my home town since end of March. I will have lots of chance to try it. How about the IFE resolution in the Y class? and besides the seat differences, is there any difference in services between economy and comfort ?

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