Review of KLM Cityhopper flight Frankfurt Amsterdam in Economy

Airline KLM Cityhopper
Flight KL1766
Class Economy
Seat 11A
Aircraft Fokker 70
Flight time 01:20
Take-off 15 Dec 15, 11:50
Arrival at 15 Dec 15, 13:10
WA   #34 out of 73 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 368 reviews
Published on 17th December 2015
Hi everybody!

I recently made an interesting trip in two days: Brussels-Orléans-Frankfurt-Amsterdam-Brussels Not all legs are worth reporting (or flown by an aircraft alltogether), but the FRA-AMS was interesting since it was in the KLM Fokker 70, due to be retired in the next two years, so I was excited to fly it one more time while I still had the chance, even though it was a very short flight.

This is my second FR but also the first flight I made specifically with creating a FR afterwards. So let me know what you guys think! :-)

Before I start, I did OLCI and was given an 'offer' by KLM
photo Schermafbeelding 2015-12-14 om 19.18.27
For a 45 minute flight, this price is ridiculous. I mean, it's a normal economy seat and a marginal better meal. Come on KLM, what did you think?

I left my hotel around 7.00 and turned in my rental car at Frankfurt around 9am. So enough time to explore the airport and do some spotting. Frankfurt is definitely LH-country (surprise, surprise) but the Air France / KLM / Alitalia check-in counters are quite numerous. I quickly checked in and decided to check my bag as well since I did not take the effort to separate the liquids and was afraid it might not fit in the overhead bins of the F70 (happened to me once onboard a RJ-85). So, how hard can it be to pick it up, right? Wrong. More on that later.
photo IMG_9979

I did not make a lot of pictures inside the terminal (T2) although it's quite large. It's I would say typical German; efficient and clean. I headed strange for the Air France / KLM lounge since I still had some work to do.
photo IMG_9980

So first thing I did in the lounge was set-up my laptop, get online and make the traditional photo's of the site in English and French (who knows, if I'm up to it I might make a copy of this report in French):

photo IMG_9989nphoto IMG_9990n

The Air France/KLM lounge is quite large, spacious and well-equipped. Only minus is the slow WiFi. Here some pictures of their offerings:

Soft drinks and spirits:
photo IMG_9983
Coffee station
photo IMG_9984
Seating area (view is not great, not towards the tarmac so no spotting)
photo IMG_9985photo IMG_9986
Overview of the buffet
photo IMG_9988

My selection for today:
photo IMG_9982

My aircraft on it's way from AMS, just crossing the NLD/GER border.
photo IMG_9993

The lounge also had a great lunch menu but I didn't photograph it.

After eating, I did a little spotting before heading out to the gate. Limited camera, shaky hands, thick glass….. sorry for the quality!

American A330
photo P1030007

Lufthansa's flagship: The A380
photo P1030015

Tarom A318. Personally I'd never heard of this carrier so I was overjoyed to see it.
photo P1030017

CX B777. It was pulled to a gate from a parking stand.
photo P1030021

After that, I headed for the gate (D21)

Flight: KL1766
Aircraft: Fokker 70
First flight: 15th May, 1995
Seat: 11A, Emergency exit seat

Boarding was announced on time but no priorities. I also did not see the plane at the gate, so you guessed it:
photo IMG_9995

I did give me the opportunity to take some more pictures:
photo IMG_9997

TUIFly B737
photo IMG_9998

We boarded the plane. I'd found a very friendly flight crew today. Warm welcome by both FAs and friends words were exchanged. Plane was clean and I quickly found my seat. The plane was about full. I had tried to get on an earlier flight but it was way overbooked, so I guess a lot of those people found themselves on our flight. Oh well.

Interior view:
photo IMG_0002

Seat pitch was excellent:
photo IMG_0013

photo IMG_0001photo IMG_0003

Surprisingly enough, there was catering. I received this cute little box:
photo IMG_0015

Which contained a slice of cake, some water and a napkin. Great service!
photo IMG_0016

Another exterior view
photo IMG_0017

Some coffee after that:
photo IMG_0018

More exterior views:
photo IMG_0019photo IMG_0021

KLM's fleet. Needs update. PH-BHA was just delivered as the second B787 for KLM. On top of that, I miss the MD-11 ;-)
photo IMG_0022

Our approach into Amsterdam. A lot of fog, so I tried to photograph the port of Amsterdam, little luck I guess…
photo IMG_0024photo IMG_0025

Polderbaan landing. For those of you that don't know Amsterdam: This runway requires a 20min taxi to the gate. On a 45 minute flight, that's a significant long taxi!
photo IMG_0026

The dislocation of the runway required an additional tower specifically for that runway, which you see here:
photo IMG_0028

KLM city here
photo IMG_0030

Deplaning and again taking a bus
photo IMG_0032

Now for the unfortunate end of the story: It took KLM 23 minutes to offload my bag! I so regretted my choice to check it in because I now missed my train!
photo IMG_0033

NOTE: The preview button didn't work so I'm going to publish straight away. So if there are some obvious errors, sorry for that.
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KLM Cityhopper

Cabin crew10.0

Air France Lounge


Frankfurt - FRA


Amsterdam - AMS



FRA: Great airport, smooth flow, good lounge. Only minus is the slow WiFi. Food and drinks are great
KLM has a great product on such a short ride. Fokker 70 is comfortable and nice. Only minus is the wait for your luggage. 21st century problems? :-D
AMS: Great airport.

I prefer KLM over low-cost airlines on these short hops when I fly for work. Why? Because you get the extra's you need (Wifi, a good chair, food in a lounge), the departure time you want and a good experience onboard. Since I had to work that day until 8pm and train back to Brussels, I was glad I had a good experience instead of a low-cost one. I hope this service doesn't die out with the growth of the low-cost airlines because it's worth the money imho.

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  • Comment 152707 by
    NGO85 1622 Comments

    Thank you for sharing this FR with us! I thought it was fairly complete, nothing seemed obviously missing.

    Before I start, I did OLCI and was given an 'offer' by KLM
    - Yikes, outrageously priced for an upgrade on this short route, especially since you already have lounge access.

    the traditional photo's of the site in English
    - Look at that fantastic report on the front page of the English site, a masterpiece ;)

    The Air France/KLM lounge is quite large, spacious and well-equipped
    - Looks a little on the small size, but I guess the number of SkyTeam flights ex-FRA is low. Fridge looks well stocked with beer as per required in Germany. No hot food options?

    Tarom A318. Personally I'd never heard of this carrier so I was overjoyed to see it.
    - They are in SkyTeam, but you haven't heard of them? The second largest A318 operator in Europe with 4 :)

    The cabin of the Fokker 70 looks well maintained, newer seats although the overhead obviously shows the age of the plane with all of those square features. A very nice catering offer on a flight of this length. I wonder if this is specific catering for morning flights.

  • Comment 152801 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 5500 Comments

    It is funny how for a long time there are no reports on KLM Cityhopper, and in one day there were 2 reports on KLM Fokker 70s. Yikes, that is a ridiculous price to upgrade on such a short flight--a better meal is not worth 140 Euros. I like that KLM offers last minute upgrades for purchase and often the prices are reasonable, but not in this case. Thanks for sharing!

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