Review of Delta Air Lines flight Amsterdam Seattle in Business

Airline Delta Air Lines
Flight DL 143
Class Business
Seat 04A
Aircraft Airbus A330-300
Flight time 10:30
Take-off 06 Dec 15, 10:05
Arrival at 06 Dec 15, 11:35
DL   #40 out of 121 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 667 reviews
By GOLD 2879
Published on 18th December 2015
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Landed from Brussels with a short 55' connection, I already know that it will be impossible to visit the lounge. In the same time, the KLM lounges are not really worth it :)

I make my way to the customs just to find them crowded with people. The priority line seems even longer than the others, so is the short connection line. The automated controls work, then let's go for them. There are lots of people there as well but it seem to go faster. In all, I needed 20 minutes to go through. Lots of people who had short connections tried to skip the line, but mostly all of us were so no luck for them.

There was something new for me once in the terminal. Since AMS got rid of all X-Ray controls at the gates (X-Rays are now centralized) DL centralized all pre-departure checks in one place before the concourse entrances. There is a check point next to gate D1 and next to gate E4. There are three different types of line at those controls: 'regular' - 'sky' and 'short connections'

The agent that checks boarding passes sent me to the 'shoco' line. The one that controls and checks the docs finds my routing very awkward and will question me a lot about it. In fact, I have an open jaw and four one ways. This is something that security doesn't like in the US. In anticipation of questions, I printed all tickets and hotels confirmation, and that was a good thing as the guy reviewed everything with me. Once the green light given, he puts a sticker at the back of my passport and hands me over a paper with the gate number, I'm due to go to E19.

After this everything, at the time I arrive at the gate, the boarding is almost nearing its end.

This is the Delta One cabin, I did not take a lot of pictures as you can see the cabin in lots of reports on Flight-Report.

photo DSC_0196photo DSC_0218photo DSC_0219

Duvet, pillow, water bottle and the amenity kit (here after) are already on the seat:

photo DSC_0133photo DSC_0134photo DSC_0135

The steward in charge of my row offers me a welcome drink, water, OJ or 'sparkling champagne'. Being French, this always make me smile: if the champagne is not sparkling, it's not champagne, it's just wine :)

photo DSC_0131photo DSC_0132

The champagne comes together with salted and peppered cashew nuts. Really like them. The menu is handed out by the purser.

I find this menu very classy and easily understandable:

I was surprised by the choice of the products: tuna fish as starter, chestnut soup, pork / chicken / cod / pasta (usually it's chicken - beef - tilapia and pasta). IMO a wise choice.

New A330 safety card:

Excellent seat pitch:

photo DSC_0143

As it seldom happens, the flight leaves right on time, at 10:05. But due to strong head winds, the flight will take 10:30 what is pretty long. I don't bother as I don't have any more connecting flights today, and when you seat in business, you don't really care if the flight will be longer than expected :)

As we taxi, we pass this F70 taking off and this E90:

photo DSC_0146photo DSC_0148photo DSC_0149

By the way, Mr. Fokker had a first name as well:

photo DSC_0150

(I must admit that Fokker 100 is ways better than Anthony 100)

Very powerful take-off after a short taxi. Here after some planes I could spot while taking off: (77F - 75F - 74F x2 - 77F - 74F):

Good screen size even if the handset is beginning to show its age:

photo DSC_0158photo DSC_0159photo DSC_0160

Natural IFE:

photo DSC_0157

The service begins with a warm towel:

photo DSC_0161

And the table is set by a very friendly steward. Here's the cold smoked tuna:

photo DSC_0162photo DSC_0163photo DSC_0164

That was one of the best starter I ever ate in a plane, and by far, the best with Delta. It was absolutely delicious. The only thing I wanted to say after eating it was: GIMME MORE!

Then comes the tray with the soup and the salad:

photo DSC_0165photo DSC_0166photo DSC_0167

The chestnut soup was divine, creamy and well balanced. Perfect. The salad is a salad, but I must confess that the sweet potato dressing was excellent.

For the main, I had the chicken:

photo DSC_0168photo DSC_0169

The setup is really nice and the chicken was flavorful and tender. So were the veggies and the mushrooms. The puree was average though.

I spent on drinking Sauternes wine for the whole meal. I really appreciate that Delta offers a sweet wine in its wine list. It is only actively offered for cheese and dessert but if you ask for it, you can have it anytime. The steward in charge looked after my glass and it was never empty. The only thing that ended empty was the bottle ;)

I do like that Delta plates the main in the galley and that dishes are not pre-plated. As well, they will only bring you the dish once you finished with your starters, allowing each passenger to eat at his own pace.

Once cleared the cheese / dessert trolley comes out. As I have already eaten too much, I'll only take some cheese. Again, cheese is not pre-plated and you can really make your choice.

photo DSC_0170photo DSC_0171

Delta always offer high quality cheeses and lots of different kinds.

On this particular flight and at that time of the hear, the sun sets and rises the afternoon (already spoken about that once in this[/report])

After the meal, I'll have a great 6H nap. At some point I needed to go to the lav. and helped myself with a sandwich and a cookie together with an apple juice:

photo DSC_0180

The crew was really active and present in the cabin that was a big plus.

After the second meal, another hot towel is handed over. Here after some picture of the table, connecters and the headset:

Cabin shoot:

photo DSC_0182

For the second meal, I took the chilled satays with a Greek salad and some fruits:

photo DSC_0190photo DSC_0191photo DSC_0194

We then start the descent:

photo DSC_0197photo DSC_0198photo DSC_0199

We fly over Everett and I can seat Boeing's factory with a nice view over the final assembly lines of the 747/767/777/787:

photo DSC_0200photo DSC_0201photo DSC_0202

Shortly before landing we fly over the museum of flight:

And here we are at Seattle Alaska - Delta's land:

We arrive at the gate at 11:50, I'm out at 11:52, clearing immigration within 5 minutes and with my bag that arrived first at 12:05. At 12:15 I am in the van to my hotel and at 12:35 in my room. That was an absolute record!!
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Delta Air Lines

Cabin crew10.0

Amsterdam - AMS


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That was a perfect flight in every aspect. The seat is great, the crew was top, the food divine, the IFE worked perfectly, there were newspaper available and so was the WIFI.

The very bad rating for security and emmigration at AMS is well deserved.

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  • Comment 152715 by
    757Fan 588 Comments

    Wow, this looks incredible. Great job, Delta! I have to try their Delta One cabin one of these days. The food looks incredible!

    Thank you for sharing!


  • Comment 153145 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 5307 Comments

    In the same time, the KLM lounges are not really worth it :)
    - haha, I think their lounges are fine. Compared to U.S. lounges they're nice :-)

    The steward in charge of my row offers me a welcome drink, water, OJ or 'sparkling champagne'. Being French, this always make me smile: if the champagne is not sparkling, it's not champagne, it's just wine :)
    - That's funny! I don't think I've ever heard anyone ever say that. I guess it's not as bad as AA that just calls everything champagne. Prosecco, Cava, California Sparkling...they don't care, it's all champagne, lol

    I think it's a shame that DL stopped serving warm nuts in BusinessElite...uh, I mean Delta One. I don't really get the whole Delta One thing--the only think that seems to have changed is no more warm nuts and new seat covers. Delta always offered a solid product up front, but new seat covers doesn't seem to warrant a re-branding.

    Delta's catering looks great as usual. Their meals and choice of ingredients are definitely more premium than any other US Airlines and better than even some European airlines IMO. The appetizer looks really good! DL always seems to have good soups. It's sad that on AA, only First class gets soup--no soup for J.

    Sweet shots of Everett!!!

    Thanks for sharing!

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