Review of Transavia flight Dublin Paris in Economy

Airline Transavia
Flight TO3861
Class Economy
Seat 3A
Aircraft Boeing 737-800
Flight time 01:50
Take-off 26 Jul 15, 19:55
Arrival at 26 Jul 15, 22:45
TO   #3 out of 11 Low-cost airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 279 reviews
By GOLD 2065
Published on 28th December 2015
Hy everyone, welcome on my return flight from Ireland!

I chose to fly with the French low-cost Airline Transavia, which offers a very good price, 25€! I have also a good experience of this airline on my last trip to Barcelona, so I can't hesitate.

I was at Bray (20km south Dublin), so it wasn't very easy to join the Airport. To begin I took the DART, the Dublin's regional train, at Bray Station. It cost me 3.70€ for a 45 minutes ride, with free wifi. Fortunately the DART wasn't too busy.
photo TO3861 (1) (Copier)photo TO3861 (2) (Copier)
I left the DART at Tara Street's station.
photo TO3861 (3) (Copier)
Let's have a walk now!
photo TO3861 (4) (Copier)
Irish weather…
photo TO3861 (5) (Copier)
O'Connel Street
photo TO3861 (6) (Copier)
The Spire
photo TO3861 (7) (Copier)
And the Air Link's Bus Stop. I waited only five minutes and I was on the bus 747 to Dublin Airport, very wet!
photo TO3861 (8) (Copier)
The bus was comfortable and in just 20 minutes I was at the Airport. It's a good way to join it, not too expensive (6€).
photo TO3861 (9) (Copier)photo TO3861 (10) (Copier)
Transavia's flights depart on Terminal 1, the older one.
photo TO3861 (11) (Copier)
I arrived very soon, so check in wasn't open.
photo TO3861 (12) (Copier)
Flight on time (that's wrong, he will arrive one hour late…)
photo TO3861 (13) (Copier)
I decided to have diner on the food court, located on the first floor.
photo TO3861 (14) (Copier)
photo TO3861 (15) (Copier)
Check-in opened two hours before departure. Web check-in wasn't available on this flight.
photo TO3861 (16) (Copier)
Staff was friendly (no Swissport fortunately!!)
photo TO3861 (17) (Copier)
Security check was busy, but it could be worst.
photo TO3861 (18) (Copier)
Duty Free
photo TO3861 (19) (Copier)photo TO3861 (20) (Copier)
Airport was enjoyable, with lots of shops.
Bombardier Dash 8 Q400 Flybe
photo TO3861 (21) (Copier)
A300-600F Fedex
photo TO3861 (22) (Copier)
Now let's go to my boarding gate on the Ryanair boarding zone.
photo TO3861 (23) (Copier)photo TO3861 (24) (Copier)photo TO3861 (25) (Copier)
Some publicity…
photo TO3861 (26) (Copier)photo TO3861 (27) (Copier)
15 minutes later, I was on my boarding gate. Dublin Airport is big!
Spotting time :)
B737-800 Ryanair
photo TO3861 (28) (Copier)
A320 Aer Lingus
photo TO3861 (29) (Copier)
Avro RJ85 Cityjet
photo TO3861 (30) (Copier)
Concourse is very enjoyable with a lot of seats.
photo TO3861 (31) (Copier)
A321-200 SAS
photo TO3861 (32) (Copier)
B737-400F Air Contractors
photo TO3861 (33) (Copier)
ATR42-300 Stobart Air
photo TO3861 (34) (Copier)
Ryanair again
photo TO3861 (35) (Copier)photo TO3861 (36) (Copier)
But Aer Lingus is also here!
photo TO3861 (49) (Copier)photo TO3861 (46) (Copier)
My flight is already expected on time…
photo TO3861 (37) (Copier)
Ryanair flight to Beauvais Airport
photo TO3861 (38) (Copier)
Bombardier Dash 8 Q400 Luxair
photo TO3861 (39) (Copier)
A320 British Airways
photo TO3861 (40) (Copier)
photo TO3861 (41) (Copier)
Weather is bad
photo TO3861 (42) (Copier)photo TO3861 (43) (Copier)photo TO3861 (44) (Copier)
A300-600F Fedex
photo TO3861 (45) (Copier)
ATR72-200 Stobart Air
photo TO3861 (47) (Copier)photo TO3861 (48) (Copier)
There is no jet bridge so boarding will be done very quickly.

ATR72-600 Aer Lingus Regional
photo TO3861 (52) (Copier)
Ryanair VS Aer Lingus, two big enemies!
photo TO3861 (55) (Copier)photo TO3861 (56) (Copier)
Stobart Air is leaving.
photo TO3861 (54) (Copier)photo TO3861 (58) (Copier)
My Aircraft is landing, it's a Boeing 737-800 (F-GZHO). He is only 0.5 years old!

Boarding will start soon on gate 112.
photo TO3861 (63) (Copier)
B787-8 Ethiopian Airlines from LAX to ADD. He does a stop at Dublin Airport.
photo TO3861 (64) (Copier)
Boarding started at 20h15, 50 minutes late. We had to board quickly because Paris Orly Airport closed at 23h30.
photo TO3861 (65) (Copier)photo TO3861 (66) (Copier) (Copier)
B737-800 Ryanair
photo TO3861 (67) (Copier)
photo TO3861 (68) (Copier)
Welcome was good. Cabin crew was very Young.
photo TO3861 (71) (Copier)
Then the captain spoke and explained why the Aircraft was late. Indeed, our Aircraft had to wait one hour passengers at Tel Aviv Airport on the previous flight because safety check was busy… He expect a 1h20 flight and an arrival just before Orly closing time.
photo TO3861 (73) (Copier)photo TO3861 (74) (Copier)
B777-300ER Emirates
photo TO3861 (75) (Copier)
Irish weather again!
photo TO3861 (76) (Copier)photo TO3861 (77) (Copier)photo TO3861 (78) (Copier)
Sky interior
photo TO3861 (79) (Copier)
B737-800 Ryanair
photo TO3861 (80) (Copier)
Avro RJ85 Cityjet
photo TO3861 (81) (Copier)
ATR72-600 Aer Lingus Regional
photo TO3861 (82) (Copier)
Bombardier Dash 8 Q400 Flybe
photo TO3861 (83) (Copier)
A319 British Airways
photo TO3861 (84) (Copier)photo TO3861 (86) (Copier)
photo TO3861 (85) (Copier)
Aer Lingus land on T2.
photo TO3861 (87) (Copier)
TO3861, cleared to take-off.

Sunset was beautiful.

BOB. Not bad but quite expensive (less than Aer Lingus).
photo TO3861 (102) (Copier)
Space was good, and cabin modern.
photo TO3861 (70) (Copier)photo TO3861 (72) (Copier)photo TO3861 (69) (Copier)
Some pictures before our descent.

We arrived at gate at 23h15, 30 minutes late.
photo TO3861 (115) (Copier)photo TO3861 (116) (Copier)
French Boarder Police was busy and our policeman rude…
photo TO3861 (117) (Copier)photo TO3861 (118) (Copier)
Luggage Delivery
photo TO3861 (119) (Copier)photo TO3861 (120) (Copier)photo TO3861 (121) (Copier)
Then I went to the kiss and fly and went back home.

Thank you for reading and happy New Year!
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Cabin crew10.0
Buy-on-board menu7.5

Dublin - DUB


Paris - ORY



Flight was good. Cabin was comfortable and cabin crew friendly. The only problem was our late arrival...

I advise you to fly with Transavia. It's a good deal.

Thank you for reading my report!

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  • Comment 153774 by
    watchbird 426 Comments

    Thanks for sharing this FR!
    The pleasure of being a little stressed over the closing time of Orly is a classic for a number of passengers using low-costs inbound Orly late in the day... I had the pleasure of an arrival in CDG T3 at 2am instead of Orly 11pm once. I was coming back from Budapest and it was due to a hard landing by the Transavia crew in Budapest! It was no fun at all but Transavia France did a good job in paying us the legal fee (much higher than the fare...) and the taxi expenses we incurred on that night.
    In consequence I would not be totally against booking with them again... I somehow owe them some cash :-).
    Hopefully it turned out better for your flight.

  • Comment 154160 by
    NGO85 1622 Comments

    Thanks for sharing this FR with us!

    Good thing you spotted all those RJ85s, they are going to die soon as WX goes Russian. I have never heard of Stobart Air before, is it a new carrier?

    Ryanair VS Aer Lingus, two big enemies!!”
    - The race to see who can be more LCC?^^

    The seat pitch looks pretty tight, but I guess this is a LCC so that is kind of expected. Getting a new plane with BSI is always a nice treat when flying a LCC.

    Getting a good crew also helps, but for a fairly short flight TO looks like a reasonable LCC.

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