Review of Lufthansa flight Lisbon Frankfurt in Business

Airline Lufthansa
Flight LH1167
Class Business
Seat --
Aircraft Airbus A321
Flight time 03:10
Take-off 16 Dec 14, 12:20
Arrival at 16 Dec 14, 16:30
LH   #61 out of 93 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 1578 reviews
By 2172
Published on 16th December 2015
This is the fifth report about my roundtrip itinerary from Johannesburg to Casablanca on Star Alliance. If you've read any of the prior entries, go ahead and skip the preamble.

Intra-Africa travel can yield a great value when using United MileagePlus awards, if done correctly. Travel between most city pairs in Africa are usually the same award price, whether they're an hour apart or across the continent. When travelling from far southern Africa to far northern Africa, you can often get a complicated routing through Europe. For someone looking to get from point A to point B, this may be viewed negatively, but for a backpacking AvGeek, it's a huge positive. My itinerary below cost 52,500 Mileage Plus Miles and $192.30 in taxes and fees. It was ticketed as a roundtrip from Johannesburg to Casablanca, but it afforded me an 8 hour daytime layover in Frankfurt, a two night stopover in Cairo, and a 17.5 hour overnight layover in Lisbon. For comparison's sake, a one way Business Saver Award from Frankfurt to Johannesburg is 55,000 miles plus taxes and fees. Even Frankfurt to Casablanca would cost 55,000 miles, a bad value for such a short distance, but that's the price of Europe region to Northern Africa region. I was technically just travelling from Southern Africa region to Northern Africa region and back. The value of itineraries like this are even greater when you consider the high cash price of intra-Africa airfares.

Johannesburg to Frankfurt (Economy, Lufthansa):
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Casablanca to Lisbon (Business, Portugalia):
Lisbon to Frankfurt (Business, Lufthansa): You Are Here
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photo December 2014 Flight Route

This flight started with a quick Metro ride out to the airport.

photo IMG_3104

Since I took the Metro to and from the airport, I didn't really get a chance to see the outside. Before I went through security I took a peek outside and snapped some pics, but it was nothing special.

photo IMG_3105photo IMG_3106photo IMG_3107

The check-in areas at LIS looked like any other airport. It wasn't especially crowded or spacious.

The expedited security for business pax is this thing called the Green Way. There weren't many people passing through security in general and the Green Way actually took a little longer than the regular security line.

photo IMG_3113

The TAP business lounge wasn't big, but had a modern design and free WiFi.

photo DSC00462photo DSC00463photo IMG_3118

They had food and drinks on the lower level. Both food and drinks were self-serve, the best way to do it in my opinion.

The boarding area for this flight eventually turned into a zoo.

photo IMG_3119photo IMG_3120photo IMG_3121

Standard short-haul business product on LH.

photo IMG_3123

Pushed back from the gate . . .

photo IMG_3127

A couple aerial shots of the European countryside . . .

photo IMG_3128photo DSC00465

The food was really bland, though plentiful for a short flight. I saw them passing out hot sandwiches back in Economy which I would've preferred over this.

photo IMG_3129
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Cabin crew7.5

TAP Premium Lounge


Lisbon - LIS


Frankfurt - FRA



Pretty standard short haul Lufthansa flight, no major complaints or compliments. However, I really liked the TAP lounge in Lisbon. I was able to snag a table and spread out with my laptop and a few plates of food. The self-serve buffet and bar were well stocked. WiFi also worked well.

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La compagnie qui obtient la meilleure moyenne est Lufthansa avec 7.3/10.

La durée moyenne des vols est de 3 heures et 6 minutes.

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  • Comment 154079 by
    NGO85 GOLD 1917 Comments
    Thanks for sharing this FR!

    Please add LH to your flight number.

    Those decorative air ducts in the check-in area are unique.

    the Green Way actually took a little longer than the regular security line.
    - I often find that this is true in a lot of airports. Especially in the US when the priority line filters you back into the normal line after ID check...

    The TP Lounge does look small, and the projector TVs look cheap (feels like a sports bar...). I'm not a huge fan of the fake trees on the wall. Were there any hot buffet items in the lounge?

    Standard short-haul business product on LH.
    - Those seats give me a sore back just looking at them.

    The food was really bland, though plentiful for a short flight. I saw them passing out hot sandwiches back in Economy which I would've preferred over this.
    - I agree, the tray does look very full, but it's not much better than what MS had served you in Y for similar length flights (just fancier presentation). The packaged cookie for dessert is bad. Is that hard for the European carriers to put a napkin over the tray so you don't have to look at plastic?

    A mediocre LH flight (or maybe mediocre is standard for them?), see you for the final leg!
    • Comment 331687 by
      Nick AUTHOR 172 Comments
      Thanks for reading NGO85! The TAP Lounge did not have any hot food items, just sandwiches. But compared to US lounges, this is still a good offering, along with the self serve drinks. Thanks for reading.
  • Comment 154084 by
    East African 1560 Comments
    Thanks for this good FR
    the Green Way actually took a little longer than the regular security line. => in this case, it looked like difficult to see prior accessing the special lane!

    There are no outside views from the lounge, even downstairs?
    Surprised to see you got a proper C seat on Portugalia F100 for 1h+ flight and this slimline Recaro on a 3h trip!
    The dessert seems rather uninspiring!

    Looking forward to the next chapter :-)
    • Comment 331688 by
      Nick AUTHOR 172 Comments
      Haha, true that you can't tell the Green Way line is longer until you get to the front.

      No outside views from the lounge, not even downstairs. Now that I think about it, this is a pretty big drawback. It's nice to have a view while you're eating, like the Baobab lounge in JNB. Nothing on the projectors was very entertaining.

      I agree that it's rather ironic I had a nice comfortable seat on Portugalia, but not this much longer flight!

      Thanks for reading!

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