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Airline Adria
Flight JP112
Class Economy
Seat 16a
Flight time 01:05
Take-off 24 Jun 15, 13:55
Arrival at 24 Jun 15, 15:00
JP   #125 out of 131 Airlines A minimum of 20 Flight-Reports is required in order to appear in the rankings. 26 reviews
By 1743
Published on 6th January 2016
Hey everybody,

that is my first flight report, so I am a little bit nervous. This summer I flew with Slovenian national airline Adria Airways from Ljubljana to Frankfurt. Adria is flying three times per day to Frankfurt. Usually with Bombardier crj900 and sometimes with crj200 or Airbus 319 which is Adria s biggest plane. Connections between Ljubljana and airport are bad.The best option is shuttle or bus. Taxi is very expensive.

How to come to the Airport:

I arrived two hours before. Airport in Ljubljana is very small with one terminal and around 20 flights per day.

photo 7116607-Ljubljana_Airport_1_Ljubljana

Entrance hall is a little bit old, but clean and nice. There are some bars and shops. I decided to go to my gate 1, which is upstairs.

photo ljubljanaairport

And that is the boarding area. There is also Duty free. And you can charge your phone (also free Wi-fi network).

photo Ljubljana_airport

I still had a lot of time so I decided to check some other planes.

Adria Airways A319 to Helsinki and Bombardier crj200 (Star alliance livery) to Skopje.

photo Avjon 1

Czech Airlines A319 to Prague and Bombardier crj900.

photo IMG_1657

And then boarding. Boarding started one time.

photo IMG_1653photo IMG_1656

That was my plane to Frankfurt (Bombardier crj900).

photo IMG_1662

Seats are okay. Before you go to plane you can take some magazines. You can also read their inflight magazine, which is in the pocket. Now I Adria has got some onair entertainment:

photo IMG_1676

And legroom is also okay.

photo IMG_1666

Photo of the landscape. If there is a nice weather you can see Alps. I had this luck.

photo IMG_1670

After one hour we landed in Frankfurt.We landed smooth and I saw some heavies there: Emirates A380, Thai Airways A380, Air Canada B777, Lufthansa…(unfortunately I don t have photos:().
Flight was comfortable, but we didn t get the meal. That was disappointment. Why do they have tables then. Crew was really friendly and nice.

Our plane parked far away from the terminal. So we went with buses to the terminal 1. And there is easy to find the exit from the airport.

photo IMG_1679

Thanks for reading. I hope you get some informations. Please rate and comment.

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Cabin crew8.0

Ljubljana - LJU


Frankfurt - FRA



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  • Comment 154114 by
    NGO85 1622 Comments

    Thank you for share this rare FR aboard JP and welcome to the site! The first English report on JP!

    The first report is always the hardest to do, but it was complete and easy to follow. Next time, maybe some more comments on the crew or other in-flight aspects would help, but it was a very good first report.

    I briefly lived in Graz, so I have been to Ljubljana many times, but only by train. From what I remember, the airport was really far north of the city, so it's not surprising that is it isn't very convenient to access. LJU looks a lot like BEG on the inside/outside.

    The CRJ looks well-maintained and the seats look more than adequate for a regional flight. Seat pitch looks really good, unless you just have very short legs!

    It's very disappointing not to get any service on an intra-European flight. I would have expected more from JP since they are in *A, JU seems to be the best carrier in this region. Does LH also serve this route?

    Your fuselage shot was great!

    • Comment 331691 by
      vasja AUTHOR 6 Comments

      Thanks for this comment. I will try to do better next time. And Lufthansa is not flying to Ljubljana. Adria is flying for Lufthansa. Adria is falling down, because they are in crisis, so they don t have money for the meal onboard. And the airport is really far away from the city. Legroom is nothing special. I was just sitting like this :).

      I am grateful for your comment.

    • Comment 331692 by
      NGO85 1622 Comments

      With no competition on the route, they probably have little incentive to improve their product. JP could be in trouble with all of EY's investment in JU and push to start TATL routes out of BEG.

  • Comment 154117 by
    vasja AUTHOR 6 Comments

    JP112 is LH6905.

  • Comment 154119 by
    Benoit75008 GOLD 6789 Comments

    Thanks for this report,

    JP did like LO, SN, and they introduced BoB^^
    But you can't get even glass of water??

    FRA is a huge airport, a bit messy^^

    See you

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