Review of Scoot flight Kaohsiung Singapore in Economy

Airline Scoot
Flight TZ287
Class Economy
Seat 39A
Aircraft Boeing 787-8
Flight time 03:45
Take-off 12 Jan 16, 20:20
Arrival at 13 Jan 16, 00:05
TR   #11 out of 22 Low-cost airlines A minimum of 20 Flight-Reports is required in order to appear in the rankings. 53 reviews
By 1876
Published on 13th January 2016
This report covers the return leg of my trip to Kaohsiung, Taiwan, for which the inbound report can be seen here:

After an uneventful last day in Kaohsiung, we headed to the airport around 5pm for our 8.20pm flight.
photo 20160112_170458

KHH has two terminals, one for international flights and the other for domestic flights. Here we are at the international terminal.
photo 20160112_170702

One interesting little thing about the washrooms in KHH are that they have this little sign that lights up when the cubicle is in use. I don't think I've seen this little innovation anywhere else!
photo 20160112_171031

Waiting for the counter to open. Our flight to Singapore would be the only flight leaving at that time, since Scoot's KHH-KIX check-ins were done for the day.
photo 20160112_171240

Check-in was uneventful, with polite and knowledgeable ground staff. I received this tag on my bag (which, strangely, I didn't receive on my inbound flight). Harsh, Scoot! Yet, in a way, strangely effective…
photo 20160112_182110

Duty free shopping in the main terminal building.
photo 20160112_174103

And there were these little models for sale! They even had registrations and all. The aircraft depicted were (from left to right) a KL B772 PH-BQF, a CI B744 B-18203, a CI A333 in special livery B-18355, and a historical CI B741 B-1868, which existed from 1976 to 1978 before it was transferred to Pan Am and subsequently re-registered.
photo 20160112_174213

I don't think I've seen anything that looks less like an A333, don't you think? :P
photo 20160112_174302

FIDS. Strangely, there is a CI flight leaving tonight for TPE, even though this is the international terminal.
photo 20160112_175009

Pre-transit. This is where I had my dinner, since I'd overheard some people saying there was nothing of worth to eat post-security, and I wasn't willing to take my chances.
photo 20160112_180853

TV-dinner-style fried rice from the resident FamilyMart convenience store. Bring on the salt, preservatives, and artificial flavouring!
photo 20160112_182626

Security was smooth, though rather slow. I think it was less a result of inefficiency than it was of the fact that there simply weren't many people in the airport, and activity was rather sluggish as a result.

Post-security walkways. This is probably the most photogenic KHH will ever get…
photo 20160112_191025

A lone CI B738.
photo 20160112_190904

More duty-free shopping.
photo 20160112_191001

Boarding would have commenced at 7.20, but with the plane coming in late from KIX, it was becoming abundantly clear that boarding would not occur at the intended time. The gate was, of course, empty when I got there.
photo 20160112_192522

At 7.26pm, the plane did eventually arrive. Boarding was called close to 8pm.

12 January 2016
Kaohsiung International (KHH) - Singapore Changi (SIN)
Boeing 787-8
9V-OFD (Goin' Scootin')

Today's 788 was the latest addition to Scoot's fleet, having been delivered to Scoot just three weeks previously. Its name is inherited from 9V-OTC, one of Scoot's original 777s and also currently the only remaining 777 in Scoot's fleet.
photo 20160112_200101

Cabin shot. Configuration was C21Y314 for a total of 335 seats, with 2-3-2 in C and 3-3-3 in Y.
photo 20160112_200231

View out of my window after boarding.
photo 20160112_200342

Despite the 15-minute-late arrival from KIX, we pushed back almost on time, around 8.25pm. Cabin shot during pushback.
photo 20160112_203020

A very empty international terminal at KHH this evening.
photo 20160112_203043

After a somewhat long taxi that involved waiting for a GE aircraft to land, we took off at around 8.40pm.

Safety card.
photo 20160112_205358

Cabin shot just as catering begun. This flight was bursting at the seams, with load factors close to 100%.
photo 20160112_205959

Seatback literature.
photo 20160112_235446

Since our particular aircraft is so new, its existence is not even reflected in the seatback magazine.
photo 20160112_200556

Lavatory visit, complete with adjustable heat taps. I'm reminded of the 777's two-button taps, which simply announce to the user something along the lines of Hello, sir, how can we help you today? We have two options: ice-cold water, or scalding-hot water. Which one will it be today?
photo 20160112_231212

The flight was largely uneventful, apart from the fact that we were going to be arriving late. This is the Singapore harbour around 12.30am.
photo 20160113_004142

We ended up touching down on Runway 02L at 12.44am, nearly 40 minutes behind schedule, and taxied a long way to Terminal 2. The window fogged up on touchdown, and as a result, I was unable to get any photos of aircraft while taxiing. But it wasn't all bad, since I managed to spot A7-ALA, the first A359 in service and my first ever spotted A359!

Baggage belt FIDS.
photo 20160113_011151

FIDS post-arrival. Note the presence of TZ8211 from Busan on the FIDS – this flight is a charter operated by the only 777 in Scoot's fleet.
photo 20160113_013853

Security was efficient, but the first pieces of baggage from the flight did not appear at the belt until nearly half an hour after arrival. There were also long stretches of conveyor belt without any baggage, presumably as the ground staff transitioned to the next ULD. The belt was rather crowded given the flight's high capacity and load factor, and I could see people were getting annoyed. The last time this happened, I think I was nitpicking a little, but given the standards Changi usually operates at, I find this unacceptable.
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Cabin crew7.5
Buy-on-board menu6.5

Kaohsiung - KHH


Singapore - SIN



Most of this flight was uneventful. The crew were not as gregarious as they were on my inbound flight, but they were still polite and did their job as expected.

Poor on-time showing from Scoot this time around, with a 40-minute-late arrival despite the fact that we departed nearly on time and flew a great-circle route for most of the flight. Strong headwinds?

KHH is a rather boring airport, but to be fair, the airport's lack of activity is a microcosmic representation of the city at large. The airport is one of those airports that, despite serving a full-size city, sees strictly domestic and regional flights.

Scoot is lucky that this was not a daytime flight, because I can foresee the late arrival disrupting passengers' schedules otherwise. I wouldn't mind flying it again given its rather unique network, but when it comes to destinations frequented by full-service airlines (such as TPE and NRT), I'd probably pick another airline.



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