Review of LOT Polish flight Istanbul Warsaw in Business

Airline LOT Polish
Flight LO136
Class Business
Seat 2A
Aircraft Embraer E-175
Flight time 01:55
Take-off 10 Dec 15, 17:40
Arrival at 10 Dec 15, 18:35
LO   #71 out of 108 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 189 reviews
By SILVER 2381
Published on 16th January 2016
This flight report continues a trip from Toronto to Warsaw via Istanbul, made mostly to try out the business class offerings on Turkish Airlines and LOT Polish Airlines. In this exciting episode, your humble flight-reporter makes his way from Istanbul to Warsaw on LOT Euro-J service.

12/9/2016 - TK18 YYZ-IST -
12/10/2016 - LO136 IST-WAW - You are here.
12/11/2016 - LO45 WAW-YYZ - Coming soon.

When we parted, I had just cleared transit security and found myself in the main hall of Istanbul Ataturk Airport. Let’s not mince words here… there were three goals in booking this trip. 1) Fly TK business class. 2) Fly the LO Dreamliner. 3) Enjoy the Turkish CIP Lounge in IST. And not necessarily in that order of priority.

I’ve heard tales of this mythical business class lounge for years now, but never managed to make my way into it to check it out. This is my chance to correct that. Unfortunately, flights between Istanbul and Warsaw are less frequent than one would expect for traffic between two large Star Alliance hubs, and award availability even less. So I had to settle for a LOT flight up to Warsaw leaving just over two hours after I arrive into Istanbul. Hardly enough time to really enjoy the lounge.

Fortunately, after booking this, another opportunity to Turkish later in January came up, one that will afford me a bit more time to enjoy the lounge here. But that’s another story for another day.

I hustled through the busy and shop-heavy concourse at IST in search of the lounge, and honestly smiled broadly upon arriving at its door.

photo IMG_4793

A quick scan, and I was in! Woo-hoo! The scale of the lounge is a little intimidating. Spread over two floors, with food stations everywhere, it’s a hard experience to capture in images much less in words. But let’s try a bit with both.

My impression with TK’s attention to detail continued as I explored the lounge, starting with the rows of lockers. Unfortunately, they were all either occupied, or non-functional. A while later, I would discover another bank of lockers downstairs, which were much less popular, so I did get to ditch the bag for a while.

photo IMG_4794photo IMG_4817

I love all the options for things to do here, from pool in the library, to grand pianos both upstairs and downstairs — in my time, the downstairs piano in particular enjoyed some play — to a movie theatre with fresh hot popcorn. And of course, virtual golf, racing cars, and video games.

And food and drink. Lots of food and drink. Food and drink everywhere. My goodness, what a bunch of food and drink options. With chefs everywhere, creating more food and drink. It’s astonishing really! I spent well over a half-hour just wandering the lounge, taking pictures of various parts of the lounge and soaking in the experience.

In the end, I was still pretty stuffed from my breakfast before arrival, so I passed on the opportunity to eat at this point in time. Next time, I will make it a point to arrive hungry and ready to sample, and with a bit longer to linger, I hope to enjoy a lot of options. But I do grab myself a raspberry juice, presumably the same type that was offered me as a PDB option on YYZ-IST. I’d been interested in trying it then, and it’s very good here, if it is in fact the same thing.

photo IMG_4839

After sampling the WiFi — it as performing decently well — it was unfortunately time to make my way towards the gate for my flight to Warsaw. I followed the signs towards my gates, and you know you’re heading to a bus gate when you see an escalator. Sure enough, the escalator let me out into a madhouse of a gate area that seems to be home to many regional flights. After milling about for a couple of minutes, they called business class and other priority boarding, and by virtue of milling close to the gate agents, I was the first on board the first bus.

photo IMG_4840

But I wouldn’t be alone for long, as they let this thing get about as packed as it could get before we began our short drive out to our awaiting Embraer 175, SP-LIN.

Flight: LO136
From: Istanbul Ataturk (IST)
To: Warsaw Chopin (WAW)
Date: 12/10/2015
Aircraft: Boeing Embraer 175
Registration: SP-LIN
Seat: 2A
ATD (STD): 17:40 (17:25)
ATA (STA): 18:35 (19:00)

Here, the masses board the plane as I snap an unfortunately fuzzy photo. It’s hard to tell in the dark how good a picture is on the small screen, unfortunately.

photo IMG_4841

The photography was better from part-way up the jetway.

photo IMG_4845

Greeted on board by the blonde flight attendant in charge, I made my way to my seat. This is actually my first for real Euro-J experience — all my previous ones had been with Air Canada Rouge, which is the same idea, but not located in Europe. At least, not its A319s, on which it used to offer the Euro-J style product. I was seated in 2A, which is the port bulkhead seat on LOT’s E75.

photo IMG_4847photo IMG_4854photo IMG_4848

I was curious beforehand how Euro-J would work on the Embraers, with their 2-2 seating in economy. Would it actually just be upgraded service with no space considerations? Fortunately, I quickly got my answer at my seat.

photo IMG_4850

That means essentially it’s a 1-1 cabin, in that regard, better than Embraers with a “proper” business class offering, which is generally 1-2. Come to think of it, it’s actually better than many longhaul business class products, in terms of all passengers having direct aisle access.

Unfortunately, that’s where the advantages of this seat end. Other than that, it’s a pretty mediocre economy class seat. Not terribly comfortable, but it will do for this short jaunt up to Warsaw.

Legroom is okay for this bulkhead seat. I’m not sure how it was in the rest of the business class cabin, because apparently it’s just normal economy legroom, as LOT doesn’t offer business class on some Embraer flights, so they just rip off those headrest covers and sell the seats.

photo IMG_4849

A look across the cabin as passengers file by. Business class would eventually be “full” at 7 passengers, 5 of which appeared to be Japanese businessmen. Note there are power outlets shared under the seat — although 1 power plug per pair of seats is fine up here in business class.

photo IMG_4853

Pre-departure beverages were offered next. The Euro-J configuration means a lack of console or armrest with retractable drink holder tray, which is usually seen on 1-2 Embraer J configurations. Oh well.

photo IMG_4852

Outside as boarding is complete, we’re parked next to some TK Airbuses.

photo IMG_4855

No IFE on these Embraers. I think AC is the only airline I’ve seen thus far that has chosen to put seatback IFE into these regional jets. United’s Embraers are just now getting the WiFi-based streaming BYOD video option.

I kill flipping through the offered in-flight magazine. Am I reading this right? At least on some flights, LOT is charging economy passengers for soda and water? Wow.

photo IMG_4856

After the safety demonstration, we push back, and taxi our way around IST a little bit, before taking off into the dark night sky over Istanbul.

With the seat belt light turned off, service began with a hot towel. Ha-ha, just kidding. We got this instead.

photo IMG_4871

The flight attendant working business then made the rounds for drinks. I asked for a glass of water, and was presented this little bag. “Maybe you’d like to try it?” Carrot crisps, huh? Well, that’s different. I give them a try. Not bad. I still prefer mixed nuts for a cocktail snack, but glad to have had the chance to try them.

photo IMG_4872

A few short minutes later, my flight attendant was back and taking meal orders. “We have…. [long pause] beef or….. [another long pause] not meat.” I appreciate that she’s not working in her native tongue, and her English is no doubt better than my non-existent Polish skills, but she’s not exactly inspiring confidence. I decide on the beef(?). My table is set, and the meal is presented, all at once, on the tray. Additional drinks are offered, so I choose some red wine to accompany my beef(?).

photo IMG_4873

The starter is nice and light. I’m not sure exactly what it was, but the paste seen at the top right provided a nice little bit of depth of flavour.

photo IMG_4876

Onto the main course.

photo IMG_4874

One cut into it and…. uhhhhh?

photo IMG_4877

I don’t think that’s beef. Unless the beef in Poland is very different than the beef I’ve had anywhere else. It doesn’t really have a chicken consistency. I’d guess it was pork, but…

photo IMG_4878

So…. anyway. It was meat, as opposed to not meat. (Maybe that’s what she said instead of beef? I’m not sure.) It’s an okay meal, and not swimming in sauce unlike a lot of meals. the potatoes are particularly good with a nice bit of peppery kick to them, and the vegetables aren’t disgusting and soggy, which is a major plus. So they’ve got that going for them.

Dessert, a simple multi-chocolate affair, is probably the highlight of the dinner.

photo IMG_4875

And after dinner, I enjoy a couple of cups of very good coffee as our flight nears its end. My water is also kept topped up. Service was decent, about what one would expect for a sub-two-hour regional jet business class experience.

photo IMG_4879

Soon enough, this short flight is coming to an end as we begin our descent into Warsaw on a nice clear, crisp, and cold early December night.

We land, and park next to our twin. Unless that a 170. Too short for a 195, I think. I find it kinda hard to tell the Embraers apart visually, to be honest.

photo IMG_4887

Seated where I am, I’m one of the first few off the plane and onto the small bus waiting for business class passengers. We’re quickly whisked away into the terminal at Chopin, through passport control, and I’m quickly outside and grabbing a cab, heading into Warsaw for a night’s sleep, a little bit of exploring, and my flight home tomorrow.

We’ll pick the story up there next time. Thanks for reading!
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Not a bad little regional flight for a first experience with LOT, and a fantastic experience at TK's lounge in Istanbul.

Service was good, seat was mediocre, meal was... questionable. On to the next adventure!

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  • Comment 155024 by
    SKYTEAMCHC GOLD 8298 Comments

    Thanks for your report. It's great to be able to benefit from the TK lounge in IST , one of the best rated in the world.
    Euro J is well.... Euro J ;-)
    The meal looks nice but apparently not to you taste.
    English can be a real problem on some airlines which always surprises me in 2016 !

    • Comment 333324 by
      hometoyyz SILVER AUTHOR 542 Comments

      Thanks for the feedback!

      The English problem wasn't that bad... it was more her non-confidence-inspiring delivery of the meal choices that caught my attention. And to be honest, I don't expect the best English on a flight between Turkey and Poland.... and her English was waaaaay better than my (non-existent) Polish skills.

  • Comment 155058 by
    Sukhoi47 56 Comments

    Thanks for this nice report !

    It's a shame you could not save enough time (and space in your stomach) for TK's CIP lounge and especially its food options. But at least you'll get to try it at the fullest soon !

    As off to the Euro J product, this is a very nice one indeed ! Not all Embraer's Euro-J have a blocked aisle seat, let alone a power socket.
    I guess the presence (or absence) of an IFE on E-Jets is related to the routes served. In Europe, they're mostly used on the shorter routes as opposed to the Airbuses, unlike in Africa or Canada.
    Concerning the catering, allthough it is of a lower standard than TK's, it remains quite nice. I guess the meat was veal (surprisingly premium, I must say), hence the hesitation of the stewardess and her saying beef. Anyway pork ex-IST would be quite distastefull.
    I'm surprised by the hostess' skills in English ! English is quite well spread and mastered among educated young Polish by now...

    Looking forward your flight on LOT's 787 !

    • Comment 333325 by
      hometoyyz SILVER AUTHOR 542 Comments

      Thanks for the feedback!

      TK's lounge was, indeed, spectacular, if for nothing else than the scale of it all.

      The seating layout was fine -- well, legroom wasn't fantastic, but having a 1-1 configuration was pretty great, and an upgrade over 1-2 on most North American Embraers I've been on in a premium class. And I am surprised by the distances AC uses for some of its E-jet routes. I suspect YYZ-SEA is just about at range limit, if not load-limited.

      And I suspect you're right about it being veal, which would explain the colour, the consistency, and the fact that it had relatively little flavour to it.

  • Comment 155062 by
    757Fan 595 Comments

    Thanks for sharing! Looks like you had a nice flight with LOT. The meal looks pretty good for a short haul flight ... That cake looks tasty.

    I've seen pictures of the lounge in Istanbul before in other reports with all the amazing food and drink offerings. The place looks incredible. I'd be full before I'd even get to the plane!

  • Comment 155272 by
    Benoit75008 7318 Comments

    Thanks for sharing this report.

    I like LO services in business class. I think you were not lucky as i have friends working for LO, and they don't have any kind of problem to speak fluent english.

    LOT is charging economy passengers for soda and water? Wow => no, you have free glass of water and you can ask for one more (or even tea).
    Paying for water makes you being owner of a full bottle :)

    Hope you liked Poland :)

    • Comment 333327 by
      hometoyyz SILVER AUTHOR 542 Comments

      Thanks for the feedback, and for the clarification. I guess that's just premium offerings that are available for sales. Not a surprise... AC is doing the same thing. Normal coffee and tea are free in Y, but other premium coffees and teas are available for sale. The same, I believe, for water vs. Perrier.

      I didn't find the language barrier that much of a problem, although it really shone through in that indecision about the nature of the meal being served. I think, actually, it was more her being unsure what had been catered, but delivered in a non-native tongue with a fair bit of an accent, it came off fairly odd.

      Although it was a brief stay, I did enjoy my time in Poland. There's so much more there I'd like to see on future visits, both in Warsaw and beyond.

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