Review of Aer Lingus flight Doncaster Dublin in Economy

Airline Aer Lingus
Flight EI3411
Class Economy
Seat 3F
Aircraft ATR 72-600
Flight time 00:55
Take-off 08 Jan 16, 09:35
Arrival at 08 Jan 16, 10:30
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Published on 15th January 2016
Airline: Aer Lingus Regional (Operated by Stobart Air)
Aircraft: ATR72-600 EI-FCZ (1.6 years old)
Flight: EI3411 Doncaster Sheffield (DSA/EGCN) to Dublin (DUB/EIDW)
Date: 08/01/16
Departed: 09:35am (20 minutes early)
Arrived: 10:30am (45 minutes early)

photo fr24
Our flight path

My first flight of 2016 I chose one from a more local airport to me. I arrived at the airport at about 08:30 in the morning with departure scheduled for 09:55. I entered into a very empty check-in area and made my way to security which was very quiet and I was through to the departures lounge in less than 5 minutes from the moment I entered the terminal. Unfortunately there was not much to see on the apron and so I bought a magazine from a newsagent. Other than the newsagent, the departure lounge also has a bar/restaurant, a duty free shop and apparently a business lounge. The airport does have an extension to the departure lounge with more seating and another restaurant but it is only open during peak season.

photo P1085118
Lanside at Doncaster Sheffield Airport
photo P1085119
The Check-in area
photo P1085122photo P1085123
The departure lounge

My aircraft arrived at 09:06 ahead of schedule. It quickly taxied to a stand in front of where I was sitting. Within 10 minutes boarding had begun for the return trip. Boarding took no time due to there only being about 20-30 passengers onboard our flight. We pushed back at 09:33am. We taxied very quickly to Runway 20 for takeoff and began what was a very short takeoff run partly due to how full our flight was. As we took off the ATR propellers made a great loud roar during takeoff which was a surprise as I hadn't been on an ATR before. We climbed out of Doncaster heading West over the Pennines. Our Cruising altitude was 22,000ft. There was some minor turbulence during our flight. As we continued on we passed by Holyhead before travelling across the Irish Sea.

photo IMG_5123
EI-FCZ landing at Doncaster Sheffield Airport
photo IMG_5152
Taxiing in
photo P1085127
Just before boarding EI-FCZ
photo P1085131
The view from seat 3F

The interior was clean, light and pretty comfortable. The seats were extremely slim and towards the end of the flight my seat was starting to become uncomfortable. There is also no seat pocket to fit personal items such as iPads. Legroom was ok (I am 5ft 4) but the length of the flight would probably make it bearable. There was a more limited drinks and snacks service (non-complimentary) than compared with the mainline Aer Lingus service. I had a small sized can of Diet Coke and Walkers Shortbread. There was also a short duty free service offered but some of the products such as a plastic Aer Lingus ATR model were not available on the flight.
photo P1085135
Legroom was alright, storage underneath the seats was ok.
photo P1085137
The seats are quite slim
photo P1085141
Climbing out of Doncaster
photo P1085144
My small can of diet Coke and Walkers Shortbread
photo P1085146
Bia is the name of the drinks and snacks sevice
photo P1085147
The range of products was more limited to small drinks and snacks.

As we flew closer to the Irish Coast we banked left beginning our descent towards Dublin. We then banked right to line up with Runway 28. Both our descent and finals into Dublin were very steep. The plane was also battling some strong gusts during its approach. We touched down on runway 28 and vacated the runway. We taxied to a remote stand near the T1 low cost pier. Disembarking took some time with passengers at the front being held back until the cabin crew informed us to get off. We were taken by bus to Terminal 2 where I transitted through to Terminal 2 departure lounge for my return journey.

photo P1085156
Pulling up alongside ATR42 EI-EHH
photo P1085159
Cargo door open
photo P1085160
Onboard a bus to take me to the terminal

Below is the onboard video from the day

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Aer Lingus

Cabin crew8.0

Doncaster - DSA


Dublin - DUB



Doncaster Sheffield Airport is a small airport, but that does make it very easy to get through, no hassle and queues are very unlikely. I will be using Doncaster again in the near future. The flight was very enjoyable with very good weather during my trip. The cost of this leg of the trip was pretty cheap at around £38. My first time onboard one and I quite liked the ATR. The seats were not the best part but they were good enough for a short trip. The service onboard Aer Lingus was what could be expected for a low cost regional route.

The next leg of my journey takes me from Dublin to London Heathrow onboard EI168.

If there is anything I could improve on then your comments would be appreciated.



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